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Dangerous Power Fusion Reviews

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Dangerous Power Fusion
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Number of Reviews: 76
Average Rating: 9.6 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $400

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
+ Mechanism-------Electronic LED switch
+ Method of Operation-------Semi / Ramping (for PSP)
+ Air source------N2 and compressed air
+ Caliber ammunition-------0.68 caliber paintballs
+ Over length -----19.7 inch (50.04cm)
+ Barrel length-----14 inch (35.56 cm)
+ Weight ------2.5 pounds( 1.2kgs)
+ Rate Of Fire ------20 bps (V1 Board) 25 bps (V2 Board)

two-piece barrel (for Autococker)
ACE eyes
Low ride clamp rapid feed neck
Quick-release bolt
LED display
Rubber grip panel
Infrared rays sensor strike
Large trigger guard
Vertical regulator
Invisible screw
Product Availability 
The Dangerous Power Fusion is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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PB_Matty Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month99 of 104 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
the Timmies I've built, Shockers, Ions, E-cockers, REX R3
Marker Setup: 05'd Species Timmy
Assassins Frame, Tadao m5, Evil Detonator, Trinity Block, Alias LPR, RMR Killstick, RMR Lockdown, FBM Delrin Trigger

06 DP Fusion- Stock
Barrel in the limited run is .685 so a larger bore barrel as stated. It is my understanding that the mass production run will have a .693 barrel.

HPA is a given, and you'll want a Halo, Reloader, or Vlocity

Otherwise as in the mark of any true high-end, it doesn't really NEED any upgrades out of the box.
Strengths: Ready to go out of the box
Light and Compact
Fast as you'll need
Weaknesses: Small stock barrel bore as stated
Somewhat simple board
Review: First of all, yes this marker does share the basic FASOR (Forward Air Spring Operated Return) design that has been used in BKO's, Dragun "the ONE", the Wrath, AR-1, and a few other markers. Keep in mind that all of the above guns were often times slightly jimmy-rigged spyders with questionable quality of both mechanical and electronic parts. Also keep in mind that not a single one of these guns was built to be more than a mid-grade gun at the very best. What am I trying to say? The reason previous FASOR's have been looked down upon should be mostly due to the fact of the poor quality/execution.

There is nothing wrong with the FASOR system. It is based off the same type of operating system that is used in Intimidators and Egos. In both of those guns a solenoid will operate both directions of the ram's movement. A FASOR merely simplifies this and has a spring take the responsibility for the ram's rearward movement. Certainly not a large difference in my book, and one could make the argument that springs are actually more consistent than air.

On to the specifics of the Fusion:
I believe that this is the first FASOR designed from the ground up, and it certainly shares with the Infinity Legend the aspiration to be more than a mere mid-grade back-up or less gun. Let's take a look @ what separates the Fusion from other Fasor's:

First of all the body is certainly cocker reminiscent, and one can also make the argument looks quite a bit like an 06 MacDev Cyborg. The main development with the body is the integration of air passageways thru the lower part of the gun underneath the bottom tube. This allows for the lpr to transfer air to the noid and the noid to the back of the ram without having to worry about hoses, barbs, and all the other attachments that can be leaky nightmares. It also makes for a much more streamlined design as there is not need to conceal hoses. The way the body is design also allows for the vast majority of the lpr to be recessed into front of the gun. This obviously keeps the gun nice and compact.

Another nice feature brought about by the hose-less design is the ram cap/sleeve. This peice has a ball bearing lock in it and simply takes a 1/4 turn twist to remove. No taking off hoses, unscrewing frames, or anything. Simply twist out, drop out ram, lube 1 o-ring and plop it back in. The bolt/ram system is now easier to service than on a timmy and that's saying something.

The Frame on the fusion is also a BIG step up from the prototypical FASOR. I've heard it compared to DM frames, Cyborg's, and NME frames. Suffice it to say it feels nice, and the large trigger guard gives you plenty of room to work even with non-cutoff gloves. The frame also keeps very clean looking by using a hidden screw system. Obviously this doesn't help performance at all, but is a nice touch that even many high-end guns do not have.

