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Worr Game Products STO Autococker Reviews

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Worr Game Products STO Autococker
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Number of Reviews: 109
Average Rating: 9.6 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $800

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Verticle feed,Custom J&J barrel, threaded timing rod, lightened spring kit, Carbon Fiber 45 grip frame, short stroke 3-way, polished RAM, custom anodizing, laser engraving, and new Ergo inline reg.
Product Availability 
The Worr Game Products STO Autococker is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Unregistered User Thursday, July 5th, 2001
Strengths: I've had this STO now for about 2 1/2 months so I finally feel like I can write a review of it.
First off is the looks. I have it in the cobalt blue & the pictures DO NOT do it justice. An absolutely stunning finish. Bringing it down to the field attracts a lot of attention, which is both good & bad. You meet tons of new people but they all seem to gun for you first thing off the bat.
Second, the range on the STO is phenomenal, I have no problems long balling people at ranges I wouldn't have even considered w/ my 98 (14 ' J&J). It has the accuracy to match the distance as well. I can't give exact figures, but damn this thing will hit just about anything you're aiming at.
Speed is extremely fast for a mechanical trigger. You won't be able to match the Angels or some of the other electros but should have no problem keeping up. Trigger is also very light & very very smooth and no where near as difficult to use as I had heard. After 2 cases of marbs I have not chopped a ball yet.
Excellent stock barrel. Loves to use marbs.
Weaknesses: These are some-what minor.
Doesn't come with an adapter or cradle - While around $20 -40 will fix this the oversight is annoying is a gun of this price range.
My push pin had the ball bearings fall out after 2 hrs of use. I bought a replacement so its fixed but this is still annoying. Apparently from what I've read this is common on a lot of the 2001 STO's.
The anno is a little too easy to scratch up.
.45 frame feels somewhat cheap but seems to be holding up very well.
Conclusion: Performance is outstanding right out of the box. While you can upgrade the be-jesus out of it there is no real reason to. About the only thing really required is a set of DYE stickies to give the grip a chunkier feel.
Oh, you absolutely need a revy on this gun. You can out-shoot a straight feed whit little effort.
Hunt around and you can find the gun for well under $650. At these prices there is little to compare it to, and it is a exceptional bargain.
Well worth the money spent on it. But if you do get it plan on spending even more cash on paint as a case will start to be not enough for a full day given to ROF.
10 out of 10
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MikeH Saturday, May 26th, 2001
Strengths: This marker is awsome. Vert feed, J&J barrel, chrome front pnuematics, cool looking ano and milling. I have upgraded mine with almost everything: tornado valve, shockteck hammer kit, lp chamber, dye barrels, benchmark trigger frame, trigger job, angled air adapter, chrome front block, Vigilante reg, nitro. It is the most consistant and accurate marker I have owned to date.
Weaknesses: The Plastic stock trigger frame.
Conclusion: Stock, the gun still works fine, but for better effiency you will want to change the valve ( tornado or rat valve ). I would definatly recoment this marker to all of my friends. For the price, it is a little exspecive, but so is every thing in paintball.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, May 15th, 2001
Strengths: So,... in the past 2 months, I sold my chrome AGD Automag RT Pro centerfeed ($635) which I loved (read the review) for a WGP 2001 STO Autococker which I also love ($649). Why? As much as I adored it's stock performance, I couldn't even upgrade the barrel on my Mag RT Pro! The centerfeed and power-feed use different barrels. Dumb! The items I could upgrade, offered no performance gain. And I'm too impatient to wait for a market to develop for centerfeed 'mags.

