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Identity Crisis Paintball B-5 Bullpup Mod Reviews

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Identity Crisis Paintball B-5 Bullpup Mod
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Number of Reviews: 14
Average Rating: 9.8 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $319

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The B-5 bullpup mod for the A-5 has been developed with intensive player feedback over the course of many years. The B-5 will provide you with a significant tactical advantage over your opponent! If you've never tried a bullpup in paintball, now is your chance! You will be amazed.

The features of the B-5 are:
Includes an Ape rampage board
The B-5 accepts A-5 upgrades such as triggers, low pressure kits, grips, hopper mods, A-5 barrels, flatline, Apex. You name it!
Quick change battery compartment. Replace the battery by removing one pin. Battery is fully field swappable! Don't find yourself suck on the field with a dead battery again.
Field strip the B-5/A-5 by removing only two pins.
APE board is field legal and fire modes are be accessible via the side of the shoulder stock.
No need to worry about a little water or rain as the APE board is waterproof.
At 28 inches in length from the buttplate to the tip of the marker this mod significantly shortens the overall length of the A-5.
The B-5 does not require modification to the A-5. (it is optional)
The B-5 is built out of durable ballastic nylon not cheap plastic.
This B-5 package consists of two receiver halves, a rear buttplate, a APE Rampage Board, New hardened steel Sear Pin, E-sear tripper, a safety, instructions and the required nuts and bolts to assemble the B-5.
Product Availability 
The Identity Crisis Paintball B-5 Bullpup Mod is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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FantasticDamage Friday, March 16th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month31 of 31 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
As far as its overall function none...
Marker Setup: Tippmann A5 with ICP B-5
X7 Cyclone (Faster Feed Rate)
JCS Redhot Powertube and Bolt
Palmers Male Stabilizer
Vertical Grip
RIS Rails
Strengths: Compact Design
Excellent Electronic Board (APE Rampage)
Designed for Customization
Very Strong Material and Design
Weaknesses: Unable to shoulder the marker left handed (A5 Hopper Gets in the Way)
Review: Having just gotten this a week or so ago I have actually used it enough I feel to post an accurate review. First I will start with the installation. The unit comes bolted together and somewhat pre assembled the only real assembly needed is to mount the A5 into the unit. Make sure you read the directions slowly and carefully as I was too excited and skipped over some small yet important steps. The directions are usually very clear and walk you through the installation pretty easily, the unit comes with everything you need to assemble the unit except a dremel. Yes this modification does require you to either modify the B5 itself or the A5. The front lip on the A5 either needs to be removed or a hole needs to be cut through the shroud. This was the most difficult part and may not be suitable for customers not lucky enough to own a dremel. After the install however I got the unit bolted together and went out for a test run.

The APE board allows you to customize everything! It also has 8 modes to choose from....This is by far the best board available to the A5 and is used and mounted very well. The backside of the B5 allows you to with a tool change modes and customize each mode. It also allows you to change the rate of fire. The APE Rampage board allows 15-25 BPS and the stock A5 Cyclone is rated at around 17 BPS. There are many mods for the cyclone to increase the feed rate (QEV) I however, used a cyclone off of an X7 (Rated for 20 BPS) and can fire at higher rates of speed.

Now onto an actual field use of the B5. I played last weekend at Command Decisions Paintball in NC. I hadnt played in a few months due to school but had to try my new toy out. The B5 really does offer a compact design...compared to you regular sized milsim markers I was able to hug bunkers and do a lot more things with my marker that I usually couldnt do. I was able to fire over logs while prone without the need of blind firing. I ended up with a good Kill:Death Ratio (5:1) and Im almost postive the B5 did aide in that. Like I said the unit allowed me to tighten my profile up against bunkers, resulting in a drastic decrease in my profile.
Conclusion: This modification was definitely designed well. ICP spent many months perfecting the design and it shows. The only downfalls is the actual installation. However, if the user reads the manual carefully and has access to a dremel they should be ok. If the user doesnt have a dremel Im sure ICP could pre cut the B5 to allow the A5 to fit properly.

