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Tiberius Arms T-9 Elite Rifle Reviews

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Tiberius Arms T-9 Elite Rifle
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Number of Reviews: 26
Average Rating: 9.2 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $300

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Magazine + Hopper Fed
Converts from Rifle to Pistol in Seconds!
Built-In Regulator
Straight Rifling
Designed & Builit in the USA

Quick Facts: The Tiberius Arms T9 Rifle Runs on 12gm CO2 or Remote Air Line with attachment accessory (included) - Tiberius Arms T9 is convertible from magazine to hopper operation with attachment accessory (included) - Tiberius T9 is convertible from Sniper Rifle to Pistol, in seconds! - Not backward or forward compatible with TAC8 Pistol
Product Availability 
The Tiberius Arms T-9 Elite Rifle is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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harman2003 Monday, March 10th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 9 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Autococker Trilogy Comp with CP reg and on/off bottom line
Autococker Trilogy Pro with PMP Pump Conversion
Invert Mini (stock)
Redz pepper sticks for both markers
Tibeirus T9 Elite
A ventilated barrel. The entire industry uses two-piece barrels with a larger bore plus ventilation on the second half of the barrel - I think the mock silencer should be ventilated at the very least to keep noise down.
Strengths: Modular.
Full kit in the box.
Cool clip-fed design.
Weaknesses: Constant air adapter doesn't fit standard hoses.
Terrible manual.
Review: Got my T9 delivered to my door, and could not wait to take it out of the box.
Out of the box:
I spent a couple of hours taking everything out, putting it together, changing it around, etc. Everything fit together well, and the only piece that seemed weak was a metal sleeve inside the front grip that fell out when I pulled the front grip off the marker. Seems like it was glued in there and just came out.
First impression:
Solid. The pistol is heavy, and requires large hands to hold comfortably. The clip is mostly made ofcast aluminium, and is solid (and heavy). The pistol body is milled aluminum, with the bottom half made of some sort of tough polymer. The accessories are all made from the same high-density polymer. Everything fits tightly, except the stock is a little loose. The Stock Tension Adjustment screws do nothing.
First problem:
I tried connecting the remote hose to the marker, and it would not latch on. I looked at the air feed nipple and compared it to the one on my compressed air tank, and the Tiberius nipple is about a millimeter longer on the thick part. I emailed Tiberius, and they got back to me very quickly, saying yup, the air adaptor is ehhn. They offered to send me one that was filed down, but I declined. I used my Dremel to shave off a millimeter on the length, and my remote hose finally went on ok, no leaks.
First shots:
I brought it to the local indoor and tried it out. The gun shot about 200fps with remote air on it, so I cranked it up. The regulator's velocity screw requires about a half turn per 10 FPS increase, so I dialed and dialed and dialed until it was shooting 279-282 - very consistent. I was careful to fire a few shots between adjustments as the regulator apparently takes that long to register a velocity change. The relief valve started hissing somewhere during all of that, so I turned it about half a turn clockwise and it stopped.
Actual shooting:
I took it to the indoor shooting area and set up some cans to shoot at. I had the red dot on the gun. I was not able to adjust the red dot as the marker kept breaking balls every 10 shots or so with direct feed. That long barrel is some work to clean out, let me tell you. The gun was also very loud. The balls were just blowing apart in the barrel, so I suspected maybe the gun was spiking the balls too hard. I went back to the chrony and... BEEEEEEP! 325 FPS. Apparently it takes more than 2-3 shots for the gun to register the proper velocity. I dialed it back down to 280-ish, and really whacked off a lot of rounds to make sure, and all was good (I fired off another 500 or so afterwards and broke none. The paint was three month-old White Box - fairly crappy stuff).
The Red Dot
I went back to the shooting area, set up the cans, and got to work setting up the Red Dot. After about 50 shots, I had it set so I could hit a pop can with pretty much the first shot at about 75 feet. So it's accurate.
The other stuff
I did not try the flashlight, but I did give the laser a run-through. I bolted it onto the top of the shroud in pistol mode, and set up a bunch of cans at short range (lasers are useless beyond 20 feet or so in normal lighting. They are only there to make rapid target acquisition). It worked fine, allowing me to rapidly hit the cans, and follow them as they bounced downrange. Cool. The laser was a little off to the left, and is not adjustable. You can't use lasers in games with humans anyway, so I'll use it for for plinking only. I figure if I rotate the laser so that the dot is "down" instead of the the left, it'll even help with longer ranged shooting.
My other markers
I took out my other markers to compare accuracy...
My Autococker with Redz Pepper Sticks was just as accurate... but without the ability to aim (no sight mounting, and vertical feed), I could not hit a can with the first shot. But I could hit it with the second shot as I walked it in. And so much quieter.
My Invert Mini with Redz Pepper Sticks was nearly as accurate... but it took a little longer to walk the shots on as I'm still new to this tiny marker. But in full rock n'n roll, after 200 rounds in 10 seconds or so, the can was gone, so I must have hit it somewhere during that burst of fire.
So it's not intrinsically more accurate than other markers - and let's face it... with a clean barrel and consistent velocity, all markers are accurate at 75 feet. We'll see how it does in the field this spring.

