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AKA Excalibur Reviews

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AKA Excalibur
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Number of Reviews: 54
Average Rating: 9.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1275

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Can shoot 13 balls per second. Features: Tornado(tm)(Pat# 5791328) Valve Low Pressure, High Efficiency, Lightning(tm) Bolt(delrin) with Quick Release Pin, Javelin (tm) Barrel(cocker barrel threads), 45 Grip (double or single trigger), Ball Detent, Built-In Vertical Mount, Sidewinder Vertical Pressure Reg., Vertical Feed, Adjustable Trigger (3 points), Adjustable ROF, Bolt open time, Adjustable Low Pressure Pneumatics Reg., Circuit board accepts ball breech sensors, and Designed for Very Low Maintenance.
Product Availability 
The AKA Excalibur is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Unregistered User Wednesday, September 12th, 2001
Strengths: Supurb speed and accuracy. The tech support is great, takes cocker threads which everyone loves, super quiet and such a great range! Build tough, and the gun is able to be played with rough, unlike some other "fragile" electro's. Ready to go out of the box, it performs like a tourney gun with no adjustments.
I have played with Angels, Bushmasters, Defiants, etc. but, bar none, this best gun I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. I shot it one time at a tourney and decided that day to sell my other gun and buy one.
Weaknesses: Stock grips suck, and new ones may have to be modified to fit grip. The gun is pricy, but for what you get it is well worth it.
Conclusion: I would say over all this gun out performs any gun out there. Aside from being expensive, this gun is great to shoot and easy to maintain. I live only a few miles from AKA, and have met the Alexanders (owners and designers) and I must say that they are truly concerned with making the best paintball products out there. They are very friendly and will take the time to answer your questions. The looks of the gun are plain, but they purposly leave plenty of room for custom work. This gun is not one of those electro's that people are afraid to take out and play rough with. The construction of these guns is one of a kind, and the are VERY solid guns. Mad props to AKA for building the Excalibur to these standards!
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Thursday, June 14th, 2001
Strengths: I have the double trigger and I really like the feel. The gun will not win any beauty contests, but once you have it in your hands and playing with it none of that will matter.

This is a great gun with no frills in the electro department, which I like. No full auto, which is useless, or any of that other crap!

The gun takes cocker barrels, which was one thing that I really like about this gun. The Excalibur is a good step from a cocker and if many of you are like me have plenty of barrels that you like for you cocker. This way you don't need a new barrel bag and have to waste money on that.

There are no upgrades from the start, which I think is nice.
Weaknesses: Well, like I mentioned above, it will win no beauty contests, but with good milling and anodizing it will look much better.

The gun does kick a little, but that just takes a little gettting used to and I am told that it will go away as the gun gets broken in and you are able to lower the pressure.

The gun is pretty expensive, but all are in this level of marker.

Conclusion: I wanted one since they first were coming out, and I waited for over a year just to see how they would do.

They were a little slow with getting them to the market, but AKA wanted to make sure they were right.

I almost got an Angel waiting, but I found some people who had one on the internet and talked to them. I had never shot the gun before, but decided to take the plung. I am glad I did.

10 out of 10
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vmhuang Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
3 months0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Gold PBX Excalibur
Evil pipe
CP Perfect drop
2K3 Conquest 68/4500
None.. nothing to upgrade
Strengths: Reliability, consistency, efficiency. All excellent
Weaknesses: The only thing is the weight on an unmillled. But customs can be under 3lbs.
Review: Dare I say it!?! It is the perfect marker. Low maintenance, super reliable, nothing to adjust besides velocity. Nothing to fiddle with, just gas it up and go. I get close to 2000 balls for a full 68/4500 fill. What more could someone ask for !?!

It is a little pricey compared to most other markers, but compared to the Ironmen Matrixes or the Dragon Intimidators, not that bad at all. But like these markers, you get what you pay for. AKA has super tight manufacturing tolerances which makes for a super reliable marker.
Conclusion: If you got the $$$... get the Excalibur. Prefer an open bolt feel, get its brother the Viking. Can't go wrong with either... want something even more exotic!?! Get custom ones by On Target Entertainment (Immortal), JMJ Concepts (Featherlite), Splatt Attack (Streamlines), Destructive Customs, Bonebrake and a few others. Visit Pbnation for all the info.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Thursday, August 30th, 2001
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Strengths: Great trajectory, as good as my Revenge (tricked out cocker). Shoots fast and consistent. great range. Great gun for both front and back players. Uses cocker barrels which a lot of us allready have. Gun feels solid. On/ off switch.
Everyone associates range with the cocker, well this gun with a boomstick will do just as good if not better. best gun I have shot so far.
Weaknesses: If you forget to turn off the battery runs out even when not in use. Shoud have a light or something. I personally had problems with the stock barrel but have talked to others that love the Javelin. I like my boomstick better. Gun is heavier than my revenge but not too heavy.
Could use some anodizing and milling for that high price.
Dont see very many internet sites that carry them. Try
Conclusion: I would definately recommend this gun to anyone that has the money. It shoots fast and straight right out of the box. Like I mentioned, I like the boomstick but others say they like the stock Javelin. Do not see many people with them yet which is kind of nice. I think that is mainly because few internet sites carry them. I have talked to a lot of people with angels, cockers, etc. and they all love the Excalibur. If you just want to dump a lot of paint close up, get an angel, if you want a gun that can snipe from the back AND shoot 10-15 balls per second when you get up front get the Excalibur. I gave it a 9 because I haven't shot every gun out there to say this is the best ever, however it is the best all around gun I have shot so far.
9 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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