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Tippmann Custom 98 Reviews

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Tippmann Custom 98
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Number of Reviews: 3018
Average Rating: 9.1 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $169

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The main feature is the ease of customizing the marker. The 98 custom combines all the great features of the model 98 with the ability to accept drop in kits for the Response Trigger, Electric kit, Flatline Barrel System, Double Trigger and Low Pressure kit. All of these kits can be installed with same tools that you use to disassemble the marker. We are sure the 98 custom is the most customizable marker you can buy.
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The Tippmann Custom 98 is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Mistabinxthinx Saturday, March 11th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
6 months7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
I had rented a Tippmann Pro-Carbine about 6 months before I bought this gun at a paintball park. It was inaccurate and does not even begin to compare with this product.
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom (Silver)
GTA Double Trigger
GTA Expansion Chamber
Extreme Rage Omega Timer Grip (Smoke)
32 Degrees Universal 7" Drop-forward (Silver)
Dead On Rocket Cock II (Hard Plastic)
Shocktech Supafly Front Bolt (Black)
Lapco Stainless Steel Screw Kit
8" Stock Barrel (Black)
12" Dye Xcel Barrel (Silver)
20" Smart Parts Tactical Barrel (Black)
VL Quantum Viewloader Hopper (Black) [130 round capacity]
Stock Gravity Feed Hopper (Black) [200 round capacity]
Pure Energy 16 oz. Co2 w/ Chrome Thread Saver
Proto FS Switch Thermal Mask (Blue)
JT 2003 Protective Gloves (Blue)

NEED (In order of importance):
- New Barrel
- Double Trigger
- Electronic Hopper

NOT NEEDED BUT RECOMMENDED (NOT in order of importance):
- New Grip
- Some new type of a cocking system
- Response Trigger
- Expansion Chamber
- Some type of drop-forward
Strengths: - Accurate
- Powerful
- Highly Customizable
- Classic
Weaknesses: - Breaks balls with the wrong barrel.
- Extremely hard to field Strip.
Review: When I first began to look for paintball guns to buy, this was the only one that I knew of. I then began to see many of my friends with expensive DYEs and Egos and grew jealous because they were so good. I wanted to buy a gun that would at least provide a challenge for my friends with the high-end markers. I began to remember all of the customizable options that Tippmann 98 Custom offered. I then decided (since I didn't know that much about paintball) to just go ahead and buy the Tippmann 98 Custom. After I bought it, I didn't look back. In over a period of about 3 months, I had put $150 into my gun. This gun is now amazing. The options that it offers sometimes overwhelm me. Make sure, when you buy accesories for this gun, to make sure that you and the seller know the difference between the 98 Custom and the M98. The only complaint I have about this gun is that even though it has an "easy clean" elbow detatchment, it still breaks paint easily. Be to check your barrel beofre you buy it because many break balls easily. Many types of paint are easily breakable too, so you have to be careful. As long as you don't do anything stupid while the gun is disassembled, and clean out the gun as soon as you get home after a day of 1 or more ball breaks or chops this gun will last you a long time without any major technical or mechanical problems.
Conclusion: If the Tippmann 98 Custom hadn't chopped broken paint into my barrel and caused me to leave a game, I would have given it a ten. But, because the paint I was using was flimsy, and I wasn't pulling hard at all on the trigger, I am almost certain now that my gun won't chop, burst or break balls for a long time. I am giving this gun a 9 out of 10 because it is what drew me to the amazing game (sport) of paintball and has provided me with countless weekends of fun. This gun is the most economical and durable gun on the market. This gun is a MUST BUY!!!
9 out of 10
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JaremyRykker Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
3 months7 of 10 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Brass Eagle Talon-Not even in grade school.
Piranha GTI-Not a bad marker, but breaks a lot of O-rings.
Spyder Xtra-Not bad either, although it has accuracy issues and is loud.
Spyder Victor-Like an akward, less aerodynamic, less accurate Xtra.
Marker Setup: Tippmann Model 98 Custom
GTA Vertical Adapter (for sale)
Expansion Chamber (for sale)
20 oz CO2
9 oz CO2

