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First Endeavor Paintball The Quest Reviews

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First Endeavor Paintball The Quest
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Number of Reviews: 43
Average Rating: 9.6 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $400

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Quest Paintball Marker comes fully stocked with a host of features. Designed with the player in mind, its’ sleek compact appearance is not only aesthetically appealing, but functional as well. The Slider Frame offers 2 positions for the player to choose from, a forward set of frame holes for the front player in mind or a further back set for all the back players out there. The trigger guard is enlarged to fit any sized hands on the triggers sweet spot. The Spot Trigger comes fully adjustable and equipped with bearings and a magnetic return. Both dually needed because at a blazing fast 23bps speed and with a 1500 rd capability (68/4500), The Quest will outshoot and outlast the competition.

For the tournament player at heart it comes cocker threaded, so no need to cart around another set of barrels, integrated snatch grip for the long walks from the pits to the field, and a trigger programmable board including NXL, PSP, and standard semi-auto modes. Together with a clamping feedneck and break beam anti-chop eyes The Quest is capable of fitting a variety of loaders and shooting paint break free.

With its simplistic 2-piece internal Bolt/Pin combo, maintenance and repair are a breeze. No more putting bolts back together backwards, or inserting a cup seal wrong. A quick wipe down and re-grease and your back on the field shootin fools all day long. Also included in the package is FEP’s 007 2-piece barrel boasting a 7” control bore.

With a combination of The Quest & 007 barrel, accuracy and consistency excel above all others!


Operation ~ Electro-Pneumatic
Power ~ 9V Battery
Length ~ 9.8” w/o Barrel - 21"" Overall
Height ~ 7.5”
Width ~ 1.2”
Weight ~ 1lb 14oz w/o Barrel - 2lb 3oz w/ Barrel
Max Rate of Fire ~ 23+ bps
Modes of Fire ~ Semi-Auto, PSP, NXL
Eye Sensor ~ Break-Beam Anti-Chop Eyes
Propellant ~ Compressed Air/Nitrogen Only
Operating Pressure ~ 220 psi
Cycling Pressure ~ 85 psi
Efficiency ~ 1500rds per 68/4500 Fill
Barrel Threads ~ Cocker
Barrel ~ 14” 0.691 2-Piece w/ 7” Control-Bore
Product Availability 
The First Endeavor Paintball The Quest is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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fepkidz Monday, December 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3 of 5 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
uhh ion dm6 shocker most timmys pm5 pm6 dm5
Marker Setup: i have a quest with dye throttle halo b cp on off and dynasty rail

smart parts ion with aim body kit freak kit ultralite qev lightning bolt cp reg dye sticky gripz hybrid clamp blackheart newdesignz trigger
none it is absouluetly perfect
Strengths: Fast small light accurate the whole shabang!!
Weaknesses: Only the nipple on reg but its not bothersome
Review: omg where do i begin the speed?the accuracy?the weight?the body omg so much to tell!!!!!!

SPEED: ok the gun comes with a 23 bps cap... who needs more then that!!!it rips so easy i was shooting heads and bringing down lanes with this baby. omg the trigger so perfect. i was keeping a consitant blazing speed with it all game long and my fingers were not stiff from bad angles trying to find the speet spot i loved it.

accuracy:as good as a cocker. unfortunately i did not do any crazy tests where from 70 yards away and stuff but on the field that was my test it shoots heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it i broke one ball the entire day but only because my on off valve was not screwde all the way so it shot four wen i screwed it bak in. but even without a squeewgie after that it shot awesome.

weight: lightest gun ever.
it balances perfect in ur hands and makes u feel like ur holding a newborn baby but lighter lol.the frame is awesome it has simple milling but i dont like it when they spend most of the guns worth to make it look like a model. when i put my tank and air on both full it felt like my ion with a empty hopper and no tank........what more can i say???

the barrel is cocker threaded and the board with a 7 inch bak so if u fall and screw up your front part of ur barrel u can still keep playing with just losing some distance the board.comes stock with nxl semi and psp and more with too many options too say

Conclusion: I think that this gun is worth the money and better then anything youll find out right now.
greatest find youll get for the holidays.
10 out of 10
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ghost271 Saturday, December 17th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month40 of 42 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
04 Immortal Viking - Quest is lighter, thinner, smaller, quieter and I can shoot faster with it for some reason.
DM4/5/C - The Quest has a smaller proflie and is MUCH lighter. I love the DM design and function as well as their lack of kick. Now if you can believe it, the Quest has even LESS kick !
Egos -The Quest is about the same height but lighter and has far less kick than the Ego.
Marker Setup: Blue Quest (in the pics)
CP On/Off
16" Stiffi Switch Kit and Freak
68/45 Legionnaire
Maybe a differant reg. The stock reg has the input nipple placed high on the reg.
Strengths: Light
NO kick !
Weaknesses: The reg (but thats miniscule. You don't notice it after awhile)
Review: I am going to basically 'cut-and-paste' the review I did on PBNation . If anyone has questions, feel free to ask them here or on the Nation.
I'm not going to expand on the finer points ovenmitt made already . He did a great review.

