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Smart Parts Blackheart Ion Board Reviews

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Smart Parts Blackheart Ion Board
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Number of Reviews: 42
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $125

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The New Ion Board
The new Ion Board from Smart Parts is a tournament level, upgrade circuit board with many new features. It gives you full operational control and a wider range of adjustment of your paintball marker. We have included a fully adjustable Rebound and NXL modes, a D-bounce adjustment, Bolt Stick Adjustment (BSA, to eliminate any first shot drop problems), kick in rate adjustment, sustaining rate adjustment, # of Shots to Kick In, and a short cut key for ROF. Also you will notice the addition of a new speaker to make the on/off and board-mode-adjustments more user-friendly as well as more identifiable.

Installation: Follow your Ion Owners Manual for instructions on removal of stock board and installation of the new board. It has been designed to fit in your Ion with no modifications. You must use the banjo fittings from your stock board assembly on the new upgrade board.

Operating Instructions:
1. After pressing and holding the on/off button for two seconds the board will chirp and turn on in its vision state of firing mode.
2. The on/off button can be used to switch back and forth from base mode to vision mode pressing the button quickly and observing the change in light pattern from a steady blink to an interrupted blinking light sequence.
3. You must unscrew rubber grip screws and open up your grip to access the mode button. By pressing this mode button (the button below the on/off button) once, the board will enter into the adjustment mode. The first thing you will see is a solid yellow light indicating you are in “Dwell Adjustment”. As you continue pressing the mode button, you will cycle through the modes which are each defined by a specific color and flash sequence (see chart A below).

Adjustment Color Codes (Chart A)

Modes Light Color Mode Button On/Off Button Range

Dwell Solid Yellow Down Up 1 to 89
ROF(Rate of Fire) Solid Red Up Down 1 to 91
Firing Modes Single Blink Yellow Down Up 1 to 4
Debounce Single Blink Red Down Up 1 to 25
BSA (bolt stick adjust) Double Blink Yellow Down Up 1 to 26
Kick In Rate Adjust Double Blink Red Down Up 3sps-10sps
Sustain Rate Adjust Fast Blink Yellow Down Up 3sps-10sps
# Of Shots to Enter Firing Mode Fast Blink Red Down Up 3 pulls-10 pulls
Short Cut Key * Yellow and Red Both Pressed Both
Pressed N/A

*Short Cut Key- When both buttons are depressed for 1 second, the red and yellow lights will stay on to identify that your fire rate has been set to 14.7 sps (shots per second)

4. While in any of these categories if you wait 4 seconds the speaker will chirp to identify what that range is set too. For example if it was in the dwell setting mode and the dwell was set to 30, after 4 seconds the speaker would chirp 30 times.
5. If you decide to leave the adjustment table without making any changes, simply pull and release the trigger one time, and the board will go back into its base (non vision) firing mode. ***Note that if there is air charged in the gun, it will not be able to fire while in adjustment mode. However, be careful because as soon as you release the trigger, you will be able to fire the gun***
6. If you decide to change one of the settings, while the board is in any of the categories listed above, pull and hold the trigger for 3 seconds, in which case the speaker will chirp 5 times (to let you know that you can make adjustments), and then while the trigger is still being held you can adjust a setting by pressing the mode button to adjust down or the on/off button to adjust up. While adjusting, the speaker will still make a high pitch chirp for each adjustment up and a low pitch chirp for each adjustment down.
7. As long as you hold the trigger, you can adjust the setting up or down. Once you have reached your desired setting, releasing the trigger will put the board back into base fire mode and save your new setting. The board will chirp a very fast beep when it can’t go any higher or lower in the adjustment mode.
8. To turn your marker off, simply press and hold on/off button until the board chirps (approximately 2 seconds) and the light ceases to blink.
Mode Descriptions:

