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Proto SLG Reviews

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Proto SLG
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Number of Reviews: 81
Average Rating: 8.9 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $250

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The new Proto SLG includes patented Spool Valve Technology, which allows the gun to operate more consistently at a lower
operating pressure, giving you 1500 shots on a 68/4500-air tank. In addition, the new multifunction, self-lubricating Force Button allows clearing the bolt without tools, acts as a cocking mechanism, and prevents unsafe disassembly of the marker when gassed up. The SLG comes standard with the new Hyper3 In-Line Air Regulator featuring higher flow, more consistency, and smoother velocity adjustment. Regular maintenance and cleaning are easy with one-tool-one-screw bolt breakdown. The Proto SLG consists of solid construction using a hardened steel sear, aluminum body and bolt, and a reinforced polymer frame and trigger. All this adds up to a tournament grade package you can afford.


No Rise pressure feed neck
Single piece proto barrel
Anti chop break beam eye system
Orbital Rotating Sear - reduces wear
Compact lightweight body weighing only 2 lbs. 2 oz!
Stamped metal insert logo
Self closing valve 2 piece bolt
Multifunction self lubricating force button
Super low 145psi operating pressure
Adjustable reinforced polymer trigger
Ergonomic 45 grip frame
Hyper3 inline air regulator
Proto dual durometer injection sticky grip
Program with four tournament modes
Proto bottomline with dovetail
Product Availability 
The Proto SLG is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Sniper63 Monday, November 12th, 2007
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month101 of 114 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
-Diablo Wrath; not even comparable
-Karnivor; trigger on the SLG is better
-Various Spyders; again, these don't even compare
Marker Setup: -98 Custom with 14" SmartParts Progressive barrel, remote line, and Tapco T6 CAR Stock
-Proto SLG with SmartParts Q-Lock feedneck, 14 in. Junior Freak kit 50ci 3000psi Pure Energy HPA tank, Dye Rhino tank cover, Evo3
Clamping Feedneck. Possibly a new barrel, but the stock one isn't bad.
Strengths: -Consistent
-Very User-Friendly
-Super low pressure
-lots more
Weaknesses: -Very small feedneck
-Not much else
Review: So I saw this gun in an issue of APG and I was immediately intrigued. I went on PaintballGear and was amazed to see it being offered at the low, low price of $249.95! Within 2 days of PaintballGear stocking the SLG I bought one and was not disappointed. When it arrived I pulled it out of the box and just about sprouted a woody right then and there. The thing is so hot and so light, it's unbelievable. It weighs in at only 2.2 lbs.!
I stuck the battery in and turned it on. Much to my delight, everything was in working order. (I've had a couple bad experiences with guns in the past. Cough, Diablo...) It was then that I noticed the one and only problem with the gun. When I tried to put my Evo3 on, the feedneck was too small. Eventually I crammed the thing in there enough to allow some test shooting, but I would definitely recommend a new feedneck. First of all, the thing rips despite technically being a sear-tripper. I had no trouble getting into the factory-rated 19-20 bps range. Second, with the new Dye Hyper3 reg on, the consistency is outstanding. There was like zero deviation in the shots. Not a single spike or shootdown in the few ropes I shot. The stock barrel is more than accurate enough for speedball, but it is a bit loud, so if you want to quiet the gun down a bit and additionally give it nail-driver accuracy, you might want to buy a new barrel.
This gun truly is one of the most user-friendly I have ever come across. Just turn it on and it's ready to go. Hold down the bottom button for a few seconds and the eyes are off. Hold it down again and they're back on. Simple as that. Programming this thing is really easy and well-explained, which brings me to my next point.
Now this may sound odd, but one of the most impressive things about this gun is the instruction manual. For a guy who's used to the usual crappy, thrown-together manuals that most guns come with, this manual is like heaven. Awesome detailed diagrams. Detailed explanations. Someone actually seems to have planned this one out decently. Props to Proto just for that.
Conclusion: I would recommend this to anyone whether they're just getting into paintball or they're just looking for a new gun. In fact, I already have one of my best friends considering buying one. This thing can easily step with ions, impy's, karni's, just about anything. And to those who believe that an ion is better just because the ion is electro-pneumatic, see what they see when the get roped by the gun that you didn't have to put $100 of upgrades into to make it competitive.
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, February 14th, 2008 at 10:49 am PST
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Tcheno Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months68 of 68 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
JT Tac5
Spyder MR2
Spyder VS2
Marker Setup: Proto Matrix SLG (Black) with Dye UL barrel and Kila magnetic detents
VLocity Jr with Gangastar Chip
Dye Throtle tank with Centerflag 420 preset
Clamping Fedneck
Strengths: Check Review
Weaknesses: ASA
ASA Macroline Fitting
Trigger Spring
Review: I'm a proud owner of an SLG for about 3 months now.
My SLG is one of the very first to hit the market and for that reason I came across almost every issue ever reported on this marker.
From short bolt, to weak detents and weak macro fitting, (wrong reg shim setup has also been reported in some cases but mine was fine) I've been there and that helped me learned how to fix and troubleshoot my marker.