Soon to Come)
Tippmann A-5
12" Custom Products Single Piece Classic Barrel (A-5 Threads)
20 oz CO2
GTA Vertical Adapter (MSRP $25)
GTA Inline Expansion Chamber (MSRP $60)
Custom Products 12" Single Piece Classic Barrel ($45)
Strengths: Balance
Quality Build
Low Recoil
Customer Service
Weaknesses: Hard to Customize
Somewhat Loud
Gas Hog
Review: I purchased a used and abused Tippmann Model 98 Custom off of ebay with a GTA Vertical Adapter and the stock expansion chamber found on most Spyders as well as a 9oz CO2 tank for $105, and have played with it several times.

Balance-With a 20oz CO2 tank and hopper, this marker is very well balanced, and is very comfortable. It has a feeling more like an assault rifle than the Spyders and Piranhas which seem more like submachine guns. I was easily able to use this like an assault rifle, and with some cosmetic upgrades it can be easily made to like an M16A2 Assault Rifle or M4 Carbine. The forward grip is comfortable, and the rear grip is even more so. The gun is also well placed, and it doesn't feel tight, like the Spyders. I was able to have a decent arm extension, which helped with my maneuverability and ease of operation.

Ruggedness-The Tippmann Model 98 Custom is made out of solid metal, and from when you pick it up, you will notice that it feels very sturdy. The body is a rough black (or white), and it looks relatively simple. Even though my gun which I purchased off of ebay is very beat up, it still shoots like new because it is built to endure this sort of beating. As a primarily rec-ball/woodball player, I found this useful, as I have no fear of charging through thick brush or going down a creek and getting parts of my marker a little wet or roughed up because the internals are durable and well protected. In fact, I have played with this gun in heavy rain without any trouble (just keep the paintballs dry). The only two bad notes are the lower part of the front grip (plastic) which can be replaced with an expansion chamber, and the feed which is somewhat wobbly (some electrical tape around front sight will fix).

Quality Build-Compared to a Spyder or Piranha, this isn't a very noticeable touch, but Tippmann's quality control is better than either of the above named companies. The reason a lot of people are keen on Autocockers is partially that they have a good quality control, and Tippmann although not at that level of quality control is definately above the Spyders and Piranhas. The internals are built with more precision, and are therefore more efficient and durable than their competition.

Hard to Customize-The Tippmann Model 98 Custom, despite being named "Custom" is still a real pain to customize. Installing the vertical adapter to my 98 required me to do nearly an hours work fussing with endless parts to get them into their proper places. The internals are simple, but busy, and as they are almost all under pressure, they have a tendency to go flying, so open it in a safe and clean area.

Low Recoil-The 98 seemed to have fairly low recoil as compared to the Spyders and Piranhas I've played with, and this is a great note for this marker as it greatly helps with accuracy. Because it had less kick to it, I was much better able to keep on target when firing rapidly. The reason for this lack of recoil is the heavier body. Although they technically have similiar recoil, a Spyder is much lighter and has less mass for the same force, meaning that the mass gets pushed a lot harder. Hence, higher recoil on the Spyder.

Somewhat Loud-The Tippman Model 98 Custom is fairly loud, considering the amount of CO2 it expels when firing. However, unlike the Spyders and Piranhas my friends have, the 98 has a deeper thudding noise when shot. The good note about this is that low notes tend not to carry so well, which balances out the volume (and sounds cooler if you do hear it). This problem can be allieviated by purchasing a new barrel with more porting, as this will go far for both noise reduction and accuracy.

Sight-The sighting system on the 98 is very efficient and logical. The ironsights (although made of plastic) are easy to use, and with a CO2 bottle are very well placed. Note that if you intend to purchase a stock, you will need to get a raised sight rail to use the ironsights effectively, but as the marker and a CO2 tank, they are very well placed.

Gas Hog-This Tippmann is somewhat a gas hog, and will use more CO2 than most other markers. This isn't this bad, as CO2 is relatively cheap. However, you will notice that you might get a 100 less shots on that 20oz. (100 out of a 1000 isn't that much).