In any case, back to the STO.
The Good:
1. Style baby!!! I got the blue - nice ano, great milling, bad-azz crome pneumatics, and a sweet J&J 2 piece.
2. Good heft and balance. A tad lighter (5oz. less than the RT Pro), but feels equally solid. Doesn't kick or twitch much during all-out firing.
3. J&J 2 piece puts paint in tight little clusters, has good distance, and doesn't break much (less than the RT Pro).
4. Trigger is light, smooth, consistent. Pull (stock) is about 1.5mm longer than RT Pro's, and right out of the box, I could not quite shoot as fast (maybe 9-10BPS). But, after a little practice, I'm starting to rip really long strings faster than my revvy seems to want to go.
5. Insane Upgrade Path: wow! i could rebuild this thing 5 times over!
6. easier to clean than my RT Pro.
7. a lot more gas efficient than the RT Pro, more shots per pound of air. The Mag stopped working at 800psi. The STO will continue to shoot consistently to about 200psi left in the tank, although it hisses at below 650psi.
8. in a pinch, I can use CO2.
Weaknesses: Bad? Not a lot, and a bit nit-picky.
1. Stupid pushpin, plague of all WGP 'cockers, will eventually eat my back-block. Maybe in a year.
2. Still too heavy for the girls and kiddies - although fine by me.
3. the ergo-reg should have had it's adjustment on the side, and the inlet on the bottom.
4. taking it apart - a bit more complicated, with a bunch more parts and assembles, but hey, I'm a tech, and it's not THAT complicated, and kind of fun.
5. WGP should have included the macroline kit.

Conclusion: Since the price dropped to $649, it's become somewhat of a bargain. Geez..., my toy cost me a grand and change, and I said bargain. Must be the fun factor. It's a blast to lay out strings of paint and watch guys scramble for cover and stay down. Up close, the high-end electros (Angels, F5's, etc.) will still out-paint you, but I'll take my chances at medium to far distances with the cocker's superb range. And goggle shots from on out is still a rush!!!

p.s. The bloom is off, because of it's LIMITED upgrade path, I'd give the AGD RT Pro an 8 if I reviewed it today. That's not a problem with the STO, so... I'm confident giving it a...
10 out of 10
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Clupbert Monday, May 7th, 2001
Strengths: Ok this is my first cocker, and I couldn't think of a better first impression. What's good is that this is a factory upgraded cocker, which I didn't feel like dealing with customizing a cocker which some people like but I don't. It comes with everything you can imagine, even the barrel is sweet. The J&J 2 piece on there is very accurate(good with RPS Big Ball). It looks sweet too. I like the STO milling, it is very light and simply stylish. I got it in black by the way. The price was not that bad, after some hunting I had found it for $605. Compared to other tournament guns of the same level, this is a very very good price. This gun can compete with any other gun out there, I have no doubt.
Weaknesses: Ah that push pin pisses me off! What is up with the blue thing plus the thing sticks. A new push pin is $13, which is crazy for a stupid pushpin, WGP needs to put better stock push pins on there. The 45 frame, although it feels nice, light, and comfortable looks like cheap plastic. Need I mention that this is an autococker and without the help of my team I probably would have sold it already, velocity is weird on these things.
Conclusion: This gun is the best stock gun ever, no upgrades neccessary at all, the only people who mod these things do it mainly for fun. The reg on it is not that bad, on an 80 degree day it kept co2 within 5 fps range. Again it competes with any gun out there, I would recommend it to anyone who is getting in to tournaments. You will get some looks at the field even though the STO has that simple style which is nice, I got black which means later I can put a nice fade on it. Its very smooth also. Don't get those cheap electros or the RT, cockers are reliable!
10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, January 29th, 2005 at 7:35 am PST
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Unregistered User Thursday, April 12th, 2001
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.
Strengths: Accuracy/Distance
Small Size I have a mini-sto
Great Rof
Good looking- I know its not performance but its pretty!
Great balance especially with a drop forward.
JJ Stock barrel is pretty good, i prefer an All American but i would shoot it.
Weaknesses: Plastic grips that crack.
Conclusion: I love this gun. can't believe the scores its been getting. The plastic grip crack, cry me a rive most guns have plastic grips. At least this is a .45 grip. Has a good barrel, which more then i can say for most guns. Its small, fast, and accurate. It pisses me off that this gun is getting 7's and 8's when a spyder is getting a ten. This gun is nearly perfect especially for the money. Yeah an evolution will outperform it, but its nearly double the price. Yeah an angel fires faster but it can't toach this gun in range and accuracy. This gun doesn't desevere such a low rating.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, April 10th, 2001
Strengths: Played with this gun in a tournament last weekend and I have to say it worked great! TIming was spot on out of the box and I had no problems setting it up.