Bolt and detent issues have been solved by Dye so only a few SLGs out there should have these issues. In case you are presented with one other early batches, don't be alarmed. Dye has awesome CS so just contact them and they should get you up and running in no time. I did and my SLG has been just perfect ever since.

OK, now to a list and description on all the SLG issues reported to date and fixes:

Short Bolt
A usual syndrome is the marker will tend do stop shooting from time to time, usually happens when shooting ropes of paint to a target far a way.
This is caused by defect during the milling process of the tip of the bolt with has rendered the bolt about 1mm shorter then what it should be.
Since the bolt is shorten then the expected design, the ball rolls back, away from the eyes, in a way that the marker's eye don't read the ball in the chamber.
The only fix to date to this issue is to contact dye and ask for a replacement.

Weak Ball Detents
A usual syndrome of this issue is you tend to chop paint. You tend to chop more often as you use the marker and wear the rubber detents.
Rubber detents have proven to be too weak as the bolt wears them out quite easily.
Dye has addressed this issue by including new spring detens on the SLGs.
For those with first batch SLGs you can use Matrix spring detents or get Killa Magnetic Spring Detents.

Weak ASA Macro fitting
Usually hat happens is that the macroline just bursts out of the ASA fitting when you attach your air tank.
Some have reported this issue, in my opinion this is due to bad planing on part of Dye since the stock macro fitting for the ASA is really lame.
Simple fix, just get to you Proshop or local hardware shop and get a decent macro fitting.

Hyper 3 Shim setup
Usual syndrome is high drop-off.
Shim stack has been wrongly setup inside your reg.
Only a few cases have been reported. But its an easy fix.
To fix this issue just open up your reg and setup the shim stack in the following manner:
])()()()()... (and so on)
^Large side of the reg's poppet

These are basically all the major issues reported by SLG users.

Now on to the the review it self.

A part of the above, the SLG is a really great marker for the money packed with high end performance and simple maintenance.

Once again, as you can see above, all reported issues are caused due some issue on the production or planing stage on the marker with means there are really not much of an issue with the more recent batches.

Maintenance is easy as pie, just get you Allen wrench, pull the bolt out back, lube the 3 bolt o-rings plus plunger o-ring, put it back in and your done.
Shoots as fast as other high ends (30bps are advertised but u can go up to 25).
Is actually very silent once you actually shoot it with paint, plus is you use a nice aftermarket barrel you'll be amazed on how quiet it is.
It's efficiency (1500 shots) and robust aluminium body is perfect for me as I play from Speedball to Rec/Scenario paintball.
With only 2.2 Lbs is one really light marker.

The only downsides I can find on the SLG are the ASA (would prefer an ON/Off), Feedneck (a clamping one would be in order although I use the stock one with my Vlocity Jr just by removing the top o-ring) and the stock trigger.

Concerning the trigger, you will find it a bit too hard to walk mostly due to the trigger spring but even this can be easily fixed if you don't wanna spend the extra buck on a new trigger.
Just take of the trigger and trigger spring and start cutting the trigger spring in quarter turn increments in order to lighten it to your liking.

Bottom-line, the SLG is really a great marker, light, fast, reliable and consistent.

I highly recommend it to everyone out there looking for a good price/quality/performance marker capable of withstanding the beat of recball, the endurance of scenario and the demand of speedball. And best of all, all that on a small and easy maintenance package.

Edit: 03-19-2008

Manual Typo
I forgot to mention that the early manuals have typos on how to configure the boards settings and the order of the firing modes.

