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TechT Proto Matrix Rail L7 Bolt Ki Reviews

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TechT Proto Matrix Rail L7 Bolt Ki
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Number of Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 9.7 / 10
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Finally....its here. The L7 Bolt for the PMR. I know many of you have been waiting patiently for it, and at last the wait is just about over. For those of you unfamiliar with what the L7 Bolt System, it's a bolt system that is designed to be the lightest possible. The L7 is specifically designed to decrease marker "kick" and increase accuracy. All of our bolts run faster and smoother than any other bolt system available. Those that have tested the bolt have said that the kick reduction from this bolt is amazing. At any given pressure and dwell this bolt yields about an extra 10-15 FPS over the stock bolt. The Proto Rail is a pretty awesome marker. However the marker has a larger amount of kick when set up to shoot 300 FPS. This kick knocks you out of aim, and ultimately makes you shoot more to hit your target. This causes you to win less, and get shot more.

The L7 is designed to change that. Our patent pending "reduced kick/high speed internal system" allows you to stay on target better, shoot faster, and hit the target more quickly than ever before.

You will be amazed at how much better your marker feels and shoots.

Product Availability 
The TechT Proto Matrix Rail L7 Bolt Ki is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Jhole911 Thursday, November 15th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months
3 years
Products Used:
Just the stock bot for the but no cigar.
Marker Setup: 07 Proto Matrix Rail- Red
NDZ clamping feed neck-black, C.P. Back Cap-Black, UL Frame w/Red grip , Vitrue Board, Virtue Eyes- Red, Warrior eye covers-Black,Tech-T L7 Bolt, Black out Screw kit, Smart Parts Drop Rail-Black.
Barrel-Freak Set w/ 8" Red Momba Stiffi Tip totaling 14", 2 peice JT UL barrel 0.690 Black w/Red tip 14"
Hopper-Halo B loader-smoke w/V35 board, shock tech rip drive- Red
Tank-MacDev 88/4500 conquest air system w on/off and adjustable output pressure, Black/Red Diablo tank cover 88"

07 Proto Matrix Rail-Olive
New in Box only upgraded for a back up but never used yet/ oh well
Virtue board, Virtue eyes-Green, NDZ- Wave trigger, Smart Parts drop rail, Warrior Back cap, Black out screw kit.
Hopper- Smoke Evo II with z-board
Tank-68/4500 Pure Energy HP tank w/Smart Parts Max-flow Reg. 07 Red Empire Tank cover
Barrel-16" stifff-0.693, 2- peice UL barrrel-Black Dust 14"-0.688.

Strengths: Super light
Faster cycle rate
Almost no recoil
Cool Gold color
Weaknesses: Price its not too bad but not cheap either
no extra O rings
Review: Ok here it is the review of the long awaited Tech T L7 bolt for the PMR. I have used this in my PMR for about 6 months know and i can tell you that i ablosutly love this bolt. I am glad i got this thing. I know there have been some people out there that have been having some troubles with this bolt. But i assure you that if you keep tweeking your marker you will get it to run smother than you could ever belive.

I am the only person at the field i play at that has the L7 bolt insalled in their PMR. There is about 5-10 ballers that have the PMR and i let some of them use it for a bit., because they where wondering about the L7 bolt for their self. They all said that the recoil was almost to nothing and that you can barly hear the shot comming from the marker. They also stated that the ropes comming from the marker where a tighter pattern and the accuracy was inproved over the stock bolt.

My marker set up is totaly up graded. There is nothing on the marker that i can do to make it any better i think. I have no trouble getting to that alustrious 28 BPS. And, i tell you i go through alot of paint really quickly without even thinking.

I installed this bolt thinking that what the heck was i thinking. This thing better work or i am going to get all brody on someone. Cause it looks almost nothing like the stock bolt. But it made a beliver out of me. I did just as the people from Tech T stated in their web site and i have had no problems with the bolt, ever. Yea you will need to change the o rings out every now and then but what bolt dosen't.

I will let everyone out there know that if you do decide to get this bolt and you accualy take the time to set up your marker right you will not have a problem. Yes, i did take me awhile to get the Dwell just right becasue of all the up grades i have on my marker i figured it would, but it does work flawlessly. With this installed there is virtualy no kick to the marker. I could not be happier.

Here is some help for all the PMR L7 bolt owner out there that is having some trouble.
1. Check if your ABS ( anti bolt sick) is at its lowest setting or TURN IT OFF if you can.
2. Make sure all the threaded fittings are tight and not spinning in the marker.
3. Use a New Battery it really does help.
4. Make sure you reg. is in good working order.
5. Take the time to adjust your Dwell to its proper setting....I can't stress this enough. It does take about 2-3 tanks of air and some time, but in the long run you will see that you get more out of a tank. (use reballs it is much cheaper than all that paint)
Conclusion: I belive that Tech T out-did their self. This bolt is great and i would recomend that you get one for your PMR. If you want a quieter, faster, and smother runner PMR than you ever ask for.
If you want to have a higher BPS, softer recoil, and quiter shot without upgraging your board then the L7 is the way to go.
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, November 15th, 2007 at 5:14 pm PST
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Chapman88 Monday, October 22nd, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month
3 years
Products Used:
Original TECHT l7 rail bolt. its comparable, but this one is better with the adjustable pressure sleeves
Marker Setup: PM Rail
NDZ aluminum gripframe
NDZ eye covers and feedneck
Bloodlines "pear" back cap
CP on/off
Dye backs w a Stiffi tip
Strengths: Ease of installation
Weaknesses: Pressure testing required for your paint
no spare o rings
needs back cap screws
Review: WOW. I received the new TECHT L7 bolt kit as a trade for the original ( free of charge, just send it in) and what a difference. I set my bolt up with BOTH firing can sleeves to boost pressure to about 190-200 PSI. It was only about 1/3 of a turn UP on my reg to re-adjust pressure and WOW what a big difference. I went from a hopper and 5 pods to a hopper and 6.5 ish ( still had air left) in a 71/4500 dye tank.