Update March 17, 2008
I took the Tibby to the indoor for a few hours of Pump Class play. Under the rules, I was allowed to use a semi as long as it was a pistol, and had no more than 10 rounds of magazine size. So the basic T9, clip-fed, with red dot sight and remote air was fine. I only have one clip, so I filled one of my pockets with paintballs for some rapid manual reloading on the course.

The PSI Indoor here in Ottawa is not huge - maybe 100 feet long and 75 wide, with carpeting and inflatable obstacles. I started off trying to aim with the red dot sight, and tried to make accurate single shots... that didn't work at all. Even though I have big hands, the T9 is too big and heavy, and the trigger pull too long, to shoot accurately with the red dot sight if there is nothing to lean up against.

After a couple of frustrating games, I changed tactics. First, I removed the riser and sight, and suddenly the T9 was lighter and less top-heavy. Then, as the next game began, I blasted off all 8+1 rounds, got cover, reloaded, and worked with three shot bursts, which netted me some kills. I also played more aggrssively, not trying for long shots. As long as I was not the only guy left on my team, I was able to reload in safety, dropping one round into the chamber before pushing in the 8 round clip for a total of 9 shots between reloads.

I fired off about 3-4 clips per game (except those games where I got taken out early), got kills, and broke no balls. I fired off about 250 rounds or so over maybe ten short games. The other players were impressed, if not by the accuracy (they all had seriously nice pump markers - Phantoms, Snipers and Pump Cockers), but by the cool factor and rate of fire of the T9.

It was about as accurate as any handgun can be expected to be, and I have ordered the bottom rail for the pistol so I can put the front grip on it in pistol mode - this will help control fire over distance, I think.

Update (May 2008)
I used the T9 Elite in an outdoor setting.
First game, I set it up with the front shroud, all of the barrel extensions, the mock silencer, stock and direct feed with a Vieloader Revvy. I didn't use the red dot sight as I didn't want to miss any games to set it up. I chronied in, and noted again that it takes a lot of turns to crank it up (last time I played was indoors, so it was set to about 250) - I brought it up to about 280 for outdoor play. It also takes 5-6 shots before changes in velocity stabilize after a velocity change.
I fired off a whole hopper at the range to get a feel, and broke one ball in the barrel - ugh. Paint was XO Bronze - fairly decent stuff, but very small.

I took the marker into a game, and compared to my Invert mini (which I used the game before), this thing was HEAVY. We were playing on a hilly, wooded field with a creek in the middle and lots of high ground to shoot from. So I went up there and waited for some fools to cross the creek. Shouldering the marker, the high stock wasn't terribly comfortable, and loader kept getting in my face (I shoot lefty) - so I extended the stock to the max, and that helped some. The marker shot well, and I was able to place my balls fairly accurately into some guys hiding behind lots of cover. No eliminations, but an interesting game.

After the game, I went back to the stagin area and changed the marker's setup. I took off the front shroud, screwed on the picatinny adapter to the bottom of the pistol, and attached the front grip. I screwed on the front muzzle brake to the short barrel (the brake and the picatinny adapter don't come with the Elite, but I ordered them separately), and took the stock off. Presto, a small SMG-like marker.

I re-chronied, and there was no change in the velocity even with the much shorter barrel. I took the marker into a couple of games, and did well. I went through about 250 rounds per game, broke no balls, shot some people, and the marker was very easy to handle with the foregrip attached directly to the pistol. In this case, having the tank on my back was a plus. I still found the loader hitting me in the face when I brought the marker up, due to the breech being so far back.

So far so good, but note that I still don't find it any more accurate than any other marker I've used with a decent barrel.