Modes are:
1 Semi
3 Millennium

And to configure it you have to:
1 With gun off set both dip switches up
2 turn gun on
3 adjust setting to your liking
4 set dip switch 2 down
5 your set!
(lowering dip switch 1 will reset all settings to factory default)

EDIT: 04-14-2008

Full-Auto Issues
Besides the already reported "full-auto issues" like using whisper training barrels, dry-firing with a squeegee on the barrel and too high/low reg pressure, I came to find that by not screwing in the back cap properly (by hand), the full-auto issue tends to happen as you enter high high rates o fire or even as you single shot for the first time, so always use a tool to help you screw the back-cap properly.

O-Ring Wear/Leak down the barrel
Some have reported leaks down the barrel which are generally caused by wear on the plunger o-ring.

This is generally caused by wear/tear due lack of lube as this specific o-ring is "blown" by venting air every time you shoot and has to pass across the small bolt vent hole.
For those of you that have been getting this sort of issues and for those of you wanting to prevent this, I recommend that you apply a generous amount of lube on the bolt's Soft Rubber Cushion in order to enable the plunger to hit the cushion's lube and lube the o-ring every time you shoot.
This should enable you to reduce wear on this specific o-ring, reducing o-ring changes to a minimum and keep you SLG working hassle free.
Conclusion: The SLG is really a great marker, light, fast, reliable and consistent.

I highly recommend it to everyone out there looking for a good price/quality/performance marker capable of withstanding the beat of recball, the endurance of scenario and the demand of speedball. And best of all, all that on a small and easy maintenance package.

Buy it! You won't regret it!
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, April 14th, 2008 at 6:12 am PST
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whiterasta80 Sunday, December 9th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
6 months34 of 36 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
2K5 Black Magic Autococker (own)
Evil Pimp (tested)
Invert Mini (tested several times)
Ion (tested several times)
Various E-spyder clones (owned and tested)
Marker Setup: Primary:
2K5 Black Magic Autococker (Black/Red)
Torque Hopper
Pure Energy 68/3000 Tank
Evil Pipe Kit

Proto SLG (Olive)
CP 2 Piece Barrel (black)
PE 48/3000 Tank
VL Evolution II
Empire nano On/Off

Loaner/Backup's Backup:
2K5 Trilogy Competition
Shocktech Superfly Bolt
Shocktech Cocking Rod
Dye Sticky 3 Grips
WGP Cam Adjuster
Evil Pipe Kit
16 Oz CO2 with A/S
VL Revvy with Empire Sound Board
CP On/Off
On/Off (see body)
Clamping Feedneck
Barrel/Barrel Kit
Strengths: Weight
Simplicity of design
Backed by a good company
Quiet (though not like Matrixes)
Weaknesses: Barrel (can't expect too much at $250)
Feedneck (see barrel)
Review: I saw a demo version of this gun at my local store and I decided that I liked it. Normally I don't like to be a guinea pig when new markers come out, but in this case I made an exception. I got my olive SLG last week and had a chance to take it out.

The First Impressions:

This is one SMALL Gun. I actually didn't notice this completely until I had the marker gassed up and ready to play, but there was very little difference in the way of weight compared to a matrix and it is quite noticably lighter than my BM, Trilly, the Pimp or any of the Ions that I've tested. The body is absolutely gorgeous and there were no marks, and the grips are actually quite nice. Its a very simple look, but I like it.

The marker came in an absolutely tiny box, but it is pretty well protected. Its not like the mini's case, but I think I'll still store the marker in it. Inside it comes with a pretty simple Proto barrel, some lube, an extra o-ring kit, extra detents, a battery, and the crappiest barrel sock you've ever seen (seriously Dye can you not even put your name on it?). Curiously, my package was missing an instruction manual. Though I had no trouble finding one on the net, it was a little annoying.

