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Indian Creek Designs Freestyle 2004 Reviews

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Indian Creek Designs Freestyle 2004
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Number of Reviews: 54
Average Rating: 8.8 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $850

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
After nineteen years of making paintball markers, you could think, " What's next?" The makers of the BushMaster SI, ProMaster SI, Panther, Puma, Bobcat, ThunderCat, AlleyCat, Desert Fox, BushMaster 2000, B2K, and the BKO bring to play the next evolution, the FREESTYLE!

The Freestyle is a new evolutionary concept marker. It is a single bore design that has many incredible features (No Sally, its not another spool valve.) The Freestyle is extremely lightweight at 1.8lbs. The marker is very small measuring less than eight inches tall from the feed tube to grip (6.5 inches from top of body to grip) and the body is 7 3/8 inches long. It is an amazingliy fast, quick whipping electro-pneumatic gun. The Freestyle is not a toy, it is a serious shooter for the serious shooter.

Among its many features, these are the top:

Paintball Detection System (aka PDS)
Illuminated Toggle On/Off Switches for operation and the PDS
Ergonomically Profiled Grip
Amazingly Fast CPS
"Cocker" barrel thread pattern
Fade anodizing in four patterns
Four-way adjustable trigger
Low Pressure operation
Dual Regulation
Low Profile Gauge
Clamping Feed Neck with 3D milling
Easy to Install 9 volt battery
Drop Forward and On/Off included
Easy disassembly
12 inch Ported Barrel
One key note of interest is the Paint Detection System (aka PDS.) Unlike most markers with a paint detection system the Indian Creek Design markers use a beam break system instead of a reflective beam system. This means no more worries about dark shelled paints or bolts. With the break beam PDS the marker will not fire is the beam is present. When a ball falls in place it breaks the beam allowing the marker to cycle. Most reflective eyes have problems with dark shelled paints and bolts due to the light being asorbed by the shell or bolt instead of being reflected back to the eye.

After nineteen years in the business you know that ICD will be here for you tomorrow should anything go wrong with your marker. Make sure to get your order in early so not to get caught up in a back order list that is surely coming.
Product Availability 
The Indian Creek Designs Freestyle 2004 is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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eikeon Sunday, July 4th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month6 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
shocker and a timmy freestyle compares to these two
Marker Setup: 04 black/silver fade freestyle,68/45 pmi tank,halo b
you need a fast hopper for sure
Strengths: Super fast rate of fire,accurate,no kick
Weaknesses: You don't have one yet
Review: This gun just plain ripps and there is no kick to it at all. If you want a gun that will shoot just as good as the others that are more expensive. Then this gun is for you.This gun is tournament quality for sure just add a tank and a fast hopper like a halo and you are ready to send fools to the dead box.I still can't figure out why people are complaining the reg is to small it's not that bad at all.This gun is a serious shooter I think you are going to see alot of these out soon.
Conclusion: I recommend you take a look at this gun before making any desicions on another gun
10 out of 10
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A_joe Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
6 months7 of 53 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
ptp micromag, sandridge t5, impulse (w/vision), rt mag
Marker Setup: freestyle blue to black fade, cp rail and on off, stiffi barrel, halo or re-loaderb
another gun
Strengths: Small
Weaknesses: Chops a lot of paint, Not air friendally
Review: It might have good potental if it could shoot more than 5 balls without chopping a ball. from the day that i brought it it has chopped more balls than any of my other markers put together. called them to have parts sent they never came in no one was sure if they ever sent them. so i sent my marker to them to be fixed, after 2 1/2 weeks i got it back, so we aired it up and went to shoot it, well to say that did not go well would be a slight understatment the marker was chopping more balls now it is back again allready been another 2 weeks. the marker came back again, but is being sent right back for the 3rd time, it is leaking from the transfer tube we beleive, but we wont take it apart because we just got it back from them the second time, but here goes the third time now
Conclusion: un less you are looking for small and does chop this gun is not for you, very un happy withmarker and with custmer serviceif ICD, and if you have a freestyle, the only person at icd who can help you is greg, no one else there can help you he is the only person at ICD who can help with a freestyle, this is what one of the guys down there said when i called to see if they had fixed my gun again,
2 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, July 4th, 2004 at 11:22 pm PST
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sdlm Sunday, June 13th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested4 of 8 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
matrix, almost the same gun, in a much different package.
shocker 2k3 feels slower than this, about the same size & weight, not quite as compact by design as the freestyle
angel, much better trigger and better frame but, more recoil, but overal is better
timmy, a whole different world, the Timmy is huge compared to this
Marker Setup: Smart Parts Shocker sport 4x4
Single trigger frame
14" CP barrel
Kapp drop zone
AA Raptor Rex 114/45
VL EGG II w/ z board

pre-99 cocker RF
sto reg, &ram
shocktech bomb 3-way
12" lapco bigsho SS
VL revvi with x board

backup backup
ICD BKO with 12" lapco bigshot

backups backups backup
sheridan pgp 2k1
NEEDS new reg
NEEDS fast hopper
SHOULD HAVE nitro tank (works decent on Co2 though)
SHOULD HAVE new barrel (not icd threaded)
Strengths: fast, no kick, low ball breakage, compact, light, free drop on/off
Weaknesses: horrible ergonomics, effecentcy, trigger frame, stock grips don't fit frame, board
Review: well, I have shot many ICD freestyles and I must say they are excellent markers that have good and bad points.
-Fast; just as fast as anything else , same as matrix, timmy, angel
-low recoil; just like a matrix, the accuracy is very good in rapid fire, there is no real kick
-low ball breakage: probibly from the low pressure operation, it will pinch not chop
-compact; it will reduce profile
-light; if you care it is
-free drop on/off: it includes this for free I don't like it but, some may