Color-The Tippmann 98 Custom is a rugged black or white. It is not glossy or reflective in any sense, and seems to be able to blend in with backgrounds very well at a distance as compared to the anodized spyders and piranhas which scream "see me" with the flashy paint jobs.

Customer Service-Tippmann Customer Service is renowned for good service and ease of ordering new parts. Although their warranties are supposed to end at a year, as long as you haven't really messed the gun up (i.e. broke the reciever in half or something), they will repair it for you anyways. I got a new bolt and several other parts for my non-warrantied gun... consider that good service. And twenty years from now, if you are done paintballing, you can still sharpen the metal and make a nice metal hatchet (or so I hear). They say that they will charge for parts so that in the case that it is too expensive, they will. However, they often don't, and labor is free on repairs.
Conclusion: I would highly recommend the Tippmann Model 98 as one of the best in its class of entry-level markers, if not the best in its class of entry-levels. For its price, it is very well-made and capable. As most Tippmann paintballers know, it isn't the gun that makes the player, its the player. As compared to the other guns used in my paintball team (look at the list near the start), they have all made fun of how beat up it is, and they also all want to trade... so...
9 out of 10Last edited on Monday, June 28th, 2004 at 1:30 pm PST
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karchomatic Thursday, May 4th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
6 months6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom
J&J Ceramic 14" barrel and Flatline barrel
GTA Vertical Adapter
J&J Ceramic barrel or Flatline barrel
Strengths: Highly customizable
User friendly
Reliable performance
Weaknesses: Stock barrel
Highly customizable
Review: I speak to new players, especially to those thinking about purchasing a Custom 98.

The Custom 98 is a very popular model among the woods-ball players I've found in Colorado. Even though may people have this gun, most of them look entirely different. Some 98's I've seen look like actual Squad Automatic Weapons (.223 SAW used by U.S. military) some look like actual M2s (50 cal sniper rifle), but all of them work relatively the same. I have fired various flavors of this marker and noticed that there are a few actual performance upgrades, but mostly the marker is popular both for its cosmetic upgrades and for its legendary durability.

:) The stock marker performs as it should (barrel issue, see below).
The cocking action is smooth and locks firmly. The trigger pull is reasonable, lighter than almost all stock handguns, has very little slack, but breaks (fires) at the same point time after time. The hopper secures to the loader tube with a cinch bolt, a definite perk for running and tumbling. I have not had a ball feed problem in 2000 rounds of play with the stock marker.

:) The functional components of the stock marker are built well.
The air adapter is sturdy and securely mounted to the hand grip. The air hose is braided steal and secured with Lock-Tight. The body is heavy aluminum, and has the feeling of quality workmanship. The internals are similar to handguns, as far as pins, sears, springs, gas tubes: they're all well made. The marker came well lubricated, and cycled without leaks out of the box.

:) You can do almost anything to this marker, cosmetically.
There are more scenario upgrades than you can shake a stick at. Stocks, barrels, grips, sights, even bottom mounted paint-grenade launchers. If you're looking for a base from which to build an authentic and customizable marker from, I don't think you can beat the Custom 98.

:) Effective range.
One of my main concerns about paintball was the range of my marker. I'm a one-shot, shoot and scoot player. Once I started playing, I realized that the Custom 98 fired with accuracy as far (with a barrel upgrade) as any other gun in the woods that wasn't a Flatline. With a group of veteran woods-ball players, there were no engagements that I have been limited by the range of this marker. It all depends on the barrel, paint, wind, gas pressure and temperature, but the Custom 98 delivers past the 150' stated on the box, consistently.