"Ok. I ended up getting the marker a day earlier than expected. I also brought two of my friends along to get their first impressions.

Opened the box and was amazed by the great anno job. Absolutely flawless.
Unfortunatley we changed our team jerseys next year to Blk/Red. But I digress.
The milling as well is flawless and even. Both inside and out. I handed it immediatley to my buddy Wayne and the first words out of his mouth were," Man this thing is light!" My buddy Dave and I both had to agree. Easiest the lightest I have personally felt, so it lives up to that 'hype'.

The first thing I didn't like and noticed right away was the high placement of the air input nipple on the HPR . It sits right where your thumb and index finger meet. It shouldn't be a problem cause I was thinking of putting a black 2Litre on it later to accent the gun. However after a few minutes of holding the gun, it didn't seem to bother me at all.
So when I got home the first thing I did was put my 68/45 Legionnaire tank on as well as my 16" Stiffi barrel. The thing balances on one finger just like in Ovenmitts pic. Amazing !
Next I turn on the air and marker and turn the eyes off. Sweet sassy molassy !!! This thing rips fast quick streams without me having a chance to get used to the trigger or do any adjustments. In all honesty I'm not the fastest on triggers, but this thing was really easy. I mean REALLY easy.

Another thing was that although I was only shooting air; there was no kick. None. Zilch, Nodda, Zip. Nothing !!!
If you couldn't hear the air coming out of the barrel, you would think that you were just playing around with the trigger without a tank hooked up. Even the Dms that I've shot you can feel some semblence of kick.
After I shot a 1000psi out of my tank I decided to take out the bolt. I had to laugh and my first thought was, " Thats it? " I looked inside to make sure....Yup. Thats it. 2 pieces. Stunning to say the least and no inner O-rings like the Dye guns. I just laughed and screwed the bolt back in. I would like to see Hybrid make a Bolt Guide as an add-on so you wouldn't need the allen key but thats a non-issue.

Final words for today are this -


Everything that this company has said is not blown out of proportion. The previous reviews have been completely true and honest. Everybody has their doubts, but after today I am a convert . So far it looks like my beloved Immortal will be spending a lot more time in my gear bag. Sorry to say but it's true. I will also be going down to get my business license so that I will be able to distribute this marker to my teammates and others in my area. I have NO DOUBT in my mind that once people see these guns for themselves, word is going to spread and FEP is going to have a hard time keeping up with production. "

*Edit* Second part of review.

I went to the field yesterday and the weather was clear but cold. Below freezing for sure. There was a thick frost covering everything and was perfect to put the gun through some tests that most people will never play in.
If I HAD to play in this weather, I'd use my pump gun. Not a semi, for the fear of major choppage at high speeds. Keep in mind, that there are not going to be any tournaments held outside in below freezing conditions. As I stated earlier there were some issues.

The 'issues' I had were really not the guns fault. Keep in mind that this is -1 to -3*C weather. I had eight or more people at the field dry fire a tanks worth of air ( 68/45 ), to the point where the barrel was frozen. When we aired it up again, the bolt wouldn't cycle. I figured that the cold had hardned the lube up, so I wiped the bolt down and improvised a bit. I used a few drops of AKA lube and a bit of Matrix lube to make a thinner lubricant for the O-rings. Put the bolt back in and she hummed. We walked to the chrono, did some tests, and then let everybody else fire. 840 shots later with semi auto as well as uncapped NXL ramping used, and not a barrel break.
I had to relube the bolt two more times because we fired another 4000 rounds through it.
The next 'problem' I encountered was not the guns fault either. My buddy had dropped a bag of paint and it wasn't until after the fact that we realized a broken ball had made it into the loader. The broken paint had blocked the eyes on the Halo, which led to a breech break. I actually changed the Halo batteries thinking they were dead, instead the eyes were blocked.
The final 'problem' was this. I had been keeping all the paint in the cab of the truck, however our last 500 I had forgotten on the ground at the chrono station for about 45 minutes. But regardless I put them in the hopper to test it.
The barrels (stock, ultralight, and stiffi) were not as big bore as I would have liked them to be ( 691, 692) in conditions like this and the barrel breaks were plenty with this batch of 'frozen' paint. Notice I said [B][I][U]barrel[/U][/I][/B] not breach. The only other breach break was when I had forgotten the Halo was almost empty and didn't have enough pressure on the stack in the feedneck.