Overall I would say this unit is an excellent upgrade/modification
10 out of 10Last edited on Friday, March 16th, 2007 at 6:28 pm PST
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Deathkill Friday, March 16th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month21 of 21 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A-5
Tippmann 98
nothing that really compares
Marker Setup: Tippmann A-5 with LP kit, e-grip, B-5 Mod polished internals
Strengths: Compact. Really good balance Lowers you over-all profile!
Weaknesses: Left handed shooters will have difficulty
PRICE! (more on this below0
Review: Okay, I just got mine in the last two weeks but have already fallen in love with it. The instructions were pretty easy for me (but I am pretty experienced at taking my A-5 apart and putting it together), just make sure you follow all of the directions. The design is SOLID! When you have your A-5 in it it doesn't shake around or creak or anything, it feels solid. The balance on it is perfect bringing the weight of the gun back against your shoulder. I love this thing, I don't know how best to describe it except to say that if you see one on the field (and judging by what people who have held mine have been saying, you will see a lot of them eventually) ask if you can hold it. You won't be dissapointed.
The price is kinda high, but when you think about it, you get an APE board with the powershot solenoid, a good forgrip, stock, and how it actually lowers your profile and brings the gun back tighter against you, it isn't that bad. The quality is worth it though, this isn't cheap plastic...this is really strong stuff.
Conclusion: I don't know what to say, even now I have it sitting on my dresser and it makes me want to play with is that much fun.
10 out of 10
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Bulldog-Josh_W Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month13 of 13 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Stock Tippmann A-5, SpecOps A-5/SD Shroud
Marker Setup: -Tippmann A-5/B-5, LPK, UTG Folding ForeGrip, X-7 Hopper, rails, flashlights, 2x42 Red Dot...
Strengths: -Makes the A5 amazingly compact
-Extremely light, durable and well engineered
-Includes APE egrip.
Weaknesses: -Must cut for A5 front lip or remove it.
-Gappy when installed over newer A5

Review: 15 word MAX in strengths & weaknesses above makes me sound like an ESL student, sorry.

At the moment mine is out getting Duracoated, so I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, though I did put it together and chase the cats around the house with it for a while. It is everything I hoped it would be- I pre-paid for mine back in 8/06, and it was well worth the price and wait. The construction, balance, and length reduction are amazing.

I highly recommend cutting off the front lip from your A-5 to install this. It gives you a little more room for your trigger hand, and I can't see any reason I would ever want to go back to a stock A-5 configuration after holding the B-5. If you're too clueless to do it yourself, Identity Crisis can sell you a B-5 with the A-5 already installed.

People with the newer powdery finish A5s have reported that the B-5 halves do not fit perfectly tight because those new A-5s are a little thicker. It doesn't seem to effect performance though. Best bet is to pick up a beat-up older style A-5 for this anyhow, since it will be mostly covered by the B-5.

People whine about the price on these, but by the time you buy an egrip, APE board, butt stock, and any kind of decent barrel shroud or body kit you're getting up around the B-5 range, but not getting anywhere near the feel of this bullpup.
Conclusion: I highly recommend trying one of these out. I don't think you'll be able to resist buying one if you do, regardless of price.
9 out of 10
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slasherdan Sunday, March 18th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month12 of 12 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Anything Tippmann .. Nothing else is Bullpup.
Marker Setup: B-5:
- A-5 with polished Internals
- Custom LPK
- Female Palmer Stabilizer with Custom Swivel Kit
- APE Ramage Board
- J&J Edge Kit
- Stock hopper, X-7 Hopper, Tac Cap
Strengths: Read the review ..
Weaknesses: 1. The price (but read below)
Review: I've been watching and waiting for this kit to be released for a long time. I've met the owners a few times while they worked the kinks out of the design and gave them my feedback on their "current design of the moment". The final product is nothing but remarkable.

You need to read the instructions before setting it up. If for nothing else than to curb you're eagerness to get it completed. Assemble IS easy enough but if you rush through it you might miss something. The Directions and plenty of technical support can be found on their website.

After putting it together I found that it worked flawless .... I didn't even had to tamper with the APE board.

The wieght distribution put all the weight of the marker in the rear. It makes it easy to handle and shoulder. I was able to acquire I target faster. The profile of the gun is more compact and SHORTER that all markers out there.

I got to play with it this past weekend and I had no problems with the marker. Granted I was cleaning a LOT of paint out my barrel but that's because the field was using BAD paint. Thankfully I have a Lapco adapter for 98 to A-5 on it ... removing and cleaning the barrel was super easy.

There were plenty of times where I was out numbered and I was able to switch targets to lay down cover fire to either fir suppression or multiple eliminations.

It's priced at $350, and it is a hit. But when I added up the cost of modding my stock A-5 to anything else I ended up spending less on the B-5 than through anything on Spec Ops or Ops Gear.

Some of my friends initially told me that I could mil-sim for less through E-Bay, but my time to convert on my own is non-existant. Plus seeing how I didn't throw to much into my A-5 I think I got the most BANG for my buck.