Update (September 2008)
Played in a pick-up game with a bunch of fairly experienced players, mostly shooting very fast mid-to-high-end electros with powerful loaders. Last game of the day, I decided to take out the Tibby and become a Paintball Sniper. I put on all of the accessories except for the flashlight and the laser, and took the heavy beast to the Skid Row field, which is a short, narrow field with lots of huts and skids for cover. I went through about four pods, tried to use the red dot sight and bipod, and generally acted like an arse. The marker shot straight, broke one ball (argh), and I made a couple of kills with the red dot sight. Marker worked fine otherwise. I had to mount my Egg loader backwards on the marker because it sticks out too far in the back, so reloading was interesting with the marker pointing at me to get access to the feed lid.

To be continued...
Conclusion: Cool gun. Lots of stuff in the box. Solidly made. A little over-complicated in the design of the trigger assembly, but necessary given that the trigger has to go around the clip's ball feed to actuate the valve.
If you can afford it, and you're not using CO2 on a remote... go for it. I say this because the design of the relief valve shows that CO2 spikes, like what you get from hose setups, will cause the valve to blow open every time CO2 goes into a mist in the hose - which ought to happen every play day right after lunch. Just get compressed air.

I'm giving it an 8 because the air adaptor is obviously not right, and because the manual is horrible. Otherwise, it would be a 9. If you`re a die-hard Milsim player, you might give it a 10.
8 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 at 12:23 pm PST
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woodsballer95 Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month10 of 11 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
JT Tac-5 - Not as good (my Tac-5 was very good keep in mind, it was massively modded).
SP-8 - Apples and oranges, but all and all I like them both the same.
Marker Setup: Tiberius T9
Homemade silencer
Swat Force Red Dot (in rifle setup)
- More mags
-Mock silencer (this gun has killer looks to it, and the mock silencer is a wicked finishing touch)
-Tiberius pressure laser (if you've got cash to burn and you want your T9 to look badass)
-No bulky hopper or tank
-VERY maneuverable
-Pistol and rifle all in one
Weaknesses: -Picky on paint so far
-Limited paintball capacity (not for everyone)

Review: **Augest 14/2007**

I got this marker yesterday, and am so far very impressed. Its initial impression was very good, you can tell its a solid, well built marker. Fits well in your hand (the grip is kind of large, but it was still very comfortable -and I don't have large hands or anything). It was kind of complex to get going, but once I figured everything out it was pretty simple.

I did get a chance to test it, however it wasn't really a good test since the velocity was set much to high. I was using 2 week old marbs during the test and was breaking about 1 every clip (most likely due to the velocity). I should mention here that it doesn't clean itself out to well after breaks either. It takes about 5-6 or sometimes even 7-8 shots to start shooting straight again. It is also a bit of a pain when it breaks paint, because it gets all over inside the gun and the mag.

One of the best aspects of this marker I found (for me at least) was how lefty-friendly it is. In fact, I think its probably better for lefty's. The mag release is on the left side, so when you finish a clip you only have to move your trigger finger about 2cm back, tap the release, snag the clip and reload. VERY fast. I tried with my right hand and actually found that its more awkward if anything.

This marker is also very ergonomic. It shoots exactly where you want it to naturally. Just point and pull.

Going from pistol to rifle is VERY easy, takes under 30 seconds no problem. I should also mention that I (personally) like the pistol form much better, same performance and half the size. You may want to consider trying out a T9 before purchase to see if you just want a Tib-8 instead. If you plan on playing just with clips, it might be a better option.

Will update later, hopefully I'll be able to play with it this weekend.

**August 19/2007**

Played my first game of paintball with this marker and I am VERY impressed.

Consistency: I went to the chrono first thing in the morning, and I shot 270, 275, 273, 270, 274. It shoots +/- 5 fps. And thats before really breaking in the reg. This gun has seen under 1000 rounds for sure, probably even under 500. I can only expect its consistency to get better.

Accuracy: This thing is a nail driver matched up with the right paint! DEAD ON all day. I was using marbellizers btw.

