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WDP Angel G7 Fly Reviews

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WDP Angel G7 Fly
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Number of Reviews: 25
Average Rating: 9.2 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1495

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Angel FLY
is always designed
with the aggressive
front player in mind.

The G7 FLY is no different.

Angel G7 FLY - Features:

NEW - Weight-loss. The G7 Fly is over 2 ounces
(56 grams) lighter than the regular G7.
NEW – Short barrel thread allowing for aggressive front cut-away styling.
NEW - FLY Milling – back to the bone 3D sculpting with unique G7 FLY signature design
NEW - ‘Breakaway Trigger’ with adjustable Magnetic tension and snappier action,
further enhancing what is already the
fastest trigger on earth.
NEW - Debounce adjustability, to ensure you
are ‘field legal’ no matter where you are.
NEW – All the modes, for all the leagues
NEW – Custom, color-coded TPR Gripper
Panels with unique Fly design.
The G7 FLY also retains key performance features from the awesome Angel G7, including:
• Lower pressure operation.
• Lightweight ram assembly with reduced moving momentum mass, reducing Kick.
• Increased gas outlet porting for further improved gas flow, for greater efficiency.
• Balanced exhaust valve operation requiring 65% less opening force than previous Angels, delivering the smoothest, most refined firing action in paintball
• New smaller flat back solenoid valve with dedicated porting giving higher flow rates than any other solenoid valve in paintball.
• New LPR assembly with latest development spring pack giving faster reaction times.
• New visible infra red optical ball detection with further enhanced ball detection algorithms.
• New bolt stroke and movement path to enhance gas efficiency.
• New integral rotor breech locking mechanism.
• Soft grip enhancers for added grip traction.
• Enhanced higher flow cartridge mini reg
spool assembly.
• Single moulded loader retention grip ring.
Product Availability 
The WDP Angel G7 Fly is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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wdpangel4life Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month0 of 3 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: angel g7 fly with angle air and empire reloader b
barrel kit and a fast hopper
Strengths: Very fast and accurate
Weaknesses: Loud
Review: well i had an old school speed and i didnt like it but then i went through a freest yle and a dm4. Then one day i walked into the shop and seen the g7 fly and i picked it up and decidied to buy it so i sold my dm and got it. i played 2 times with it and its is so fast and accurate that you wouldnt even believe it. it is a great gun to have so go out and buy one.
Conclusion: Well i think it is a awsome product but is loud.
9 out of 10
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paladin Saturday, November 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month27 of 30 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Ego's, Cocker's, DM5's
Marker Setup: Angel G7 Fly
Halo B
CP Barrel Kit
CP Drop Forward
CP ASA on/off
Strengths: -Fast (understatement)
-Looks (personal pref)
Weaknesses: -Feedneck
Review: I have used this for about a month now and it has been through 2 tournaments. Upon first impressions, (a month isn't long enough to test reliability ect.) I have to say I am very impressed with this marker. It is light, but Ego's are lighter, because of WDP's 3 tube design. WDP did a great job of making this gun out of the box ready to rip. Slap a tank and hopper on and it set, it comes well oiled so no worries there, and it is very easy to maintain.

-Efficient: I get about* 1500 shots off of a 68ci 4500 fill which is quite reasonable to me. The efficiency comes from the amazingly low LPR the gun has which is 55 on mine.

-Eyes: I know that it is common to have some sort of paint detection system on all high end markers now, but I can say that the G7 series eyes work flawlessly, and they look really cool in the dark :) I have had 3 chops and 2 of them were because the Halo cracked a ball in my feedneck because it was rather cold out.

-Trigger: The biggest difference between the G7 and the G7 Fly is the trigger frame. I have shot both and I really appreciate the new system they have for the Fly/speed 06. It is magnetic of course, but you can adjust the strength of the return which is nice because I felt the G7 trigger pull was a bit stiff.

-Frame: I have the 90* frame and I love it, this is absolutely personal preference but I think it is an amazingly comfortable gun to hold.

-Anodizing: The anodizing process WDP uses is flawless, rugged, and sexy. I wanted the fade, but settled with the Gloss Red, you can actually see yourself in it, its amazing.

-Speed: This gun shoots ropes, and very easily. In both the tournaments I went to I was called out to check for bounce and ramping and passed multiple times, the refs thought I had some kind of secret ramping mode, but the gun is perfectly legal. You have not to worry about bounce on the mag trigger because the board comes with TR adjustment along with mechanical debounce filtering.

-Accuracy: So far the consistency on my gun has been lower than what I would expect, I vary up to +- 8fps, which isn't bad, but I have seen better. Even with this the gun has absolutely no shoot down out of the box no matter how fast you shoot. Just make sure your air tank has a fast recharge rate, I am running a crossfire *note* It is RECOMMENDED that you use a low pressure tank of no higher than 450psi, but you can run a high pressure.

-Barrel: For the price that you pay for this marker I would expect a better barrel to come stock. That being said, the barrel is very accurate, the only issue is that it has a relatively small bore size, so if you plan on shooting crap for paint the bore is most likely going to be too large for the barrel and you will break every ball that you shoot.

-Feedneck: The feedneck is sub par, it is rather high and I still had to sand down my Halo to get it to fit.