The trigger on the Fusion is Optical. As a Timmy guy I'm used to micro-switches, but I have to say this is one sweet, easily adjustable trigger. One screw to adjust pre-travel, one for post. Tension can be adjusted via a different spring, and I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to use a magnet if one were so inclined. There is virtually no side-to-side slop, and the return is quick and positive. Very nice trigger with no real need to upgrade that I can see.

As far as electronics go the Fusion also steps up to a break beam eye system. Most FASOR's (as well as SP guns) use a bounce beam eye. Generally they are effective, but can have a host of problems that break-beams don't. In a break beam system if one eye can see each other the gun won't fire, if it can't than it assumes there is a ball in the chamber and will fire. No problems with funky reflections, different color paint, etc.
The board is fairly simple. It provides modes of semi and PSP ramping in 20 or 15 bps, and the user can choose eye on or off. Certainly this is enough to get the job done, but it is nice to be able to tweak such options as BIP, dwell, loader delay, etc. As I understand it Virtue is already in talks with DP about a board.

Performance Considerations:
This gun with the same size barrel is 2-3 inches shorter than an 05 style timmy...once again you are looking at the ballpark size of the 06 Cyborg. The Fusion is pretty light coming in @ 2.5 pounds which includes the barrel, reg, and even the ASA I believe.

The gun easily hits it's cap on ramping, and is very easy to rip in semi mode as well. The Regs are very consistent and, got a chance to run it over a chrono and was sitting pretty with +/- 3 fps at the chrono . Recharge is FAST, and accuracy is good. The "kick" is less than or equal to a well setup Timmy, and I have had absolutely no chops, leaks, or any sort of issue so far. Was preset and ready to go right out of the box. Threw in a battery, screwed in air, and threw on a v35 Halo.

This gun has also been very reliable and easy to maintain. Has been through about 4 cases now and I have not had a single chop, leak or any sort of issue with this gun. It is also very solid and has taken a beating from me.

The gun comes complete as of right now with: low-profile clamping feedneck and the patent pending flip style on/off asa and rail. Which by the way is the sweetest on/off on the market. The package also includes a COMPLETE set of standard size allen keys with a holder which is a very nice nod from the manufacturer. The staff @ Evoventures has also been very quick in answering emails. They seem to know what they are doing when it comes to customer service so far.

Conclusion: A high-end gun for a reasonable price.
Try it before you judge might just find a nice little surprise.

If the board was more adjustable I'd give it a 10...I'd still like to give it a 10 but we'll go with a ...
9 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, July 30th, 2006 at 1:28 pm PST
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mnypit4.7 Monday, June 4th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month33 of 33 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Only used Tippmann 98's
Marker Setup: Completely stock DP Fusion LE Grass Green
Vlocity Viewloader
70/4500 High Pressure Crossfire Stubby
Not many around right now, a couple of triggers and there may be a bolt available now, and at least a board or two out there. Does everything I need right out of the box.
Strengths: Performance for the $
Customer Service
Weaknesses: Reg not as consistent as I expected, see review.
Review: I will try to give you an honest opinion, my paintball experience/knowledge is average at best so take it for what its worth.

I play 99% woods ball with friends and walk on days and have been shooting a lightly modded Tippmann 98 that whole time and it worked perfect every time was tough as nails and as accurate as I needed. I just got sick of being out gunned when the speedball guys would take a break and come throw tons of paint, or a 12 yr old with a $2000 gun pinning me to a bunker.
I have reached a point in my life with my career that I can finally afford to buy any gun i want for my hobby but i don't want to waste my money. Perfect answer to that is my new Dangerous Power Fusion.
If you are reading this review I assume you are thinking about buying one so I will skip the tech stuff, go to their web site or spend a few weeks reading the stickies here and at like I did and most of your questions will be answered.

Box arrived on the front porch and I tore into it as soon as I got home from work. Comes in a will padded box with a nice Allen wrench set. This is a sexy gun, you may want to make up some small note cards to pass out because you will get sick of explaining to people what it is, who makes it, where can the get one.....blah blah blah..

The instructions are easy to follow, i would like to see some more information covered, though those more comfortable with electronic markers may feel they are more than enough.