The Good:

Again, this marker is very light, I think it weighs as much with the tank as my friend's pimp does without (that might be a stretch). After gasing up I went to chrono and a few shots later I was getting about +/- 8. Seeing as I haven't broken the reg in yet I was pretty happy. The electronics are very simple and easy to figure out, they have all kinds of modes that I'll never use and the eyes seem to work fairly well. I'd heard of some people having trouble with the eyes when using small bore paint, but my paint sized out at .686 and I had absolutely no trouble. I've also heard of some people having trouble with the detents, but again mine seem fine, even when I ran some reballs through it. Once in the game I was walking the trigger fairly well (bear in mind I can't outshoot a Revvy without ramping). I didn't check the bps I was getting to give you data, but it probably wasn't more than about 10 (human limitation not the gun). The trigger isn't the best in the world, but I haven't really played with it at this point. Besides you can't expect perfection in a value-priced marker. As for accuracy, it was very good for me (I was using a barrel kit so I had a good paint match). I suspect that I will get VERY good accuracy once the reg is broken in- comparable to my autocockers, or the Mini's I've used. Finally, maintenance looks to be a cinch: the bolt is simple to remove (especially with the purge button on the back) and the lubing/regulator disassembly is well outlined in the manual. I didn't have any breaks in my time, but if I did the main body would be very easy to clean.

The Bad:

After about an hour of use, the hosing blew off of the marker while I still had it gassed up. Fortunately I was prepared for this since again, I had heard of some people having this problem. I took this opportunity to put my Empire on/off on the gun, rather than deal with fixing the Airport, but it seems like this may be a problem for the SLG. Hopefully they'll clear it up in the second run of the guns (remember the Mini had all kinds of proplems in its first run too). The only other problem for me is the feedneck which is not very useful at all. Given the price, its probably unfair to expect a clamping feedneck, but the o-ring system is useless. For now I just removed the o-rings and taped the bottom of my hopper until it fit. In the future I'll probably get a new feedneck, but for now my solution works just fine.

The Curious:

The new Hyper 3 Reg will rotate 360 degrees where the hose screws in. I'm sure that they have their reasons for this, but I would prefer them to just lock the position (if there is a way to do this please message me with how).

The Unknown:

At the moment I can't speak to battery life, or efficiency since I've only had about 600 balls through it. I'll try to update as I use it. Also, since I obviously have only had it out once I can't speak to reliability.

Update (Jan 9/08):
I ended up having the detents wear down after about a case and a half, but after calling Dye I have a spring loaded set on the way (apparently the detents are a problem in the first run).
I've now put about 2.5 cases through the gun with the batteries still going strong.
Beyond that no problems with the gun, will update after I get the new detents.

Update (May 21/08)

I've now had the gun for about 6 months and I couldn't be happier. I've actually managed to set the stock trigger such that I'm very happy and won't bother updating it. I've managed 12 bps unaided and hit the 20's with ramping. With the detents replaced I haven't had a single chop with either the eyes on or off. And after having a chance to play around with the modes I can say that the changing of modes is a very simple process, It is NOT DIFFICULT at all. I doubt that I will bother updating the board.

The battery life is very good, I've probably put 4 cases through it and still haven't had any problems. The only problem is that the battery is a relatively tight fit in the grip frame, so sometimes getting that battery out at the end of the day takes a minute.

As for efficiency: On my 48/3000 I get about 600-650 shots off before a refill (which is only slightly worse efficiency then they claim in the advert).

Conclusion: I'm overall very happy with the gun. For the market its geared towards it is a very good deal. There are a few things that could be improved upon (and hopefully that ASA issue can get cleared up). That said I bought this gun for it to be a backup to my Black Magic, and I might end up using it as my primary after a few upgrades. In the end I'm going to give it an 8, with the ASA, the feedneck, and the missing instruction manual keeping it from getting higher marks.
8 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 at 11:20 am PST
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greenperson Saturday, January 5th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month16 of 21 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Marker Setup: tippmann 98 custom
flatline barrel
eggy 3

Proto SLG all stock
eggy 3
Strengths: Consistent
Easy cleaning
Good price
Pretty gas efficient.
Weaknesses: Feedneck
Review: I'm new to paintball so i don't know what its like to have a better marker than this. But i can give you a good perspective from a beginners point of view. so far this marker works great for me. i havent had any problems besides the feedneck, and to fix this i just took the o-rings out and put 1 layer of duct tape around the neck of my hopper. thats a simple fix without having to go out and buy a 20-30$ feedneck.
Conclusion: I recommend this marker for anyone.
10 out of 10
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DarkWombat Monday, August 11th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months14 of 14 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Electro Spyders
Ion (only shot a few rounds)
Spyder Xtra (mechanical)
Tippman 98 Custom (mechanical)
Marker Setup: Proto SLG
J&J Edge All-Star Barrel Kit
Trinity clamping feed neck
Empire Reloader 12V
Crossfire 47/3000 tank
Clamping feedneck
Good barrel kit
Trigger modifications
Strengths: Price
Reg & ASA
Looks & Ergonomics
Light weight
Gentle on paint
Tourney Modes
Weaknesses: Feedneck
Trigger setup
Bolt issues (had to contact DYE)
Review: I had been out of the sport for a few years but still kept my gear. My Spyder Xtra was getting boring and I wanted a new gun when the paintball bug bit me again. At first I was looking at the Ion and Epiphany but looking around and talking to people, as well as personal experience with the ion and seeing how it tore down, led me to look elsewhere.

