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Planet Eclipse Nexus EGO Reviews

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Planet Eclipse Nexus EGO
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Number of Reviews: 16
Average Rating: 9.8 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1866

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
- Custom Team Nexus Eclipse Ego
- Full 3-D Body Contoured Machining to Reduce Weight and Add Style
- Symmetrical Machining produces smooth lines and a wipe-clean surface. But still the lightest Ego yet!
- Inset Metal Nexus Logo Badge.
- Open Bolt Electropneumatic Marker
- Break Beam Low Profile Breech Sensor
- STAR Grip Frame incorporating Integrated Snatch Grip and Integrated Clamping ASA Mounting Rail, Spring or Magnetic Return Trigger Action, Larger Guard and STAR Trigger
- STAR Trigger with 4-Point Adjustment
- D.A.R.T. “High-Flow” Bolt with Ramped Inlet Port and Bell-Mouthed Tapered Outlet Face. Highest Flowing Ego Bolt To Date, In The Smallest Package Around.
- Cool-Blue LCD User Interface
- TT Filter Debounce Software, as first seen on the infamous E2
- 3 New Ramped Fire Modes To comply with PSP, Millennium and CFOA Rules
- Uncapped Semi to Comply with NPPL
- Nexus Logo Start-Up Screen
- Integrated Adjustable LPR W/ Dedicated HP Inlet
- FRM With Specific LPR Supply Port
- Eclipse Swivel Inline Regulator. High Flow, High Accuracy, Consistent Output, Longer Grip and Adjustable Hose Input.
- “Rammer” One-Piece Hammer/Ram Mechanism. Highly Durable Stainless Construction. Strips In Seconds.
- Integrated QEVs For The Fastest Possible Cycle Times
- Sub Miniature Solenoid And Integrated Minifold
- Body-Integrated Feed Stub. Beat It With A Lump Hammer, It Ain’t Coming Off!
- Deftek Feed System. Offset Feed Tube For “No-Bounce” Ball Feed
- Clamping Low-Rise Feed Tube
- Low Pressure, High Flow Supercharger Valve System
- Brass Bushed Valve Guide. No Valve Pin Wear, No Friction.
- Custom Scalloped Nexus Pop-N-Slide Bolt Pin. Super Large Pin/Hammer Contact Area For Minimal Wear. Larger head for easier grip.
- Cocker Barrel Thread
- Shaft 2-Piece Barrel
- Eclipse On/Off/Purge System And Hose.
- Dual Rubber Finger Detents
- Ego DuoTech Grips
- User Friendly
- Tech Friendly
Product Availability 
The Planet Eclipse Nexus EGO is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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r51460 Sunday, March 19th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
1 year25 of 26 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
DM6, DMC, DM5, Angel G7, G7 Fly, Vision Shocker, Dark Shocker
Marker Setup: 06 Nexus Ego w/ MaxFlo Micro

06 Dark Ego w/ MaxFlo Micro

Dark Shocker
Virture board
Predator board
Lucky 15 Barrel Kit
Hammerhead Barrel kit
Freak Barrel kit
All American Barrel
Twist tight feedneck
HE bolt
ND firing can
Hybrid bolt guide
Halo B w/ Victory Board and rip drive
Empire Reloader B and rip drive w/ Hybrid suicide shell
92, 88, 45 CI Crossfire tank
Barrel Kit
Possibly a board (but I like the menu driven lcd that comes with the stock board)
Top Quality Paint
Fast Hopper
New Grips? (06 Hybrids look good but the stock feels better)
Strengths: Accurate
Tight Profile
Weaknesses: Expensive compared to an 06 Ego ($1,700 compared to $1,100-$1,250)
Review: OK, I've gotten to be a bit of a gun whore recently but hopefully this review will be helpful for many of you considering an Ego.

Accuracy- Just read the other reviews and they will all tell you the same thing, it's just pinpoint accurate. I've had refs comment on how accurate my gun shoots after reffing my games on multiple occassions. Hoppers, feet, feednecks, and forearms are all in danger of getting clipped with this sniper marker. I've gotten more kills with this than any other gun I've ever played with and have used less paint doing it. What does that tell you? I have been using premium level paint as the temperature has been getting warmer so I don't know how it shoots with cheaper paints. I've been using Ramp, Scorched, Inferno, and Ultra Evil.