the kick was AMAZING low and super fast. HAD ONLY 1 breach break all day and we were playing in a MONSOON here in vancouver ( bout 55 degrees and POURING rain all day) on NXL ramping.

i only ask that they include a few CRITICAL ( ie inner top hat) o rings with the bolt) cause if they go, you are hooped til you can find some at a shop or elsewhere
Conclusion: This bolt is probobly the best $80 you can spend on a PMR. Not only does it add HUGE amounts of efficiency, but decresses kick and speeds the gun up a lil w a faster cycling rate.
9 out of 10
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allgunsblazing Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 5 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Stock PMR bolt- Louder, used more air
Marker Setup: Proto rail
Empire 7 Piece Barrel Kit
Random Brand on/off
TechT Bolt L7
Virtue Red Laser eyes
Red UL Trigger
Red Hybrid Traitor Back Cap
Red NDZ Buttons
Red Proto Alloy Eye Covers
Victory Boarded Halo

Tippmann 98
G36C hand guard and rail
Six Position Stock
Tasco 30mm sight
Freak Jr. barrel
Ak mag kit
Polished Internals
Trigger Spring Mod
Remote line
Dishka Flash Suppressor
48/3000 psi
Strengths: Lighter
Increases efficiency
Weaknesses: Price
More spare o-rings would be nice
Review: I bought this bolt from Badlands after about 5 months of using my PMR. Looking at it, the bolt looks slightly different than the stock bolt, as the long skinny back part (no clue as to the name) has been completely removed. Instantly I was skeptical about the bolt (not sure why). i paid 89.99 for this bolt, and hoped it would improve my PMR.

As i removed the bolt from the package i found it to be slightly lighter compared to the stock bolt.
Putting the bolt in my marker was extremely easy, remove the old bolt, remove the back cap and can, remove the o-ring from the bolt,grease, screw on the can, replace o-ring, put back cap on, install Allen screws,Grease again, insert in gun. It took longer to type this out than it did to install the bolt.
Dry Firing
I gassed up my marker, turned the eyes off, and listened for leaks, none, so far so good.
I pulled the trigger once and i barely felt the PMR fire, the only indication was the sound, which i found and been slightly reduced.
Using PSP ramp set at 26 bps and a stock setting dwell, the bolt had absolutely no problem cycling. I found my stock bolt to occasionally not reset, as in open the breech when i was firing at this bps. I'm not entirely sure why, and if anyone can enlighten me, comments would be greatly appreciated. Also anyone who has used this bolt and can help me with an optimum dwell.
I loaded up my halo, and let a rope of balls go, i couldn't believe how little noise and kick there was. Shooting single balls i saw the accuracy was insane.i know there is debate on the fact that a bolt can improve accuracy but i believe it.

With the stock bolt,a 48inch 3000psi tank and a good paint to bore match , my rail would only get about three full Halos out of it. I haven't fully tested this new bolt by playing a game and going through pods, but after my test run and single halo worth of balls and a not great paint to bore match, i found the air consumption to be less already, and i will update this review after i can run a tank dry by shooting hopper after hopper through it.


Played a big rec game, and much to my dismay, my proto would not crono under 340 fps, and when turned down, the bolt would merely fire halfway into the breech/ about to the eyes and get stuck, im not sure if this is a problem with my regulator, but it was working fine under 290 fps with the stock bolt. My dwell was at 24 by the way, 6 more clicks on the board than what the techt guys say you can get away with.


Emailed Todd at Techt, received an email back within a day, with suggestions on how to fix my bolt problems, used them, bolt is fixed, moving the rating from 7 to 10 after extremely helpful customer service, and a quick problem fix. Tweaked marker further, found mine works best at 20 dwell. Be sure to lube o rings properly and continually with this bolt. Velocity problems can arise with improper dwell settings matched with fast bps rates. Spend a day with a lot of air to properly adjust the marker how you want it. best possible time to do this would be with access to a chrono and lots of air and lots of paint and to be patient. If this bolt does not work for you, spend time on it, and your marker will be up and ripping in no time.
Conclusion: This was some of the best money I've ever spent on my PMR.
Check this bolt out when looking for a new one.
Its an awesome internal upgrade for a great marker.
The price leaves something to be desired but oh well, thats paint ball.

I'd give this bolt a 10 but ive only had it for a little while, and there are some bugs, it started leaking on me. but i will update accordingly.

Couldn't play a big game due to problems with this bolt, marker wouldn't fire once turned below 300 fps. Dropping it from a 9 to a 7

Fixed problems, very helpful customer service, will continue to buy Techt gear.
from a 7 to a 10
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, December 17th, 2007 at 10:10 am PST
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