:) True performance upgrades available.
1) I cannot hope to write a better Flatline review than what's already been posted on this site by MALLEN7818. I do agree with most of MALLEN7818's review of the Flatline, but would go on to say that the shroud of the Flatline is plastic, not in keeping with the sturdy, heavy, quality parts typical of the rest of the Custom 98. The shroud is completely cosmetic, and I have seen players use the Flatline barrel without it. There is also the option to buy the discontinued GTA aluminum Flatline shroud, but for $60 I wouldn't say it's worth it. I have used the Flatline in some "defend the fort" scenarios, and it is a true performance upgrade. It gives you additional range which varies with the ball you use, but you will have range on any non Flatline barrel. To reiterate what every other Flatline owner will tell you, you must properly align the barrel for it to be effective. This makes it less appealing to players who like to swap barrels frequently depending on terrain or paint.
2) The GTA Vertical Adapter is heavy and completely soldered, i.e. completely airtight. It allows the CO2, N2, HPA, expansion chamber or regulator to tie into the marker where the stock front hand grip is located. I originally installed it for use with a regulator. I immediately discovered that with the CO2 in the vertical position, I could achieve the same effect as an anti-siphon, shorten the footprint of the marker, fire the marker in an almost completely inclined position without spraying liquid, and conserve CO2. I enjoy the benefits of vertical CO2 almost as much as the longer range of the Flatline. Woods ball players will appreciate the ability to fire down on targets. If you go this route, remove the paint on the threads of the GTA before you install it, or you will have a very difficult time screwing it into the power tube.

:| Loud.
If you pull the trigger and take out your opponent, loud may not be too much of an issue. However, when someone has a really nice and quiet marker, you begin to see the advantages of it: they do not give away their position in the woods to everyone including Smokey the Bear, if they miss they have the luxury of cover and stealth for another shot, psychologically- silent but deadly has its benefits. I only play woods-ball, so a good part of the game is honing in on engagements once the balls start flying. The Custom 98 is NOT quiet. You will give away your position after the first shot, but I think this adds an element to the game, so I'm not downgrading for it.

:| Highly customizable, can get expensive.
I did not want to break the bank to get into paintball. You can get a wonderfully reliable, well put together Custom 98 with a one year comprehensive warranty starter kit for $130 on sale, marked 30% off from $199. The minimum barrel upgrade puts your cost at about $160 total without balls or air. However, now I'm finding that I have so many upgrade options that the cost is going up and up and up. This is not the marker's fault, so I will not downgrade the rating because of it. When you become exposed to some of the awesome upgrades, be prepared for many options, and you may want to look at higher quality markers if you have no spending discipline, like me.

:( Stock barrel is no good with lower end paint.
Many veteran (which I'm not) players will say that any marker needs a barrel upgrade, but I expected to play paintball with mine out of the box. If you have high quality paint, you may be able to do this. For those wanting to go to the super chain store and buy a case of Monster balls for $30, the stock barrel may not work for you. My stock barrel shredded > 2 of 3 1.5 cent balls (about Monster Ball price) at 265-280FPS. There is a sticky on how to polish the stock barrel, I haven't tried it.

:( Field stripping NOT recommended.
I have seen many players field strip their A5's to the bone without any problem. The Custom 98 should not be field stripped unless absolutely necessary. "Field Strip" means exactly what it says, in the field (dirt, woods, grass, sand, wherever you may be using the marker). Once you open the shell of the Custom 98, all of the internal components are exposed. They are not separated into functional groups, like many handguns or some other markers. Pins, sear, springs (especially the hopper lock tension spring), trigger components- all exposed and ready to be lost to the earth. There's really no good reason to field strip the 98, you can squeegee the barrel through the ball port by releasing the hopper, but if your gun goes down on the field, retreat to base and lay out a large white towel before "field stripping" this marker. I recommend you open her up at home before you have your first field stripping experience on the field.

:( Plastic components.
There are two stock parts I have beef with: the hopper and the front vertical grip. The stock hopper had a stripped screw hole out of the box, and by applying pressure you could spread the two halves of the hopper apart about 1/2 inch. Of course, the first thing a woods-ball player is going to do is camouflage tape the hopper, so this wasn't a big deal to me, but it was not in keeping with the workmanship of the overall marker. The vertical grip is also plastic, light, and has a seam right down the middle. I mention it because I don't like the way it feels. Update. I've played five games now with the 98, and the marker is one of the most durable paintball guns I've seen on the fields. Many guys have purchased their 98's second hand, which speaks to their longevity. Every game someone's going to their backup marker due to trouble with their primary, and I've yet to see a 98 go down on the field. I'm sure it does happen, but not as often as other, even high-end markers. I decided not to downgrade for the plastic components because the Custom 98 is otherwise so darned tough.