- The trigger was very smooth and light. Snap shooting and firing fast strings was an absolute breeze.
- Looks really cool due to great milling and anodising
- Quite light for a cocker due to milling - always a plus.
- Barrel supplied very good but I use a freak anyway and with that it was very accuate.
- A lot cheeper than most custom cockers and is VERY VERY good value for money.
- Comes with the Ergo Reg - very good
- Front end performs great.
Weaknesses: Emmm... DIfficult... OK the safety catch is too easy to accidentaly knock when playing... Took about a 10 seconds to remove. Oh and some people won't like the carbon fibre grip frame but I do as it makes the gun even lighter.
Conclusion: Great marker I'm glad I bought it. You want a high end cocker then I recomend you go for this one. Great value (I've seen them new for $600!) and you can take the money you save and buy exactly the extras you want for it.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Sunday, April 8th, 2001
Strengths: Just picked up this marker two weekends ago and got it with the blue to purple fade and a Kapp 3 drop forward to fit my very old PMS micro-reg (Prior to this gun, I had a 1996 autococker with a sweet trigger job, Marker Steelwind Stainless steel 12" barrel, and rock regulator).

- Body -
The milling and anodizing are very nice. The milling is the most radical so far in the history of the STO. with the cuts going right through the body of the gun. The blue/purple fade is nice and drew lots of attention on the field. Most custom shops that I looked up charged more for a two color fade over a single color anodizing. I actually preferred this milling over the Black Magic STO 'tribal' milling. The blue to purple fade STO is a production gun and cost the same as the single colors. Yeah, it's getting played out - same color scheme as the 32 degrees and other guns out there, but I like it (I hope I don't see too many of these STOs out there).
- The center feed has always been one of the most attractive features of the STO. I can't find a cheaper cocker out there with a center feed.
Overall, the gun looks awesome. Looks aren't everything, but it's nice to draw just as many heads with a $750 cocker as the $1000 custom cockers do.

- 45 carbon fiber frame - not the prettiest, but it's a 45 frame, it's light, and the stock hogue grips feel great.
- Trigger - a bit longer than my 3mm pull on my other cocker, but it felt short, light, and 'snappy' under rapid fire. Check out my comments on the trigger in the 'Bad' section.

- Front pneumatics are pretty - all chromed out and attached to a nicely milled STO front block. Performance of the 4-way, ram, and reg were fine. (Quite frankly, I never experimented with changing all of these, with the exception of a Palmer's rock reg). The new 4-way works very nicely - no leaking sounds at all.
- Ventur Bolt - SMMOOOOOOTH. Again, I'm comparing this to the old stock bolts and I was very impressed with how smooth this bolt was. It's got the 8 hole venturi front (I guess the same since 99?). I picked up some other modified cockers in the store costing $300 to $400 more and the bolts didn't feel as smooth as this one. It's all chromed out and very pretty. I likes.

- On the field - I put its first case of 'Nitro Duck' paint through it at the 2001 West Point Big Game and it did not break a single ball. I even short stroked once and pinched a ball in the breach... I pulled the trigger again and shot it out... no break, no mess (I was surprised, given the fact that I still had the stock, non-adjustable, reg in front). I was not happy with the velocity consistency, but that's a problem of my very old high pressure reg, not the marker. I can't judge the accuracy of the 2-piece barrel based on the paint we were shooting, but the range was excellent - as is expected with most autocockers.
Weaknesses: When first picking up the gun, I could feel friction in the trigger pull, as opposed to the sweet, frictionless, riding on glass feel. I picked up one other STO and it had a very smooth, light and frictionless feel. I also picked up two Black Magic STO's (chrome 45 frames) at the same store and felt differences in their triggers - one being SMOOTH as glass, the other sloppy and sticky. This led me to conclude that as far as trigger assembly/trigger job, WGP is not the most consistent. I opted for the less than perfect trigger for the sweet blue to purple fade. The carbon fiber frame is light, but if it were possible to put a polished, lower guid screw, this would be nice. I figure I'll upgrade to a better frame later. I am also concerned with the new slot-less trigger plates - that I hear will make re-timing a pain in the butt when it has to be done (and it will eventually have to be done). The timing of the gun is VERY close - nothing happens for the first half of the pull and at the very end, the firing and cocking seem to happen almost on top of each other. I gassed up the gun and slowly pulled the trigger to figure out the exact timing of the gun. I sometimes actuate the four-way first (gun never fires) and sometimes, it fires first. The timing of the firing and cocking on this gun is so damn close, I am afraid it will be thrown off with less time than the older configuration. However, as I mentioned in the 'Good' section, the trigger performed flawlessly with its first case. We'll see how long this will last.

