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Shocktech shocktech ssc ion body Reviews

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Shocktech shocktech ssc ion body
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Number of Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
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Suggested Retail Price: $99

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Similar milling style to our first kit, same great looks and rugged dependability. Only we chose to cut reliefs as opposed to going all the way thru with “windows”. So you still get the killer custom look, without the 2 tone color combination. This version also features the same, easy to remove bolt out the back design as the original.

Machining relief’s instead of windows means less machine time. Less machine time means we sell it for less. We save money, the distributor saves money, the dealer saves money and guess who else saves? That’s right big guy (or girl) you save. And no, it doesn’t weigh any amount more, that should concern you. So don’t be skeeerd, we’re talking .4oz’s.

This body style is also a little easier to clean, no paint hits to sneak inside forcing you to take a shower with your gun, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s a really nice gun.

This body will allow you to service the bolt without tearing the entire marker apart. Aslo know as Bolt out Back (BOB
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The Shocktech shocktech ssc ion body is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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burns130 Friday, February 20th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
2 years5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Marker Setup: goes
2 X A-5's (set up the same way)
R/Ts (1/8 inch tubing)
Cippard MEV-2s(QEV)
JCS Jet Clicks
X-7 paddles
X-7 hoppers
Palmers Stabilizers
Allen brand aluminum front grip covered with black diamondback grip
remote with quick disconnect
Crossfire 70/4500 HPAs/one ANS 68/4500 LP tank
Flatline with thumb screw kits

2 X ions
L7 Bolt /NDZ Skeleton Bolt on the other
Clippard MEV-2s (QEV)
clamping feednecks
NDZ chamber/can on both
NDZ small rail on one/mini drop on the other
Empire Reloader B/V-35 Halo
CP on/off ASAs
CP short regulator on one/CP long regulator on the other
Virtue boards on both
Shocktech blue SSC body on one/black SSC body on the other
Crossfire 70/4500 HPA tanks/one ANS gear 68/4500 LP tank
J&J Edge Elite kit (10/12/14 fronts)

DP F8 (stock)
Powerlyte Barrel Kit

Strengths: light
BOB with tools
any chamber/can
Weaknesses: Mod needed
Review: I just purchased my second SSC body kit (the black one) for my second 100% upped Ion. I did this because once you know how to prevent leaks, the body has the distinct advantage of accepting a larger volume NDZ chamber and firing can. This improvement takes the standard firing pressure for 285 FPS from 160 PSI down to 135 PSI which reduces kick a bit. After installation, the only disadvantage to the kit above others (such as the T-Tech) is that you must remove the rear screw and loosen the two front screws to remove the back cap and gain access to the bolt. However, after owning one blue SSC kit, I found that in every situation I play (speedball/advanced rec/scenario), this has proven to be a non-factor. The reason for this is that if you break a bolt, you will need to return to your gear to get the new one. No one carries around an extra bolt. As far as speed, it takes me less than 3 minutes to take the screw out, pop off the cap, unscrew the can, and replace or lube the bolt. Now, true BOB bodies allow this to be done in about one minute...but again, who carries lube or an extra bolt around on the field? Now, to the only real issue with the kit:
There have been numerous complaints about the Shocktech bodies leaking from the can O'rings upon initial installation. I can tell you that this is common. The reason for this is two-fold. First, I have found the stock (or aftermarket NDZ) rear can o'rings to be slightly too small. This causes the kit to leak. To avoid this, purchase some high quality bottle rings which are just slightly larger. The cap will snap in and the leak will end. However, in cold situations and with some kits, there is a second source of a smaller (yet frustrating) leak from the same rear rings. This leak is caused by the kit itself. The rear cap of the kit has a hole for the pre-stage air (which is kept in the functions as both a cap and rear donut). The inside edges (the part coming in contact with the o'rings) are rather sharp. This can cause the aft ring to be sheared when putting in the cap or removing it (ESPECIALLY IN COLD WEATHER WITH COLD/HARD RINGS). When you get the kit, take a small rolled piece of sandpaper (fine) and gently sand just the front and aft portion of the inner hole. It doesn't take much, just knock off the sharp edges. Once you do that, the shearing will stop.
Now, the above seems like a lot of work and may be scary to some but, once it is done, the kit performs flawlessly. And, as stated before, it allows for a larger aftermarket can which lowers pressure. I liked my first kit so much, that I bought a second one for my other upped Ion.
Conclusion: Buy it if you are a master of your domain. In other words, if you truly feel comfortable working on your Ion, this kit is top notch. However, if you would rather not have to worry about making any mods on your kit, buy the Tech-T Sleeper instead (you will shoot stock 160 PSI). I give it a 9 because of performance and the fact that I enjoy working on my markers and enjoy problem solving. Once you get the marker up and running, you will have no other issues and will rip with low pressure, no kick and reliability.
9 out of 10
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