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Pursuit Combat Sytems (PCS) US-5 Electronic Reviews

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Pursuit Combat Sytems (PCS) US-5 Electronic
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Number of Reviews: 26
Average Rating: 8.8 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $200

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
10* bottom line and vertical mounting
standard inline bottom-line holes accept standard asa or drop forward
adjustable foregrip
pirahna style barrel threading
MP5 iron sights
flip down top tube for eay breech cleaning
side cocking
field strip pins allow use of AEC
Semi, 3shot burst, full auto
Product Availability 
The Pursuit Combat Sytems (PCS) US-5 Electronic is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Luistheguitaris Monday, April 24th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Tippmann 98 Custom- nice gun but pain in the ass to take apart.
Tippmann A-5- I think some of the parts used on this gun are manufactured by some of the same manufacturers as tippmann.
GameFace Recon- Fast reliable gun.
Marker Setup: PCS US-5 Electronic Gun with 2 piece All american Barrel, Custom Mag Kit, PCS SAW Stock(very comfortable stock by the way), Halo Backman Hopper, and a remote line.
Kingman Spyder Xtra- don't buy this, just get an imagine, its way faster and you can get them on action village for 65.00 dollars sometimes.
Definitely new barrel, maybe expansion chamber if you use co2 on gun, and a better bolt.
Strengths: Inexpensive
Decent rate of fire
Easy Trigger Swap
Weaknesses: Plastic Bolt
Stock barrel is pretty crappy
Review: All right now, I bought this gun about a month ago and I have gotten a lot of criticism from Tippmann owners already. Most have told me this gun sucks because it has no cyclone loader(and its not a tippmann). Who needs a cyclone loader if you buy a good electronic hopper, Cyclone loader can't be exchanged with other guns. The gun is very solid and hasn't given me any serious problems yet. However if you break a ball in the gun, your accuracy will suck ass until you open it up and clean it. The rate of fire is enough to scare most poeple into cover and a tippmann E-Grip only goes 2 balls per second faster.

The gun will accept any A-5 stock which is definitely a plus, and some A-5 magkits(as long as it can be bolted through the bottom of the gun, on the bolt that originally held the stock handle).

I played with this gun a weekend ago and most of the poeple we were playing with were sporting A-5s and 98s and such. It handled very well and I was hitting poeple from awesome distances with the full auto(I can't aim worth crap so I just unload on people when I get in range). Most of the Tippmann loyalists stop telling me crap about my gun after that game. In fact some them were asking me where to get one.

Conclusion: Overall this gun is great gun for the price. It has a decent rate of fire and can look pretty menacing with the right upgrades. If you want a higher rate of fire for a similar price range, you might want to look into the Kingman MR-2 Or the game face recon. Both of those guns have a milsim look with a good rate fire. Personally I love the way the US-5 looks and handles so I am giving it a 9 out of 10
9 out of 10
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carl_the_sniper Monday, March 27th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
couple pharanas, tippman 98 as rental guns
Marker Setup: Apex Barrel
9 oz Tank
Extreme rage hopper
pcs car stock
Hopper for sure
the new double trigger on their site
Strengths: Cheap
Easy to clean
Weaknesses: Electric hopper is necessary to use fully auto
Review: Wow this is truly an amazing gun. I had been playing paintball off and on (once every few months) for 3 years and i decided it was time to take it to the next step. So i went to my paintball store and asked the guy what i should buy. He showed me the a-5 and then this. A week later after researching it i went and bought it. I love it. I use fully auto all the time with a cheap $5 non electric hopper and i have never broken a ball. Even if you do though it is easy to clean. The semi auto is actually faster than the auto and the 3 round burst is devastating to anyone within range. the downside is it is spider threaded so you cant get the cool tippmann barrels. Some people complain about how there is no cyclone feed but you can just buy that separately.

-edit: ok on further review fully auto is very fast, as fast as you ever would need. i just thought it was slow because of my crappy hopper.

What pcs needs to do is release a line of performance upgrades. like a trigger speed upgrade, better bolt...