And then I saw the SLG. It's perfect for my price point at $200. It's compact. It's light. It's fast (well fast enough for me) and it has a great regulator and adjustable ASA. It operates on very low pressure and it's gentle on paint (I'll get to personal experiences in a bit).

I take gun maintenance very seriously and I enjoy servicing equipment that I own. However I don't want equipment that needs extensive maintenance very often, so while autocockers are cool they aren't my cup of tea. Not yet at least.

I watched videos on Youtube about maintaining the paintball guns I was interested in getting, and the SLG seriously takes the cake here. It's the most stupidly simple design you could imagine. The only moving parts are the solenoid, sear, and a bolt. That's it. As soon as I got my gun from the shop the first thing I did was take it apart. The only parts that need servicing are the bolt and plunger which are both removed by unscrewing the back cap of the gun with a 5/16" hex wrench. I cleaned out all the lube from the factory (because I could) and re-lubed all the parts and reassembled the gun. Took all of maybe 10 minutes for my first time.

I tried getting my 12V Reloader installed into the feedneck and I had problems. It wasn't a tight fight at all. So I tried picking at the o-rings inside the feedneck and pulled them out. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET A NEW FEEDNECK RIGHT AWAY. You'll spend hours trying to get those stupid o-rings back in and it'll never happen. So I went back to the shop and bought a clamping feedneck. Couldn't be happier now. But seriously, why can't Proto just sell a clamping feedneck? Make it cheap quality, make it require a screwdriver, I don't care. Just include a clamping feedneck!

Gassing it up:
So then I gassed up the gun and tried some dry firing indoors. This gun is LOUD. At least dry firing indoors. I didn't expect it to be quiet. A couple days later I took the gun outside and shot some paint (cheap no-name paint) through it. It fired OK, but was much quieter outdoors and with paint going through it. The barrel is over-bored and the paint was dimply. No chops though. I did have a couple times where the bolt would pinch a paintball and the gun would jam up. Pushing on the purge button in the back cap of the gun would recock the marker. Proto gets mad props here, GOOD DESIGN!

I came back a few days later with 500 rounds of PWI paint (no not PMI. PWI, some knock-off brand but decent quality). The gun was shooting much better now. I could hit a 3" wide metal post from about 45 feet away with a very small spread. The gun is consistent, however it could be better with a good paint-bore match.

DYE Support:
I had read about improperly machined bolts that caused ball rollback problems in the gun if it was tilted upwards. The paintball would roll backwards down the gun and part of it would sit inside the front hole of the bolt, bypassing the break beam eyes and causing the gun to not fire. I purchased my SLG from a shop that ordered it directly from DYE/Proto and this was a few months after the initial bolt issues so I thought I was safe. I wasn't, I had to send the bolt in to DYE to get it serviced. There were some troubles with contacting DYE and getting through their phone system to talk to someone. Occasionally I would just stay on hold with no sound. Once I got through though I was immediately given an RA number and sent the bolt in. Nearly two weeks later (DYE promised a 2-3 day turnaround and it took much longer) I got my bolt back with a new front end that was some sort of black plastic composite with a smaller front hole. Bolt problem solved!

---Update: After replacing the bolt I have had no eye problems and no ball pinch problems. Seems like the bad bolt allowed the ball in the breach to roll back enough to allow the ball above it to fall in halfway as well, pinching the top ball.