These guys include everything you need. And if you don't already have a E-frame you don't have to worry about getting the e-frame shear. The kit comes with it. Great marker, great support, and great set up.
Conclusion: I'm sure I'm missing some points here cause I'm having a belated St. Patricks day. But this thing is Awesome. You will not be disappointed. I know one other B-5 owner personally and met another one this past weekend. We swap stories and ideas and everyone that asked to hold it were impressed with the final product. If you have a stock A-5 and looking to do something different then consider this first.

If you already have a modded A-5 then ask someone who has the B-5 kit if you can handle it so you can make the decision to take the dive or not.

And to be totally honest, some apparent flaws in concept or design that I thought existed just didn't when I finally got into the game.

This was designed by guys that PLAY paintball and took down notes when they listened to what we liked and didn't like. I have to give a hand to Identity Crisis Paintball for a job well done and hope we see more products like this in the future.
10 out of 10
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tbucket Saturday, May 24th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months8 of 8 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A5
Tippmann X7
Various shrouds for both markers
Marker Setup: Tippmann A5
ICP B5 Kit
Palmers Brass Barrel w/Lapco Air Cooled Shroud (modified)
Palmers Male Stabalizer
Cyclone w/TechT Lightning Rod, JCS Jet Click, Wargear Red Paddles, X7 Piston Cylinder
X7 Hopper
Mako Folding Front Foregrip
Opsgear Ump Front Sight
Strengths: Construction and engineering
Fit and finish
Shortens the marker
Extremely customizable
Customer service
Weaknesses: Price? (Read review)
Review: When I first received this product I was hoping that it was money well spent. Let's face it, $350 could have bought one hell of nice marker. This product surpassed my expectations in every way. Let's start with the strengths:

-Surperior construction and engineering
Once you put this together you will see that a tremendous amount of thought and testing
went into making this product. Over 3 years of R&D went into develepement and it shows.
Search it on for the history of this product; very interesting.

-APE Rampage Board
This is bar none the best board for the A5. Out performs the WAS in every way.

-Fit and finish
Once the A5 is seated into the kit it looks seamless. It blends in so well it's hard to tell
It's not part of the kit. Everything performs just as it should. There are actually some
advantages to this kit such as ease of changing the battery for the board.

-Shortens the marker
If you like a tight setup like I do then you will love this kit. I hate using a long barrel, but
accuracy is sometimes sacrificed at this expense. Not no more. I use a 12" Palmers
brass barrel and it only sticks out the front by about 4". It is truely amazing how not only
does this look like a "bullpup", but all the advantages of a real one are incorporated.
Great for snap shooting.

-Extremely customizable
The designers went to great lengths to ensure that the customer would be able to use
nearly all of the upgrades available for the A5. Not to mention they came up with a few
of their own. Namely, the magnetic trigger (which I have ordered and can't wait to get).
There are so many different looks and setups for the user to incorporate.

Just google the B5 on youtube to see the torture test. This marker will probably outlast
your A5. Made out the same ballistic material the US Military uses. Great pains went
into ensuring there were no weak points in the design of this kit. Top notch.

-Customer service and support
No matter how good the product, without the support of the manufacturer the product
will fail. No worries here. These guys have their own website and store for all your
replacement parts, upgrades and support. They respond in a very timely matter to
your needs.

Now for what some may see as a weakness:

This isn't probably for everyone. But for those of you who are planning on putting a kit
of sorts on their A5 this one is by far the best. You get not only a trick looking setup, but
also an extremely functional value also. When you throw in the cost of the APE board
with the kit, this one is right on par with a lot of others.

I am a real stickler about keeping my stuff clean. All my markers look showroom new.
This will require you more time in this department. The good news is it's well worth it.
This marker is by far the funnest one I've ever used so a little extra time cleaning is well
worth it.