-edit july 4 2006: well if you dont know it allready a few days ago pcs released a double trigger on their site ( they also released a commando barrel and even cooler an m-16 barrel for the us-5. The stock barrel is decent but im getting an apex soon. i strongly suggest a new hopper if you ever plan to use full auto. in a few days maybe i will review this gun fully and redo review with mathematical crap like groupings and ball breaks per case of paintballs might even do video review with new camera.
-edit. sept 8 2006: - ok i have created a us-5 owner's group along with a friend.
if you have a us-5, want a us-5, or just want to discuss the us-5 please join.
Conclusion: Amazing gun good for woodsball pretty accurate but get new barrel.
9 out of 10Last edited on Friday, September 29th, 2006 at 3:00 pm PST
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War3245 Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months9 of 9 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Spyder Rodeo, Tippmann A5
Marker Setup: MacDev reg, 16" progressive barrel, 20oz tank, Ricochete AK, rail offset with red dot scope, JCS RVA w/ combat folding stock
A Good Regulator
A Rear Velocity Adjuster
A Barrel Upgrade
A Electronic Hopper to Keep up w/ E trigger
Strengths: Fast Rate of Fire
Lots of Upgrades
Weaknesses: Cant Accept All A5 upgrades
Cant Field Stip easily

Review: I finally got to field test the gun in the first scenario of the year.
Gun performed to standard. I never had 1 chopped ball.
Make sure you buy a good brand of paint. This gun does shoot hard.
The RVA was a great add on and so was the reg. It made the gun perform even better.
The quick rate of fire change button worked fantastic. It came in very handy on several occasions when changing from assault to sniping I could quickly change from single to full auto.

Update: Make sure the paint you buy is a good or decent brand. I had alot of trouble with origin paint.
Conclusion: Great gun
I think PMI has a winner with its first scenario maker.
You can get most all the perks of the A5 without the money.

If you dont believe me check out some of the other reviews.
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, April 27th, 2006 at 7:02 am PST
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ykwak Saturday, March 4th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
3 months53 of 54 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A-5, Flatline Barrel, Low-Pressure Chamber, E-Trigger, and Response Trigger setups. - You can't really compare them!! The Tippmann A-5, in my opinion, is in a Different class...why? Because it is more expensive, and has a cyclone feed.
Marker Setup: Tippmann SL-68 II w/ Sniper Barrel, Red Dot
PMI PCS US-5, Apex Barrel, Tippman A-5 Expansion Chamber Kit
New Barrel - A MUST! Get rid of the Stock ASAP
Faster Hopper (Ricochet AK or Faster)
New Bolt when available - The stock bolt is plastic...and if you chop a ball on the paint, you're accuracy SUCKS until cleaned.
Red Dot Sight - Remove Iron Sights
Remove the Circular Crown in front of the rear sight...this is paintball, and a range
adjustment knob is pointless LOL...also, it just blocks the view
Strengths: Look In Review
Weaknesses: Key Weakness - Chop a Ball, and you MUST disassemble to clean
Look In Review
Review: Being an avid WoodsBaller, i was becoming tired of being Underpowered. So, i went to look for a Tippmann A-5 with flatline.
Well, after doing some research, i noticed that PMI PCS had introducted the US-5.

Yeh Yeh, many say "Tippmann A-5 copy" but so what?

It's a MUCH cheaper gun and has good accuracy, distance, and velocity with a BT Apex Barrel.

Great with a Progressive Barrel or J&J Ceramic

More Stated BELOW
Conclusion: [STRENGTHS]

- Very Sturdy Construction
= this thing is built solid...I feel that it will last quite a while
= the basic build is a 2 piece frame casing which encases ALL the internals
= the trigger assembly is within its OWN housing, and so you dont have to worry
about those tiny trigger springs and parts going everywhere... : )

- Excellent Customer support (thanks brian)
= the one thing about PMI that i really respect is their warranty service

- Easy to switch from Mechanical to Electrical
= you only need to remove 2 allen bolts, and either "clip" slides into the handle can easily change to a mechanical trigger if your battery dies OR if it
starts to rain...unlike on Spyder Imagines or high end electronics

- Electronic Trigger is VERY easy to operate.
= although its not Programmable, it is GOOD for the money.
= you get semi-auto, three round burst, and full auto at the touch of a button

- Feed Neck flips down
= this makes it MUCH easter to squeegee because the feed neck can actually be
moved out of the way since it is on a hinge.
= Even Better, You can KEEP the hopper ON the gun and simply unlatch the
Feed Neck, and swing the Feed Neck and Hopper down, so that the paintballs
dont fall out when cleaning the gun while upright