-Works well on co2, now I think this is great, I mean It will absolutly rip on co2 but, the question is why spend $1000 on a gun and $20 on the tank, I think all support equipment should match the marker in level, so for this marker I would use an adjustable tank like an Air america armagedon, apocalypse, or raptor rex
-cocker threaded; most people like this I have a lapco bigshot in ICD and Cocker threads and I don't care too much except that ICD threads are soo much better with the whole 4 entry threads if you ever want to use a pull thru squegee in a game it isn't hard. that and ICD threads are different, which is unique on the flipside that means it is harder to find ICD barrels, either way some like it others myself included don't care

-horrible ergonomics; someone needs to slap whoever decided that they were gonna have a reg as small as a WDP mimreg but, make it have a hose that comes out near the of the side of it, there is nothing to grip on! it is really, so you might as well just buy a more comfortable reg like a WDP minireg, or if you like somthing bigger how about a torpedo or stabalizer, I got a stab. and I love it, comfy even though the hose comes out the side b/c there is still stuff to grip on to.
-effecentcy; maybe it was just me but, it seems about equal to my shocker
-trigger frame; this is not the trigger you expect on a marker of this calibler, gone is the nice APP panel grips that some timmys, and BKOs came with now they have a wrap around grips but, get this THE FRONT OF IT DOESN'T FIT THE FRAME, seriously when you squeeze it it goes in, there is not enough metal on the frame to fill the wrap around grips , so there is just air between the rubber and metal on the front of the frame. it is a 90 degree frame but, it is of a bad design, not like an angel space frame, and not as good as a timmy clamshell either.
-trigger; again not nearly what I would expect to be on a marker like this, it is pretty much the same trigger that is on my BKO sloppy and though it is wider not wide enough. it is light, very light, but the matrix's trigger or the angels trigger completely owns this. I actually like it better than the timmy triggers oddly, but I haven't tried the new blade triggers for them yet. and as far as triggers go the only choice I know of is a blade trigger for the freestyle.
-the board has some bad eye and trigger logic, I have seen some with entropy boards and they rock like that. I mean it isn't immediatly noticable, but when you take an Angel IR3 with a trigger ALOT stiffer then the freestyle you should be able to shoot the freestyle faster right? I mean, it is odd but, the freestyle seems to go about 16bps or so bouncing or not so, I think that the trigger logic is messed up or somthing, it won't hit the 20 the angel does, and that angel did it in 2k1, I think ICD should just get a deal with vaporworks and always have chaos/entropy in all of these b/c with one of those these things are terrors on the field fire rate wise. the eyes also work beter with a different board on a halo the thing kept on pinching when I fired it fast, sometimes it would pinch the ssame ball twice every once and again it would break a ball it pinched twice but, this never occured unless you actually fire as fast as possible. I used an Egg II and a halo B z code and it was pretty much the same with the pinching issue which makes me think that the eyes don't work that well or maybe don't work with Zap that well or somthing they might be color sensitive or somthing.
-no upgradeability; there isn't any aftermarket 'cept regs and barrels and drops .
-price; for this price a matrix or angel are both better guns, which makes me sad as I am an ICD owner and I wouldn't mind owning a really high end gun from them but, it just needs a lower price for me to justify it over a speed or matrix.
Conclusion: all, in all it is a marker to watch out for as it is really good but, not a product that I would buy due to several problems and a price that doesn't make sense, if it where the samre price as a stock shocker I would get it, but otherwise there are much better buys out there than this. I give this gun an 8 b/c it performs like a terror but, it has several problems that need to be rectified in order for me to pic one up
8 out of 10
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ShootPaint Thursday, April 1st, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested65 of 66 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
B2K, B2K3, B2K4, GZ Timmy, Dragon Timmy, Viking, Adrenalin Angel, Matrix, Impulse, 03 Shocker, Angel Speed, EBlade Demon Cocker, EMag, etc...... If it is worth shooting I have shot it.
Marker Setup: Bone Stock 2004 Freestyle
The Marker out of the box is ready to rip. Although the addition of a Chaos board will very likely increase the fire rate of the marker due to better trigger logic.
Strengths: Light weight, low profile, high ROF's, cosmetically pleasing, break beam paint sensor not reflective
Weaknesses: Occasional FSDO, roughy 1150-1350 shoots off a 68/45 fill.
Review: Intial impression is good.
The pictures on the web really do it no justice. They look much better in person.

