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Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Reviews

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Planet Eclipse Ego 11
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Number of Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 9.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1200

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Monitoring trends in paintball and responding to them in a way that benefits the player is very difficult, and providing a product that is all things to all men is well-nigh impossible, however Planet Eclipse takes pride in being able to react quickly THE MORE GENTLE THE ACCELERATION AND DECELERATION OF THE SYSTEM, THE SMOOTHER THE MARKER FEELS... to changing trends; to give customers what they want; and to give them the flexibility to have their marker set up just the way they like it. This philosophy has never been more evident than in the new Ego11.
For the past 18 months the main design goal at Planet Eclipse has been to develop markers with an improved ‘feel’; smooth-shooting markers with a reduced sound signature that can handle super-brittle, tournament-grade paint. Controlling the speed of the bolt in any marker is the key to improving the feel - the smoother the acceleration and deceleration of the bolt system, the smoother the marker feels – but of course reducing the bolt speed also reduces the marker’s maximum achievable rate of fire and so, as with many things in life, there is a trade-off between improved feel and outright speed. But what if you want your Ego11 to shoot as fast as previous Egos? If the marker is tuned for smoothness, how do you get the speed? What if you want to shoot 15bps but want it smooth? What if you only care about shooting 12bps - because that’s all you can use with current tournament rules - but you want it to be as smooth as possible? THE EGO11 COMES EQUIPPED WITH AN INDUSTRY FIRST. A BESPOKE SOLENOID MANUFACTURED BY MAC VALVES USA THAT INCORPORATES TWIN FLOW CONTROL DEVICES... How can you have all these things in one solitary marker? Up until now it simply wasn’t possible without making after-market changes to the marker - major, time-consuming, physical changes to the pneumatic system or re-machined parts that provided different dynamic characteristics. This is no longer the case, not any more.
The Ego11 comes equipped with an industry first, a bespoke solenoid - manufactured by MAC Valves USA - that incorporates twin flow control devices. These Solenoid Flow Controls each comprise a quarter-turn adjuster which has a pointer to indicate position on an incremental scale etched into the body of the solenoid. The Solenoid Flow Controls are used to independently control both the forward and rearward speed of the rammer and bolt so that, for the first time ever in a poppet marker, the user can tune the feel of the marker with a simple twist of a screwdriver. In the time it takes to turn off the tourney-lock, the Ego11 can be switched from a high speed, uncapped, free-for-all machine to the softest, gentlest, smoothest shooting poppet you have ever felt – or anything in-between. The analogue adjustment allows an infinite level of control over the speed of the rammer and bolt in either direction, providing unprecedented influence over the dynamic characteristics of the marker. With the Ego11 it looks like you really can have your cake and eat it!
Of course, the solenoid is not the only component to get a complete overhaul. Take a look around the grip frame and there are several things that should jump out, like the new POPS ASA for instance. POPS stands for Push-On-Purge-System and is a completely new concept in On/Off/Purging ASAs. The idea is simple, push back on the front ‘Bonnet’ POPS STANDS FOR PUSH ON PURGE SYSTEM AND IS A COMPLETELY NEW CONCEPT IN ON/OFF/PURGING ASAS... section of the POPS and this depresses the air system valve pin – gassing up the marker – before latching itself into place; the operation takes just a fraction of a second. Once gassed up the bonnet stays in position until the pushbutton on the side of the POPS bonnet is depressed, at which point the bonnet POPS forward and the marker purges itself of air; again, de-gassing takes a fraction of a second and very little effort. The new POPS features, T-Slot mounting to the frame, but this time with a longer adjustment range than on previous Eclipse ASAs. The POPS also incorporates front porting for the first time on an Eclipse ASA, together with a new fitting that seals without the need for Loctite or PTFE tape and which can be quickly and easily removed with a hex key. Shortened Macroline transports air into a second fitting in the new, angled swivel on the exceptional SL3 regulator.
The SL3 regulator needs little introduction at this point, it was first seen on last season’s SLS and went on to appear on the Geo2. The SL3 retains all of the simplicity of previous Eclipse regulators while introducing many new features. Notably, regulator seals with improved durability are incorporated into a new seal system that allows the regulator seal to be flipped or replaced as required - piston replacement is no longer necessary with this new design. Improved regulation across a wide range of input pressures has also been achieved, providing superior performance with both HP (High Pressure) and LP (Low Pressure) Air Systems – alternating between the two will WITH A BRAND NEW MOLDED RUBBER CONSOLE THAT RUNS ALL THE WAY UP THE BACK OF THE FRAME TO ADD COMFORT AND GRIP... have no effect on marker velocity. The benefit of this added stability is evident when it comes to the game, where you can shoot the Ego11 at full velocity right down to the last 200-300psi of tank pressure; you can really squeeze every last bit of performance out of your system.
