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ATS AT4 Reviews

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Number of Reviews: 7
Average Rating: 8.1 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $670

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Length 24"
Height 8.3"
Width 2.2"
Weight 5.2 lbs.

Velocity / Range 260-350 feet per second/ 4-6 inch groupings at 25 meters
Rounds per Air Souce 150 Rounds (13 cubic inch tank)
Fire Rate Select-Fire (semi and full automatic) 12 Rounds/Second
Magazine Capacity 25 Rounds
Ball Breakage 0/6000 (all guns)

AT-4 Kit Pictured without air source.Pictured without air source.Gun CeramicPolymer Exterior: Stainless Steel Interior (all guns)
Barrel 16.2" Aluminum
Semi & Automatic Firing

Feeding Method Magazine
Propellant High Pressure Air (HPA)
Product Availability 
The ATS AT4 is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
joe ballz Friday, December 7th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
1 year2 of 8 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
tippmann 98 & A5
Marker Setup: ATS AT4
Strengths: Looks Cool
Weaknesses: One problem after another...
Review: I am going to keep it brief and to the point.

Was looking for a cool mil-sim gun, read good reviews, bought the marker.

When it arrived, I read everything, watched video and so on... Shot a few rounds off in the back yard, starts bursting balls, turns out the rubber seal around the bolt blew off.
Replaced bolt with the recommended back-up bolt I had purchased and got her up and working.

First day of game play on the field the marker worked great, sounded great, fired great for a total of two and a half games, then one of the clips jammed.
Turns out the fingers on chain got all messed up, the flat spring on top of the clip bent because it was pushed up into the bolt from the jam and guess what... once again the rubber seal around the bolt got messed up, this means a another whole new bolt.

Fixed it again, made some adjustments based off of recommendations from the distributor now I’m having what's called stall problems. Followed protocol got it working yet again.

Few weeks later took the AT4 to the field... chain in a different clip messes up, thankfully the bolt is ok but stalling issues start up again.
I give up!!!!
Conclusion: Spent alot of money and went nowhere...
I'm a pretty mechanically inclined guy but the ATS AT4 marker defies logic.
The whole clog, chain, mag. feed system is its selling point and its weak point.
I give up on this marker because the writing on the wall tells me that everything must be just right or your in for trouble.
"When its good, its good... when its bad, its baaaddd!!!" kind of thing.

I feel that the ATS company is holding on to the past and needs breath some new life into their marker (and their website). If they made some changes I'm sure good things would follow.
1 out of 10
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XWolfeX Sunday, November 5th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Marker Setup: ATS AT-4 Tactical
5 Mags
Red Dot Scope
Remote HPA
RAP4 Vest
RAP4 Gloves
JT Flex-8 Full Coverage
Tactical Carry Handle
Additional Mags (Or one of there side hopper loading mags)
Strengths: Loud
Simulates the real thing
Weaknesses: Loud
Review: These markers are very very well made. The design is a great one and for those that are looking for a little bit more of the real sim experience these markers are great. Strong and sturdy they are the kind of marker that you pick up and it just feels like its meant to be in your hands. The only issue with this marker is that it is extreamly difficult to look after. There are lots of small parts and when you are cleaning it, you need a large area and quite a bit of time to do anything with it. The nice thing is that you can see how the marker was crafted, and that someone spent alot of time putting hard work and effort into the design. This is the marker that if you treat it like a princess it will treat you like a king.

Due to the lack of photos, i am adding links to a collection of photo's that i have taken of mine.