- Reliable thus far (this will be updated as necessary)
= only 2 recocks needed during a 5 hour scenario, and primarily due to broken paint
shells which got caught behind the bolt and powertube area, causing excess
friction (Do Not Use a Non-Motorized Hopper if shooting full auto...durrr lol)

- SPYDER THREADS and Possible Change of Threading
= just about every barrel is offered in spyder threading, and if it is offered in spyder
threading, it can be used on this gun...unlike Tippmanns
= if you currently have a spyder, you can switch barrels between guns - SWEET
= The BT Apex barrel is Phenominal thus far
EDIT: Got rid of the APEX barrel...not very useful in speedball. Upgraded to a 14in J&J

- Apprently CHANGEABLE Barrel Threading
= the barrel threading is actually set by a REMOVABLE cylindrical piece that is fitted
into the gun - Called a Thread Adapter

- Trigger Assembly is ENCASED in its OWN casing, away from the other internals
= When opening the gun for stripping, you DONT have to worry about trigger
components flying everywhere. The springs, etc are all encased in a small case
WITHIN the gun

- Very Simple layout and Design
= Removable Iron Sights, Removable Front Grip, Simple Layout, ONLY 1 Spring-
loaded component to worry about when field stripping, and this is the Rear Spring,
which is Very easily removed via 2 clips

- Shoots Hard...this means use Good balls. Nothing too brittle (ie Big Balls)


- cannot increase the ROF on the e-trigger

- Stock Barrel is terrible, and the inside is not honed very well...MUST REPLACE

- Gas Efficiency with CO2 is SUBPAR...HPA works MUCH better
= I suggest a decent expansion chamber, and removal of the front grip

- DO NOT field strip this in the woods...UNLESS you have a reliable area that will not
hide any pieces. Also, it has Many Screws to Undo
= since all the internals are held together by 2 casing plates, opening the gun in
conjunction with clumsiness can result in spilling many of the parts.

- The bolt does NOT SIMPLY come out - Bad if you need to clean the bolt during a game
= you must OPEN the Entire Marker Casing to clean the bolt, striker, etc...
= Not as easy as a spyder, but not as many SURPRISES to worry about either
EDIT: If you chop paint, you MUST clean the bolt. It will NOT fire accurately if there is paint on the bolt. That's right, you have to disassemble the WHOLE marker and clean the bolt. --- I cant wait for a NEW Anti-Chop bolt ---


I bought this gun with much skepticism and feable amounts of hope...I really just
wanted to give PMI a chance...and try it out.

First thing I noticed was that the gun is JAM PACKED with Features...for a modest price. For Under $170 in some places, you can get an AUTOMATIC that has more features than a spyder imagine. (I picked it up for $130 shipped off ebay)

Also, ALL MAINTENANCE for the gun can be accomplished with ONLY 4 tools.

1) Phillips Screw Driver
2) Pball Gun Oil
3) Allen Wrench
4) smaller Allen Wrench
allen wrenches are provided, and the screw driver is simply for opening up the
trigger casing - on the rare occasions which would force you to

[WARNING] Do NOT do maintenance if you lack some mechanical skill. Putting the gun back together can be rather frustrating without a 3rd hand if you are new to such endeavors.
But, after stripping the gun a couple times, just about ANYONE can get it down pat.
(i.e. marines and army guys can strip an m-16 with eyes closed..with enough practice)

- Field Test: 5 hr scenario.

I went through about a 1/2 case of paint during a scenario match.
Combined with an APEX barrel, the gun was holding up VERY WELL against Tippmann A-5's with Flatline Barrels. Although I received a few chuckels and unkind gestures from some Tippmann Lovers, they had to admit that this gun was shooting at a good speed with its e-trigger WITHOUT having to spend more than $200!

Overall, the gun performs well. And I MEAN it. I am naturally a Tippmann Fan, but i am NOT displeased by PMI PCS's introduction scenario marker. Yes, it is somewhat unoriginal, but they make up for such transgressions with Excellent Customer Service, a CHEAP Automatic, Easy to Maintain gun, and other useful features.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET A TIPPMANN 98 Custom or A-5 with Flatline / E-Trigger, just take into consideration a PCS US-5 electronic. So far, I am impressed, and can outshoot quite a few tippy owners. With a BT Apex Barrel, you can be shooting on par with most Flatline setups, and with a Faster Hopper like a Ricochet AK, you will hold up great as long as your skill is up to par.