Additional Information: There is a sticky on this site offering information on do-it-yourself upgrades for the Custom 98. I highly recommend the "polishing the internals" upgrade. It took me about an hour and conserves so much CO2 it's ridiculous not to do it. I would recommend that you completely remove the chamber (power tube) before you polish the aluminum, this way shavings won't find their way into the chamber.
Conclusion: Would recommend to any new player. Excellent workmanship for the money. It's a wonderful thing to show up concentrate completely on your playing style and not worry about the marker performance. You'll need a barrel upgrade.

:) The stock marker performs as it should
:) The functional components of the stock marker are built well
:) You can do almost anything to this marker, cosmetically
:) Effective range
:) True performance upgrades available
:| Loud
:| Highly customizable, can get expensive
:( Stock barrel is no good with lower end paint (-1)
:( Field stripping NOT recommended (-0.5)
:( Plastic components (-0.5) (+0.5) (see update)
8 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, June 11th, 2006 at 5:11 pm PST
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cmandh Monday, January 17th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
6 months6 of 7 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Tippmann Pro/Carbine- good, reliable rental
Spyder Imagine- not as reliable, but not bad at all
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom
14" Teardrop Barrel
GTA Expansion Chamber
32 Degrees Universal Drop Forward
Revolution Hopper
Teardrop, J&J Ceramic, or other aftermarket barrel at least 12" in length; Faster hopper and double trigger with expansion chamber if you shoot really fast; and Rocket Cock II if yours is too loud. (mine is not loud at all I don't know what people are talking about)
Strengths: Reliable/Durable
Fast enough for most players
Weaknesses: mediocre accuracy (aftermarket barrel fixes)
Slow (for some, double trigger+fast hopper fixes)
Review: This is a very, very good gun. It has good reliability and you can customize it with no limit. A couple of upgrades here and there and this gun will perform better than any gun <$150 out there and then some. This marker is great for beginners and intermidiate players, but more serious paintball players (players on teams and have been dedicated to the sport) may want to consider the high end upgrades such as response, or get a new marker. Nevertheless, this is a great gun and should never, ever be underestimated. My 98 has a Smart Parts Teardrop Barell (which I highly reccommend) that lets me get headshots (the first time) from 125+ feet out. Also, it has a revy, which virtually eliminates chops, and an expansion chamber that allows the gas to expand to get before it gets into the marker for more reliable shots because the gun will not freeze up as no liquid co2 will enter. See the reccommended upgrades for your style of play. Again, this is a wonderful marker and I reccommend it highly.
Conclusion: Get this gun if you are a beginner! Don't settle for cheap guns like Spyder victors or noname brands. I guarantee you will like this gun!!!
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, January 17th, 2005 at 4:26 pm PST
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xXp8ntballerXx Monday, July 26th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 7 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
Brass Eagle Tigershark - If it wasn't Brass Eagle and it was about twice as cool as far as features go it would be a stock player's dream
Kingman Spyder Xtra - Good beginner gun, in terms of durability finishes a distant second to the 98
Kingman Spyder Imagine - Sweet electro gun for friend who has it jokes about it being a Wal-Mart gun but he knows how to take care of a gun so it's all good
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom with minor mods
J&J 14" Ceramic Barrel
DEFINITELY new barrel...stock barrel's effective length is about 3 inches thanks to the badly placed idea why Tippmann does this. I recommend the J&J Performance 14" Ceramic...looks SWEET on the 98 Custom
A few nice luxuries would be a double trigger, rocket cock, regulator or x-chamber, on/off valve for those on a budget who want to save c02, RVA so you don't need to screw around with a wrench.
Strengths: -Solid, Strong, Durable
-Well balanced weightwise
Weaknesses: -Slightly loud
-Stock barrel sucks
Review: Well well well...yet another newb reviewing a 98. Oh well, here I go.