Chops: I had very few chops all day, and the few chops I did have I suspect may have been from turning the barrel and shearing the paintball inside. The one big problem I did have with chops is that to shoot straight afterwards, you need to shoot at least 3-4 shots. If your playing with clips, that means if you break a shot about half of your clip is pretty much wasted :- /

Paint Capacity: Unfortunately, I forgot one of my mags at home. And since I only had two to begin with, that really sucked. Even then, playing pistol with only one mag the whole day I still didn't really have to much of a problem, just take your shots, duck into cover, and reload. In fact, its probably a good idea to play with only one mag for a few games. It makes you become quite fast at reloading :)

There are a couple other things I should note:
1. MAKE SURE YOU ARE GOING TO USE THE RIFLE CAPABILITIES OF THIS GUN BEFORE PURCHASING. There isn't really and performance difference between the rifle and pistol mode, so I pretty much play exclusively pistol. I could've gotten a Tac-8 and been just as happy.

2. BE CAREFUL WITH THE BARREL. At one point during the day, I was down behind a bunker watching our teams left flank. Sure enough, I saw a group of 4 guys coming down the side trying to flank us. I had a PERFECT shot on them, they were all looking away from my position, and were COMPLETELY in the open to me. So I pop up from behind the bunker to take them out, only to see my barrel go flying ahead in front of me and landing in front of the bunker about 5 feet out! I'm not entirely sure what happened, but it seems that at some point I must've managed to twist the barrel, and then when I was popping up I bumped the end of the barrel on the bunker, which pressed it against the spring inside and sent it flying once I brought my gun up.

EDIT: One last thing thats awesome about this marker: Even the hardcore speedballers pretty much thought it was the poop (swear filter). Walking onto the field with just a pistol with a silencer on it pretty much makes you feel like the most BAMF ever. Everyone will be asking to check out you marker, you can count on that.
Conclusion: Its a great gun, espescially for leftys. Any left-handed scenario or woodsballer should seriously look into getting this gun (Im stressing the lefty thing so much because its often a pain for lefty's finding a marker without a stupid right-hand feed).

The only reason I'm giving it an 8 for now is because of the paint-chopping issues, once I get my gun chroned and play with it this weekend I'll update with how it performed.

EDIT: Upped to a 9 after a day of play. This thing is amazing, I went toe to toe with several speedballers during the course of the day who were spewing 15bps my way and still managed to hold my own with only 1 clip! Accuracy > Quantity :D
9 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, August 19th, 2007 at 3:14 pm PST
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Kuyanator Thursday, June 7th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months14 of 16 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Rap4 METS (0.43 Calibre paintball / Magazine fed)
Marker Setup: Tiberius Arms T9 Covert
-Tri Rail Scope (20mm rail)
-Simmons 1X30mm Red Dot Sight (top of Tri Rail Scope)
-Walther Flash Light (w/ pressure trigger)

Ariakon ACP 2.0
-Out of Box
Large Optics (Red Dot / Hologram 30mm +)
-It's that accurate

Tri Rail Scope
-Read Review

Q Loader
-Tiberius Mod soon to come
Strengths: Versatile
Left Handed Friendly
Weaknesses: Tricky inital setup (relief valve / velocity)
Review: I came about the TA T9 when I was in search of a south paw (left hand) friendly marker. Most markers that fit my mil sim / woodsball gaming have the hopper on the right side directly in my field of view. I never got accommodated to the hopper in my line of site even if it was on top. I hoped for a magazine fed marker, but ones I found where not readily supported at my local pro shops. I had to settle for the RAP4s, but was limited to small fields that occasionally allowed me to bring the 0.43 caliber paint.

Then I saw the T9. Mag fed, accurate, customizable, and mean looking as all hell. The price ($400 = Covert) made me cringe, but when I received the package... the price was fully justified.

8 Shots is all you get, unless you add a hopper, which you can, but defeats the whole left handed thing. I play scenarios that last 20 minutes with 4 mags (32 shots) and a secondary ACP with 3 mags (30 shots). 62 shots is enough for me to not only survive, but be a formidable force on the field. Sure I can't spray and pray, but when you get used to taking your time to aim, 62 is all you need.

Which brings me to my first point... if you're used to double trigger, 200+ round hopper, CO2 tank, spray and pray play, then this is not the marker for you. You are limited to 8 shots a mag (soon to be more from what I am told with extended mags). You have to take your time, pick your shots and aim. Which IMHO, is more realistic and true to scenario games.

Out of the box and in it's base pistol mode, this bad boy is more accurate than my ACP hands down. Turn it into a rifle, then you have yourself a true sniper marker. Now I've read and been told that with the barrel extension, accuracy is sacrificed for appearance. I find that to be false, at least in my case. True that when sighted my red dot in pistol mode and used in rifle, that it was way off, but you have to keep in mind that now you're adding an extra 12+ inches to your trajectory, when re-sighted, I had consistent hits from 20 yards with Nightmare PB.