Those who are observant may also notice the modified spacing between the SL3 regulator and the grip frame. The inclusion of the new solenoid has given the Ego11 the opportunity to spread its stance a little; the frame has been moved backwards allowing more room between the regulator and the trigger guard, just enough to add some additional support and control to the marker, but not enough to forsake the compact dimensions and sharp handling that Ego users have become accustomed to.
The Ego11 has received some interesting changes to the frame and grips. The new frame profile sees, yet again, a higher grip position, placing the rear hand still closer to the barrel axis and firing line. The all-new grip is slimmer in the middle section and actually sunk into the frame around most of its perimeter. These grips combine in turn, with a brand new molded rubber console that runs all the way up the back of the frame to add comfort and grip. The combination of grip and console make the Ego11 by far the most comfortable and ergonomic Ego to date. Further simple mechanical changes ensure that the grip screws clamp down firmly into place without the chance of crushing the grips or, more importantly, any internal components.
Inside the protective cocoon of the frame lies the Eclipse circuit board. Designed to negate the need for an expensive after-market ‘upgrade’, this board has all of the features that the discerning player needs. The large screen LCD module provides excellent contrast in even the brightest sunlight, using significantly less power than its OLED counterparts; indoors, a tru-color backlight can be customised to taste; furthermore, in the event of damage, the LCD module can be quickly and easily replaced. Twin trigger sensing circuitry – micro-switch or optoelectronic sensor – can be selected and tuned to individual requirements using multi-parameter trigger de-bounce algorithms. Prioritized solenoid drive circuitry produces superb shot-to-shot consistency and rate of fire accuracy. THE TWO-PIECE BARREL HAS BEEN RE-DESIGNED FOR BETTER EFFICIENCY AND CONSISTENCY AND PORTED FOR A REDUCED SOUND SIGNATURE... An expansion port allows the Ego11 to be connected to a PC using the optional Eclipse E-Portal kit which provides firmware re-programming, splash screen design and control parameter editing functionality. A low power, 16-bit microprocessor provides the brawn, and stable firmware, refined over years of tournament play provides the intelligence. With all the adjustability and functionality you could ever need, the range of features on the Ego11 is simply breathtaking: a refill counter; ROF indicators; timers; audible indicators; RF transmitter compatible; you name it, the Ego11 board will do it or support it.
Also inside the frame is the main interface between player and marker, the trigger. This improved trigger – with new bearing carrier and new spring system – has 5 points of adjustment: forward travel; rearward travel; magnetic return strength; spring return strength; and micro-switch actuation point. Designed in the ever-popular S-style, the trigger has the smooth, slop-free action that has been the backbone of Eclipse markers for years. The wide range of adjustability and the option of magnetic or spring return make it quick and easy to set up for individual taste without the need to break the gun apart in order to get at adjusters; as with everything in an Eclipse marker, simplicity and reliability are key.
Internally the Ego11 boasts the Zick2 kit; the Cure3+ bolt; the same LPR found on the SLs; the same LP protection vent that was found in the Ego10; and the same infra-red Break Beam Sensor System used on all Eclipse markers to date; all highly-proven, tournament-winning components.
Up front, you’ll find the new Shaft4 barrel. Supplied in the same 14”, 0.689” bore configuration that has been receiving outstanding reviews since its launch on the Geo2 early in 2010, this two-piece barrel has been re-designed for better efficiency and consistency and ported for a reduced sound signature; there really is no need to replace this exceptional, stiff arbour honed, premium barrel. Also coming soon, optional extra boost kits giving the user the ability to change bore size and tip length.
Finally, the Ego11 comes packaged in a new zippered case along with a full hex key set; oil; barrel sock; a full-colour 84-page manual; and a comprehensive spares kit which includes regulator components, o-rings, detents, springs and screws.
The Ego11 has been developed and created with the sole intention of giving the modern player the things that they most desire in a modern paintball marker: a smoother shot; a quieter sound signature; outstanding efficiency; unparalleled reliability; simplicity; ergonomics; built-in user adjustability and choice; industry-leading customer service; and, with the addition of a simple kit, 50cal compatibility. All this from a company that - whatever the situation, whatever the occasion - will always have your back.
The Ego11, born of the player.
Shaft 4 2-Piece Barrel
New Push Operated Purge System (POPS)
SL3 Inline Regulator
Adjustable Low Pressure Regulator
Zick 2 Rammer Assembly
Cure 3+ Bolt
Def-Tek Offset Feedneck
C-Lever Clamping Feedneck
Dual Selectable Trigger Switching - Opto and Micro Switches
Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms - Spring and Magnetic Return
Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
All Major Tournament Presets
9 Preset Debounce Modes
5-Point Adjustable Trigger
T-Rail Mounting System
BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
Multicolored Transflective LCD Module
Eclipse E-portal Compatible
New contoured Rubber Grips and Push Button Console
User Adjustable (Custom Manufactured) Solenoid Valve
Break Beam Sensor System