My Tank and Hopper did not get to my hot little hands for another day or two and then another week of staring at the gun sitting under the Plasma begging me to go play.

Played walk on with some friends at Pevs in VA, filled the tank, bottomed out the regulators, attached the tank, flipped the Rapid Air Pressurizing System (RAPS) and proceeded to shoot half of my Macro fitting into the dirt and leak plenty of air before i shut it off. Now a disclaimer here as i was a bit cautious flipping the switch and may have contributed or caused the problem. A quick trip to the proshop and a new Macro and it was off the the Chrono, after i was able to pry the gun from the Tech's hands, after a few dry fires he was asking how much and where to get one.

Aired up, adjusted the HPR to 250 and worked the LPR up until i was shooting close to the field limit. I was surprised how far out i had to move the LPR to get near the 290 field limit. I may have been being cautious with the HPR and kept it just shy of the 250, as there have been a few stories of Reg creep. After 2 weekends of play and 3+ cases of paint my Reg has not budged. A side note is i was seeing consistency of 8-10 fps +/- I expected better after reading some other reviews and posts in different forums. I will let you know if it levels out some more after some play and a lube.

This thing throws paint as fast as you fingers can fly. It has all the standard modes that you would expect on a high end gun. A hopper of 25bps ramping got some ohhhs and ahhhs out of a group of little kids ;)

Is as accurate with the stock barrel as many guns with aftermarket barrels, I might look into a new barrel down the road as the Fusion comes with a .690 diameter barrel and that is just a little big for the paint I normally shoot but seems to work just fine, working a ball between the slats of a pallet is not that hard from 20 yards out, and who wants to mess with the looks of a gun this hot. Surprisingly quite, coming from a Tippmann it sounds like its not working but is very comparable to the other high end guns out there.

There is a touch of kick, after 3 hoppers I quit noticing and was putting 2-3 balls on friends hoppers from 25 yards. This gun will put them where you want.
Its kind of nice to be able to put 2 and 3 shot burst right where you want them in the woods but still have that ability to throw paint for when you come up against that schmuck that just wants to see how fast his new gun can unload a hopper.

This gun sips air. Two Saturdays of play in a row and I got close to 1700 shots from my 70/4500HP Crossfire the first time I touched the gun and real close to a full case the second day. I may be off my a couple hundred either way, there was a little paint sharing going on, but I swear it was at least 1500+ each day. And to top it off, still not one single break working well into my 4th case of paint through the gun.

I think that's about it, I will edit this if I think of anything or have any problems.

UPDATE * 7/19/07 I have played several more weekends including a half day or so on a more speedball oriented course, probably have 8-10 total cases through the Fusion now and i have only had one break. I blame it on some OLD! paint that spent too much time in the heat I was using up, easy to clean afterwards though!

Still POURS paint and Sips air!

Conclusion: Simple, FOR THE PRICE there is not a better gun on the market today, and this comes real close to anything for ANY price. $450 for a LE Fusion with a lifetime warranty from a company that appears to have some of the best customer service in ANY industry. Shoots darts, as fast as you want, sips air and looks like a Maxim cover model. Hmmm, you would be foolish not to check it out.
9/10 always room for improvement
9 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, July 19th, 2007 at 8:04 am PST
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Betrthanworst Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
6 months33 of 36 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
05 Ego
SP Ion
Evil Omen
SP Shocker NXT
Marker Setup: DP Fusion
CP Shorty reg
45/5000 Scion
Barrel Kit
Strengths: -Fast
-DP Customer Service
Weaknesses: -Sticky Detents (DP took care of me though)
Review: --------------------First Impressions--------------------
Wonderful Milling, DP has done a superb job with the manufacturing of this marker. No scratched or anything. Trigger is very smooth, and it all together seems like a very well built package.

Pretty good, The bore size of the stock barrel is .690 which is a bit big for some of the paint i have shot. Not a big deal even with a poor match the Fusion is almost Ball on Ball.

WOW, thats all i have to say. Im getting a Hopper and 7 pods off a 45/4500 fill. I cant ask for much more from a marker.

Another WOW, this is a machine gun. I cant believe how fast the Fusion is, it literally shoots laser beams of paint, forget Ropes.