Field day!
It was finally time to try out the gun. I had already put through about 1500 rounds of paint so the Hyper3 regulator was almost broken in. This was also the first time I'd be using my J&J Edge kit. Chrono'd at stock settings and I was shooting a reliable 270 fps. The field sold Bonus Balls so I tried them out. They're crappy but cheap. The SLG shot much better than the rental Tippmann 98's with the same paint, with less curving and longer range. But that's not saying much. My experience was mediocre. I then bought a case of WPN Toxic off some players and my experience suddenly got a LOT better. Very straight shots that traveled a good 100' down the Spools field (estimating) and had a tight spread. I could shoot bursts at 10-12 bps and the gun kept up very nicely with no shoot down problems. The compact design of the gun makes it easy to tuck in and keep a low profile. I was only hit in the goggles, jersey and my left glove, playing against all different players but sometimes against guys with high-end equipment and paint (and maybe shooting hot) who shot ME, not the gun. My friend who was using my Spyder Xtra got hit on the gun a few times. The Xtra is a bigger gun = easier target. I definitely liked the compact nature of the SLG.

I went through a case and a half of paint without a single break and had a blast with this gun! The only maintenance I had to do at the field was to wipe off paint stains and dirt and clean out the barrel. When I got home I removed the trigger frame, regulator, bolt and back cap and cleaned everything to good-as-new in 15 minutes.

------- Update 8/18/08
I just played two more days of paintball with this gun and it's just getting better. I get a perfectly acceptable 600 shots from a 47/3000 tank and using good paint with my J&J I can hit targets 40 feet away with just a couple inches of spread.

I had a few ball breaks when shooting Bonus Balls that were originally opened and then dumped back into a bag after a day of play, and then used a week later. But the WPN Toxic paint that went through the same ordeal had no breaks and shot better anyways. So bear in mind that before you blame the gun for chopping paint check the condition of what paint you're shooting first!
Conclusion: I would definitely recommend the SLG to anyone who wants a low-priced electric gun that offers great performance. My inexpensive setup was a blast to play with and I didn't break the bank to do it. The gun is easier to maintain than an Ion and comes with better parts to boot. It looks elegant and understated. It has a small form factor that's easy to conceal. It's reliable and there are only two parts to service.

I just wish that Proto would offer a better trigger and a clamping feedneck. DYE's support was acceptable but could have been better and they should have taken care of the bolt problem by now. The bolt I got was bad. It happens, but they took care of the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

As for the stock trigger, I wanted the trigger to bounce back harder. I swapped out the stock mushy spring and replaced it with a stiffer mechanical pencil spring and now it's easy to shoot at high speeds without having to walk the trigger. Although when you get down to it, even 10 bps is almost too fast anyways. Save your money, don't waste tons of paint, buy this gun and you can have a cheap setup with plenty of money to spare to actually go paintballing without going broke!
8 out of 10Last edited on Monday, August 18th, 2008 at 5:14 pm PST
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bassistcg Sunday, April 27th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month12 of 12 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
spdyer pilot acs
Diablo Wrath LTD
ICD Lasoya Promaster
Invert Mini
Various Cockers
Marker Setup: Primary:
14" Tribal Styx
CP on/off
Warrior Low-Rise feedneck
Warrior Rollerbearing trigger
Virture Feather light microswitch
Pure Energy 68/45
Stock Vlocity

ICD Lasoya Promaster
Springless ram Mod
Custom Ported LPR
Dye on/of
Virtue Grips
The obvious:
Feed Neck

The Optional:
UL frame (whenever it is released)
NDZ Backcap
Killa Magnetic Detents
Strengths: PRICE
Ease of use / cleaning
Simple design
Average loudness/ "kick"
Fast, Accurate, Reliable
Weaknesses: Plastic Frame
Feed Neck
Stock Trigger
Review: The first thing that catches the eye about the Proto SLG is the price. Hands down it's the best stock marker at $200. Destroys the ion out of box. Now on to the review...

Very small and simple styling. The plastic frame and trigger are definitely not the most attractive however they do work and hold up (much better compared to the stock PMR frames). Very clean.

Interesting design with the combination of a spool valve and a sear. While the clicking of the sear is noticeably louder than other fully EP guns but while shooting with paint, no substantial sound difference can be heard (comparing to most poppet style guns). Sear has been solid and reliable thus far. One screw to remove the back cap and bolt. Very easy to clean and maintain. I love the new Hyper 3 reg due to it's smaller size and added grips. For those of you who stated it has major kick, you are right, when comparing it to a high end DM or PM; however, have you ever shot a real gun? Kick? Get over it. It's minuet at best.

