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Special Ops Paintball 2 Pod Tac Leg Pouch Reviews

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Special Ops Paintball 2 Pod Tac Leg Pouch
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Number of Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 6.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $25

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The 2-Pod Tactical Leg Pouch (Double Pouch) is a great option for woodsball players who are looking to supplement their existing ammo supply or run light. The tactical leg pouch attaches to your belt, and two adjustable straps secure the pack comfortably to your thigh.

The durable leg pouch is quality made to last a lifetime and is available in several different colors and patterns, including: black, olive drab, ACU digi-camouflage pattern, Woodland, DigiCam, and Crye Multi-Cam patterns. You can carry 140 or 160-round pods in the pod holders, providing quick, convenient, easy access to your ammo.

This is a great system for snipers who need to maintain an extremely low profile, and the leg pouch is comfortable and does not hinder movement. The tactical leg pouch is another great woodsball innovation that we've come to love.
Product Availability 
The Special Ops Paintball 2 Pod Tac Leg Pouch is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Darkwing Duck Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
2 years
2 years
Products Used:
None. I don't usually carry extra pods.
Marker Setup: Autococker '04 Prostock
Dye Ultralite barrel (woodsball), Stiffi Switch barrel (speedball/ CQB)
Viewloader Revolution hopper
Crossfire 3000 psi tank
Strengths: Low profile
Q-pod compatible
Weaknesses: Slides down leg
Velcro closure stitching is questionable
Review: I got this pod pack when I was first getting into paintball. I wanted something with a low profile that could help me carry a little extra paint onto the field, especially for scenarios and longer woodsball games. The product works very well, but the craftsmanship seems to be a little shoddy.

This leg pack helps you keep a very low profile, which is especially helpful if you tend to crawl a lot. Since it is mounted on your leg and not your back, you don't have the extra mass of pods on your back to get hit or spotted while low crawling.
I was very pleased to find out that this leg pack will fit Q-pods. They fit perfectly. So, not only can you fit conventional pods in it, but if you are Q-loader inclined the Q-pods fit snugly and securely as well.

Unless you really cinch up the leg straps (which can get kind of painful after a while) the weight of the pack and the pods tend to pull at your belt, pulling your pants lower and lower if you're not careful. I'm sure that if you added some sort of rough non-slip backing to the straps you could fix it, though.
When I first got the pod pack I had a problem with the way the velcro closures were sewn onto the pack. Straight out of the box the velcro was already coming off. I sent it back to Spec Ops and they fixed it, but I was still dissapointed that they didn't have it right the first time.
Conclusion: Overall, this pack is very good for people who want to keep a low profile. It also is quite versatile in that you can cary conventional pods, Q-pods, or even your 12 oz CO2 tank (if you run remote). The slippage can be easily fixed, and I was pleased that Spec Ops fixed the stitching problem.
The minor flaws are definently outweighed by the product's versatility and low profile.
8 out of 10
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N3wt Sunday, April 29th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
3 years
Products Used:
4+1 Podpack
Marker Setup: 98c 14" J&J Full Tilt Ceramic, ACI Subzero 6 stage expansion chamber, rocket cocker II, Qloader, SAW stock
Strengths: Pack free, baby!
Compatible with Qloader pods.
Weaknesses: Minor fit issues, buckles slip. Very different from a standard pod pack.
Review: I received this a few weeks ago along with Specops' air tank pack, essentially a sister product. Since pbreview has not added this to their product list, I'll be reviewing it here as well. Here's my thoughts, I hope they help.

Ideally, this is an excellent solution for someone looking to loose a podpack and perhaps lower their prone profile, and this was certainly my goal. I recieved my pod and air leg harnesses together, but the air harness was missing the belt buckle strap. Specops was extremely helpful when I contacted them about this issue, mad props to them for it.

I found that the upper leg strap was much too large as well on this item, but a couple snips and a few hours with Gorilla Glue solved the problem.

A major plus to this system is the total compatibility with Qloader pods. They fit snugly, yet are not difficult to insert or remove. The system is very sleek.

Actual field use was a different story. I found that the ends of all the ballistic nylon straps were not completely sealed, and began to fray. The air pod pac suffers from the issue of several loose hanging strap ends. A cigarette lighter and some electrical tape (roll hanging ends and tape) would fix this.

A major complaint with the air pack: There are two snap buckles which are intended to secure and tighten the large bag around anything less but a massive tank. When trying to tighten them down onto my 12oz, the sewing holding the straps ripped off!!!
Again, a little Gorrilla Glue and a couple hours in clamps will make a nice, professional, permanent fix to this. I don't feel I should have had to deal with this problem though. The sewing was clearly not strong enough to hold the straps under the stress it was designed for.

Another complaint with both components: For those not familiar with the system, it has three retention points. Top and bottom leg straps, and a vertical belt attachment. The vertical belt strap secures it to your belt, and keeps it from sliding down. The problem is that it does NOT keep this from happening. It is not a secure hold. Again, a little Gorrilla Glue will secure it, but It will loose any adjustability.

Attaching velcro to either side of the protruding strap will help without sacrificing all adjustability.

The pod pouch did not suffer from any of these problems except the belt attachment.

This system likes to ride fairly high on the upper leg, well above the knee joint. Any lower and it will be very uncomfortable when kneeling or running with full knee movement. Deal with the belt problem, or you're not going to enjoy this setup.

The system, unlike some other leg holsters I've used, is very secure when tight, but doesn't cut off circulation. Even with a lot of weight in it I can really move without it moving around too much.

Having spare paint and your air on your legs instead of your back takes some getting used to, but I think it's prettty liberating. This is almost an essential if you're ghillie'd out, and makes pod access much easier when prone.

Just had an issue with the bottom ripping out in the middle of a game. Normally I'd send gear back at this point, but unfortunately it's more Gorilla Glue and dirt than it is nylon and plastic. Sorry Special Ops, but this costs you a few stars.
Conclusion: I'd reccommend this to mainly woodsball guys who spend time on the ground, but not to anyone who's squeamish about modifying their gear. You really have to include the price of Gorrilla Glue and electrical tape in, and it may be frustrating to use at first. The materials, design, and idea are top notch, but manufacturing may have cut a couple corners.

Overall a solid product.

The more I use it, the more this breaks. Sorry, but it's NOT as solid a product as it seemed. It may have been a solid design, but it's pretty poorly made.
4 out of 10Last edited on Monday, June 4th, 2007 at 10:30 pm PST
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