Hunter, Elemental, Dark Trooper, Midnight, Ashes 2, Regal 2, Shiner 2
Product Availability 
The Planet Eclipse Ego 11 is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
Luigi the Beast Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month9 of 11 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Previous Egos, Geo. Only PE markers measure up, in my opinion.
Marker Setup: Currently: Regal 2 Ego 11
GA 68/45 with Myth2
Rotor, what else would you need?
ROFLMAO... none.
There's not even after market parts that are any better than the stock stuff.
Strengths: Spacing between reg and trigger guard. Shaft 4.
Weaknesses: Takes way to long to break in so you can mess around with settings
Review: I just bought this BNIB Regal 2 and had two practices with it. I've had been shooting my 08 since brand new and didn't feel the need to upgrade - skipped 09 and 10.
So I'm gonna get the "bad" outta way first. 10 to 15 cases to break in before you can start playing with the solenoid is a drag!! Also, takes time to get used to the "new" ergonomics, it's quite a jump for somebody so used to the 08 like myself. And if you like to upgrade this ain't it, no after market parts will give you any better performance, the stock gun is at the very top of the food chain. There, those are the cons, if you want to call it that.

The new features that I like the most are the shaft 4, and the spacing between the trigger guard and the reg. I think the idea of a longer control bore for the barrel back is ingenious and seems to work quite well, thou I'm still to shoot it in another gun. PE barrels are always nice, but this one seems better, rather use it than my one-piece CF ones.

The spacing between the trigger guard and the SL3 reg is larger, perfect for my thumb size, but it does force me to wrap my whole hand around the reg. There's not really a confortable position to hold the body of the 11 with your thumb and index finger of your off-hand, like I usually do with other guns. It might take a bit to get used to it for some - I still am - but it's definitely a better shooting platform, more instinctive and stable, feels better for running and gunning. The placement of the trigger frame higher in the receiver's body seems to contribute also a lot.

Is it smooth? Yes, very. Not the smoothest or quietest gun I ever shot, of course. It's not a spool. But out of the box, or with less than 2 cases on the counter, it's a bit smoother and quieter than my well broken-in 08. To me that seems to indicate that when I get to play with the settings and solenoid, it'll get much better.

POPS is very nice, but at least to me, it does not affect gameplay very much, unlike the other features I mentioned before. Same with the 45 swivel collar. Genious, great detail, aesthetically pleasing too, but not game changing imho.
Luxury details: the feedneck thumbwheel is perfect, don't want any other types of necks, ever. Screen is excellent, board doesn't need introduction nor upgrade. Cure 3+ bolt seems to me just as good as any of its previous incarnations. New grips that "seal" the board area - so well you can probably play without its screws - are excellent if a tad bulky, but they have a mild "Ultralight" effect to them, the top part is slimmet than the bottom. Nicest spare parts kit I've ever seen, still to figure out what the bolt inserts that come with it do. What maintenance?

First time out had it factory stock. Excellent consistency over the chrono. Didn't even unlock the board, so it was semi uncapped. Have to admit there was a slight ammount of barrel rise, but it was shooting pretty fast, and I was still to grasp the correct way to hold it with the off-hand. Second time I put it in 12.4 ramp and started "wrapping" the reg, made the rise feel negligible.