Speed- I don't put as much value on this aspect as I used to because you can make pretty much any marker shoot as fast as you want with an upgraded board, ramping, debounce, etc... but everyone is usually interested in this factor. This marker is no different but the stock board is plenty fast in semi and it's very easy to walk the star trigger. It has a very natural feel and many people will comment on how fast they can naturally walk the trigger without being familiar with the feel or any adjusting. However, it does come with several ramping modes if you like cheating and I like the LCD menu. You just need to have a fast hopper to keep up. I play with mine capped on semi to converve paint. But if you want a board, the virtue would probably work pretty well with this marker.

Weight- Surprisingly light, this was the first thing you will notice even before shooting it. I'm used to shooting shockers, which are already some of the lightest markers, so to notice a weight difference right away was surprising. The owner of my paintball store weighed it against a DM6 without a hopper or tank on either and it came out to be about 1.5 oz lighter which surprised me since the DM6 is already super light. This is much appreciated when you snap shoot, post up on someone, run to your bunker, or play all day

Efficiency- Very good considering I use a 45/45 tank usually. It seemed to get more rounds than my shockers that had the HE bolts. Sorry I couldn't be more specific but I tend to refill when I get to around 1k psi for performance reasons and piece of mind in the next game. But 5 pods and a hopper are not a problem on a single fill depending on your settings and paint/ barrel sizing.

Tight Profile- Very small profile, comparable to a shocker or DM6. A bit taller than a shocker but slimer. About the same height as a DM6 but also slimmer. I value a smaller profile alot as it makes for a smaller target for your opponent and better for snap shooting. What I didn't notice before was how narrow the marker is. Even better for snapping. I think the DM6 ultralite frame feels better between your thumb and Index finger but the rest of the gun is slimmer than the DM6. I will be adding some hybrid grips to get my grips even thinner.

Consistency- I think this is more important than the speed because it affects your accuracy especially at high rates of speed. I normally swap out all my regs for cp's but the star reg performs really well especially after you break it in. I had a +- 4 fps straight out of the box, which is comendable but now after tweaking, breaking in the reg, and adding a maxflo micro, i get closer to a +- 2 or better depending on my paint.

Maintenance- This was a big factor for me. I wanted a very reliable gun that always performed its best without alot of hassles. I've been shooting shockers for a while and always cleaned and lubed my bolt everytime i finished playing and but have gotten to be lazy. I was jealous about how my friend could just shoot his G7 and just drop some love juice in it occassionally to maintain it. When my store described the maintenance process on an Ego, I was blown away and couldn't believe it was that easy but it really is. Now, I just wipe down my milling, remove the bolt (which takes less than a second), run a barrel swab through and drop some oil on the rammer after I play. I'm done in less than a minute and it's ready for next week. You don't even need to oil every time and I've had other people tell me they've yet to do any type of maintenance on their marker but I'm alittle more anal than that so I still oil.

Reliability- Again, very important to me. Ego's are built so solid, from the milling to the internals. You can tell there was much attention to detail when you strip this marker down. I always have back up markers but it's never a good feeling to have to send your gun off or have to get it worked on. Based on its reputation and my limited experience, it seems like it should be as reliable as a Honda. My shockers were pretty good and if there was a problem, it was just a matter of replacing an Oring, same was DM's. Angels I later found out were hassle free until there was a problem, in which case not many people will work on them so you will most likely have to send it off and repairs could be quite costly. I feel like the ego gives you the best of both worlds because of simple maintenance and if something goes wrong, you probably just need to replace an Oring.

Looks- This doesn't impact performance but I do believe it helps psychologically. I believe you play better when you feel confident about your equipment and it may psych out the people you are playing. I've had many occassions where the opposing players are in awe over my marker before the game and in more awe after I shoot them. Less experienced players often get intimidated by what marker you shoot. The style of the ego in general is not my favorite. I prefer the look of a DM6 or hybrid shocker but the milling and build quality is first rate. I bought the Nexus and Dark because of the milling , upgraded features, exclusivity, and better resale value.