Settings for most players needs. There is no dwell however. 20 bps cap is more than sufficient. I'm not a fan of dipswitches however these are relatively easy to use. The virtue featherlight micro switch (25g) has thouroughly made the SLG faster and more responsive. No chops with eyes on or off.

The SLG is small, tight and light. The feedneck, barrel and asa need to be replaced asap. The trigger spring has a pretty hard pull so cutting it is required however I recommend a rollerbearing trigger with magnets to get that smooth pull. The stock microswitch is fine as is, but i prefer very sensitive triggers. Proto claims 1500 shots off of a 68/45 and they aren't kidding. I got 1500 shots from my 68/45 and still had 1k left in the tank and that's before being broken in. The SLG does require more lubing but it's a small price to pay for what performance it has. It has been rumored that a UL frame is in the works for it and I'm sure I'll be picking that up when it is released. No chops and only a few barrel brakes due to poor sizing and white box paint. That being said, it did shoot ropes with year old paint ;-)

Conclusion: I'm sure the SLG gets heat for not being a true EP marker and I will not attempt to say it is just like a high end PM or DM because it's simply not. However, it can definintely hold its own on the field. I would compare it to most guns in the $300 - 500 range. With a few upgrades, this marker is accurate, consistent, efficient, fast and light. All of those plus an extremely low price tag = a major steal. I'm a happy owner of a Proto SLG. Enough said.
9 out of 10
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hempist Thursday, December 6th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month11 of 11 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Ion Black
Marker Setup: Barrel Autococker 16"
UL trigger
Viewloader EVO 3
Strengths: Super light - as the name says
Weaknesses: Feedneck
Review: I got this gun for testing purposes and I fell in love with it instantly. Who needs a marker for €700-€1000 if you can get this one for €250.
At first I was a little dissapointed with the feedneck because it was to narrow for my EVO3. I was able eventually to cramm it in somehow, but I think I will have to buy a new feedneck eventually, because I intend to keep this gun for event playing.
It fires easily 20 balls per second. I was also pleasently surprised by the consistency in ball flight. This marker is very accurate with stock barrel but it gets wildly accurate with a 16" barrel. It's also very easy to dismantle and put it together again.
Conclusion: All in all, I would recommend this marker to everyone, from begginers to more experienced players.
10 out of 10
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jckstrthmghty Friday, August 29th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months8 of 8 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
EOS, same to me other than the feedneck.
mini, hard to compare but both are good.
Marker Setup: SLG, Halo v35, Freak Jr, PMI 68/45 with a crossfire reg
A-5, air through dogleg stock, apex barrel, AA 14" barrel, Tasco red dot sight, x7 hopper
Clamping feedneck, barrel, on/off asa, trigger
Strengths: Bang for your buck.
Weaknesses: Feedneck
Review: I wanted to try a electro pneumatic but I wanted to keep it affordable since I'm relatively new to the sport. I considered the vibe but after much research I picked up a slg. I gasses it up and shot a few hoppers of paint. I was amazed. it was fast, accurate and light. The slg is a machine gun. After using it for the most part of the summer here are some impressions.

1. The feedneck is uttercrap. I found a used dm5 clamping feedneck for $15 but a new one would set you back $30 to $60 and IMO is a must.

2. The stock barrel is fine for speedball but I found it a bit loud for woodsball. People would duck thier heads just from the noise. Good and bad. I put on a Freak Jr and there was a drastic reduction in noise. There was also a noticable accuracy improvement. Recommended but not essential.

3. The trigger is kinda funny but not bad. It's a bit stiff but I removed the trigger spring and that made the action very light and fast. I'll have to replace the microswitch sooner but I don't mind that cost. I'm going to replace mine with an aluminum trigger soon. Probably slick trigger with a magnet kit. You can easily do with the stock trigger forever.

4. There's a bit of kick but you don't notice after a while. Might have to do with how light the gun is. Not a issue but noticable if you are trying to notice the kick.,

5. The asa is fine but wouldn't be bad to upgrade to a on/off one day. I find mine loosen after a few weeks but it's easy to tighten.

6. Modes. The board is awesome. Has the 3 modes you need, semi, psp and nxl. You have to open the grip to access the switches and the changing modes is not intuitive but it's not a issue once you figure it about and you get enough settings to keep any beginner to intermediate happy.