Hope this helps.
Conclusion: If you got the money and its what your after get it. You gotta use the right tool for the job. Otherwise its just a waste of your time and money.
9 out of 10
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WhoWasThat Saturday, July 1st, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
2 years9 of 9 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
I own an AT4 and a Tippman A5. The AT4 has an intimidation factor like no other marker. I'm ex-military and I know that there is no one weapon fits all. You need the proper tool for the job. So comparing one weapon against another should only be done when your looking to pick a weapon for the task at hand.
Marker Setup: AT4 Sniper, bipod, Red dot scope, 3 mags, sling
Strengths: It's accurate, intimidating, dependable, chopped balls are a thing of the past.
Weaknesses: Loud
Review: It's an awesome marker for the job it was designed to do. Training for real life situations is one. But, for woodsball one shot one kill, it does the job well. It's not a good weapon for lying around waiting for the enemy to approach unless you have a good escape route. It's to loud and your position is given away the minute you shoot. But, for a one shot one kill assassin type hits, let's say a General peeking out of his bunker or his big head just above the wall, he's dead man. This marker is for the hunter with a specific target and well defined skills. It's not a cheap marker, it's designed for police and military training, but the look in peoples eyes when they see you carrying it on the field and fear you see when you fire it. Well if you can afford one it's just plain AWESOME!
Conclusion: The weapon doesn't make a skilled warrior, but a skilled warrior with one of these is warrior that is feared. WhoWasThat!
10 out of 10
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§plit§econd Friday, February 24th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
More than 5 years7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Spyder TL
Marker Setup: AT-4 with trigger job, 5 mags and 1 hopper adaptor mag (wich a rarley use), sniper grip, RIS, 23" barrel, 3x20 scope, also have the stock16" barrel (wich a rarley use) and the 14" AT-85 barrel wich I will use with a front handel on my RIS and red dot sight for CQB games.
Gas through Car stock running remote to a crappy PE 3000 steel anchor :) (if it aint broke dont fix it)
Low Profile Mask if you are using iron sights, or you will never get close enough to use them.
Mags lots of em!
If you are going to do the hopper mag thing get a motorized hopper and if I need to tell you that dont buy this gun.
Elevated sight rail and a red dot sight is very nice but the iron sights are fine.
Definetly get the trigger job done
Strengths: Support from ATS, Low profile, Intimidatingly loud, light, no ball break, Extremley accurate, Feels good.
Weaknesses: Mechanical mantinance not for all, slow semi mode, Low profile mask required for iron sights.
Review: Fallout 11 covered a lot and I will recommend reading his full review, I'lll just mention a few things that he didn't, and repeat some as well :)

Yes, definetly not for speedball.

The guide plates last longer than AT says as long as you take proper care. Do not ever! fire the gun without a magazine in it (sure way to snap em, Like dry firing a bow) I am only on my second guide plate and have had a great deal of paint slinging time.

I do however encourage you to use an empty magazine to fire air at enemy players as they will not know the differance between you actually firing air or balls due to the intimidating sound, don't overdo it and let em catch on :) I do this to save ammo as I only carry 5x25 rounds per game.

You can insert a mag, press the cycle button to chamber one, then add one to the mag for that (1 on the chamber effect)

That can also back fire, make sure you only have 1 ball in there it took me a while to figure out that I broke balls cause I kept double chambering. To fix this I simply don't use the cycle button I just use the trigger, Unless I really feel like looking elite and want that cocking effect to be seen.

Pressurize your gun without a mag then insert one. otherwise the Cog (the claw thingy that rotates the conveyor belt in the mag can mis align.

I stress the mask issue!!! when I first got my AT-4 I had to immediatley go buy a mask that let me get close enough to use the iron sights, I got a Proteus and it works fine.

The questions at the field.....Oh the questions, at first its nice, but after a few years it does get annoying. The + side is you can always tell a rental guy what to do and they listen :)

My favorite thing about the gun is having no hopper, all the noob players are just scared of you and all the elites arent looking for you correctly.

Conclusion: I rate this gun 10 out of 10 assuming you arent playing speedball.
Not for people who don't take care of things.
10 out of 10Last edited on Friday, February 24th, 2006 at 2:58 am PST
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chucky888 Monday, April 18th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Marker Setup: AT-4 with remote and a qloader
Tippmann M98 with Flatline barrel
88ci 4500psi HPA tank
Strengths: No battery, sounds great, easy take down.
Weaknesses: Expensive
Review: I have this AT-4 for a few months. Yesterday, I took it out on the field for the first time, it performed better than expected. I don't have any stalls or jams. I loan my backup gun to a friend of my. AT-4 is quite complicated, but as long as you understand the manual, the maintenance is straight forward. It was actually easier for me to take the AT-4 apart than my Model 98.

