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Smart Parts Dynasty NXT Shocker Reviews

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Smart Parts Dynasty NXT Shocker
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Number of Reviews: 93
Average Rating: 9.2 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $700

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The new Shocker NXT builds on world-class tournament proven performance of the Shocker SFT with new features designed hand in hand with Smart Parts sponsored teams and professional players.

Few names are associated with as many paintball tournament wins as that of the Shocker. Through the Shocker 4x4, Turbo and SFT some of the best players in the world have stood on the awards podium with a Shocker by their side. With the advent of the Shocker SFT the Shocker took on a whole new look with a sleek, compact and lightweight design that delivered jaw dropping rates of fire. Now the Shocker NXT takes the name one step further.
Built on Shocker SFT technology the new Shocker NXT incorporates features that were developed and tested on custom markers built for Smart Parts sponsored teams.

* Break Beam Vision - The latest and most reliable anti-chop Vision technology is fully incorporated into the Shocker NXT body with no external wires or wire covers running from the grip to the eyes.

* Integrated Air Rail - Loose the drop forward and even the rail adapter. The integrated rail system allows 3/8" inch dovetail air system accessories to mount directly to the grip frame, or use traditional inline mounting screws.

* Rail Mounted on/off ASA - Positive air system control means longer o-ring and solenoid life. The easy to clean and rebuild design means a lifetime of reliable operation.

* Feature Packed Grip Frame - A built in snatch grip and expanded trigger guard with huge finger space are complimented by threaded lock pins which make the trigger, circuit board and on/off button easier to change yet more secure. Recessed frame screws disappear into the grip frame for a cleaner look.

* New Regulator - The new Shocker NXT regulator offers increased flow rate for maximum velocity stability.

* Sculpted, Rebuild-able Ball Detent Assemblies - Left and right spring loaded ball detent assemblies are multi-axis CNC machined to integrate seamlessly into the body

Smart Parts NXT Shocker Features:

New look with multi-axis milling
Break-beam Vision
Stronger feedneck threading
Impulse/Ion barrel threading
Integrated air system rail
Increased vertical regulator flow rate and consistency
High Efficiency Bolt/Valve assembly
Integrated, removable snatch grip
Four point, externally adjustable trigger
Threaded trigger and circuit board mount pins
Forward offset vertical regulator mount
Trigger guard with increased fingerspace
Sculpted plunger style dual ball detent assemblies
Harder anodized finish
Backwards compatibility
Threaded Trigger and Board Pins for easy installation
Newly designed feedneck for added strength
Smart Parts On/Off ASA

The last feature on the list should be one of the most prominent. Shocker NXT main assemblies are backwards compatible, providing an upgrade path for Shocker NXT owners instead of obsolescence. Providing continued value to our customers is natural, because we believe that Equipment Counts.

2009 update: Qlock and tournament modes included standard.
Product Availability 
The Smart Parts Dynasty NXT Shocker is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Megadestructo Saturday, October 7th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month78 of 91 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
05 Vision Shocker - I like the NXT better
Marker Setup: Dye UL'd DM5 (red/black fade)
07 NXT Shocker (Dust Silver)
Dye Throttle 45/45
Redz Pepper Stix
Halo B w/Suicide Shell
New on/off ASA - I'm a fan of the Dye Airports
Lucky Un1tec barrels
Q-lock feedneck
Evil NXT Trigger
Strengths: -Speed
-Aesthetics (I think this thing looks freakin' awesome)
Weaknesses: -O-ring feedneck
-ASA (see review)
Review: So, I got mine last night. Had to wait at UPS to pick up for almost two hours but I finally got it. Brought to the field today and, of course, got all the "Ooohs!" and "Aaahs!" - first NXT to show up.

Gassed it up, jammed on the Halo, and started ripping people with it. Overall first impressions were very good and I definitely think it's a great marker. I've never owned a Shocker before (though I have played with my friend's 05 Vision) and I'm glad I have it.

Efficiency is what you expect from the stock HE bolt - pretty good but not great. But with all-day air on most fields now, it shouldn't be an issue, really. It also felt very well balanced and whipping it around the field was a breeze. The built in snatch-grip is cool if you like that sort of thing and the reg-design was very comfortable.

