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Alien 2010 Independence Reviews

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Alien 2010 Independence
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2010 Alien Independence Features:
Sweep Bolt - Air held below centerline for gyroscopic backspin

Quarter turn radius for smooth airflow

Oval opening for wider unrestricted airflow

“SofTouch Blot” insert with raised lip

Alien’s use of a two-piece bolt for the exclusive ‘below centerline’ airflow means ample room to lock the SofTouch bolt pad in place. The blowout common with others doe not happen in Alien markers.

As more testing is done it is becoming clear that barrel breaks are not usually caused by the barrel or even by a barrel that is smaller than the ball. Increasingly it is understood that transitioning the ball from the feedneck into the chamber, the bolt’s pushing the ball into the barrel and the front of the bolt hitting the paintball stack are responsible for ball breakage. The term “loading fracture” is used to describe these breaks.

Alien's SofTouch has a raised rubber lip that contacts the ball for a softer transition. Sometimes Manufacturers put a taper on the front of the Bolt to Eliminate or to cure the breakage. Unfortunately that lowers the stacked balls. The bolt then forces the stack of balls back up against the force of the loader’s feeding system. The jamming of the stacked balls causes cracked ball in the feed tube.

The large front of the SofTouch pad contact the ball and holds it away from the bolt. Years of play have shown that holding the ball away from the bolt produces the best trajectory with the Sweep System. The soft surface makes it unnecessary for the larger contact area that is needed when pushing the ball with hard plastic bolts. Alien’s soft raised lip contacts the balls before they can drop into the chamber. Loading fractures are greatly reduced by having both the chamber ball and the ball in the feedneck contacted by the SofTouch Bolt.

Sweep Valve - Exhaust Width matches the Valve bore wide – no restrictions.

Quarter Radius to guide the air smoothly up and out.

Exhaust on Valve matches inlet on Bolt for the smoothest, calmest airflow.

Independent RAM -
Paintball markers typically use a round ram placed within a bore inside gun body.
Air passages, cut in the gun body, direct the air to the solenoid. The solenoid then directs the air into bores drilled in the body or by additional hoses to the ends of the ram. Drilling air passages into the gun body are difficult and time consuming and the air takes a torturous route so the air is less efficient in usage and response time.
Multiple hoses mean the use of multiple barbs, which restrict airflow and more hoses means more hose cuts and areas for blow off. A bigger, heavier body is needed to hold the ram and air passages. Teching and servicing these “ram inside the body” is hard because air leaks are difficult to locate. An air leak in the O-Ring on the Cup seal valve closest to the hammer can appear to be coming from the ram or vise versa. Also air

leaks are impossible to inspect while the gun is dissembled. When the ram assembly is removed from the body O-Ring failure can be difficult to determine because it cannot be pressure tested.

Alien’s Independent Ram” solves these problems. The marker can be disassembled into its three main pieces and still be pressurized. A single Quick Release hose connects the ram to the body.

Because the Ram is mounted directly to the Solenoid the air passages are as short as possible and the air release is much quicker than with the use of QEV’s (Quick Release Valves)

The Independent Ram has one moving O-Ring, located on the Ram Piston. It has 2 static O-Rings. While the ram does not require service when used by a professional for an entire season, most players can accomplish the replacement of these 3 O-Rings in less than 10 minutes. You then have a ram that is rebuilt to “like new” condition.
Other Ramer type guns have a groove cut into the top of the ram body. This groove allows sand, paint and shell in the ram. Players using these guns have been ‘taught’ to take the back cap off the guns to clan clean and relube regularly and to replace the O-Rings when they are damaged or cut by the contaminants that get in. The Independent ram is a sealed unit. Sand and shell cannot get in. The service required by others is not needed. Nevertheless it is possible to lube the rammer by removing the back cap and oiling the rammer and the O-Ring in a couple of minutes.
Product Availability 
The Alien 2010 Independence is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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