• Dwell- This adjusts how long the bolt stays forward on each firing cycle. Too low of a dwell will not allow the marker to fire and if the dwell is set too high you will loose a lot of gas efficiency. Refer to your Ion manual on how to properly set your dwell.
• Rate of Fire (ROF) - This can also be labeled pause time because with every adjustment, you are increasing or decreasing the pause time between each shot. This is why this mode is the only mode where you press the “down” mode button to increase the setting. Adjusting up (increasing the pause between shots) will turn your ROF down and adjusting down (decreasing the pause between shots) will increase ROF.
• Firing Mode – There are 4 different modes that you can cycle through while in the Firing Mode adjustment stage. Here are the different modes and their descriptions:
 Semi-Auto- This mode is strictly semi-auto only. The kick in rate and sustain rate are not applicable in this mode. This mode would be the ideal setting if playing in the NPPL Super 7 or any other tournament which doesn’t allow any ramping software. NPPL IDEAL SETTING: Debounce-as low as you can get it without the gun shooting itself from the bounce of it firing. If you can pull the trigger slowly and if the gun kicks, causing it to fire more than one ball it, might be deemed illegal. ROF- 20/maxed
• Rebound- In this mode, when you pull the trigger a set amount of times, the gun will “kick in” into assisted-type of firing as long as you continue to pull the trigger a set amount of times per second. This is where you can use the kick in rate and the sustain rate. This is the best mode for the Millennium Series. MILLENNIUM SERIES IDEAL SETTING: Kick In Rate- 8, Sustain Rate- 8, ROF- 14.7
• NXL Full-Auto- The name is just what it suggests, it is full auto after you pull the trigger the set amount of times and then continue to hold the trigger. If you happen to release the trigger, you have just under one second to pull it again before you would have to pull it the set amount of times again. NXL IDEAL SETTING: Kick In Rate- 3, Sustain Rate- 1, ROF-14.7
• Tournament Rebound- This mode is best used in PSP’s X-ball divisional play. The rules are similar to the NXL except that you have to continue to pull the trigger at least 1 pull a second at all times. They do not allow complete full auto. This mode can be fully adjusted to comply with any league that allows ramping such as the PSP and the Millennium. TOURNAMENT REBOUND IDEAL SETTING: PSP: Kick In Rate- 3, Sustain Rate- 1, ROF- 14.7. Millennium: Kick In Rate- 8, Sustain Rate- 8, ROF- Check current Millennium Series rules.
• Debounce – This setting is best used with the normal semi-auto mode. The lower you set the debounce, the gun will feel like it shoots a lot smoother and easier. You have to be careful of rules and regulations because if you take the debounce too low, and you pull the trigger slowly, the kick of the gun might make it shoot more than one time. In many leagues and tournaments, that would be an illegal gun. Also, if you drop the debounce down all the way to 1, it will be in full auto which is not legal at many fields and tournaments.
• BSA (Bolt Stick Adjustment) - This mode is to help compensate for any first shot drop (when a guns first shot is very low in velocity compared to the shots following the first one) that you might be experiencing. After the gun sits for a period of time, the board will increase the dwell setting (amount depends on your current BSA setting) to alleviate any first shot drop. If you do not experience any, then, obviously you would be at the lowest setting within the BSA to avoid any hot gun penalties.
• Kick In Rate- This refers to the shots per second you must reach by pulling the trigger before the board will “kick in” to NXL Full Auto or Tournament Rebound. The higher the setting, the harder it will be to kick into either of the modes. The lower the setting, the easier it will be to kick in.
• Sustain Rate- This refers to the shots per second you must sustain by pulling the trigger to keep the board “kicked in” to NXL Full Auto or Tournament Rebound. The higher the setting, the faster you will have to pull the trigger to sustain the NXL Full Auto or the Tournament Rebound. The lower the setting, the slower you will have to pull the trigger to sustain the NXL Full Auto or the Tournament Rebound.
• # of Shots to enter Fire Mode- This mode adjusts how many shots are needed to be pulled in order for it to kick in to full auto or rebound modes. You can adjust it from 1 to 10 pulls to kick it in. This means that if it is set to 10, no matter what, you have to pull the trigger 10 times before it will ever kick in to its mode.
• Short Cut Key- This is actually not a mode but a handy feature on the new board. If you had been playing in different tournament series or messing around at your local field, and you had adjusted your rate of fire to something higher than the tournament legal 15 balls per second, all you have to do is hold the mode and on/off button together for one second, the board will chirp and both lights will stay on. This will put your rate of fire back to 14.7 balls per second. This can be convenient if you are in a hurry and/or don’t have the device handy that tells you your rate of fire. No one wants a major penalty right?
Product Availability 
The Smart Parts Blackheart Ion Board is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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gunninforu Monday, November 21st, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Stock board
Marker Setup: Black Ion
Red Q-lock
Red S-treme Trigger
Red Macroline
48/3000 tank
Black heart board
Strengths: Higher rate of fire
More modes to choose from
Tournament modes
customizable ramping
Weaknesses: Some say its hard to adjust settings but so far i've had no problem
Review: This board replaces everything inside the gun all the tubes the solenoid. Max rate of fire is 20 instead of 17. The black heart board has chirping sounds whenever its turned on or to check dwell or rate of fire it chirps how ever many times your gun is set to ex. 13 chirps your dwell is 13.
Conclusion: Its a great board if you don't want it for the higher rate of fire get it for the battery saving technology and the multi-settings and chirping
9 out of 10
I found this review  
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a031363 Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month27 of 28 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
stock board
Marker Setup: Custom Shelled Ion w/ Detonator Reg, QEV, VP Scythe Trigger, Q-Lock, SystemX Slider On/Off, Kila Detents, Scepter Barrel Kit, Z- Boarded Eggy, and Crossfire 70ci Peanut LP Tank w/ Dye 05 Cover.
Strengths: Faster than stock, multi-adjustable, includes new hoses and eye assembly, speaker
Weaknesses: Not as many preset modes as other soon-to-be-released boards
Review: The smallest positive is the 20bps ROF cap. What I mean by that is most people think the most important reason to buy an aftermarket board is to increase the ROF. Capable of ramping and firing 17bps, faster than any major tourney allows, faster than anyone can pull in semi, and faster than most loaders can consistently feed without modification, an Ion has a great stock board. What the Blackheart improves is the adjustability of the marker's settings, the audible notification of these adjustments (the speaker), new upgraded hoses, and inclusion of an extra eye harness and upper board. These are the benefits of this board.

You can get higher ROF and more preset firing modes with a different aftermarket board, once they are released. But these are not important to me and I'm not willing to pay the $30 premium for features I would not use. And, the coolest feature of the Blackheart is the speaker. Hearing a chirp when it is turned on or off and to indicate the current settings is a great benefit that has to be experienced to understand.
Conclusion: Only improvements that would have made it a 10 are:
more preset modes
uncapped ROF
I know that I do not need these, but if they were included, this would be the board to beat.
9 out of 10
I found this review  
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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