Conclusion: All in all, a great marker. You can argue it's expensive, but you get what you pay for. I personally think it's the best value amongst the high ends as an overall package and all the luxury you don't get from other manufacturers. Other guns will have a key feature or another that's better than this. No other gun can rate this high in every single category without ups, again in my humble opinion.
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 at 12:38 pm PST
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shingman Monday, April 18th, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
6 months7 of 12 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tons. Smart Parts SFT and NXT Shocker, Ion; Spyder Compact, Electra, Imagine, Pilot, Victor; Piranhas; Tippmanns; DLX LUXE Proto Matrix 6. Only the NXT shocker and Luxe were on a comparable level to the Ego 11. Bother were quieter, but lacked air efficiency.
Marker Setup: Stock Midnight Ego 11, Empire Prophecy, Crossfire 68 ci 4500, blue proto axis pro with mirror lenses, Eclipse 2010 Pants, 2011 jersey.

Backup, 06 NXT Shocker, Black and Blue, stock board with CP sling trigger.
Barrel kit.
Strengths: Consistency, Efficiency, Accuracy, Maintenance, ASA, Reg, Looks, Handling, Programming Adjustability.
Weaknesses: Loudness, Paint sensitive consistency.

Extremely consistent. With even a semi decent paint, it will shoot ball on ball and can get within 5+/- at the chrono. It gets around 1500 rounds off a full 68/4500 tank. It handles wonderfully. Because they had moved the handle a little further back, slimmed the grip down and added the new regulator to it, it is extremely comfortable to handle. It is ball on ball accurate and will shoot exactly where you want it to every time. The extended bore helps with the accuracy and the efficiency of the gun. Programming on this gun is amazing, It comes ready to shoot stock out of box, but you can adjust it so that it fits the requirements you wish from it. The regular and higher settings on the solenoid allow for easier winter play without worrying about tweaking your dwell and whatnot like on most other guns. the new push on purge off system is amazing and would recommend to anyone.


As all other Egos, it is extremely loud compared to guns such as the Luxe, Dye NT 2, or the Macdev Clone. It is much quieter than previous Egos but is still louder than most would wish (even though I don't mind it). Also, it seams to be finicky with certain types of paint and will become inconsistent with certain brands.
Conclusion: Overall, this gun I would consider to be one of the best on the market. Smooth, Efficient, easy to take care of, Accurate, and just all around the best gun i have owned or played with.
10 out of 10
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Pocho86 Friday, November 18th, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
More than 5 years
Products Used:
Angel LCD, EGO's. Autocockers, E Matrix's
Marker Setup: Ego 11 w Dye Rotor w 68/4500 CrossFire

PMR w ReloaderB w 68/4500 CrossFire
None are really needed, i mean out of the box you got the shaft 4 (UPGRADE), it has the zick 2 (UPGRADE), OLED BOARD (Upgrade), Cure 3+ bolt (UPgrade),
Strengths: Fast
Adjustable Every Were
Ultra Light
Several Colors
Weaknesses: Loudness but better after break in
Break in is 10-20 cases
Review: This EGO11 is the only thing of its kind to have a solenoid thats adjustable to suit you, no other gun not matter how cheap or expensive can match this. The adjustable solenoid lets you control the flow to the solenoid on the forward and rear stroke which tuning around with those can do hundreds of things from gaining or eliminating kick, gaining or loosing efficiency, raising or lowering rate of fire and much more. To fully under stand the solenoid and how it has such great benefits you need to own one and then play with the settings your self. Every gun and every shooter is different. I have my solenoid settings at 1 and 7 and on my second case through the gun my shot counter says 1453 balls on a tank 68/4500 with 4000PSI in it with a ROF at 12-13 BPS.
The gun has a lot of on board features you really need and alot you don't. Its really up to you if you want to adjust it but its not nessecary.
The feature I like the best is the live graph that streams across the screen showing your BPS consistency when your rocking the trigger. The 5 point adjustable trigger with Optical switch or micro switch, the choice is yours.... I like the micro because it has an adjustment for its self compared to the optic were the rear and forward travel is the adjustment so its hard to fine tune it just right.
Conclusion: I would really recommend this EGO11 because its well worth the money if your really in to tuning and efficiency. My game play has changed dramatically ever since i started running this gun. My snap shooting is better, my off the break running, speed and lane'ing has all improved. This gun improved the way I play and performance just about all the way around.
10 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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