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Component Concepts Inc. Phantom Reviews

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Component Concepts Inc. Phantom
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Number of Reviews: 135
Average Rating: 9.7 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $198

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Phantoms are known as the best pump guns around.
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The Component Concepts Inc. Phantom is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Unregistered User Sunday, April 29th, 2001
Strengths: Stock barrel is extremely accurate. This gun just promotes accuracy by shooting a variety of paints very straight. The only thing inaccurate is the person holding the trigger.

The consistency is good. Once you get the velocity set, the gun will shoot roughly the same velocity shot after shot.

Gun is very simple to use and maintain. Field stripping is very quick with no tools required!
Weaknesses: This gun is a little louder than I would like. Its by no means a cannon, but can be quieted some with a new barrel. Other that that, the stock barrel is very good.

Velocity adjustment is down the barrel. With the included adjustment tool, velocity can be quickly adjusted fairly quickly but it takes some getting used to, and can take a little while the first few times.
Conclusion: This is the gun pumpers ultimately aspire to obtain, whether actually by purchase or by the upgrading of other pumps. With pump play becoming more and more uncommon, people seem to buy pumps because they like the feel and use of a pump, and not reasons of firepower. The phantom serves pump players well because it allows them to play pump, yet when the need arises, they can dish out the paint needed to stay in the game against high firing electros and semiautomatics. Plus with the ability to change from direct feed breeches to stock breeches, players can compete in whatever style of game that arises.

If you like the handling and simplicity of a pump, the phantom is the obvious choice. It is a little pricy compared to other pump options, but its ease of use and constant productivity make that price well worth it.
9 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, April 17th, 2001
Strengths: *ACCURACY ....Let me say it again.... Accuracy!

*QUALITY... You don't need to surf the web, flip through magazines, or lay awake at night dreaming of what cool add on parts you are going to get to make your gun better. This baby is not only ready to go out of the box, it is PERFECT out of the box! Cool looking barrels, sights, and grips are for you, not the gun. They are so you can feel better about it. The gun is PERFECT as is.

*MANUFACTURER (I have never recived this type of service anywhere, not even when I spent $20,000.00 on a car did I get this type of service! Let alone a used paintball gun!)

*DURABLE... almost entirely metal. Simple design that provides for easy weapons maintenance.

*PERFORMANCE...Smooth pump action that automatically slams the bolt home, instead of some cheesey pumps I've played with that you have to force the pump forward when chambering a round.
Weaknesses: *Your shortcommings as a player can no longer be covered by your expensive, "Look what Mom bought me", million rounds a second, spray and pray, one case one kill, I won't be back next month because I spent all my money on paint, shoot everything that moves, "flag, what flag?", watch me sit behind this bunker and shoot at you till I exhaust my 8+1 harness, I need a $50 gadget so I don't have to (God forbid) maunally shake my hopper, "you mean now I have to move around?", semi-auto gun.
Conclusion: Is this gun is accurate, or does it just force you to take well aimed shots because you only get one? The answer to that is ...BOTH! The first time I played with this gun I hit a ridiculously far opponent in the goggles. He was so far away he raised his gun at me then lowered it realizing that I was just too far away. I won't tell you the distance cause you wouldn't believe me and then, in your mind, my whole review would be suspect. So lets just say it was deep. This gun IS accurate. And it achieves its accuracy without a regulator or expansion chamber. This gun teaches skills by default. You must manuver and, (heaven forbid) aim your first shot! I have so much fun playing with this gun and I save so much money on paint I can go more times! I bought this gun used from a guy who got it for his 9 year old that ended up getting a semi. This is the best money I have spent in paintballing and if I had used it before I would have easily spent the $200 on a new one. I was skepticle about its reviews so I wanted to get a used one incase it did't pan out I wouldn't have dropped so much money on a pump gun that was supposed to be obsolete.
It is simply the best. I never enjoyed playing with a pump until I fired this baby.
I have to admit, at first you feel vulnerable with a pump, but now I am even more agressive and charge more bunkers than I do with a semi. The best pump ever gets a perfect 10!
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Wednesday, April 11th, 2001
Strengths: Everything... Well I think so! I was out at my local field having my own little, "try out everyone's gun sort of thing going on" and started with the Trraccer. It was a very nice pump but still was not too good on accuracy. Then I tryied out the Phantom! WOWZERS! Holy Cat-Crap was this a heck of a lot better and far more accurate. I felt like I had a cannon in my hands and I could conquer the world!
Weaknesses: Ummmmm... the only thing I can think of is the M-16 style grip. It is a little bit on the stupid side and made of plastic (buy the 45 grip). Also on the pump grip that you pull to load a ball into the barrel is annoying. I wish CCI would make a shotgun style pump grip... oh well.
Conclusion: Buy if you want to spend very little on CO2 and balls. One 12oz lasts the whole day! Plus I only use -500 pantballs a day so what is that combined...? Like $20 bucks and that is for the highest quality paint! OHHHHHHHHHHH baby I love this gun... huhum I mean marker! opps! Trust me, my score so far against angels is that I have gotten out 10+ guys out with this baby! Their tricked out Angels don't stand a chance... unless of course they get to within 50 feet of me Hehehehhehe!
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Thursday, March 15th, 2001
Strengths: Like most all the other reviews above this one state, the Phantom is by far the best pump action marker around. Accuracy is incredible, and so is distance. I would love to see Tippman come out with the flatline barrel for a Phantom. That would be almost unfair to everyone without one! With an 18" Smart Parts All American barrel, and a T-stock, I was holding people from advancing up the field. They had no chance of reaching me with the semiauto's. Simply the most fun gun to play with.
The best part about taking a Phantom onto a field is the remarks you will receive. Such as, "Toast, he is toast," "What is that?", and my favorite, "You mean you gotta pump it?"
And the remarks when the day is over are better.
"How can you shoot that far?", I didn't see it coming" and the classic "I wanna be on your team next time."
Another great part about using a phantom is the cost of paint. You use far less, so it is cheaper to play. And a 9oz CO2 will last a while.
And to walk onto a speedball or indoor field is just as rewarding. I play for a team that practices at a 160' by 80' speedball field. I stand at the back corner against the netting and pick off goggles and markers that poke out from behind bunkers. That is fun to do.
Weaknesses: Nothing bad. Well maybe the grips. It should come with a more comfortable grip. But it really isn't a big deal.
Conclusion: To own a Phantom is to take on a new meaning of playing Paintball. You have to use your head, be slick and cunning. You know you are out gunned on the rate of fire, but to pick someone off at 160+ feet is awesome. While their paint is dropping at your feet, you plant one onto the goggles!
It is light, easy to maintain, and is built flawlessly.
I love to put down my Angel LCD and play a few games with the Phantom, it not only brings back fond memories of the early days of Paintball, but to truly snipe someone is precious.

