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Nu-Line Industries Bruizer Outlaw Reviews

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Nu-Line Industries Bruizer Outlaw
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Number of Reviews: 63
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: N/A

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Features: Lightweight aluminum receiver, Aluminum double trigger syetem, Reulator (set for CO2 or compressed air), Raised sight rail, Venturi Bolt, Quick Release thumb screws, External velocity thumb adjuster, Dura valve system, and Carrying case w/hopper & elbow.
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The Nu-Line Industries Bruizer Outlaw is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Unregistered User Tuesday, December 19th, 2000
Strengths: THis marker looks awsome and shoots very accurate. I am very happy with it. The Price was not bed either.
Weaknesses: It need a new barrel, it works well with a 14 inch barrel. I just bought a 14 inch all american barrel and it makes it a little quiter and more accurate.
Conclusion: It is worth the price, I would deffinitly reccomend this gun to someone. This gun compairs a lot better then the the shitty raptor that I used to have. I think this gun prforms very good stock, but a new barrel would do wonders.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, November 14th, 2000
Strengths: I agree with the other reviews, that it looks and shooots great
Weaknesses: Not as dependable as some guns. Needs anew barrel(almost a necessity w/ most guns anyway) Not too many complaints
Conclusion: I would have given it a 10....but then i used a Spyder Shutter. I am not sure which gun came out first, but they look pretty much the same, although I believe that for the same price, the Shutter is superior. It has better accuracy and range, although is a little noisier with the stock barrel. Either would be a good choice, but I'd def. go with the Shutter.
7 out of 10
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Unregistered User Sunday, November 5th, 2000
Strengths: First off - the looks. This thing turns heads wherever I take it. People want to know "what gun is THAT?" The gun doesn't make the player - but this thing certainly intimidates.
The Price - at $210 (the price I paid) it is a *serious* bargain. It includes features not found on other markers in stock form. It comes from the factory with all-metal 45 grip trigger frame, venturi bolt, kickin' valve, all metal construction, HPA regulator, drop-forward bottomline, and neat-o chrome geegaws.
Range - it easily outranges the Spyders that are used as rentals at the field I play on. I can sometimes stand in my team's "dead zone" and pick off the opposition halfway across the field. However, this uses a *bunch* of paint and I don't suggest this style of gameplay unless you carry about 500 rounds on you.
Dependability - I've not had anything go wrong in about 10,000 rounds. It came out of the box (included molded carrying case) ready to shoot. However, I perform routine maintainance after every game and clean it thouroughly. I also keep it well lubed.
Cold Weather Play - I last used this gun in 45 degree weather and it performed flawlessly. Despite some very rapid fire. I can't recall a single time that I got Liquid CO2 into the gun. I hold the gun at head level, and the tank (a 20oz) is on my back attached to the gun via a coiled remote. The height that I hold the marker may have something to do with this, though.
The Barrel - For a short barrel, this is pretty accurate. I think it is 10.5 inches. The barrell is passable - but I'm thinking about going to a longer barrel with porting. Interestingly, the barrel is also part of the 'bad'.
Fit and Finish - this gun is amazingly well put together. ISO 9002 certification accounts for something.
Weaknesses: The Barrel - the muzzle brake cuts down on noise, but seems to break balls. If a ball does break in the barrel, the paint can get caught in the muzzle brake and affect accurracy until it clears out. The barrel seems short - a 14 inch barrel would help on accuracy immensly and make this gun incredible. I've heard than an All American barrel makes this gun insanely quite. I might just try that out.
The Rear Velocity Adjuster - this gun has some kick. As a result of the kickback the rear velocity adjuster's set screw can sometimes work loose and cause the velocity to either jump or decline. You know the velocity is way up when you start shooting salad consistently. I fixed this by carefully milling a point onto the set screw so that it seats firmly.
Conclusion: Out of the box, this is a great marker. You need nothing, however I suggest a remote setup for your CO2 tank. If you use HPA, screw it right in to the drop-forward. The features are plentiful on this gun - if you upgraded another gun to meet these specs you'd shell out significantly more money. The only thing I think you'd really need is a longer, better barrel. Get one without a muzzle brake, an All American or a Lapco would be good from what I hear. I'm wondering how a Smart Parts would do.
This gun is well worth the $210 I paid (MSRP is $299, street price ranges from $249 to $349). Even at $270 I'd buy this marker - it contains all the features you need.
In terms of comparison: It is faster and quieter than my Model 98. It's more reliable than my buddy's Automag. It shoots more acurately and faster than a Spyder one of my buddys has.
I would recommend this gun - but not to everyone. Simply because I want to be the only one on the field with one. Spyders are all over the place, and Model 98s are gaining ground. The Bruizer Outlaw is new and different - and just quirky enought to be unusual.
With a good barrel this marker can put a serious hurtin' on the opposition. In it's stock form, the marker is a great gun. I give it an 8 because I have issues with the stock barrel.
8 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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