It is very exciting to fire this gun in full-auto. It is not a beginner's gun for sure. The chain feed magazine really reduce the profile of the shooter, most people cannot see my hopper.
Conclusion: I give a nine for technical complexity
9 out of 10
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jouster666 Friday, April 1st, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
3 months5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Marker Setup: H.D. Remote line, HP 4500psi tank, CAR 15 retractable stock. Mulitple magazines, assault sling
TEAM/Assault sling, forget the hoppers and get the extra mags for the marker
Strengths: Intimidating, be prepared for a lot of questions about the marker.
Weaknesses: None,
Velocity adjustment needs to be done thru the barrel
Review: Once out of the box and assembled, YOU MUST First read the manual!! Since it is a mechanical gun you need to understand the workings. Once I worked out the minor bugs that I had caused, the marker works like a dream. For my piece of mind i picked up full repair kits and have yet to use them AFTER close to 40,000 rounds going through it!
Conclusion: If you want a high end work horse for the sport, i highly recommend this marker OR any that the manufacturer produces
9 out of 10
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fallout11 Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
6 months48 of 49 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Armotech WG-65
"Normal" paintball guns (Automags, Cockers, Impulses, Timmies, blow-backs galore)
Marker Setup: AT-4 with eurogrip bottomline, new lighter trigger kit, SS hose, gas through T-stock, VL hopper adapter magazine w/Ricochet AK hopper, GG&G tactical sling.
Depends heavily on your style.
A remote line is a must-have, as is HPA.
I definitely like the VL hopper adapter magazine and a good motorized hopper (such as Ricochet AK), so you can use normal tubes, load normally, and carry 200 rounds ready to rock on the gun.
A stock is nice, for proper feel.
Don't put it straight on the ASA, although that looks "best", you are better off either with the eurogrip bottomline or getting the .45 style grip and a regular bottomline, and then put the stock on that (due to your mask).
Strengths: Looks real
Novel loading system
Light weight
Superb fit and finish
Weaknesses: Mechanically complex
Plastic magazines
Slow semi-auto fire
Review: I've been shooting an Automag RT for years, and recently decided I'd give the AT-4 a try, on the basis that it's also an all-mechanical marker, and very "unusual".

First, let me say that this is intended as a Scenario/recball marker.
Not to take anything from it, or imply any negative connotations, but you use the right tool for the job. It is what it is designed to be.

The AT-4 has the same internals as the AT-85, but comes with a different body, which utilizes real M-4 hardware, including front sites, foregrips, and carry handle/rear sight. It's made of a dark green-black ceramic/polymer, the same material used to make Glock pistols and Steyr AUG assault rifles. It has stainless steel internals.
Read the reviews of the AT-85 for more information.

Despite it's size (length), it is very light (5 pounds), especially compared to my mag, and "feels" really good. In fact, it really reminds me of my old M16.
The fit and finish of the parts is impecable, and the internal mechanism is built like a swiss watch. Precision.
The gun comes with a videotape, a spiral-bound manual, spare parts, and a velocity adjustment rod. It arrives pre-assembled, and with any "extras" you bought for it already factory installed.

The gun's got an autococking mechanism thats impossible to short stroke and an indexed force feed system that prevents chops. All of this without any electronics.
It uses an auto cocking nelson valve. There is a LPR and 4 way just like a cocker. Unlike a cocker, the gun's timing is locked in and not connected to the trigger.
The trigger trips the sear, the hammer strikes the valve and the valve strikes a lever that trips the 4 way to open the bolt and cock the hammer. When the ram fully cocks the hammer and opens the bolt, a collar on the ram trips the 4 way the otherway closing the system. It sounds complex, but as I said, it works like a swiss watch. Nothing to monkey with or adjust, either.
It is a closed-bolt marker, and as such it is not really a blowback marker.

To adjust the velocity, you put the rod down the barrel and screw the bolt in or out.
An interlocking cog and chain conveyor system loads balls, one per gun cycle, from the magazine.
It does not use the forward loaders of the AT-85, and cannot.
The "clips" for the gun are made of ABS plastic, and hold only 20-25 rounds each.
However, there is a neat little adapter plate which fixes this apparent shortcoming.
The VL magazine adapter bolts to any magazine, and allows you to put a normal hopper on the SIDE (yes, like a warp feed) of the gun, loading into the bottom of the magazine.
From there, the normal clip chain drive takes over. Loaded and indexed properly, it is IMPOSSIBLE for this gun to double feed, chop, or otherwise break balls in the breach, because the loading system is syncronized with the firing system and bolt. Neat!

The barrels is a simple aluminum tube, with a 2-step bore, and minimal porting. It is loud, but not in the cheap aluminum blowback ("ba-ring") sort of way. Instead, it sounds a lot like a real gun ("ka-rack") when fired, partly due to the internal construction and partly due to the barrel. I believe this to be a design feature.
This can be advantageous (intimidating), or a disadvantage (for stealthy folks).