I use a double stack of optics. On the riser rail, I have a 3X20 tri rail scope I picked up on eBay. The tri rail is important b/c then you can add the 1X30 Red Dot sight right on top of it. This is particularly useful in mil sim / scenario games. If your role is a sniper, you use the scope with magnification, but when the proverbial poo hits the fan, you can use the red dot sight in CQB without changing optics.

The only draw back is the initial set up. This is partly my fault for failing to COMPLETELY read the manual. There is a relief valve that needs to be adjusted for the first time prior to your first shotand any subsequent use there after. This valve blows off excess pressure to match the velocity you set it for. Failing to do so, like I did, results in one massive shot... ONE. That initial shot was so powerful, it shot the hammer o ring right off it's groove. After a quick call to friendly and helpful techs at Tiberius, I was back on my way to sniping fun.

Q Loader is suppose to come out with a Tiberius specific mod. As of this review, I have not seen it yet. But when it is released, your limited ammo problem will be resolved. Add a tank to replace the 12g cartriges and you are good to go. According to Tiberius themselves, they are in the process of researching an extended mag. I think it will only add 2 or 3 more shots, but like I said, 8 is good for me.
Conclusion: Bottom line: if you are a left handed (or right) shooter who takes time to aim, needs accuracy, has $400 to blow, and wants something that draws more attention then celebrities in skirts getting into her car, then the T9 is the marker for you.
10 out of 10
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The-Freak Saturday, May 26th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month4 of 7 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Piranha EVO with a Freak Jr barrel & VLocity Selectforce Viewloader. I'm currently running a 20oz CO2 w/ remote but I'm just about to get a HPA.
Tiberius Arms t9 elite.
maybe a better red-dot scope. HPA.
Strengths: ACCURATE!!!!!
Pistol (still accurate) & rifle (REALLY accurate)
well made.
amazing looking!
Weaknesses: Kinda a gas hog. Really hard to clean out breaks. Expensive (but worth every penny)
Review: My Tiberius T9 Elite came in yesterday and I spent the better part of 2 hours and a whole case of paint getting it working right ( but that's probably because I had no idea what I was doing :P. I had to set the fps right and since I have no way of telling what fps I'm shooting, it was very hard. Luckily the gun kinda tells you where it should be set, because when it's shooting to slow the balls hardly get out of the gun, and when it's to fast the curve and go flying in all directions. Once I got it set right I almost wet myself! I was able to hit a pop can from 70ft in 1 shot ( very rarely 2 shots). So today I had a woodsball game to go to with about 12 people playing. last time we held one of these I got 1 kill for 3 hours of play and 1000 rounds of paint (but also never got hit mind you). Today however, in 4 hours I got 10 kills and used about 250 rounds of paint! For the last game I set the gun up as a pistol with just the mock suppresser, a remote line, 1 pod, and a remote CO2 line. I was blown away. With such a light non-bulky weapon I was able to move silently and quickly. I got 4 kills just that match and used about 50 rounds of paint. Having to reload the clip after every 8 shots didn't bug me at all! I simply came up and killed someone the ran away, reloaded, and came back and killed someone else, and ran away.........etc. PLUS I was using paint that was $30 a case and had only 1 break :D. I will update this review after I have been using it for longer.
Conclusion: I give this marker a well deserved 10 out of 10 and it takes a lot for me to give out a 10 ^_^. The guy who wrote one of the reviews before me said it best. "You have the option to buy one or get hit by one"
10 out of 10
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victory99999999 Friday, May 18th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month9 of 9 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
tippmanns: 98c a5 and x7
Marker Setup: T9 elite (minus flashlight and laser, pointless where i play)
Triumph ssl-200 (looks sweet on gun)
none really available
Strengths: See review
Weaknesses: See review
Review: My new t-9 came in just recently. It makes a really good impression when in it comes in a nice case packed with egg-crate material so you know its safe when its not in use. So i pulled it out and was able to assemble the marker quite easily. If you have trouble the manual is pretty straightforward. The only problem with the manual is the diagrams at the back which required some pondering on my part. Assembled it looks sweet, the pictures don't do it justice.

So far i've only used it with those Velcro target ball boards. It was very accurate and was able to hit where i wanted to with the pistol or the rifle. I plan to update this portion when i have a chance to test it more thoroughly. The only very minor issue i have is the fact that my old hopper didn't fit the feedneck adaptor(crappy blue grav fed anyway that looked like crap on gun), so i bought a triumph ssl-200, it looks great with gun and come with adjustable oring neck so was a ble to fit very snug. The feel is very good you just have to make sure everything is tight, like grip shroud and stock.