Its incredibly easy to maintain, just twist the rear cap, the ram comes out, wipe off the old lube put on some new lube. Take out the LPR every so often, clean the shims and re lube them. Take out the bolt and wipe it and your done. I love how simple it is to maintain.

-----------------The Bad Stuff--------------------------
The Detents in My Fusion stuck, every game it would just turn my Fusion into a blender, i had to use a shake and shoot hopper instead of my Vlocity. I cleaned them and reinstalled them after every game and still had the problem. I e-mailed DP and said what my problem was, They emailed me back saying they were going to replace them with some Stainless Steal detents for FREE. Got to Love DP CS.

UPDATE: Its been awhile with my fusion and i have had a few problems with it (solenoid and a minor problem with a valve) but again DP service took care of my problems and i was back on the field in no time. Other then that is still shoots smooth and fast.
Conclusion: What more can you ask for from a Mid Range Marker. It performs at the same level if not better then most High Ends out there, I am very happy with my Purchase.
10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, September 15th, 2007 at 10:49 am PST
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D Nasty Monday, July 24th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month20 of 24 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
I don't know if i could compare it to this, but an Alias Timmy
Marker Setup: Fusion Marker with CCM Carbon Fiber Barrel, Halo, 45/45 Nitro Duck
Just a new barrel
Strengths: Easy to operate
Four practical modes
Air usage
Weaknesses: See Review
Review: This is actually my first review on this forum and I feel the need to write about this marker because I was blown away with it. I have nothing but good things to say about this marker except for the fact that I didn't like the feel of the trigger out of the box. I am use to using markers with light trigger pulls, so I did a quick mod (cutting off a 1/4 of the spring) and I was happy. I did not write that as a weakness because this aspect is subjective to the user, plus I love how easy it is to adjust the trigger with the two set screws.

As mentioned above, I love the fact that it is so easy to use. It is "idiot-proof" as mentioned by Jerry the Autococker Doctor at Carson I&I Sports. Simply place a halo, an autococker-threaded barrel of choice, and a HP air system and you're good to go. Toggling through the four practical firing modes is as simple as removing the left grip and flipping dip switches - 15 semi/ramping capped and 20 semi/ramping capped.

On the field it seemed very accurate (using WPN brand paint). I can't say it was ball on ball accurate because I have never seen a gun shoot ball on ball, but pleasing nonetheless. It seemed to be very good on air, about up to par with most timmies. With my 45/45 HP Nitro Tank I was able to shoot about 5 pods and a hopper with about 1.5 left on a 3 thoursand fill. The gun itself felt solid in my hands. Having owned a shockteck shocker and an ion, it was simple to tell which one felt high end and which one felt midrange. This on the other hand IS HIGHEND with a midrange price. Overall I am very happy

Last Edit August 25th, 2006
Well, I have used this gun about eight times now and it's still working great. I haven't had any problems with marker other than some slight flunctuation in velocity (about plus or minus 10) then again that could be my fault because I haven't lubed the reg or lpr. Anyway, it continues to shoot straight and rips pretty darn fast. The eyes seem to be holding up, since I haven't had a breach break at all (only a barrel break with stingers). As far as the on/off goes, it is working flawlessly. I love the fact I know when the marker is de-gassed and when it is gassed.
If there is one thing that I am knit-picky about, it would have to be the optical trigger. I never was a fan of that because I have been so used to micro-switches, but that shouldn't matter because it all comes down to preference anyway. Other than that, efficiency is great and continues to live up to what I said above...big ups to you, snoboarder =).
I say, get this marker as soon as you can get one. I honestly believe it was a great investment and I would recommend the marker to anyone, especially if you play tourneys.
Conclusion: I must say Dangerous Power did a lot of homework for this gun. This company seems to be making positive changes to pre-existing designs and then placing it on their marker. A lot of people have mentioned that this marker shares many characteristics with the Legend. If that is the case I would definitely pick this over that marker, simply because it is cheaper in price, feels great in my hands, and extremely easy to use (despite the fact that it may not be as adjustable or as fast).