Weaknesses- The two recurring ones I've read about is the trigger bounce and the kick. The bounce is easily added or taken away with the new 2.0 board that comes on all 06 Egos. I think that was more of a problem with the older boards so I haven't been getting hassled about any bounce my trigger may produce by any refs. As far as the kick, it doesn't seem to kick very much to me. There are adjustments you can make with the lpr, dwell, etc... to reduce it some what but I don't notice it to be much of an issue. The dark ego does come with an all delrin bolt which is supposed to reduce kick even more but I just got it and haven't tried it to be able to compare yet. The only other thing I can think about is the sound, which may or may not be considered a weakness. It's shooting sound is very distinct and sounds like a pop. It's not particularly loud but not quiet either. The Dm6 is much quiter, like a light purrrr, which conceals your firing position a little better. However, I don't know whether that would be considered a weakness or just a preference because some people, like me, like using the empire reloader b over my halo (no eyes to clean, not picky about paint color). I've heard of some people with DM's have trouble with their sound activated loaders hearing their shots.
Conclusion: Overall, this is truly the best marker I've ever had or played with. I know many people say that in reviews but I have gotten more eliminations with this marker than any I have ever played with and can't really pinpoint why. I think it just does alot of little things incrementally better to produce a much better marker overall. I laughed when I read one reviewer say that his ego automatically shoots people for him but it really does feel that way. I've also heard other people say the same thing when talking to them about their Egos. The experience of playing with one is just too hard to describe. Just testing the marker does not do it justice because I wasn't sold on it just shooting it, you have to play with it to really feel the difference. I considered getting a hybrid shocker since I was very familiar with that marker but stepped out and tried something new after I did alot of research and talked to various people who owned Angel G7's, Shockers, DM6's, and Egos. I know players from Philly and other smart parts sponsored teams and always pick their brains on various products. The owners of my paintball store are not sponsored by any company and they all have Nexus Egos and DM6's yet all of them prefer to shoot their Ego. I loved mine so much I just took delivery of a new Dark Ego so now I have two $1,700 markers. I truly love mine and won't say never, because I'm now considering selling my Dark Shocker when I thought I never would, but it would take something very special to trade in my Egos. The Nexus or any of the private label Egos are some of the most expensive markers you can buy so if money is an issue, go with an 06 Ego and get a barrel kit unless you already have one with autococker threads, you won't regret it. I just preferred the way the Nexus and the Dark Ego looked but you will pay quite a premium to be unique. Also, do yourself a favor and shoot better paint, even if it means not buying a Nexus, XSV, or Dark Ego and getting an 06. Some people have said Egos shoot cheap paint fine but why would you put regular unleaded into a Ferrari? One last thing that shows how good these markers are, look on Ebay and see how many people are selling their used Egos, even 05 Egos (last year's model) and you won't find very many compared to those selling their DM6's, Angels, Shockers, etc... at discount prices. The ones for sale are typically new ones from online stores. People tend to hold on to things they like and I believe that is a strong testament to the Ego. Most people selling their Ego are probably doing so because of sponsorship restrictions but some just don't like the feel, which is understandable. Everyone will have their own personal preferences. I don't think anything is perfect but how can I give this anything other than a 10 rating? I know this was a long review but I just wanted to give an objective opinion over this marker so that people can make an informed decision. These are the factors that I consider when looking for a new marker and I spent alot of time and energy researching my options before buying two Egos and I wanted that work to reflect in this review. That's how strongly I prefer them. Ultimately at this level of markers, it comes down to personal preference though. I hope this has been helpful. Good Hunting!! =)

Update: I've been using this marker and my dark ego all year now and they still rock with absolutely no maintenance issues or requirements. No chops either, unless you use old ultra evil that is irregularly shaped and sized. That's the last time I'll ever try that.