Basically, Buy this gun OVER a Tippmann A-5 if you want to have an AUTOMATIC and FLATLINE-TYPE setup for UNDER $300. (by purchasing the BT Apex Barrel)

FOR NOW, i give this marker a 10 rating...why? Because it has so much potential...lets give PMI PCS some time, and see what goodies they release for it...programmable trigger? Lighter hammer? Lighter, metal internals? hmmm.
Just added a Universal Expansion Chamber, 3 stage Kit.

I refuse to go HPA LOL!!! thats right...i only refuse because i got the x-chamber for so cheap. Anyhow, most Tippmann A-5 External Upgrades and Standard Fitting upgrades will fit onto the PCS US-5
The x-chamber works great. Consistency has improved a fairly noticeable amount, and i no longer have serious worries of freezing snow flakes getting into the gun's internals. Also, I have seen about 20 to 30 shots more on avg on a 9 oz.

EDIT: April, 10, 2006

Been playing with it every weekend at local fields.
Well, the Apex barrel is NOT meant for speed ball. So, I sold it and got a J&J, which works VERY well on this gun.

One thing that is bugging me real bad so far...if you chop paint on the bolt, you are going to shoot like crap until you disassemble the whole thing and clean the bolt.
I HOPE there will be an Anti-Chop bolt for this gun soon.

Took the x-chamber off and changed over to HPA. With a replacement spring, my velocity was very stable.

After a few months of play, i still love this gun...even with some of the headaches...I guess I learned to AVOID chopping a ball very well with this gun : p
9 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, April 11th, 2006 at 9:48 pm PST
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DragonReborn Saturday, December 17th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested7 of 11 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Tippman 98'- not as good, mabe just cus its mech
A5- Cyclone feed is hard to been but other then that its just as good.
Marker Setup: Spyder Pilot-stock
VL Revolution hopper
PE 20oz CO2
Overlord sidearm
repsonce trigger
electro hopper- revy is fast enough, halo is uneessisary but hey it looks cool
*q loader
Strengths: Fast (for a tippnman copy)
light (again reletive)
nice sight
spyder threaded (usefull)
Weaknesses: Meh, i didnt use it enough, it didnt seem to have any obvius weaknesses
Review: so i swiched gunes with this kid at a local field for a day and heres what i though
Fast- compared to a 98' this thing is realy quite fast, it kinda kept up with me, i only jammed it once. (i can walk my duble trigger spyder at like 17 when i throw a halo on it, the acs is nice) But when i got up to like 14bps is jammed, no prob i filed stripped and cleaned it in game. accuracy was nice, even with a spyder stock barrel (lol) . It had nice groupings. Nice on gas, better then any spyder ive ever used, very efficent. It was not overly buly, if i owned the gun i might have slapped a qloader on it, might. Also a remote would be nice to make it farley concealable.
Conclusion: if u want a cheap scenario gun go with this, its better then the 98' and the VJ tac, if you dont care about looks as much, then a spyder may be moore suitable, especialy if you like speed ball. Its a great gun, i enjoyed playing with it, way more then i liked my Pilot beofre i got the ACS.
9 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, December 17th, 2005 at 7:43 pm PST
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Ionsuxors Sunday, December 4th, 2005
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested9 of 93 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Model 98
Model 98 Custom
Marker Setup: Shocker with TonTon gripframe
Strengths: Looks like a Tippmann so some people might be tricked into buying it.
Weaknesses: Its not a Tippmann!!! Go buy the original!
Review: This gun needs to offer something Tippmann doesn't:

You can't add eyes.
You can't add grips.
You can't make it vertical feed.
You can't make it compact.
You can't add the cool military barrels because its Spyder threaded.
You can't add a double trigger becaue the Tippmann one doesn't fit.
It is the slowest electronic gun on the market.

It doesn't come with Tippmanns durability, warranty or customer service.

This one did not work in mechanical mode because the trigger would get stuck in the back position.
Conclusion: Go buy the original, buy a Tippmann. Or save a couple more dollars and buy an Ion.
1 out of 10
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