Another aspect about this marker that appeals to me is the manufacturers warranty that comes with the marker. It is covered for one whole year from the date of purchase. From what I know I&I Sports at Carson, is one of very few stores that carry this marker. I have been told by their local gun tech (Jerry the Cocker Doctor) that their location will soon be carrying parts for the fusion, so issues, if any exist, can be dealt with right away. Having this peace of mind is great.

I would recommend this marker to anyone looking for a reliable gun, ready for tournaments, for a decent price.

Finally big ups to PB Matty
10 out of 10Last edited on Friday, August 25th, 2006 at 2:57 am PST
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ocassault Monday, July 17th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month14 of 21 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Dangerous Power FUSION with 45/4500 crossfire and RELOADER B
New barrel with larger bore size
Strengths: Very simple design, EASY to strip and clean, Awesome trigger, super fast cycle speed
Weaknesses: ONLY this I could call a weakness is the bore size of barrel.
Review: Finally aired it up and shot it today. Totally awesome. Cycle FAST!! Oversize trigger guard makes it easy to get at the trigger. No click of a trigger switch makes it super smooth. barrel itself is not a weakness just the bore size (.685) Actually the barrel is one of the smoothest I have ever seen in the bore, looks and feels like glass. This really IS a high end marker at a mid range price. Lots of features and VERY WELL MADE.
Conclusion: I would HIGHLY recommend this marker because of the ease of use, the loads of features and the low price. You just can not find anyting comparable for the same price.
9 out of 10
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Pern16 Thursday, February 1st, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month13 of 14 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Dangerous Power Fusion LE Marigold 29/50 - Halo B w/ rip & v35 - DXS 45/45
Kingman Spyder MR2 - Apache LCD - WGP 48/3K
barrel, board (when it comes out) V2 board on my LE is good enough. IMO.
Strengths: FAST!!!
easy maintenance
easy cleaning
user friendly
Weaknesses: None.
Review: I just got this gun, and only got to use it once at a local field.. "HOLY CRAP!" were the first words that came from my friend's mouth. This marker is incredibly fast, efficient, lightweight, consistent, and VERY cheap. The trigger is just awesome, smooth right out of the box.. heck, everything is dang near perfect out of the box. No necessary upgrades needed. As stated, I have an LE and the RAPS on it makes it so convenient to turn air/ off. Had no problems with the detents, had only one chop all day that day but only because I forgot to turn the eyes on.. oops. That was when I realized the EASE OF CLEANING of this marker, simply a pull of the top pin and viola. Now of course, like I said I just got the marker and hasn't really been broken in yet and I'm already getting SUPERB performance results. I'll update this review as I use the marker more. BRB.

*EDIT - The gun is truly amazing, and with the board, bolt, grips, and much more upgrades coming out soon... *rubs hands*, "beware" to all the "high ends" out there.. this one's comin' coming from behind.
Conclusion: get it, get it, get it!!! why pay hundreds more when you can get a marker that performs just the same as the other high end markers? you won't be disappointed with this marker. Along with a lifetime warranty (Limited Edition only), affordable price, and Dangerous Power's OUTSTANDING customer service.. you can't go wrong. So go get one :) BIG thank you to Sean @ paintball 4 less. Shouts out to the Fusion family at
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at 6:27 pm PST
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fruktflugan Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month10 of 10 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Impulse -old technology but decent marker
Rex Type-R -same basic function but lightyears behind!
Marker Setup: DP Fusion, Gun metal gray. S/n 166, Stako, FUKU reg, Reloader B
Backup marker: REX type-R
Barrel and a really fast loader. HPA (duh!)
Strengths: Excellent quality, no slacks anywhere. CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
Weaknesses: Not properly lubed out of the box. Not std ASA on mine.
Review: Have been owning this marker for about a week now and thought that it was time to share.

In short: This marker at this price is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
You cannot be better off in this pricerange and a couple of priceranges above.

Shoots fast and consistently and has a quality that makes people doubt that you didn't pay more for it.

Good regulators, stable and fast recharging. Some have had problems with the regs, but they NEED to be disassembled, cleaned and lubed as a Step One for this marker it seems. I never had any problems, but did this anyway and the marker got more consistent and got better efficiency.