I also thought the larger trigger-guard was much needed. I've got big, monkey hands and this worked out well for me. This also placed the reg in a position. One of the most comfortable markers I've held.

But I have a few problems that everyone should know about - and perhaps they're just my personal preference so take everything with a grain of salt:

1) The feedneck sucks. I hate having to jam my Halo in crazy. Once in, it holds it well and it won't move. But taking it out is a sonofab*tch. Can't wait for a clamping feedneck to come out (anyone know anything about that btw?)

2) The ASA is not my favorite. I have a Dye Throttle 45/45 that has served me very well. But after the first few games, as soon as I screw in the tank a bit (I had to take it off to clean it), air started pouring out of the little hole on the bottom of the adapter. Only putting in another o-ring inside the ASA and then screwing the tank in fixed it, abeit temporarily.

I tried one of the field's rental tanks and that worked just fine. But then I tried my tank in my DM5, in some kid's 05 Shocker, and in an Ion - no problems whatsoever. Could be I have a bum ASA. Either way, that's getting replaced really soon.

3) Trigger. It felt nice and after getting a bit used to it, I could walk it fairly easily. But the adjustments feel very subtle - cranking it out didn't make the trigger feel any different, nor did it's placement move too much. However, it started to stick and I had to really JAM on the trigger to get the marker to fire. Put it back the way it was and it was still acting up a bit.

10/11/06 EDIT: Okay, took the whole trigger out and noticed that the spring was way too far out, causing it to catch on the inside - most likely my own fault. I tightened it back in and re-set the trigger and now it works like a dream!

4) While I think the design is sick, I noticed some obvious milling marks here and there (most notably around the screws). Nothing major (no burrs), but it's a minor annoyance. Also, a few angles around the frame are kinda sharp.

I chalk it up to me getting acquainted with it. I bet I'll have it all set and ready to go next time - but it was a bit annoying. Both my old NME and my UL'd DM5 were a breeze to set up and I had them at their sweet spot in under 10 minutes. I may look into getting another trigger when aftermarket ones start coming out.

So there you have it. When it worked, it worked like a charm. But I got fed up a bit trying to adjust and fix and work with some of these problems and ended up using my DM5 for the rest of the day. I figure it's a new marker and it just takes some getting used to.

10/11/06 EDIT: I gassed it up again and noticed that the reg's recharge as way off. I could fire off about 4-5 shots and I would watch the gauge go down to zero, preventing me from continuing. I waited 2 seconds and it was back up to full again. A quick clean and relube of the reg and the bolt fixed that right away. So, as a suggestion, check those out before going out to play with your shiny new toy. Again, works like a charm now.

10/13/06 EDIT: I AM A MORON. I replaced the stock grips with Hybrid grips and, having never owned a Shocker before, was surprised and dismayed to find out the solenoid board is right where the grip-screws go in. The stock grips are thick enough to prevent damage but not so with the Hybrid ones. So yeah, being an ignorant tool, I screwed them in too far and crushed a bit of the board. Luckily, it's still covered under warranty (there must be a dumb-a$$ clause for fools like me) and one quick phone call is all it took to send it in for repair.

The lesson? If you get aftermarket grips (and who wouldn't? the stock ones are thick and fugly), use an o-ring to space out the screws. Stupid design by Smart Parts, don't get me wrong. But 100% my fault.

10/21/06 EDIT: I am just not having any luck with this marker. I got it back from SP on Thursday (10/19) and brought it to the field today. Problem one? My Dye Airport is effed up. Had to switch out the one I had on my DM5. Problem two? The reg was pressurizing up to 260psi, making me shoot around 340fps! Trying to turn the nut that adjusts velocity didn't work great because it was stuck! Twisting it started unthreading the freakin' reg! It certainly wasn't like that when I sent it to them.

But...after one of the refs was able to help me hold onto the reg while I adjusted the nut we got it working. Brought it back down to just under 200psi and shooting 280fps +/-4 (not bad for a marker that has only had about 600 shots through it). After that, it worked and played beautifully.

It's been a freakin' adventure getting this thing up and running. But it seems I just tend to have bad luck with this sort of stuff. Anyway, used it all day today without any further problems and I cannot stress how awesome this marker is. Accurate, light, fast, and quiet. Coupled with my SS Freak and it's beautiful as well. I'll only update this review again if something major happens to it. Thanks for reading everyone.

