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Redz Tranzport Seriez Small Gear Bag Reviews

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Redz Tranzport Seriez Small Gear Bag
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Number of Reviews: 6
Average Rating: 8.3 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $40

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Tranzport Seriez Small Gear Bag has double the storage space of its predecessor, and packs a strong number of must-have features inside. The interior features Redz now-standard dividers in addition to strong elastic straps that keep a 68 cubic inch tank (with tank cover) tightly secured along the inner wall. Three barrel sleeves line the saddle-zippered opening at the top, and an elastic strap on the spine secures a pair of goggles on the outside of the bag. The entire bag is padded well to keep gear protected, and a shoulder strap and grab-handles let players carry their bag easily and comfortably. Colors: Red, Grey, Blue
Product Availability 
The Redz Tranzport Seriez Small Gear Bag is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Xbudd Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Redz previous version of this small bag. Note: The previous version is much more compact and fortified than the new version. I prefer the old one to the new one.

Garbage bags (joking)
Marker Setup: Smart Parts Ion
ViewLoader Virtue
NSX Dropdown
Smart Parts Silver Body Kit
Pro Grip - Black
All-American 14"
Pure Energy 48ci 3500psi tank

Smart Parts Epiphany
ViewLoader Virtue
Pure Energy 48ci tank
14" Freak Jr.
Strengths: Mask Carry Strap
Shoulder Strap
Weaknesses: Poor Material
Lack of Padding
Lacks Features
Lacks Security
Review: I returned this bag after about a week of using it. My last bag was the previous Redz version of this bag. I actually prefer my older bag to this new one! Check out why below:


The new Mask latch on the side of the bag is very useful, but occasionally will de-latch if the mask's band is too thick. On the inside, the tank holder, in the form of two elastic straps on one side, works very well, but creates a bulge in the bag which makes the pocket on the outside of that side unusable.

The shoulder strap is more comfortable than the thin piece of plastic found on the previous version.

Furthermore, the case now has two pull zippers on the top of the bag with rubber grips. Unfortunately, those rubber pull grips are way too flimsy to actually ease the process of simply unzipping the oddly shaped top.


First of all, the case is not made of a sturdy, durable material like the previous version. Instead, it is made of the same material most backpacks are made of. This material is flimsy and thin - not the best material for protecting your gear in my opinion.

The case has two small pockets on the left and right side of the case. These have flaps which attach via Velcro. Great, but the flaps do not cover the entire pockets so small items WILL fall out. Also, when an air tank is strapped into the inside, the left side of the bag bulges out so much that the left pocket is unusable.

There is a strap on the right side above the right pocket which conveniently straps in your mask. Great in theory...but it fails because some straps are too wide for the velcro to actually hold.

Now as for the inside of the case....
When you open the top of case, the top flap/cover holds 3 barrels. The barrels are held in three slots that support up to a 14" barrel. These slots are made of the same cruddy material as the rest of the case (similar to a backpack's material). This is not a smart choice because the material is ROUGH and does not correctly, or tightly hold the barrels.

Moving on...
The inside has two detachable dividers in the middle and an elastic band for an air tank on the left side.

The tank bands work, so no complaints there.

As for the two dividers, I am not a fan!
The previous version of this case had two dividers as well, but they were fortified with a thick and solid material inside of the padding.

The two detachable dividers in this case are very thin, flexible, and are as bendable as tissue paper.
Once again, not very sturdy for holding your expensive guns and gear!

Also, the bottom and sides of this case which should be heavily padded are not!
Even the bottom of this case is not solid! Without a sturdy and solid bottom, the bag can not sit without falling over!

Not good!

Conclusion: All in all, this case is ok, but does not supply enough support or features to make it a worthy case for your arsenal. There are better cases out there, including the previous version of this case!