Some have had troubles breaking paint. Check your detents and make sure they spring back as they should. The marker works perfectly with one detent if you lose one detent-spring like I almost did.

I never had a problem with this.
Sure it's a Fasor, but the spring should last you a long time.

Oh, and the asa on the body is not really "standard". The milling had gone wrong somewhere on my Fusion and I couldn't exchange the standard reg for anything else. Mailed DP/evoventures and they sent one out without questions and fast as heck too!
-Excellent customer service! :)

This weekend I'm going out to run dirty reballs through the marker. Let's see what it thinks of that! He he he!

Edit 1:
The eyes are breakbeam and they might be tricked into thinking the bolt is a paintball. I haven't had problems with this, but I noticed that this is the case.
Anyway, I don't think it's possible to fire it when the bolt is in forward position so this might be a problem that exists solely in my head. It does not affect my Rating of this marker though... ...just a thought!

The board has simple (but effective) functionality. Scenario Dreams are making a new board as we speak for the tinkerer who likes more adjustability and uncapped fun.
Current board is capped at 20 bps although the marker can (and has been made to) cycle faster.
Not a problem for me though!

Edit 2:
HPR broke down. Lubed it, cleaned it, checked it, cleaned it again and experimented with different O-rings everywhere but nothing fixed the problem.

Emailed DP/Evoventures and they sent a new reg and new solenoid, just in case my noid got damaged in the process.

The problem? Regulator crept up to about 100 psi over set pressure when not firing for a while, then extreme shootdown and dropping pressure when firing. The reg dropped A LOT when shooting and recharged very slooowly.

Perfect customer support though. Got answer, solution and peace of mind all over a Saturday!
Happy even though this ruined a game-day for me!

Edit 3:
Evoventures sent parts that fixed the HPR. Now I am completely happy with the fusion... It's bordering on a 9 to 10 again! :D

I know the fault in the reg now, it's not common but does sometimes occur. Contact evoventures for replacement of parts and they'll ship out to you.
I even know how to fix the problem on field now, so if I'm around and your fusion hpr goes awol you are lucky in a way!

Reg creep help manual... Please read and use at your own risk!

Have taken the fusion through it's paces now and am extremely happy with it.
The only problem that I've encountered was that when left standing for a while I experienced first shot drop-off. A simple affair of changing a couple of O-rings in the Low Pressure Regulator took care of that.
Over the chrono it really rocks. So consistent that I must rub my eyes to believe it...
Easy to shoot fast, easy to maintain and just a really good marker.

Best money ever spent! =D

Never broken a ball in it apart from the FSDO problem. Once the first ball didnt make it out the barrel during my first shot 18-ish BPS string. It broke and the others after it fluttered a little bit in the air... Doh!