Some people complain about this marker being loud. It is loud, but its not that big of a deal. It really is a pretty intimidating sound. i dunno, the loudness doesn't bother me because if someone heard me, their likely already eliminated with the accuracy of this marker.

Love the versatility of this marker.

Price is a little steep but i plan to use it for a years to come so meh, not a big deal.


I got to use it in a game finally... IT WAS SICK

i saw someone, it shot them, all i had to do was pull the trigger and point it.
I was very impressed with the accuracy and feel of the marker, it worked awesome.

My favorite ways to use it are as the full rifle or as long barreled pistol.
i used the pistol for a speedball match against speedballers and won so u can keep up fine with that type of match

some quick stats, I fired 700 rounds of cheap recball paint (SPANK), only used one fill on a 16 ounce co2 tank, and broke zero balls.

Its worth buying without all that just ot hear the comments about it, its especially fun to scare the crap out of noobs

NOTE when cleaning the barrel, i use a straight shot swab. when cleaning it, i take out the ball detents, be wary not to forget them out . you will be firing two three ball at a time innacurately (obviously)
Conclusion: Love the versitlity of this marker. Love the look of the marker. Love the accuracy.
That's my opinion.
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, June 21st, 2007 at 4:31 pm PST
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Flatline1287 Sunday, April 15th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months7 of 13 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
A-5 with a flatline and response trigger
A-5 with 14 inch progressive barrel
X-7 with 16 inch JJ ceramic
98 custom with 20 inch progressive
NXT Shocker
SP8 with 19 silenced barrel
Marker Setup: A-5 with flatline, response trigger, remote line.
T-9 Elite
X-7 with 16 in JJ ceramic and remote line
remote line, better hopper(explained in review), more clips
Pistol and Rifle in one
Easy change from pistol to rifle
Weaknesses: Confusing manual
barrel size
Review: I just got my T-9 about a month ago. It took a while to build the first time because of the confusing manual but now i can build it in about a minute. This is the most accurate marker i have ever shot. The hopper that i got with it was a little small for the feed neck and would fall off while running so i would recomend a bigger hopper. The T9 is very accurate even at long distances at about 100 feet i can keep all the balls within 4-7 inches of eachother. The T-9s barrel has a huge bore size and i havent found any paint that fits it yet i am currently using bronze X-ball and it is still pretty accurate but i have heard it is more accurate with marbalizer so i am hoping to try that one day if anyone knows some really large bore sized paintballs please tell
Conclusion: This is a perfect marker for anyone who wants a great paintball sniper rifle
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at 11:04 pm PST
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Hatcheda Thursday, April 12th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month10 of 10 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
A-5 with Flatline (Although nothing is really in the T9 class when you consider the conversion options from pistol to rifle.)
Marker Setup: Tiberius T-9 Covert with BSA Red Dot.
Custom Qloader with DIRECT Connect to port and RIS quick attach/detach
Apex barrel system on custom shaved and ported T9 Barrel. (Yes it is awesome!)
3x Mags
Designing kit plans for Full Auto option now.
Extra Barrel extention for use with silencer or extending apex

Mags, Red Dot, remote. (Apex and Qloader if you can do custom work)
Strengths: A highly accurate, self contained, two-in-one marker!
Weaknesses: Mag prices are absurd.
Review: I now own a work of art!

I have taken the stock barrel extention and shaved a ring one inch from the tip to replicate the standard groved barrel the apex mounts on. Although I can still use the silencer after unscrewing the apex, I decided that I would just pick up a new barrel for 20 from Tiberius for the silencer. Now I have an apex that is exactly the way they would have built it for the Tiberius. -Plus I don't have to use an adapter. (They fall off anyway)

I have created a custom mount that allows a direct feed from a qloader to the chamber port. It can be removed or added in less than 30 seconds without tools! The looks are killer and the positoning couldn't be better. I bet you, hands down, its ten times the design you will get from qloader in a few weeks.

My last project is to make it full auto. I currently have two plans , Electric (Possible, but not likely.) and Response. The response would be easier and I came up with a viable solution yesterday.

As for the rifle, After adding everything above, you know what thought comes to my mind?

This marker ROCKS all by itself!

Why would you want a qloader that comes off in 30 sec?