Update:11/26/06- I've been playing with my egos for a full season now and they still perform as well today as when I first got them and best of all, no maintenance issues, a major plus. The only bad thing is I've got 2 PL egos but neither of them go down, so one of them never gets used. I may trade one for one of the new 07's after I get some feedback and am able to try one for myself.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, November 26th, 2006 at 7:49 pm PST
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maro69camaro Thursday, January 26th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
6 months
More than 5 years
Products Used:
2003 black magic autococker E2 with nuxus upgrades
2006 proto matrix with virtue board
2004 impulse vert reg mini max flow lpr and much more.
Marker Setup: 2006 nexus ego with virtue, freak barrel kit.
none but a barrel kit woudn't hurt
Strengths: Super light, fast, sexy
Weaknesses: Price, that hurt the wallet
Review: First thing you will notice is how light this marker is. It is boxed really nice and comes with some extra o-rings and detents. The next thing you will notice is how sexy this marker really is. very nice milling. It comes with the best of eclipse, star reg, star trigger, eye covers are a 3d shape not just flat. The last thing you will find out is how fast this marker really is. unbelivable. This marker will get all the guys and girls checking it out and wanting to see.
(UPDATE) well i have had my nexus ego for about 9 months. and had 0 problems. my brother has a pm6 and has had a few o-ring problems, me none. i put the virtue board in it to get more modes. this thing is so great. i love the ego. if your are looking for the best marker in the world bar none then get a nexus ego.
Conclusion: This marker is a total package-fast, accurate, light, and did i say sexy
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, August 24th, 2006 at 11:36 am PST
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SPLATMASTER101 Saturday, December 10th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3 of 10 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
dm5, but it was nothing like the ego!
Marker Setup: a nexus ego with halo b hopper, nitro tank.
nothing really
Strengths: Accuracy!
Great feel light and thin
Weaknesses: There aren't any that i've experienced
Review: I love this gun i have the olive/ black one, and it is sick. it turned many heads
people think it is automatic because it shoots so fast! its not thogh! it is semi! omg right right?!?! right! dont get a dye they arent as good as the ego's
it blows dye, angel, system x, evil, and other high performance guns away like breeze!!!!!!!!!
it shoots as if there is no tommorrow! i love it and u should love this gun to! it's by far the best gun yet and probublly will be for a long time. it is not overpriced at all. o and don't get it online... well u can't get it online! dont be fooled by other guns. this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conclusion: If you are looking to spend money on a high quality gun! This is totally the gun for you! Enjoy! It has a much better fell to it than any dye.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 2:51 pm PST
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eikeon Friday, November 25th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 4 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
tippman sl682,F1 Illustrator,68 Automag,94 Autococker,03 Outkast Autocoker,04B2K,04,Freestyle,Naughty Dog freestyle
Marker Setup: Pevs Exclusive Guns For Hire Nexus Ego with Tadao M7
Tadao M7
Strengths: This marker flat out ripps
Weaknesses: I have found 0 weakness withthis marker
Review: This has to be the best marker I have ever owned and shot.The quality is amazing bar none to others.The gun looks sweet as hell shots very well with no kick you just have to have it setup up correctly.The stock board is not bad but the Tadao M7 really makes this baby sing like no other.The efficency is very good on this gun and it shoots tight roops dead accurate.I would reccomend this marker if you have the cash to drop on it if you don't the 06 will ripp just as good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conclusion: I love this marker it's a straight up head turner and face painter hands down
10 out of 10
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comemierda Monday, August 22nd, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested7 of 9 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Timmy, Karnivor, Nerve, Shocker, Impulse, Ion
Marker Setup: Eclipse Ego, Halo B, CenterFlag 45/4500
Strengths: Fast, accurate, light, looks
Weaknesses: None, only price $$$
Review: i was able to test the gun out when i went to go play at the local field. i went to the chrono first and it was very consistent, a easy 285, 285,286,284,285,287, u get the point. then i started to shoot it and this ego ripped! it extremely fast, and the 2 piece Shaft barrel is accurate, so those ppl that say that it comes with a cheapy barrel, r wrong. the nexus ego comes with the ops and macroline so it ready to go out of the box. the LPR is limited to max out at 90 psi, so u cant blow ur gun. ok, this gun is same thing as the regualar EGO except for the 2 piece shaft and that star trigger frame and trigger. but there is NO performance difference that i cant see, so its not worth the money but if u cant do it, this gun is beutiful.
Conclusion: One of the best guns out there, and i find it to be the best looking, pick it if u have the chance.
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, February 13th, 2006 at 12:34 pm PST
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Crede777 Saturday, August 13th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month40 of 42 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
E2 Autococker
Angel 04 Fly
Proto Matrix
05 Ego
06 Ego
Empire Intimidator
06 Empire Intimidator
Marker Setup: Olive/Black G4H Nexus Ego
Star upgrades
14" Shaft 2 piece barrel
Dye Ultralite Barrel
Other than that, Absolutely Nothing!
Strengths: Light
Amazing looks
Great customer support
Weaknesses: Price
Review: After seeing one of these babies back in late spring, I resolved that all of the money I made working over the summer would go towards one. I abstained gas money, date money, and video games just to be able to afford this.