The gun fired like a champ all day.

The chrono readings with the stock barrel were very good considering that the reg isn't broken in yet. Readings were 282,284,283,291,285,283,287, 284. The occasional jump of +7 to +9 were noticed, but thats to be expected with a new reg. So in all fairness the reg was very impressivley consistant for being brand new.

I had noticed that while shooting no paint that there is no kick.However after shooting paint through it, that it is comparable to that of my friends DM4. I imagine that once the regs are broken in, that you could lower the LPR and reduce that even further. A good sign.
The accuracy with the stock barrrel was ball on ball all day. Even with the barrel breaks, they seemed to clean themselves out after a few shots, then it was ball on ball once again.

Conclusion: I've been playing PB for 16 years now. I've shot almost every gun that has hit the market, and this is the best I have seen. FEP has essentially taken the best features of the high end tourney guns and put them into one Ultimate marker.
If you can buy only one gun; buy this.

The Quest gets a perfect 10.
FEP went on a quest to design the perfect marker, and they have done it.
If you have no money; sell the markers you have right now and buy this. You will not regrett it.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, December 18th, 2005 at 12:00 pm PST
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ovenmitt Sunday, December 11th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month23 of 26 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Spool Valve guns
Marker Setup: Quest, 68/4500 and some bonebrake goodies inside, alot of gats, im a gun whore
barrel, stock one is a little small bore
Strengths: Everything, small, light, fast, efficient and accurate. cant ask for more.
Weaknesses: Nothing I can think of.
Review: The Quest Review

ok I got this machine gun yesterday and it is the best gun ive shot.

Dimensions of the Killer

Front to back, from lpr tip to back of bolt guide- 10 inchs
Height, from bottom cp reg to top of clamping feed neck-7 3/4 inch
Weight, with out cp reg or cp 2 piece barrel, cp rail and on/off- 1.3 pounds,
2.1 with everything

Shooting of the gun

When I got the gun I didn't beleave it would actually get 1500 shots out of box, So i aired it up at work, got a case of chronic 420, the brittlest paintball i could find, Note I live in Salem, OR and its 28 degrees out. I shoot 3 bags and a hopper from my case off one fill. And not a single break of paint

The Actual feel- the gun is so comfy that its just hard to describe, The shot of the gun is so nice, the kick is next to nothing, I have a dmc, dynasty shocker and a dark timmy and it blows em all out of the water for kick. The gun is so low profile that it just is hard not to want one, It has the same feel as a shocker, But is a half inch skinier. Very very ballanced gun when fully set up.

The Accuracy- With the 007 barrel that it comes with it is great, only if ur using a ball say the size of .685 but i through my 16 inch cp 2 piece on it and I did some testing, at 30 feet it would shoot a target 10 out of 10 times, the target was a 1 ft by 1 ft square, and 50 feet it hit 8 out of 10,
75 feet 7 out of 10. not to bad

The efficiency- Right out of box, greased it with slick honey- around 1640 shots with paintballs- me hard in pants about that

Style- The actual milling in the gun is so basic, but i love it because im not a huge fan of guns with flames and fireworks on my gun. The anno is tought as nails, its a type two anno that comes in red, blue or black. Or if you have connections, comes in custom anno

Out of box upgrades- Out of the box the gun comes standard with everthing good that you would buy in the industry.

1. Comes with Magnetic roller bearing trigger that has the same style as the critical for a dm
2. 5mm timmy style break beam eyes
3. CCM style clamping midrise
4. LPR integrated in the reg adapter
5. Snatch grip milled into frame
6. DM5/C ball detents
7. WDP skin grips, so comfy
8. Cocker Threaded barrel
9. DM style 14 way noid, reliable and very very fast
10. The board is smaller then a dm board and it uses dm chips boner, the chip it comes with it a Tadao M5 style chip, every blinky light out there bright enough to land a plane, but comes with PSP full Auto, PSP Ramp, Nppl Semi capped, Nppl Semi uncapped, CFOA, uncapped ramp and more.
11. Trigger gaurd is huge, If you had summer sausages for fingers you could still shoot.

Price- The MSRP for the Quest is between 950-1000 depending on where you snag one from. I suggest getting one.

The over all points I give this gun on a 1-10 scale is deffinatly a 10, the gun is retard proof to use, The design is fool proof, The feel of is better then all, Ive owned 82 guns in 2 years, And this tops em all. If anyone needs questions answers, ill be in this threads full filling the needs. Hope this helps out people. Ill do some more tests and some HE mods for it here soon

and for all you folks out there who keep hearing about the myth of "its design is capped at 19", Its bull *****, even the 23 is bull, this gun is fast, very fast.
Conclusion: Perfect 10
10 out of 10
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