I have had this gun for about 3 months now and I must say overall it is a great gun for beginners and maybe even for adults who hunt/target shoot with actual guns and see Junior playing paintball and want to get into it.

-This thing is (pardon my English) sturdy as hell. Unless you start throwing this gun around like The Hulk it is invincible against tree smashes, gun shots, and little newbie cleaning attempts. Although you could probably leave a 98 Custom alone for months, pick it up and it will still shoot.
-Despite the newb-comment, it is very newbie friendly. Take it apart about 4 times and you will be able to take apart, clean, and reassemble it from scratch.
-You have a lot of upgrades, directly from Tippmann and aftermarket as well.
-It has a sturdy, steady feel in the hands and is very balanced with a full hopper and 12oz tank. With a 20oz it is a little more weighted towards the back, which can be good or bad depending on preference. Me, I like the 20oz so I don't have to fill as often and have a nice place to rest my shoulder when I aim.

-It's very compact, which makes it loud. A nice new barrel and a sear-silencer mod will fix this.
-The stock barrel really really really really really sucks. Once you buy a new barrel you will wonder how you ever could stand the suckiness of the stock barrel. Then again I have friends who love the stock barrel because they can't afford anything else.
-A lot of my pals have bought Spyders over this because "it looks dull" or "everybody has it"...well if everyone has it then it must be a great gun! Don't let the looks and the market saturation fool you! Spyders are great, and I love them, but Tippmanns are just a little better overall.
-It doesn't have as many features stock as, let's say, our good old scapegoat the Spyder would, like an RVA or quick-strip features. But you have plenty of choices as far as upgrades go.
Conclusion: If you are looking into paintball, you can't go wrong with this gun. Ask any pro, any of your experienced paintball friends, and chances are they will tell you that their first marker was a Model 98 or 98 Custom and share fond memories of how it worked perfect for years and endured countless smashings and bashings, and will tell you a lot of the same stuff I did. If you are thinking about getting this gun, get it. If you aren't, take some meds and get it anyway.
9 out of 10Last edited on Monday, July 26th, 2004 at 8:12 pm PST
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snakexeyes Sunday, April 18th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
1 year6 of 7 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
PMI Trracer
rental Tippmann 98
Kingman Spyder Rodeo
Kingman Spyder Xtra
CORE Hammerhead
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom Silver
32 degrees Whisper barrel
200 rnd hopper
20 oz tank
High pressure Coiled Remote
Dead on Rear Velocity Adjuster
Upgrade Barrel!!!
The stock barrel is really short and doesn't shoot very accuratly!
Strengths: Easy to use and high quality for the price!
Endless customization possibilities!
Weaknesses: Very basic
hard to reach velocity adjuster
stock barrel
Review: Well, I can start this review with saying that this is a very good marker.
Why I think it is I will explain in the following paragraphs.

Ease of use: it is a really basic marker, this means it's very easy to use; no fancy crap that you mostly don't need and is hard to set up or adjust. But this also means that there is no electronic stuff that can give you better performance... For me this is good enough. I only play for amusement, no tournaments and so fort so I don't need to shoot 13 balls per second... ;-)

Easy maintainance: during a year of use I didn't have any problems at all! It's built like a TANK! Other guns i have used had loosening parts etc... not on a Tippmann!

Easy to upgrade: it might have no fancy stuff but if you want that you can upgrade to whatever system you like. If you want an electronic trigger frame you can, wanna reactive trigger you can install it, rear velocity adjusters, sights, stocks etc etc etc...

This also leads me to the following advice: buy an upgrade barrel. The stock barrel on this gun is rather short and unaccurate. This is a common problem with most markers so just buy a new one! I bought a 32degrees Whisper barrel (I think 16inch) and it is a really big diffirence! Last year I played against some guys with a rental tippmann 98 custom, only diff was that I had the whisper barrel. I could hit them while their balls landed at my feet, hehe really cool and thanks to the upgrade barrel!