12/28/06 EDIT: I have a Q-lock on there now as well as the new NoX board (unleashed) and NoX bolt as used by the Portland Naughty Dogs. It has even less kick than previously (which is an amazing feat) and the number of modes on the board is staggering. I have an Evil NXT trigger on the way as well as the wave design suits my fingers more. This has overtaken my UL'd DM5 as my main marker of choice - high praise indeed!
Conclusion: In no way am I disappointed with it and I bet all you old Shocker owners will have it dancing and singing within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. Not having owned a previous Shocker, I have no idea if you should upgrade or not. But if you've never owned one, the NXT Shocker definitely gets you a lot of marker for the price.

1 Point deducted for feedneck, ASA, and various tiny milling flaws. And a little extra cash can fix these easily. 1 point deducted because I don't give out 10s (nothing is perfect).
8 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, December 28th, 2006 at 10:40 am PST
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melvindoo Saturday, October 7th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month23 of 31 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Shocker SFT/ Dynasty Shocker/ Dynasty Ion
Marker Setup: Red NxT/Empire B (Red)/45/4500/Freak Kit
Q-Lock/Hybrid Lady Grips/Shocker Roller Trigger
*Note: I (HEARD) shocker parts can be put on this marker but i am not totally sure*... Freak kit would be nice, Q-lock feed, mayb a CP reg
Strengths: Extremely fast
Extremely accurate
Extremely light
Pretty darn reliable
Pretty Efficient
Weaknesses: So far I see no weaknesses on this marker, except, * see review to find out*
Review: Ok, when I got to my local paintball field i saw a ref messing around in the range with the new shipment of NXT Shockers and guess what i said,OMFG let me play with one. Being the nice guy the owner is he let me use one for the day ( but of course with a price lol). Anyway I grabbed it from him and said " this feels different from the SFT...which BTW is pretty obvious. Smartparts kinda redid the design but i personally like it. The new design feels nice in your hands and feels great when sustaining high rates of fire. Well anyway lets to get the testing. Moving on we started off the day with speedball. All i have to say is OMG. Off the break bam got someone(yea its pretty accurate), advancing on got more, and laid down some insane cover(yea its fast to). With a 45/4500 i got over 4 pods and a hopper before having to refill which isn't to bad. What really impressed me was that its light enough for a front man but fast enough for a back man, and me being a mid player i felt it was just the perfect balance.But, there was something i did notice. In MY OPINION/Experience so far with this gun I see it does not like the cold weather and you might have to play with your board to get it shooting properly or just invest in a CP reg.Well by the end of the day my mind was set i was getting one of these bad boys(for the uber price of $700+). All i have to say to my SFT is say hi to Ebay lol.
Conclusion: If your thinking of getting serious into the sport of paintball and getting a high end gun that rips out of the box you cant go wrong with this marker. Its overwhelmingly fast,accurate,light I mean what else is there. Overall a great gun and i can see it proving its worth with players all over.

Smartparts outdid themselves yet again by introducing a new edition to the Shocker family and making another great marker...10/10

10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, January 27th, 2007 at 7:11 pm PST
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Jenou Monday, October 2nd, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month2 of 35 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
shocker SFT
Marker Setup: stock NXT
Gotta go with a freak kit.
Strengths: accurate. This gun shoots darts.
Nice and fast.
Weaknesses: Looks like an Ion.
Bigger surface area than 06 shocker.
No drop forward.
Review: Okay. When I first held the shocker NXT I thought. Hmmm. This gun feels...odd. The SFT shocker had that nice...shocker-y feeling to it. The reg on the NXT is similar to the one on the RL, but it feels wierd.

Also, it looks like an Ion. People who hate ions owners will throw rocks at you.

Up sides:

-accurate as hell.
-Faster than 06
-Vision is better. they worked out the bugs big time.
Conclusion: I like the NXT, its fast and accurate, but I think that just to up the shocker's stats a bit, and by 'a bit', I mean not as much, they ultimately sacrificed the traditional shocker feel. That drops it's score.
7 out of 10
I found this review  
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