Because you have the only marker that can become a pistol!
-Not to mention all mid setup options! like robocop!

Because it doesn't take a hundred balls to get the job done!
-This thing is accurate! With a just couple extra mags, you can own the field!

I will post pictures tonight!
Conclusion: The Tiberius T9 was a 10 before I touched it! Don't belive what others say about not having alot of options! This thing is all about options!

You have the option to buy one, or to get hit by one!
10 out of 10
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slingshot66 Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested4 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tiberius T-8
Marker Setup: A5
Empire Barrel Kit
Ops Gear SR 9 Barrel Shroud
Ops Gear A5 Long Wire Stock
M 16 Clip
45mm Red Dot
BT Fixed Rail Sight
Q-Loader W/5 Pods
Hpa Tank

Tiberius Tac 8 W/ Holster and 5 Clips
None Yet.
Strengths: Very Accurate.
Weaknesses: No E-Trigger yet.
Review: I've only tested the T-9. But I have owned a T-8 for a while now. Its the same marker only in a rifle format.

Out of the box. I put a red dot on it. And at 50 feet I can put one ball on top of another.
This was with 12 gram co2s. This weekend I will try HPA and a remote. I will update after a full days use.


Today I got a chance to hook up a remote with CO2. I set it to 270 fps.
I fired 40 rounds at 50 ft. Easily all went in a 3 inch circle.
I then went back to 100ft. And sighted in the red dot.
At 100 ft you can see that paint makes a big differance. I was using Impact from Wal-mart. I had left curves and right curves. But the ones that went straight all pretty much hit in the area of a paper plate.
This marker out preforms my A-5 when it comes to keeping a tight pattern. And I use a barrel kit with the A-5.
Once I buy some Quilty paint I will retest for group sizes at 50 75 and 100 feet.

I'll hopefully update soon with Quilty paint and Hpa

This marker has a great feel and a natural aim to it. But with a 40 round hopper I have to shake it if I fire fast.

Also there isn't that much of a drop off between 50 and 100 feet. I would say around 6 inches. Sighted at 100 feet you are 6 inches high at fifty. Which is pretty sweet for woodsball.

This is one sweet looking marker. All acc. sent with the marker are top quality as expected from Tiberius.

I know alot of you complain of the price. But I have found Tiberius to be worth every penny.

Thanks Tiberius for one Great Marker. I would say if you were going to snipe. This marker is as close as you can get to a sniper weapon. Although you wont get any more range you will get a tighter pattern.


I finaly got to play a game with HPA. I didn't get time to test the grouping, just got to play.
I played about 4 or 5 games with the T-9 and let me say I was very Impressed. Place the red dot over the target , Hold it to the height for the range your shooting and bam there out. This thing shoots where you aim it. With good paint it is a shooter.
Conclusion: This thing seems to be a nail driver.
Well worth the price.
Great for shooting Beer cans at Fifty feet.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 at 6:31 pm PST
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eseekford Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month19 of 25 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A-5, Smart parts SP-8, Tippmann 98
Marker Setup: T-9 ranger (no extras)
coiled remote
72/3000 PSI
Tac8 Pistol
Spare mags
More mags
large bore pull thru swab
Large bore paint .689-.691
Strengths: Accurate
Mil-Sim look
Weaknesses: Requires large bore paint (expensive)
Review: If your a seasoned or new player to the scenario style of paintball this is the marker for you! This thing is very well made (hand assembled) and very very accurate. They designed this marker for the new player (hopper fed/remote) or the seasoned vet/sniper (mag fed) without buying anything else but a hopper of your choice. After my first outting with this marker it was time to break it down and clean it. I had breaks, but they were my own fault, see why below. This marker was NOT hard to take down, and one opened revealed a all aluminum construction. I only saw 2 plastic pieces.. the grip frame which is very rugged, and the trigger. The valve and spring assembly may be a bit hard to take apart, but you DON'T have to take this apart to clean the marker. This only needs opened if you need to replace parts on it, and I doubt that would be any time soon. All in all, this is a very well constructed marker.