NO broken balls!: with my whisper barrel I haven't broken a single paintball in the gun!

Something that bothered me was the lack of an easy velocity adjuster, you have to use an allen wrench to adjust your velocity, but this is easily fixed with buying a Rear Velocity adjuster (got mine from paintball-online for only 14.99$!).

Cool look: the black colored marker looks really phat plus the design is pretty realistic! Especially since you can buy alot of cool upgrades like the flatline barrel, rear folding stock, M16 grip, red dot sights etc wich can give you that predator look! :-)

Price: At 132$ this is a very good gun for an affordable price! You can decide to make it more expensive by adding the upgrades you like yourself!

Conclusion: This is my recommended gun for recreational players, it's semi automatic, shoots very accurate with a new barrel, doesn't chop paint, is easy to maintain and upgrade... for a decent price: GREAT!
9 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, April 25th, 2004 at 11:24 am PST
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pbN00B Friday, May 30th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 12 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Piranha Pro TS G3, Spyder Xtra, Tippman 98, not the Custom. Yes there is a difference.
Marker Setup: Stock Tippman98C
Everything that does something positive to you marker and wont add dead weight. However, do NOT get a flatline barrel, for reasons such as, assebly, its picky with paint, its inaccurate as soon as it goes past what normal markers hit (for example soon as it starts to go past 100 feet you just might hit a 2 foot tree.), if its windy the barrel is absolutly worthless, you break a ball in the barrel you might as well call yourself out. Updating this now, i would not recommend you get this marker and instead get a Tippmann A-5. Check conclusion for reasons.
Strengths: Skys the limit with upgrades, cheap, rugged.
Weaknesses: Stock barrel sux, can over spend on upgrades easily. Cleaning
Review: To start, the 98C is a very capable gun. If you have either rented once or play all the time chances are you have seen or played with one of these. They are very common on the field which means this is a very very good gun. Which it is. Its got upgrades for every single thing, probably getting to the point where you can build a whole new 98C just out of upgrades, which can be good and bad. Bad being you can really start spewing out money for the gun. Scopes, barrels of all types and shapes, drop in kits ect ect... List goes on. Stock the marker is nothing special but the fact that you can turn this into your hearts desire really catches everybodies eye. I personally dont OWN the marker but i have rented them at least 12-14 times, which were stock, and from my perspective the barrel and a motorized hopper are the only things this thing needs. Barrel curves balls after about 40-50 ft, and the hopper would jam the gun causing it to uncock. Of course I was abusing it (pulling trigger as fast as possible, got it in dirt quite a few times), after all it was a rental. Not to mention it was already beat to hell so all in all it really performed pretty good. Stock barrel is a not that great when it comes to breaks, half the time you can shoot through the other half, it just splatters everywhere when you fire. The only really big gripe though that i have about this marker, is its ability to accept air. Think its a little cheap that tippman has you buy a new kit if you want to run N2 as opposed to Co2, because stock, it will waste your air. Thats the only real negative. I also would not suggest this to the cost efficient buyer unless you have self control. You would be better off buying one of the above markers that i have used than this because they are better stock. Simple reason being, you can buy a 98C and easily blow 200-300 more bucks finding cool little things to screw into it or drop kits, rifle butts, its rediculous how much stuff this has that you can add.
Conclusion: While this marker is rugged and all that other good stuff, the A-5 is tippmann's improved version of the 98. Do not buy this marker if you dont want to mod it, and because of that just spend the extra 80 and get an A-5 to which you can also mod. The A-5 has a flatline that workds quite a bit more efficiant, you dont need to buy an electric loader, you problably wont break any balls. Now if your looking to just buy a marker and be done with it, as i said before get one of the ones i previously used, they are much better for your money. Good if you like to modify your gun, bad if your trying to save money. Not a marker for you if you dont want to at least spend another 100 after for other things. In closing, its not awefull, but newer things like the A-5 are getting to be better deals, he 98C and the A-5 are poor mans autocockers. Instead of paying 350 for a base cocker to upgrade you pay 120. Enjoy.