Conclusion: If your in the market for a cool looking mod for the A5 that is far surpassed by it's functionability, GO GET THE B5. You won't be disappointed. You can thank me later.
10 out of 10
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agentM192 Saturday, April 14th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month8 of 8 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Marker Setup: A5
Special Ops A5A2 Kit
SO Shorty Shroud
14" Sly CF Barrel
Response Trigger
Some $12 Daisy Sight
Lapco Offset Sight Rail
Strengths: Very durable.
Makes the marker a ton shorter and compact.
Looks sick.
Superb Quality,
Weaknesses: Wires can get pinched.
The butt plate makes you shoulder the marker lower.
Review: I absoloutley love this. I just get it for my birthday along with a JCS Dual Trigger and an X7 hopper. It is just a pure pleasure to shoot. The APE board is amazing too with it's push-button mode changing and user-friendly feel. The Bullpup body puts the wieght of the A5 back towards the rear so that's nice. It also makes it super compact. Shooting with one hand is also a ton easier for you run n' gunners.
Conclusion: Overall this is a superb product. Although a tad pricey, I recommend it 100%.
10 out of 10
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irish_lush Friday, April 27th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Customized and upgraded A-5
Marker Setup: Tippman A-5, ICP B-5, Ape Rampage, J&J Ceramic w/Apex Barrel, Custom cut A-5 A2 foregrip, Crossfire 70/4500 Stubby w/remote, SP QEV for cyclone, JCS Jet-Click, SP .45 Grips
Strengths: Shortens A-5
APE Board modded w/longer wires
Pulls up on your target quickly
Weaknesses: Open barrel area can be a paintball catcher
Can't use stock Apex
Review: I've watched the developement of the mod on the web for a while now, and have been extremely excited since I first laid eyes on it. My tax return was a nice surprise, so I decided to order it.

First off, the look of the B-5 is incredible and very functional. The stock A-5 is very long and the B-5 shortens is tremendously.

The installation is very easy. ICP says you can either cut the tip off of the A-5 or cut a small section out of the B-5 to fit the receivers in the B-5 setup. I recommend cutting the A-5. If you leave the tip and cut the B-5, you will have the A-5's tip digging into your hand while you hold the marker. The installation manual is extremely easy to follow and breaks everything down step by step. The hardest part of the installation is moving the pins from the trigger assy from the A-5 to the B-5.

It comes with the best A-5 board available with the Rampage. ICP have modded all the boards with longer wires to reach from the trigger to the board stationed in the butt of the gun. The button to change the modes is on the right sight of the butt. It can be a little akward changing modes on the fly, but it's still easier that having it under the trigger.

Many people have claimed the price is a weakness. It is manufactured from MILITARY GRADE BALLISTICS NYLON, so the quality of the materials is definatly worth $350. This stuff is crazy tough. Go to ICP's website to see them drop, smash, throw, and run the B-5 over with an SUV. Yes, they ran it over with a full-size SUV. And it still worked. And it comes with an $80 board.

The grip on the B-5 is a .45 style grip so you can go out and grab almost any grip you want. You can finally put those crazy Hybrid grips on an A-5!!

The barrel shroud is designed to accept all barrels, including the Flatline. It's great if you use a Flatline, if not, you have an area around your barrel that is a cage waiting for paintballs to come flying in. I haven't had it happen to me yet, it just seems like it could be a pain to clean out if it did. Speaking of barrels, the stock Apex is about 1/2" to short use on the B-5. You can go the hard way and take a dremmel to the front of your B-5 to grind out an area for the tip, or you can do what I did and get a 12" barrel and put the Apex tip on it. It really isn't long at all becuase of how short the B-5 is.

Even though, it has nothing to do with the actaul B-5, the guys at ICP are incredible. The cust. service they give is second-to-none. They truly care about each and every one of their customers.
Conclusion: The guys at ICP have really taken their years of research and developement and created the best mod out there for A-5.