Keep on looking because this case is just not well thought out!
3 out of 10
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ionskillspyders Monday, December 31st, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
1 year
Products Used:
-adidas gear bag (lol)
Marker Setup: SP Ion
-APE board
-FBM trigger
-SP q-lock
-Redz Pepperstick 14" barrel
Strengths: -Big
-Holds my setup + pack
-Barrel sleves
Weaknesses: -Bottom padding is a tincy bit lacking
Review: When i opened a box on christmas and saw the Redz small gear bag i was so excited. I tested it and my SP Ion, evo3 hopper, 68ci 3000psi tank, 5 pod harness, and two barrels and fit with room for more. The mask clip on the outside is really helpful as is the spare tool carpartments on the sides. love it, in my opinion Redz should call the small gear bag the large gear bag, and the large gear bag should be called the gigantic gear bag.
Conclusion: I recommend getting this bag it holds everything tightly and easily.
10 out of 10
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teamsindicato Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months
2 years
Products Used:
Regular Backpacks and stuff like that.
Marker Setup: PMR
NDz Silver Back Cap
PMI 88/3000
Strengths: Durable
A lot of space
Comfortable to carry
Has nice padding
Weaknesses: Can't think of any.
Review: I got this bag for christmas, and I have used it a lot since then. I can fit ALL my gear, because it has enough room for a person who doesn't have too many things, like 2 guns, 2 tanks, etc. It has a comfortable shoulder strap and a strap to hold your goggles. It is very well made, durable, I think it will last for a long time. Padding is very nice, and the inside dividers are also padded to protect all your gear. It also has some side pockets to store some tools or small stuff.
Conclusion: I really don't see something wrong with this gear bag, its excellent, its all you need, at a great price. Buy it.
10 out of 10
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[paintball] Friday, March 2nd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month9 of 9 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Army bags, schoolpacks, laptop backpacks/paintball backpacks(same thing as a laptop one but it has barrel sleeves generally), full-size gear bags. Hell I've even used old chests but you get the idea.

In all honesty I'd say a bag is a bag, but this one looks especially cool.
Marker Setup: Main Set-up/Speedball
- Shocker STF (Olive w/Black Accents)
- Nerve Virtue Board
- Break-beam Vision
- High Efficiency Bolt/Valve assembly w/New Desingz ULP Firing Can (Black)
- New Desingz Roller Trigger (Black)
- Smart Parts Q-locking Feedneck
- Egg 3 (Black, n yeah I just like eggs better)
- Stock frame and grips (Oh yeah .45, I like it old school. I don't know what the fascination with sticky grips are. I've never dropped a gun, gotten a blister, or lost my grip while playing n I never wear gloves)
- Max-flo inline reg (Olive)
- 68/4500 Smart Parts tank w/ Guerrilla Air Fuku Reg
- Freak Kit w/ Olive AA Front 14"
- VForce Profiler (Yellow)
- Smart Parts Defender Pants (Black)
- LSU PB Jersey
- Freak Headband
- Shocker Barrel Condom
- Redz Small Gear Bag (Grey)

Back-up/Woods Ball
- Tippmann A-5 (No better gun to have when it all hits the fan)
- E-grip w/double trigger
- Ti Boomstick 14' (Sounds like a cannon on the A-5)
- Rear thumb velocity adjuster
- Lapco Machine Gun Shroud (To cover the shiny Ti back/for scenario play)
- OpsGear Magazine
- Sight Rail
- Car Stock
- 20oz Co2
- JT barrel condom
- VForce Morph (Grey)
- Random baseball hat
- Army Fatigues (Pants and Jacket over a t-shirt/underarmor)
Strengths: Looks
Tank Holder
Barrel Sleeves
Decent Side Padding
Priced Fair
Sturdy straps
Weaknesses: Dividers
Dividers (laugh)
Lack of compartments
Did I talk about the dividers?
Review: I guess I'll kick off this review by saying I purchased my bag from, which I would highly recommend if you want to receive it in a timely manner without having to spend more than 10 dollars on shipping for priority mail.

When I first received this bag my first impressions was 'wow, it sure is a lot longer and shorter than I thought.' The pictures online are misleading, though you can bet the color is as vibrant as it is in the pictures.