As someone stated above I wasnt real impressed with the drop either. A small problem I have is no screw in tanks!!! Everything I own is adjustable so I can going to have to replace the drop as well. ICD might want to look into offering the Freestyle without the drop for people such as myself.

After the outside inspection I called a buddy up to have him bring over his tank so we could play around with it. First impression was a little disappointing. I had somed leaks in the macro fittings and from the bolt assembly itself. It didnt take to long to fix these problems and also gave me a good reason to get some pics of the inside of the marker as well.

After reassembling the marker I noticed the trigger was very stiff. It was to the point that you could pull the trigger and not get it to come forward for the next shot. A little investigating revieled the gripframe screws to be at fault. Unlike the B2K's or BKO's the Freestyles frame can be split in half by removing four screws on the right side of the frame. This gives you access to all the electronics, trigger pivot point, micro switch, etc... Another nice note is the micro switch is now held in place by screws instead of roll pins.

With the marker put back together we decided to gas it up again and adjust the trigger until it was smooth as butter. The trigger has a very nice feel to it, in comparison to the B2K or BKO frame. I noticed little to no side play. The trigger feel much wider than that of the 2K3 frame. One item I did miss was the three selectable pivot points. The Fresstyles frame can be adjustable to two different pivot points but you have to open the frame up to do this.

With the trigger adjusted we started to dry fire the marker. Again we noticed a small problem. The bolt was not recocking all the way. After referring to the owners manual, which now comes on a CD, we determined the LPR to be set to low. After adjusting the LPR the marker started cycling very smoothly and extremely quick.

Enough with the dry firing lets get some paint in that baby!!!
I went through a complete hopper of Nitro Duck First Choice paint without a single chop, while using the PDS. The Freestyle had so little kick I didnt know what to think. I would try to compare it to a Matrix but I am not sure that does justice to the Freestyle. I found myself able to lay ball upon ball upon ball during rapid fire and never have to worry about the marker wanting to walk up. The faster I shot the more the Freestyle screamed for more. I will be taking it out to the field for practice on Sunday and we will see how it does then.

There are two things that I can see I want to upgrade in the near future. The first one as most people probably have guessed is the HPR. I hate regs with gas lines that come out the side instead of the bottom. This really isnt a major problem just more of a personal preferrence. I can report that the new style reg recharged extremely fast and was quite consistant. Over the chrono I was seeing + or - 3FPS. Not bad at all for a completely stock setup. The second item I would like to change is the electronics. The ICD board is quite fast but I would love to see what this baby can do with a Chaos in it.

For those that are looking to get a B2K4 with PDS and happen to wonder if the Freestyle is a good option for about twice the price I am still undecided. There are several advantages to the Freestyle and I am still weighing those out. For those that are looking to spend money on a Timmy, DM4, Angel, EMag, etc.... Make sure you take a very close look at the Freestyle. It has everything to offer that any other marker in this price range has as well as being one of the smallest profile markers I have ever seen.

Upon arrival the marker was meet with several people questioning what it was. People bow down and great your new god, I informed them. Most just laughed until they had a chance to check it out. It was quite funny to see them rip on a bone stock Style and say man that thing shoots as well as my___________________ <------insert any name marker there.

Armed with two Styles I had intentions of passing them around to get the feed back of several players. Before the first game was even started one of them was sold. After the end of the first game the other one was sold, so I myseld didnt get to do the actual testing. I am simply relaying the information that I recieved from both people that purchased them.


This was one of the first things I was wondering about when I order these markers from ICD. Without a firm number in hand I wasnt real sure what to expect so we conducted our own tests. These numbers arent exact but should give everyone a good idea of what to expect.

Both markers used a 68/45 tank. Both tanks were filled to 3000psi.
Marker A was running at 200psi with the LPR set just high enough to get the bolt to clear the breech. After a case of paint was put through the marker, not counting dry shoots, we then took our test. This marker shoot 287 before entering the field. It showed 3000psi on the tank gauge. The marker shoot 1 Halo, packed full, and 5 pods. This is approximately 900 shoots. One a full fill that would give us around 1350 shots from a 68/45. After leaving the field the Fill gauge showed 0 psi while the output gauge showed 300psi. The marker was then shoot over the chrono and read 285, 287, 287, 287 and 286. Not bad for a bone stock setup.

Marker B ran the same basic setup but required the LPR to be set a little higher due to tight fit of the bolt to the power tube tip. In turn the HPR was set slightly higher as well. It was around 210 PSI. This yield chrono reading of 289-292FPS. With the marker having a case of paint ran through it and the bottle refilled we found this marker to shoot 1 Halo full and four pods. This is approimately760. This would yield a total of 1145 shoots off of a full 68/45 fill. Marker B's fill gauge, on the tank, was reading 0PSI and output gauge was reading 200psi. It was shooting 260 fps when leaving the field.

Both players stated the marker shoot ball upon ball. Each made the comment that the marker seemed to have a little arch to its ball path that ressembled that of a Matrix.

One person made the comment, " If you want troubles pick anything but an ICD Marker!!!"
Conclusion: This marker is going to step ICD into the ring with the big boyes now. If you are looking at a high end a electro make sure to add this one to your list of markers to check out.
9 out of 10
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