I never thought I'd give anything a 10, but the B-5 has really blown my expectations about paintball products away.
10 out of 10
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rhenning Monday, April 2nd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
I own and use three other tippmann a5 and love them. It is the same gun only put in a body kit. The A5 is put into the body of the B5 with only a few alterations. The B5 takes the A5 to its limits and and the modification makes it the one that I will use as my primary paintball gun.
Marker Setup: I have the B5 bull pup. One quick thing, if you get the b5 and you want accessories, get everything right away. Only reason I Say that is because most of the accessories have to be put on or assembled when the gun is apart. I got The 2" right,left and bottom accessorie rail along with the 6" accessorie rail for the top. The rails fit tight and straight and tighten up with no play in them what so ever. I have the rear sling swivel which moves as needed. One of the parts that I really like and will push is the tactical folding foregrip. The foregrip folds and locks in tight when opened. It has no wiggle when opened or closed. Looks of the B5 are authentic because most of the parts are actually used by military or police forces. Its is almost like they made the gun to fit a lot of the parts and all that did was make it easier and more cost effective for the extra parts like the rails, grips and sling swivel. They have a couple of grips but the one that I really like is the wrap around grip. The grip fits good on the handle and very comfortable on the hand. I run with the flatline barrel on it because it keeps the size small and tight, good for cqc. I have a laser sight on the right side and works extremely well.
Strengths: Material for gun is strong and the board is super easy to change and operate.
Weaknesses: Gun needs to be disassembled everytime you want to put a new accessories on it.
Review: The assembly instructions that you get with the B5 are very well written and the gun assembles easily as long as follow the instructions. The electronic board is water resistant and very easy to operate and change as you need it. There is many different barrel types you can use but I really like the flatline. All of the rails are placed in good spots and sit solid. Once you have everything put together it is very solid. Solid is a word I use a lot because the gun is just that, solid. I had one small rattle in the handle . The rattle is the solinoid rod. I asked them and they are checking on it. It does not rattle enough to give me away and you really have to shake it hard to get it to rattle. They at first thought it might be the original nut on the A5 for the foregrip. I tightened up the nut with a bolt and could still here the rattle. I have fired over 800 shots through it with no ball breaks or problems with the gun. I have heard that the B5 does not fit well over newer A5 But I bought a brand spanking new A5 and it fits like a glove
Conclusion: LOVE the gun. I have eight other guns and will probably end up using this one most of the time. It is solid works well and easy to use. The tech support is one of the best that I have dealt with and they really work with you. If any one asks I will recommend the B5 without hesitation.
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 6:46 pm PST
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YDpaintball Thursday, December 6th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Special Ops MP5 shroud/mag w/Air-thru buttstock on the A5
Marker Setup: Smart Parts SP-8 / Hammerhead Barrel
Tippmann A5 / various mods / various barrels
Tippmann A5 / ICP B5 Bullpup mod / Tippmann LPK / CP Regulator / APE Rampage / 50mm red dot / folding tac grip
Strengths: Short
Hopper Further back
Well balanced
Well Designed
Weaknesses: heavy
Frame may not seat together correctly
Hard to add some accessories
Cumbersome to clean
Review: The Good:

Short: Well, that pretty much says it. This mod makes the A5 perfect for CQB style fighting. It is only 20" long so it allows for quick target acquisition. Really gives you that tactical feel.

Hopper is moved further back out of the sight line: Because of the design of the B5, the trigger is moved up beyond the hopper so the hopper is several inches behind it's normal location. This totally frees up the sight line in front and to the side. It has to be held to really be believed!

Well balanced: Once you bring that thing up to your shoulder, it feels like it is part of you. Very easy to move around, acquire the target and eliminate them.

Durable: This thing is tougher than my grandmother and she is one tough chick! Seriously, the B5 is made out of ballistic nylon. You can run it over with your car and it will still function (well, the A5 part may not...but the B5 part will!!).

Well Designed: The guys from ICP took a long time trying to figure out the best way to make things fit. Well, they did it with this mod! You can add just about any A5 accessory you can think of and it will fit just fine. You can also add a ton of stuff they have just for this gun. Rails, scopes, lights, lasers, tac grip, magazines...all sorts of things. I have seen all sorts of configurations on this thing! I personally have a tac light, scope and grip. This thing is bad arse!

The "not so" Good (ain't nothing bad about the B5!):

A little heavy: Well, when you add all that crap to it, it seems a little weighty. The nice thing is, because of the design, once you shoulder it, it's fine. The weight is distributed nicely so it's not too much of an issue. HOWEVER, if using a gun that weights 1.2 oz is the what you like, then this is NOT the gun for you.

Frame may not seat together correctly: This is a minor thing I've found with mine and heard about others. Sometimes you get a little space here or there when putting the two halves together. There are quick fixes for this so it's not too big a deal.

Hard to add some accessories: Just because of the design it's a little hard to add some of the rails etc. Again, not a big deal. It just requires a little patience.

Cumbersome to strip for cleaning: The A5 is cumbersome to strip on it's own, doing it with the B5 is just plain time consuming! Again, a little patience goes a long way. This is why I now have TWO B5's! When one gets messy (during game day, of course), I just grab the second one!
Conclusion: Overall, I love this thing. It is very easy to get over the few weaknesses. When my team and I first saw them at ION in July 07, we knew we had to have this gun. Well, now the team as about a dozen of them! The YD loves the B5!
9 out of 10
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Indeed Thursday, May 10th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Nothing really compares
Marker Setup: Tippmann A-5
Flatline Barrel
B-5 Shroud
APE Rampage board
X-7 Hopper
Strengths: Length
Weaknesses: A little tough to assemble
Review: +This kit is rock solid and has no wiggle
+The battery only requires one push pin to be removed
+If you are using a flatline then your setup will only be 20'' long
+The balance is amazing
+It comes with the best A-5 Board you can get
-If you are not careful when you assemble the marker you may damage wires
-It is rather costly however it is worth it
Conclusion: If you are a woods baller then this is the single best upgrade I have ever seen for a Tippmann A-5
10 out of 10
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