I ordered it from Pev's and it was shipped not 24 hours later. I have the first one in Ohio, if not the United States (it was not released at Denver). Upon receiving the USPS package, I opened it to find a brilliant black box with a huge E on the front. On opening the box, I was greeted by an aluminum top and velvet interior.

The first thing you will notice about this marker is undoubtedly the annodizing and milling. It just screams high end class. The second thing you will notice is how amazingly light and thin this marker is. The Nexus Ego is currently the lightest gun on the market (closely followed by the XSV Ego, Stock Ego, and then Ion). Don't worry, it definitely is sturdy, and feels like your money's worth. But my empty Halo B outweighed my marker and barrel.

Internally, this is basically an Ego that was taken and then upped to the maximum potential. There are 6 electronic modes. Semi 1 which is uncapped semi automatic, Semi 2 which is tournament legal capped at 15 bps. The 3 Ramping modes are all capped at 15 bps, and ascend according to quickness of trigger pull required to ramp to the max. Then there is training mode, so you can cycle your marker and still conserve air.

The simplicity of the Ego is amazing. It has all the features of being a pro class marker, but compared to an Autococker, this stuff is kindergarten material. If you still can't understand how to properly dismantle or clean your marker, check out They have some very informative videos.

I then took my marker outside and shot a hopper full of balls. I put it on every mode, and tested it out. At 100 feet, I put 12 out of 12 balls on the bullseye. I then ripped of a rope at the bullseye. Much to my amazement, each ball (out of the 100 I shot) landed within 4 inches of each other. It definitely stood up to my autococker as far as accuracy goes. Out of the box it shot +/- 3 fps. Great consistancy.

Edit: After a full year of having played with this gun, it's only malfunctioned once. During a game I dove and it turned off. Upon closer inspection my problem turned out to be due to an old battery.

Efficiency: I get approximately 1400 shots off of my 68/4500 tank. The Nexus Ego gets slightly better efficiency than the basic Ego due to the upgraded Nexus bolt. The Nexus bolt is smaller and lighter than the stock bolt. Also, a commonly overlooked feature of the bolt is the ramped inlet hole through the bolt which is curved. This allows for the air to travel more smoothly through the bolt, causing slightly better efficiency and less kick.

Speed: It's an Ego. Internally it's the same as all the others. I could say look to other reviews of the Ego to see the speed, but that would be an inconvenience and I should cover it here. I've only attained 20 bps on my Ego because I play tournaments constantly and need it in proper condition, so I don't mess with bounce and settings very often. If you DO want to attain above 20 bps, you'll probably need to purchase an aftermarket board because the Nexus doesn't come stock with uncapped ramping.

Kick: With the proper settings, this marker has little kick. The kick of the marker varies from marker to marker, and depends on how well one takes care of it. Granted the Ego is very light, and less mass means it requires less force to move it, but I played in Chicago with it on PSP ramping (to 15.4 bps), and I didn't notice any adverse kick AT ALL. It stayed smooth in my hands the whole day.

Now, the Achilles heel of the Ego, the sound. It is worth noting beforehand that the volume of the Ego differs from marker to marker. Mine, out of the box, was very, very quiet. Surprisingly so for an Ego. My teammates' 05 Egos were much louder last year, and their 06 Egos this year are about on par volume wise. Basically it's about as loud as a well tuned Intimidator or Shocker. It certainly isn't as quiet as a Cyborg or a Matrix, but it's all relative. Volume doesn't matter much to me, the only time I have a problem is if it's costing me air efficiency.

As an end note to my newly revised addition, my teammates have changed from 05 to 06 Egos. I didn't feel this need. The 06 Nexus is in no way different from the 05, except that it carries the 06 Star Frame and rubber buttons. That's it. This marker is one to last the ages.
Conclusion: This marker was designed by Planet Eclipse to be taken out of the box and immediately played with in a pro game. Buy this marker if you want the best of the best.
10 out of 10Last edited on Friday, July 14th, 2006 at 10:59 am PST
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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