Although I like the milling and the anodizing, I'm beginning to notice that it scratches easily and I find the anodizing coming off on certain edges.

I don't like the bolt retaining push-pins. These always break on me. The new Black Magic STOs have a retaining pin that is held in place by a spring-loaded retention ball in the bolt itself (same STO bolt, but with the retention ball). Not really a big deal, but with all the improvements on this gun over stock, this seems like a relatively simple and inexpensive addition to the list.

Conclusion: Overall, after one day of play with this gun, I am very happy with my purchase. I checked out a whole bunch of customized cockers out there, but none come close to the price of the STO. You get a LOT of improvements over stock with the STO and you're not dropping $1000 to get it. As far as autocockers are concerned, I think the STO is the best value out there. It all depends on what you want. You can probably get a customized cocker with more emphasis on upgraded parts and less on cosmetics for about the same price, but let's face it... most of us who own cockers and love to tinker end up replacing almost every damn piece of the gun in then end, right? So, I figured, why not find a more inexpensive cocker with good components, excellent out of the box performance, and great looks?

I'm giving this gun a 10 based on value, performance, and looks. I'm not sure if it qualifies for '10-Best Ever', but it's definitely better than '9-Very Good'. Dollar for dollar, it's an awesome gun and if it weren't this gun, I would have ended up spending at least $200 more (I'll use this towards a better air system).
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, March 27th, 2001
Strengths: This is the best cocker I have ever had with my only other cocker being a stock 2k. When compared its better in every aspect. The most notable aspect being the change from a side feed to a vertical feed, it makes all the difference, wich lets you get in bunkers tighter and shoot around coners with a smaller profile. Not to mention it gets rid of that bothersome elbow. Also the new venture bolt is sweet chromed and smooth. Even though I was shooting crappy seconds paint that was to big for the barrel(J&J two peace/small bore)and I broke about every 15th ball I still had a blast with it and won't give it up for a $1600 angel lcd. Also the J&J barrel that comes with it is bad a$$, quite and deadly accurate, keep in mind I was shooting seconds, at $20 a case.
Weaknesses: The only bad thing,... the trigger frame. Its still made out of plastic and dosn't have any guide screws. I promptly replaced it with my chrome dye 45 frame from my 2k.
Conclusion: In conclusion, the gun is killer! It performs well and never bogged out during rappid fire like my 2k cocker did. Again the only upgrade, which is not necessary only personal taste, would be the trigger frame. And when buying a tounament level gun at only $700 you ought to have at least $60 to get a trigger frame. I would deffinatly recommend this gun to anyone in the market for a high end autococker, in fact I would recommend any autococker to anyone looking to buy their own equipment.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, January 30th, 2001
Strengths: I'm new to the sport... But let me tell you... This is the one marker i've put in my hands that made my eyes light up.

I love the way it feels... Solid. I've been a drummer for many years now, and this gun is like a pair of sticks in my hand. When I grab on to my cocker, it becomes a part of me. (heh)
Weaknesses: Well... by the time i was done, I could have made a mortgage payment. ;)

Half-stroking yields treacherous results.
Conclusion: Not a single complaint here. around 4000 rounds in one week. No complaints.

I've put five guns in my hands, and this is but the one I fell in love with.

The only complaint I have is the look I got from seasoned players, who didn't seem to think I should have the gun. But hey, it was an investment. A darn good one at that. I've read and heard a lot of good things about this gun, and I can definitely see why!

I have to be fair and give it a 10... I pay more attention to it than my girlfriend (shh.. dont tell)
10 out of 10
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