Cost of Phantom: $200.00
Cost of paintballs: $60.00
Cost of CO2 refill: $2.00
Nailing someone 160'+ out without them seeing you: PRICELESS...

10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Sunday, March 4th, 2001
Strengths: small, light, simple... this pretty much sums up any first impressions after opening the box and playing around with it. take it apart and check out what makes this gun so famous (or infamous). This gun has nothing fancy, just what it needs to make it work. nothing flashy, no gimmics, just simple mechanics. It works. Just a trigger system mounted onto a barrel.
if you find yourself on the other end on the Phantom, things change. Simplicity is not on your mind. As you probably know, the Phantom is known as the most accurate gun on the market. Treat it as such. People who buy phantoms have made a decision to use a pump gun over a semi. They prefer to take one shot instead of three, and that will be all they need. This is a sniper gun. They know it, now you know it.
Weaknesses: the pump return spring is exposed, and i got weeds stuck in mine the first time i used it. it can easily drag gunk back into the works, which would really mess with your preformance. It comes with an M-16 style grip, and a lot of people upgrade to a .45 style and say it is better. I have not decided yet; the M-16 is "swept back" which allows the gun to be more comfortable when prone.
Conclusion: Great gun. easy to clean and accurate. I do fine with a 45 rnd hopper and 12 grams (though a quick-changer is necessary). also very quiet. tough to use one handed though ;). goodluck and check your six
9 out of 10
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Unregistered User Friday, January 26th, 2001
Strengths: Incredible accuracy and range. It is almost scary how accurate it is. Can achieve semi ROF if needed with the auto trigger. Not much is needed in the way of upgrades. Comes standard with just about all you need. All I have done is put a 16" Smart Parts AA barrel on it and ran the air to the bottom of the grip. Very very quite with this barrel. Have had the gun for 5 years and it is the most reliable gun I have ever owned. Had to replace a few parts that were just wornout but it was easy to get replacements from Component Concepts. Very gun customer service there as well. Very low maintenance. Little oil here and there and it will run like clockwork.
Weaknesses: Little loud with stock barrel but still better then most pumps.
Conclusion: Very possibly the best pump I have ever seen. Best I have ever shot and I have played with a few different ones. Have had quite a few different guns (pumps and semis) (Tournament and Recball) and this is one of my favorite guns. Love the action and the accuracy. Nothing like the feeling of walking on the field and having the only pump there. Then at the end of the day everyone knowing who you are and gunning/running for/from you.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Thursday, December 28th, 2000
Strengths: The Phantom is just an all around gun, wiht mad crazy accuracy and distance. with hpa and a 18 inch boomstick with the right paint this gun can shoot 180-feet no problem
Weaknesses: what can i say the gun is pretty much perfect. except the model I have has to be broken down to change the velocity. but once you set it stays right on.
Conclusion: This gun is just all around awesome. Me and some friends of mine entered a local 3-man tourney with semi's we were the only opeople there with pumps and we all three had pumps. we played a team who all had angels and got a 100!!!!This guns rocks in the newbie hands and extremely good in the hands of a pro!!!!!!
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Thursday, December 14th, 2000
Strengths: this gun is awesome. I bough one because I needed accuracy, and boy oh boy thats what I got. I can lay paint on paint at 90' away eaaasy. Dont worry about rate of fire, with the auto trigger you can get a good 4 shots off a second, but there is shootdown and its impossible to auto trigger without a stock. But I have a lapco T so who cares!!?? :)
Extremely straight flights of the paint.