7. Bolt cover. Here's some great engineering. After you remove the tank there is a button on the back of the bolt cover. Press that and the gun degasses. One allen wrench and bolt cover is off. Cleaning and lubing the bolt is simple and fast.

8. It's a sear tripper so there is clicking when you fire but that noise is totally masked by the normal operation of the gun without making the gun louder.

9. I'm told the reg is awesome. I really don't know the difference but the velocity is very consistant.

10. There was some issues with first gen models with rollback but all the newer slgs come with a new bolt that has corrected this problem.

11. I've gone through about 5 cases of paint and maybe 1 barrel break with the stock barrel and none with my new one..
Conclusion: This is one rocking gun. For $200 you really can't expect more. Sure there are some weak points but how much do you expect to get for $200? For the $200 range it's a 10. If you have $300 a pmr or mini might be a better buy but really not by much. Can't go wrong with a slg..
10 out of 10
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FFXGuitar Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month8 of 8 people found this review helpful.

6 months
Products Used:
Spyder Pilot-Cant even compare.
Spyder VS1- A little closer, but still, uncomparable
Tippmann 98 Custom-...Dont even go there...
Proto Matrix Rail- Same, but too many orings to take care of.
Marker Setup: Proto SLG-Blue
Pure Energy 48/3000
Halo B V35 W/RipDrive
I dont care what most people say-Stock feedneck IS usable, but a new one is recommended
Same deal with the trigger, its fine! If you do want to upgrade, just cause "you just cant rip on it", then get a CP Sling.
Maybe a new barrel (Stock barrel is a bit short 11 inches)
Strengths: Efficient
Hyper3 Regulator
Bolt Kit
Stock Board
Weaknesses: I dont see any weaknesses. Possibly lots of hate from the PMR users.
Review: I recently got this gun from paintball-online
It was perfect out of the box, went to go gas it up everything was fine.
I was shooting ropes, it is a pretty accurate gun
I first noticed how light and compact it was!
My only problem may have been the trigger.
That night, I started tweaking with it, and I got it so that the trigger was clearly walkable!
Next morning, I went out to shoot, and not only was it faster, but the shots were more consistent (probably my regulator breaking in) :)

Conclusion: I am extremely satisfied with this product, it comes stock with everything you need, and even so, upgrades and aftermarket products are being produced, making the upgradability higher. This gun was extremely light and small, and accurate. It is reliable, and needs minimum maintenance, compared to the PMR( with all the O-Rings)
I highly recommend this product for anyone new to paintball, or those who want to break that nasty Spyder habit.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 at 3:07 pm PST
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brett103092 Thursday, December 27th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month8 of 11 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Proto Matrix Rail
Dye DM's
Smart Parts Ion
Marker Setup: Proto SLG w/ Dye UL Frame
Hybrid UL Grips
New Designz Slik Trigger
Halo B Hopper w/ Speed Feed and custom Hybrid Backplate
DXS 68/4500psi. HPA Tank

New Trigger
Feed Neck
Strengths: This is a great gun at a great price, great for new and old players.
Weaknesses: The stock trigger takes away from the performance, the feed neck is too small.
Review: This gun is what many players have been waiting for for along time. An extremely reasonably priced gun with tournament level performance. The SLG, in my opinion is a better gun for the money than the PMR, which was mostly constructed from plastic. The end cap is aluminum unlike the PMR, and the orbiting spool valve system is equally as reliable at keeping a consistent ROF as the PMR.

APPEARANCE: The SLG's aluminum body is nothing short of perfect. This gun has definately got the looks of the $700 markers.

ELECTRONICS: The SLG has the same board as the PMR and is fully configurable to a players custom specs. The board includes SEMI, PSP, MILLENIUM, and NXL modes. The trigger sensitivity, ROF, and modes are configured by two dip switches on the board.

ACE EYES: Comes with IR eyes to prevent chopping paint.

REGULATOR: The SLG includes the new 2008 Hyper 3 reg. It has a higher flow rate than the old Proto reg. and has a 2000 shot break in period.
Conclusion: This is a great gun. It packs that tournament level punch but carries a small price that new players can afford. Buy this gun if you're looking for a low priced reliable marker.
10 out of 10
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