The gun has a fire selector switch, pick from semi auto, safe, and full auto modes. You can lock out the full auto mode with a supplied screw.
Cyclic rate is about 13 bps on full auto, and about 5-6 bps on semi auto (slow, by most standards). However, I find this to be more than adequate for scenario play.
You should see the looks I get when fired on full auto. Sounds like a machinegun.
The gun is ultra-accurate, even more than my carefully tuned mag with barrel kit.
I have no idea why, especially given the stock barrel. Magic?

I like the new lighter trigger I ordered with mine, which makes the trigger very light (1.5 pounds pull, or so), but still very snappy. A recommended upgrade ($25), and they'll factory install it for you for no extra cost.
It also utilizes a built-in ball sizer (called a uni-sizer), which uses rubber glands to hold the ball in place (no stupid detents!) and get a good seal, no matter the ball size. Yes, a built-in mini-insert system. You can even mix and match different size balls, it doesn't care.

I've had no problems with maintenance, which is no different than most guns I've owned, or with reliability. You just have to be a bit more aware of what you're doing with this gun than some. It's certainly not as bad as most Cockers. Just more than some are comfortable with, or capable of. Not a good gun for (most) teenagers or newbies, but a fine weapon for someone with some mechanical skills or experience with real firearms. The manual recommends some minor cleaning and maintenance about every 5000 balls, not 500 as some folks claim. More than adequate for any 2 day event.

The gun is made in the USA, by a tiny company out of Minneapolis (ATS), who have shown me excellent customer service. They are quick to answer questions, ship orders, and fix anything you can think of. They also sell accessories.
I'd rate the customer service of ATS on a par with AGD, if that gives you a clue.

Even fully equipped and decked out as mine is, it weighs less than the stock Armotech guns, and is much better made, quality wise. Forget the heavy, poorly constructed "made in china" armotech junk, get one of these instead, you'll be much happier in the long run.

The gun takes regular AR-15/M-16/CAR-15/M-4 upgrades, such as foregrip weaver rails, vertical foregrips, slings, sights, scopes, red dots, harris bipods, tactical lights, lasers, and the like. Yeah, you can shop for goodies at your local gun store.
Get a gun case or bag for it, though, or you may have problems with local law enforcement. It can be mistaken for the real thing at a glance, or distance.

The M4 carry handle/rear sight, which has built in windage and elevation adjustments and is pretty nice, is removable, and underneath is a full-length RIS rail, like on a M-4. Perfect for night vision gear.

You pretty much have to run a remote with this gun, and it's NITRO ONLY. Forget CO2. Of course, it's the same with automags.
A gas through T or CAR stock is a real asset with this gun, too.
I hope to one day get good enough not to need the hopper and adapter, and just play with preloaded magazines, but not yet....

I get a lot of looks and questions about it, and folks show it MUCH more interest than the latest shiny battery-operated toy flavor of the month (insert name of marker here).
You won't see many of them in use, and for me, that's a plus.
Conclusion: For a scenario or rec-ball game, this gun is top drawer. Super nice!
I love it, and it has replaced my mag pretty much completely.
Only drawback I can see is it's price, and it's a little more vulnerable to screwing something up if you aren't careful or don't take care of it.
Overall, an excellent package.

I'd put it on the same playing field with the new tactical 'cocker, or any automag, for about the same money. Far superior to A-5's or any spyder-based gun on the market, or anything else that looks similar to the real Mccoy.
I'm very satisfied with mine!
I would buy another one in a minute, at full price, if mine were lost, stolen, or burned up in a fire, and that's really about the highest praise I can shower on any product.

Follow up (2-10-04): I still cannot get over this marker. I purchased more accessories for it just today.
I used it again this weekend throughout a 2 day scenario game, and it never let me down. Not a single ball broken in the mechanism, went flawlessly from day to night back to day velocities in the cold, and the unmatched confidence the full auto gives you cannot be understated. I gleefully engaged large groups of enemy players, knowing I actually had a chance against them all.
At night, with a NVG scope, single shots (and hits) to enemy goggles at 80-90 feet made my teammates cheer.
I was asked about my gun more times than I could count.
And enemy players reported "freezing" or jumping at the sound of it firing.
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, August 4th, 2004 at 6:57 am PST
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