Conclusion: Here is the deal. I love this gun, and I have no regrets purchasing it in any way, the looks I get and the people who walk buy and you hear them talk behind your back "dude thats a sweet angel" make you feel good. The thing is, there is no real performance difference between say an Ego, Karnivor, DM5. These are all equally amazing guns in their own right and they all function on entirely different principles. I say go out, test fire them if you can, (I bought my angel blind, but I still believe I made the right decision) and whatever your decision is, go out and shoot kids who think their ION is better than your gun.

I give it a 9 out of 10
9 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 7:51 pm PST
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NJGoomba Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
3 months16 of 22 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Speed 05
Marker Setup: Angel G7 Fly
12" Dye Ultralight .689
Empire B
65 - 4500 Angel Air

My bank account
All tournament modes (set internally)
Dwell, De bounce, trigger offsets
Weaknesses: Price Tag..............................
My empty bank account
Review: Ok hears the deal. This is my first angel that I have owned. I had the pleasure of borrowing my friends angels from time to time. I knew I wanted and Angel. Hears the deal with the G7 fly.

First off Im a RETARD and even I was able to set the trigger the way I wanted and set up all the internal settings as well. All I needed to do was read the dang manual and make one call to a tech to explain one setting (MDB) which was not in the manual. It's true when they say this thing is idiot proof.

Ok well we all know angels in the past have been behind in the accuracy when it comes to other markers. Well all know accurately by volume right??? Well I have to say that I do believe WDP had closed the gap in this area. You will need a new barrel to match the paint. (Not too many out there yet - only DYE has one so far I believe) But I matched the barrel to the paint and you can tell the difference. If you get a good match the accuracy is up there with all the rest. Now combine that the the sheer volume of paint that the G7 fly can throw and you are set.

Im not going to say that there is 0 kick but damn the thing just sits still when you hammer on it.

Its light compared to other angels. I have a old ass Drop zone on it. Even with my heavy angel Air on it still feels very light and balanced.

Well I have only had it for 3 months so I cant tell you how consistent it is yet but from what I can see and what tech have been telling me its going to be consistent. Sorry I can't give you more but hey,,,,,,, It's too new to say.

My set up uses a Angel Air 68 4500.. I can got around 1400 with the stock barrel. Once I matched the paint and the barrel it went up to about 1600... Not bad and who really cares with fill stations so close these days..

Come On!!! Look at it. The first night I brought it home I made the wife sleep on the floor.

Conclusion: Well It's sweet. Is it the best out there? Its up there. I have not tryed everything so I really cant tell you. But I am a firm beleiver that the best gun out there is a marker set up just the way you like it. Ok Ok . This may be better than that...

Pssst.... I'll let you in on a little secret. ----------- It Rocks!

I'm going to give it a 9-10... the price drags it down.

9 out of 10
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paint_eater9 Sunday, October 16th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
6 months5 of 8 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
superhero angels
atomix angel
Marker Setup: custom Angel G7 fly (cronic green in color)
angel air
halo w/ rip + boost cpu
paint job done by custom paintz
none good the way it
Strengths: Speed
Extremely light
Efficient and accurate
Weaknesses: Very expensive
Review: ok this gun is quite a piece. and ill cut to thechase for a good quick review

-wighs a whole 2 ounces less
-shorter barrel
-debounce setting
-all modes for tournament play so just swich to what tournement your playing at such as nppl or whatever
-fancy snap setting (setting for how much reverse pull toward the frame you want)
-new milling that makes it look really nice.

-carries the same low pressue operation
-lpr with spring back assembly that allows it to have faster reaction times
-balanced exaust allowing it to hae 65% less opening force
-rotor breech for faster shooting
-milling allows for a more balanced feel instead of having a more back or top heavy feel
-lazer ball dents for reduced chopping
-rotorbreech for reduced kich and more gas efficient assembly + more range
Conclusion: after slamming 4000 rounds through it here are the results
-only 3 chops which is good out of 4000 rounds and i think it was because of some bad balls
-very fast and reliable a good TIP is to make shure the bolt is very lubed so it has a friction-less surface, the more lube the better but not too much because it might acually slow down the gun
-at great at 50 to 80 feet but more it is just a couple inches off
-a great gun for a pro or a intermediate
-very efficient 1500 shots out of a 72 4500 tank
-hefty price tag

-------------------------------------IN LOVING MEMORY OF DON, D--------------------------------------
------------------------------------- 10/30/72------------6/5/05----------------------------------
-----------------------------will always be remebered for being a great shot---------------------
10 out of 10
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asere2004 Sunday, October 9th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested2 of 6 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
DM4/5, Karni, Ego, Nerve, Speed, 4 Fly
Marker Setup: Red Smart Parts Nerve, Freak barrel, PMI 68/4500

I tested out an all black G7 Fly

Strengths: Fast, Accurate, LOOKS, efficient, and consistent
Weaknesses: None
Review: Today i had the privlege of testing out the new G7 Fly. Let me tell you that this is one of the most amazing guns I have ever had the pleasure of using.I was watching Team Rage and Demolition play and one of the guys from demolition let me try out his gun. Dude this Thing is FAST, and accurate as hell. Now i did recommend a barrel but thats only goes for this: If you have a good paint match, then the stock barrel is awesome, but i recommend you get a kit to compensate other sizes. It Looks so awesome, and very easy to work with, its idiot proof.
Conclusion: This is an awesome gun. It excels in all points, and all for a Excellent price. If you got the money, without a doubt, BUY IT!
10 out of 10
I found this review  
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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