Also very efficient and LIGHT...god this thing is light. Excellent gun for SC (stock class).
Weaknesses: Velocity adjustment with the rod is a little wierd, but once you get it set in it really doesnt matter. Just something you might like to know. I seriously cant think of anything bad about this gun, its amazing how accurate and straigh it is. I have taken some insane shots from 200 feet away and the paint flies perfectly straight. Try to do that with any other can't.

This gun is a little noisy, but you can make "barrel extentions" for that. Some people say its really quiet but it isnt. this is a minor problem, because you will only need one shot to hit your target anyway.
Conclusion: This gun kicks right outta the box. If you wanna upgrade and such, you can buy a sniper, but pumps arent supposed to be "tricked out" you know? No upgrades is awesome.

Definetly worth the moola. When you buy a pump, you are paying more for the quality of the gun. To get a semi of the same quality as the phantom, it would cost you well over 400 bucks.

This is, in my opinion, the best pump on the market, the only thing comparable is the sniper, but I think its just a slow, cumbersome semi with a slow ROF. My 2 cents.

I cant speak highly enough of this gun. Once you get good with it, learn how to aim and such, you will find yourself blowing away many many other players out there. You CAN use this gun for speedball, not just recball. Work on your aim and you can play far back and take out the heads sticking behind the bunkers....

I love this gun, if you dont mind the slightly slower ROF, pumps are the way. Its just sad that few people realize this.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, October 31st, 2000
Strengths: this is the best pump on the market. cci does a great job on these. they keep making them better and better. they are easily field stripped, extremely accurate, nice "after market" parts and acessories, and it comes in a lot of colors too. it has a most comfortable grip. i like the 14" barrel which i add came with the gun, and its ported. smooth action. short stroke. And i store spare o-rings and the like in the grip. auto trigger is nice.
Weaknesses: high price (although i got a nice package deal at the field i ref at)... hmm...cant think of any more right now. the velocity adjustment is kind of annoying but its not bad.
Conclusion: amazing gun thats all to say. and its great when you take out some guy with, lets say, an angel with a pump like this. they get all mad because most players consider the words "pump" and "disadvantage" synonyms. Any real player knows that pumps are more accurate and get better range than semis. GET ONE. These are the best pumps in existence. if anyone agrees or disagrees write me at
10 out of 10
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Wonder Bill Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
1 year0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Kingman Hammer (Much better)
ACI Maverick (Much better)
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98C
14" Stiffi Barrel
Dead-On Power Tube and bolt
Tippmann Expansion Chamber
M-16 stock

ACI Maverick
14" J&J Ceramic Barrel
14" barrel (if you don't already have it)
Strengths: Accuracy
customer support
Weaknesses: Double feeding
Velocity Adjusting
Review: Alright, I originally had this gun rated a 5, but after a nice talk with Mike Cassidy (I believe I got that name right) at CCI and $20 worth of parts later (I was going to buy $45, but he convinced me I really only needed $20 worth) I brought it outside and was immediately amazed at the improvement. The only reason I would miss a head shot at 40 feet is because I wobbled, NOT the paintball. It shoot's straight as an arrow, and a human body would NEVER be missed at 100 feet. I shot about 30 shots at 100 feet to test this at a 3' wide by 4' tall target, all shots hit within a 2'-3' diameter circle, and I was NOT aiming at all. It's a bullet.
One still does need to be careful when cocking because if you hold the pump back too long, another ball will drop in, and you may fire two or chop, but that's nobody's fault but your own. Alas, the velocity adjust is still a bit tight, but do-able. It's just annoying to have to go down the barrel to do it, but hey, get it where it needs to be and you shouldn't have to mess with it anymore.
The best feature about this gun, I'd have to say, is the service. Mike was the most helpful person in ANY INDUSTRY I've ever talked to. I described the problems my gun was having and within 10 seconds he named off the tree parts I needed, and two days later the gun was shooting like new. I'm sold on it, and actually looking into buying a brand new stock class one, also. Nice going CCI.

Conclusion: Excellent quality gun, and the best service you could ask for in the industry, and so damn easy to take care of these guns!
9 out of 10Last edited on Monday, November 13th, 2006 at 12:08 pm PST
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