[Inside the bag]
When I got it home I immediately got all my essential gear and opened the bag up and much to my disappointment the marker divider is not actually a sectioned off part of the bag designed just for marker, oh no its two horrible little lightly padded squares that velcro to a strip in the bottom of the bag, there is nothing sturdy about them but I suppose it does prevent scratches. I was hopping for a snug section to keep my gun from moving around, much like what can be found for laptops in a laptop backpack. After I got over the minor annoyance of any real divider I started to put my stuff in. There is a nice space in the corner for a 68ci bottle, it is very snug and promises that your bottle won't move around in the bag, on the top of the "lid of the bag" there are three barrel sleeves that fit a 14' barrel perfectly(anything bigger and you'll have to break it down or just lay it in your bag) that have a velcro flap to keep them from falling out(which wouldn't happen anyway considering the snug fit). If you were expecting more on the inside then you were wrong, much to my dismay there were no internal pockets or small zipper sides to put documents/manuals or a place to keep your tools secure.

[Outside the bag]
As you can tell from the few pictures the bag is gorgeous. It is made out of a rigid material that promises to take your abuse. It has two handles on either side that velcro together and a strap for carrying it like a messenger bag. There are two pockets on either end of the bag, enough to fit some batteries, gloves, etc, but unfortunately they closes by a very very thin velcro strip and that just isn't safe enough for any important stuff you don't want falling out while you carry it or for some little thief to rob at a field and also a velcro loop that would be ideal for holding a mask or hat.

For most of you I'm sure this is what you want to hear about. Well let me start off by saying that I believe one's marker and paintball equipment should travel apart from all other things. Not a fan of big bags when I travel, I have luggage for clothes, shampoo, shoes, etc. I like a paintball gear bag to be just that, a paintball gear bag.

Now that that's out of the way I'd say it's just about a perfect size. Like I said earlier it is very wide and short, which proves to be a better design than the previous redz gear bag. There is plenty of room to put two markers(with the barrels in the top sleeves), a 68ci tank in it's straps, your manila folder of documents(since the damn thing doesn't have a place to put them away), a mask, extra lens, barrel condoms, two hoppers, tool kit, freak kit, swabs and honestly there is quite a bit of room left to spare. Could easily drop in some clothes to change into after an evening of paintball for the car ride home, which would be a good idea to keep everything from moving around or making noise, maybe your shoes if you're insane and wanna stink up/gunk up the bag. The external pockets are pretty worthless in terms of size, you certainly wouldn't want any small tools in an external velcro pocket so I guess if you are Michael Jackson you could pack all your gloves in them. There is that loop on the side for a mask, but honestly if there is room inside why the heck would you want it on the outside considering how easily mask lenses scratch today, I keep my profiler in it's mask bag inside the bag so I'd say it's pretty much worthless unless you want your hat to hang on it, which is good because they usually get pretty gross after a day of play.

I would have to say the padding is quite good for it's price, all four sides are quit thick and the outside is durable. I agree with the others that the padding on the bottom is pathetic(being only cardboard in nylon) but in all honesty I have never dropped a bag with my gear inside of it. It's moving around and bumping it on corners n people that bothers me, so this bag protects my gear well enough and the bottom really doesn't concern me. The bag itself can take a good bit of water(and we have lots of that in LA) so unless you're playing in a ditch or pass out drunk in the rain your stuff should stay dry. Surprisingly enough considering it's somewhat flimsy design the bag sits upright on it's own quite well. The only place protection lacks considerably is the two dividers that separate the marker from everything else.