I upped my rating of this marker to a 9 too!
Conclusion: A perfect deal.
Not quite a 10, but if you make the necessities (lube regs and set pressure correctly) it is damn near a perfect 10.
As for now I give it an 8, but that is out of the box. You need to know your Fusion before you really go tournamenting with it to eliminate sources of possible malfunction.
9 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, May 26th, 2007 at 6:25 am PST
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PaintElite8888 Monday, May 19th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Multiple Spyders-VS2, Pilot ACS, Compact
(not even comparable as far as quality)
Pumps-Phantom, pump 02 WGP cocker (again not really comparable, but more because of style of play)
Marker Setup: stock Fusion-silver and gold(really it's orange)
47/3000 steelie hpa
Eggy 3, z board
raps asa
new, longer macroline fittings
maybe a barrel
nice tank (alothough it is quiet efficiant)
new macroline fittings (see review)
Strengths: anno options
size, weight
raps asa
V2 board
Weaknesses: Stock macroline fittings where crap.
no bounce controls or debounce
stock feedneck is too large
Review: I recently recieved my Dangerous Power Fusion from my local store. I was quiet impressed with what came along with the Fusion, a carboard box lined with foam that snuggly held the Fusion in place. Allen wrenchs, a barrel sock, macroline, and the manuel where all included. The only things that were missing were lube and a nine-volt battery. Also a metal box would be nice, but not essentail.
The first time I aired up my Fusion, the macroline fitting on the regulator blew out. I thought, ok well one bad fitting, oh well. I replaced it and then aired it up agin and the other one blew out! Finally, after replacing both macrline fittings NIB, it held air.
The regulator was set at 250psi out of the box, not bad. At the chrono I shot betwen 245 and 260 fps. So I left it, pretty good for an un-broken in reg. I ripped a few shots off and I could easily get it up to the 15bps cap I had the board set at.
I found I could shoot out my hopper easily in a 5 minute game. I had no problem with drop-off or eyes or anything. I got appox. 650+ shots off a 47/3000 tank. The only problem I had was ocasionally it wouldn't shoot, my guess is the eyes were dirty or I was out-shooting my hopper. After a quick swab of my breach, I was fine. I didn't get a single barrel break the whole time. P.S. the stock feedneck is large, you may want to use elctrical tape around your hopper's neck.
Conclusion: I gave this marker an 8, one point off for the crudy marcoline fittings. And one point off for the large feedneck. Other than that, an excellent marker, great price, equivantle to markers twice the price. My new favorite marker!
8 out of 10
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Lancer X Monday, June 11th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Upgraded Smart Parts Ions
Marker Setup: Viewloader VLocity
CP Razor drop forward and 2k5 On/Off Valve
68ci/4500psi tank
Quite capable right out of the box. Perhaps a better on/off and a barrel kit?
Strengths: High performance for the price!
No need for heavy upgrades
Easy to maintain
Weaknesses: Stock on/off valve
Review: Background/Experience: I've been playing paintball for 20 years, but have only recently become "serious" towards the sport. Previously only played a few times per year max.

I played woodsball for a solid day yesterday with my new Fusion. My first impressions are very high. The marker is light, air efficient, and accurate - right out of the box.

It's not quite as quiet as I might prefer, but it's no Tippmann either. Just a bit loud compared to a dialed-in Ion, for example.

I happened to be shooting paint that was a good bore match to the stock barrel, and the accuracy of this stock marker actually shocked me. After a few minutes of acclimation, I was shooting folks out from behind bunkers with glee.

The marker is also very easy to maintain. The bolt can be removed with two fingers right in the field, allowing a full front-to-back squeegee should the need arise. I chopped no balls all day, however. In fact, I checked out the barrel bore last night, and was surprised to see that it was almost totally clean - just a couple light drag marks from ball shells. It should also be noted that the bolt is Delrin and requires no lube.

The internals also come right out with the twist of a knob for a quick cleaning and lube. Simple and well-designed. (What I believe is referred to as a stacked-tube design.)

Regarding the balance of the parts, the low-pressure and high-pressure regulators are easily removed for the occasional cleaning. The stock feed neck is a low, clamping design - totally adequate.

I found the trigger simple to adjust, and even a clumsy trigger-walker like me can fire off a nice steady volley on semi.

The electronics are very easy to use - the buttons are easy to depress (unlike an Ion - ugh) and located right on the back of the grip frame. A bright multi-colored LED in the grip lets you know exactly what's going on, and the firing modes are changed via 4 dip switches inside the grip.

Really, the only weak point that I might point out is the stock ASA on/off valve, but perhaps I'm only noticing because my CP 2k5 is made a bit better. Dangerous Power also makes an on/off upgrade they call a RAPS (a unique lever-actuated unit) - and that appears to be where they spent their design efforts. If I didn't already have this nice CP, I think I'd be springing for their RAPS.
Conclusion: As above, this level of performance in a $400 marker makes the Fusion worth every penny. If you're looking for something that's a step above entry level, give this new marker some serious consideration.

If you go with anything less expensive, you'll probably end up putting the difference into upgrades and still end up with something inferior to the Fusion.