7 out of 10Last edited on Monday, July 28th, 2003 at 7:01 pm PST
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gastebucher Wednesday, December 27th, 2000
6 out of 14 people found this review helpful.
Strengths: This gun is not loud
This gun has better accuracy then a TL+
When you get an expansion chamber this gun rocks.
Tippmann can take abuse and the guy who rated it a 2 must be on crack if he runs into tree's.
This gun rocks cause its easy to upgrade!
Easy to use a squeegee.
Weaknesses: Only thing i found bad about this gun is that its hard to get to the bolt and sometimes it leaks co2 where the bolt is but that can easilybe fixed with a new o-ring
Conclusion: This guns performs great right out of the box but i reccomend getting a Lapco Bigshot for the barrel and a double trigger, and a external velocity adjuster. Buy this gun over any Spyders or Pirahnas!
10 out of 10
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bassplayr Saturday, June 19th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 16 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Pirhana Eforce better
Spider Shutter same
Automag way better
Marker Setup: Timopann 98c
CMI Thunderpig 16" barrel
don't waste your time buying upgrades
Strengths: Unbreakable
lots of upgrades
Weaknesses: inaccurate
8.5" stock barrel
heavy trigger pull
hard field strip
Review: I bought this as a gun to start out with in paintball. Turns out I am a speedball player. I am a front man and need rapid fire and short gun. I screwed my chances of the gun being short when I went out and bought a 16" Thunderpig. Tippmann is one of the slowest guns out there and when you are going against anything electronic you lose. Now I still beat them but it takes a lot of work and it is very hard. The gun is too long for tight bunkers and if you are not careful especially with a long barrel you will jam the barrel in the dirt. Upgrades like a drop forward, response trigger, double trigger will help all this but for the price of the gun and upgrades you can get a used angel, autococker, or automag. Also upgrades are a pain to install so you need to send them in to Tippmann and that takes you out of a month of playing time.
Conclusion: if you are just a woodsball player go for it otherwise stay away it is to long and cumbersome. For the price of the gun with upgrades you could buy an angel. Angels only 450 on ebay.
5 out of 10
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Etfren Monday, February 19th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Spyder Pilot ACS: A lot better, shoots faster and has ACS system.
Marker Setup: Spyder Pilot ACS '05 (Red)
Eggy 2
16" Dye Boomstick
Pure Energy 48/3000 HPA Tank
Dye Rhino Cover
NXe 4+1 Harness
Strengths: Indestructible
Weaknesses: Inaccurate
Expensive for a low-end mechanical
Review: I have used this gun twice, once as a rental gun (at Portland Paintball) and I have used my friends personal 98C. I don't really like this gun, but I never have used it for woodsball, which is more it's intended environment. For speedball it is not fast enough for me, and isn't very accurate. The stock barrel isn't that accurate, but will work until you can buy a new one. My friends 98C had a stock on it and I really liked it. It made it much more comforatable to hold and aim than just using the CO2 tank as my stock because the tank is angled downward. The advantages of this gun are that if you have somehow destroyed yours beyond the ability to shoot, you should be congratulated. My friend had never cleaned his and had never squeeged the barrel and I still managed to shoot some people, but after a quick cleanup it improved quite a bit. Unlike other guns this thing will work no matter what you put it through, However, it's performance is somewhat laking compared to it's price. I bought my Pilot for less than an equally equipped 98C and it performs much better.
Conclusion: I would only recommend this gun if you are either a new player that isn't ready for an electronic, or a woodsball/scenario player who is going to put the money into this gun to get it to perform great. It has potential if you have the money, but I personally prefer my Pilot. Even though I don't particularilly like this gun, I am still going to give it an 8 because it is a good gun, but not for a speedballer like myself. I will update this if I ever get a chance to try one out in woodsball.
8 out of 10Last edited on Monday, February 19th, 2007 at 4:09 pm PST
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