I added two things to the weaknesses that can be avoided easily. I did not select new paint for this marker on my first outing with it, but used paint that I still had for my A-5. The paint I had was only one week old (Xball bronze) and chopped like crazy in this marker. The reason for this was that the paint was .687 bore and the barrel was .691 bore. I only add this into my review because I don't want someone to buy this marker and write a horrible review due to not matching the paint to the bore. I have also read reviews that this marker is hard to break down and clean. I do not find this to be the case after you have done it a few times. I actually find it easier to break down then my Tippmann A-5 and i can do it quicker. I have also read reviews saying that the ball breaks are hard to clean. This is also not true. Take out the barrel and swab it, then run a dry swab thru the magazine entry and thru the upper receiver. That's it! This marker is indeed loud, but it is a MIL-SIM marker, and not that much louder then most stock barrels.

Tiberius Arms Recommends Marballizer paint!
Conclusion: The best thing about this marker is Tiberius itself. If you have any problems the guys in the customer service dept, and in the tech support dept answer the phone quickly and know what they are talking about.
This marker is at the top of the list for any scenario player!
10 out of 10
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Gearhead XII Thursday, March 8th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month7 of 11 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Tippmann 98 Custom
Tippmann A5
Ariakon ACP 1.0 and 2.0
Marker Setup: I used to have an A5 with Opsgear UMP shroud, mock silencer, stock, red dot sight, front grip, remote line, etc.
From now on my setup is a T-9 basic or Ranger with NC Star 43x1 red dot scope.
I recommend a red dot for aiming purposes since the marker has no integrated sights, a small hopper, extra mags and a remote coil if you plan on using the hopper version.
Strengths: -Lightweight, balanced
-Low profile
-Rifle and pistol
-Fast change between rifle to pistol
Weaknesses: -No integrated sights
-Noisy magazine eject sequence
Review: When I saw this gun for the first time, I forget where, I fell in love. It was, and still is, the most beautiful paintball marker I have ever seen. Holding it is just satisfying. But if your thinking of buying a T-9 then either you already know how good it looks or your interested in a more technical, functional viewpoint so here we go.

First off I think it is important to mention that this rifle is comfortable, believe me, it is important to have a marker that is ergonomically pleasing to you. It not only helps you concentrate but makes you feel like a well oiled fighting machine. I personally feel that my T-9 is an extension of my own arms. Whoever wrote "reach out and touch someone" must have had a comfortable rifle.

The grip is a little large but I don't think that is a big problem. The grip is very well shaped and is very pleasant to hold. I have medium sized paintball gloves and my hand fits nicely into all the groves of the handle. The front end of the rifle is good to hold on to even though the T-9 comes standard with a front grip. You can set up the vertical front grip anywhere along the bottom rail of the rifle however if you place it too near the thumbscrew or over it for that matter you will have a hard time removing the front shroud in a hurry. Other than that the stock is adjustable or removable all-together to bring the marker closer to you or farther for scopes which need more eye relief.

The marker can go from pistol to rifle and back in under 30 seconds if you screw in the barrel and the thumbscrew at the same time, needs practice but it's possible. The Pistol weighs in at around 2.5 pounds and the rifle comes in just under 4. It's light and comparable to other markers. The magazine or clip is easy to eject and insert, press of a button really. When the rifle is void of Co2 you have to pull the clip out (mind you it's easy to do) but when it has Co2 (any time there is a 12gram in the clip) it ejects fairly forcefully. It also makes a fairly loud sound as it does so. Putting more round in the clip is easy, if you don't know yet, it holds eight and apparently Tiberius Arms are working on an extended magazine.

Eight round might not seem like a lot and it's not. If you get carried away you'll be changing magazines in no time. I don't see this as the biggest drawback however as this rifle is extremely precise. It's as precise as my old A5 that had one of those insanely noisy and precise Ops Gear barrels. This marker aims true. The rifle is as precise as the pistol which is very, very precise. I have a red dot set up to improve aiming speed. On a hot day you can easily reload a clip 3 times on one 12gram. It even has a counter on the bottom of the magazine to keep track of how many times you've reloaded. It also has the ability to hook up a hopper and a remote line in less than 2 minutes. The hopper is situated at the back of the marker compared to most rifles

The cons are few in this case. It's noisy, has a low paint capacity if your using the clip to play in a speed ball match.

Conclusion: Overall I firmly believe this is the best marker I have ever used. It is compact, precise, comfortable, easy to change from rifle to pistol in less than 30 seconds. You can remove the stock to use in indoor scenarios and CQB (it will look somewhat like a SPAS12). The clip system is beautiful, it has rails for all the stuff you want to stick onto it and can have a hopper and remote attached to it. Although it is loud and not the gun to use for a Speed ball match, for woods ball or scenario and even milsim it is a dream.
9 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 8:04 pm PST
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