From what I've inspected and use so far it seems to be a well built product. The stitching is great, everything lines up. The logo and zippers are really cool even though the zipper can become a minor annoyance but that goes hand in hand with how the top is designed like a door which makes zipping it up somewhat frustrating. God are those marker dividers terrible, buy a dang marker sleeve.
Conclusion: I'd have to say it was worth the purchase. It does almost exactly what it says. Don't be fooled by this blatant lie of a statement "packs a strong number of must-have features inside". Those features which consist of pathetic dividers, barrel sleeves, and a place to strap in your bottle. I guess strong number means 2.3 features. So unless you travel and enjoy putting everything into one bag or want to carry 4 a-5's and 4 jt full head masks then this bag should be perfect for you, assuming you don't drop things alot, but if you have a nice gear bag one would assume you aren't dribbling your marker like a basketball. Buy it at a local shop if you can, support your community. Otherwise I'd say go to, but everyone has em online.
8 out of 10Last edited on Friday, March 2nd, 2007 at 1:10 am PST
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nerdcore Thursday, January 25th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month1 of 6 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Redz old small gear bag
Marker Setup: Gen-E Matrix LCD
Freak Jr kit
TMC Eyes
Tadao 1.1 w/ M3 chip
Kila Reaction detents
AKA Sidewinder
Aardvark Tenticle w/ Lucky trigger pin
SP Q-Lock
CP Rail
CP 2k5 on/off
Halo B - rip, ghetto speedfeed, Hybrid backplate
Crossfire 68/45k
Strengths: Durable
Fits plenty of gear
Free stuff!*
Weaknesses: Bottom doesn't quite line up??**
Review: After owning and loving Redz old small bag, i wanted to replace it with their newer version (yes, simply because it was new, sorry for being a tool). But i did get free stuff & shipping turned out cheaper than some other sites i checked. *Redz had this free t-shirt offer that i too k advantage of & surprise surprise, i got free stickers (3) & keychains (2), too. Worth the $40+ shipping, imo.

Construction: standard material seen on any gear bag, tough cordura nylon or whatever they call it. Good enough for paintball, basically. There is some padding on the bottom & sides - again, it's enough. Everything looks & feels high quality except ** i noticed the bottom doesn't quite line up with one of the sides. It's only off by a centimeter and doesn't effect the durability but it's something i noticed.

Key Features:
- 2 exterior pockets on the ends, good for barrel condoms, rags, battle swabs, etc.
- Exterior velcro strap above one pocket lets you hang a mask or two.
- Top flap has 3 barrel sleeves on the underside.
- Main compartment has 2 dividers (removable) & dual straps for a tank.

Comparison to old Redz small bag:
- shorter but a bit taller & wider; however, this makes it less cumbersome w/ the shoulder strap so bravo Redz.
- 2 guns, 1 tank & 1 hopper can fit comfortably inside.
- old bag had one big zipper compartment on one side, which i liked to stash my straight shots, barrel condoms & manuals in, but those can be tossed in the main compartment & end pockets now.
- new bag has more padding.

Redz photos of the bag are a bit misleading because they look more like a messenger bag or large laptop bag yet in reality it's larger. But it's still a nice, compact bag compared to large gear bags.
Conclusion: I've got a large bag but typically i don't need to lug that around unless i'm going on a trip. For general recball purposes close to home, the Redz small gear bag is great.
9 out of 10
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Zaphod66 Saturday, December 30th, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month2 of 7 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Regular back pack
Marker Setup: Spyder VS3 w/red body & barrel kits, Halo B w/victory & rip, ANS 68/4500 HP
Strengths: Size, small but fits allot
protects your stuff
Weaknesses: Lack of padding for bottom
Review: This small gear back by Redz really does its purpose really well Fist it's small enough to make it easy to lug around, but it has enough space for:
A marker
Barrels, there is three separate slots underneath the lid for safe keeping
A mask, via the elastic strap on the outside or inside if room allows
elastic straps for up to an 68 fiber wrapped tank or maybe even a stubby
A harness and some clothes, like a shirt and pants
some tools or spare parts and rags

So you can really pack this bag if you need too, The over all construction seems very sturdy, with triple stitching and the zippers feel durable enough. There are two removable/semi-adjustable dividers. Comes with a adjustable shoulder strap or you can Velcro join the two handles for easy carrying. Also has two extra pockets on the sides for quick access items and its looks cool.
Conclusion: I am really satisfied with this gear bad. It's not a carry all bag but its a great starter or auxiliary bag for your stuff. Although I wish it had a bit more padding on the bottom and some small pockets in the inside. This bag is an excellent value at $39.99 MRSP, can be found for $29.99.
10 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007 at 6:08 pm PST
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