Solid 9/10 (as no product is perfect)
9 out of 10
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jjgoforward Sunday, February 1st, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
DiabloMongoose-used for almost a year.
Smart Parts Epiphany-just tested
Proto SLG-just tested
Marker Setup: 07 Fusion Green and Black all stock
Halo Frontman TSA E'hopper
Carlton/Crossfire 88/3000 HPA
The stock set up is better than anything I have used.
Strengths: Price/features
Great trigger
Wonderful clamping feed neck
Weaknesses: The low pressure/high pressure adjustments are a little confusing.
Grip fits sloppy
Review: Wow is the Fusion 07 a joy to use. It is so consistent. Chrono is a breeze. The last three times I have checked it the readings have been 286, 285, and 286. I usually test take three readings each time I chrono and the readings are always within +-2. The marker is so smooth to fire. Each trigger pull is just like the one before. The accuracy is great even with the stock barrel. The groupings are always within the "splat" of the first ball. I have used the Fusion 4 times now and I have never had a chopped ball. It seems to perform well with a wide variety of paintballs.
Also let me say how wonderful Dangerous Powers/Evoventures tech support is! I purchased my 07 Fusion on Ebay by accident. I bid on it intending to drive the price up and see how much it would go for. Well I won it with a $180 bid. The seller mentioned that there was an air leak. He thought it was just an O ring. However when I received it there were many things wrong with it. It had stripped threads on the ASA and the solenoid was bad. So I contacted Dangerous Powers and explained my plight. They asked me to send it in to them to check it out. I asked them simply to put it back in working order so I wasn't out my $180. When I got the marker back they had fixed everything under warranty except the ASA , since the first owner had never registered it. I not only got a new solendoid, and ASA but they replaced the regulator and the board as well. So now I have a 07 Fusion with upgraded 08 Fusion internals! And I only spent $200 total. Thank you Dangerous Powers!
My review of the marker is from the perspective of a new player trying to find affordable equipment that is reliable. I have not used any of the "topline" markers like the Ego's Bob Long's, DM's, Cyborgs, etc. So hopefully this will be useful for newer players and maybe help them from making many of the same mistakes I have made.
The 07 Fusion is the only marker I have used that doesn't really need any upgrades. The 14" barrel is pretty good, the regulator keeps the maker working smoothly and effeciently. The thing shoots great right out of the box. It is great on air. I played for three hours without a refill with my Crossfire/Carlton 88/3000 the other day. I still had a quarter of a tank left. With the field paint, which was badly dimpled, all the paintballs went surprisingly straight! I had no major curveballs all day. This was certainly not true with my Mongoose. After buying upgraded barrels, and changing about all I could imagine, The 'Goose still shot inconsistantly.
The Fusion does have some kick, like many others have noted. However, it is much less kick than the Mongoose. It was really about the same as my son's SLG. However, it is not as smooth as my son's Epiphany.
I was afraid that the 07 Fusion would out shoot my TSA Hopper. However, with the bps capped at 15 like the NPPL this has not been a problem.
In other reviews people seem to disagree about the trigger. I love it. It is the smoothest trigger pull I have ever had. It is fast and easy to double trigger. And the trigger guard gives you plenty of room for your fingers and gloves.
The locking feed neck is sweet! In my Mongoose, I had to put friction tape in the neck of my TSA hopper to keep it from turning. The clamping feedneck of the Fusion holds the hopper securely. The hopper didn't move all day.
The board is straight forward. The manual gives you all the tournament settings. And the instructions are easy to follow.
The maintenance of the 07 Fusion is a breeze . The quick release bolt works great. You can clean a ball break in no time. Also the access to the ram is toolless. You just push in on the button and turn and there it is.
The on/off ASA is nice too. It saves air when taking the tank off and is an added safety feature.
Two minor complaints: 1. The regulator is very close to the trigger guard. So I have to hold onto the regulator and the trigger guard too. 2. The adjustment between the operating pressure adjustment and the low pressure adjustment is a little confusing. So far I haven't had to worry about it. The preset operating pressure was 218. The marker seems to work very efficiently at this pressure. The marker chrono's at 270 which has been great at fields where I play.
Conclusion: I would highly recommend the Fusion for any player who wants to upgrade your marker and not spend $1000 to get something reliable and consistant, and doesn't need a bunch of upgrades.
Is the Fusion perfect? It is for me. However, for the more experienced player or the more discerning player, I'm sure there are better markers out there. But I am giving the Fusion a 10. If I were judging based on all the markers I have used or tested, I would give it a 10+
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 at 9:25 am PST
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