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Planet Eclipse E-tek 2 Reviews

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Planet Eclipse E-tek 2
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Number of Reviews: 24
Average Rating: 9.3 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $675

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The Eclipse Etek Ego has found a place in the hearts of many a player over the past 18 months. Its light weight yet sturdy construction. Its switch-on-and-go operation. Its super-simple maintenance and unparalleled reliability. Coupled to 24+bps rates of fire and 1700+ shot efficiency, and you have a marker that fulfils all-roles to all-men. But there is always room for improvement, right?

So that is exactly what you get with the new Etek2. You still get all the great benefits of the original Etek but combined with a whole host of advancements passed down from its big brother, the Ego8 range. For example: both the LPR and HPR regulator sport the exact same internals as both the Ego8 and SL74. New lightweight hard anodized aluminum pistons, durable captured regulator seal and coil spring construction give the regulators high flow rates, improved shot-to-shot consistency and quicker recovery times. But not only have these changes improved the performance of the Etek2, but they also reduce the weight of each part as well as make maintenance a far simpler task. No more Bellville shim stacks to drop, count and arrange each time you lube and re-build your reg.

Then there is the new OOPS (On/Off/Purge) system with the integrated T-Rail mounting. The T-Rail offers the sturdiest possible connection between the OOPS and frame, yet still allows the positioning of the tank with over 1” of lateral adjustment. The new OOPS internals offer effortless operation, even under pressure from the air tank, yet durability has been improved and can be serviced without the need of tools.

The area of the Etek2 that has seen one of the most radical changes is the frame assembly. Inside the frame, under the grips, the circuit board has been re-orientated to allow quick and easy removal, again without the use of tools. In addition to this the design has become more modular allowing, for example, the plug-n-play installation of different weights of micro-switch that will allow the player to tune the trigger feel to their personal preference. And to save any kind of confusion there is no way to accidentally plug the wrong device into the wrong socket on the board. Each socket and plug has a unique pin number that makes incorrect connection impossible.

Running down the rear you will find a new molded rubber console that is flanged to lock into undercuts in the frame so that it can’t be accidentally removed or fall out of place. It houses the power and function button, and the same 3 tru-color LED display indicators as the original Etek. These 3 clever LEDs allow easy programming of all the user definable parameters by greatly simplifying the programming process. The top LED indicates 10s of units, the middle displays 1s and the bottom shows 0.1 increments. Need to set your dwell to 12.5ms? That’s 1 flash of the top LED, 2 flashes of the middle and 5 of the bottom. It couldn’t be easier.

As well as dwell, the Etek2 has user definable settings for Ball-in-Place, Eyes Off ROF, Cap ROF (uncapped in Semi 1), Debounce, and Firing Mode. As standard the Etek2 has firing modes that should cover almost every tourney eventuality, with Uncapped Semi, Capped Semi as well as current CFOA, Millennium and PSP modes. Other changes to the frame mean that the grip position at the rear of the frame, as well as the trigger pivot point, have been raised closer to the barrel axis allowing for a more intuitive and comfortable sighting line. The rear contours add an extra degree of comfort to the grip position, and an integrated snatch grip in the frame makes on-field transportation that little bit easier. Inside the XL trigger guard is a new trigger with a flatter face and no lower hook, and is interchangeable with previous Etek triggers.

Feeding into the frame from above, the BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System) and dual ball detents can be found beneath the contoured Nexus eye covers. For those after a little more bling in their breech, the BBSS assembly can be upgraded to the lazer eye system, available as an upgrade.

Staying in the area of the breech, clamping feed-tube attaches directly onto the feed stub machined out of the body billet. This not only produces an incredibly strong feed location for the loader, but also allows the incorporation of the Deftek technology feed tube. This neat little device massively reduces the chance of balls entering the breech and then bouncing back up, only to be chopped by the bolt coming forward. Without adding any ball-in-place delay you can confidently assume that the ball is neatly chambered every shot and initiate the firing cycle with the shortest possible delay. So not only does it prevent annoying breech breaks, but it aids firing at the very highest rates of fire.

In order to maximise the potential of all those loaded and fired paintballs, this year sees the Etek2 come fitted with a Shaft II 2-piece barrel, with its micro-honed and polished internal bores to provide the most accurate results possible. Supplied with a 0.693” bore back and 14” reverse threaded tip.

The body of the Etek2 has been lightened and gently sculpted to distinguish it from the original Etek, with the new Etek logo machined directly into the body, and the machining of the regulators, caps, barrel and OOPS all designed to complement the whole.

So, the bottom line is that the Etek2 has been overhauled in a way that makes it feel better, shoot better, make it easier to maintain and service, make it more reliable, make it more desirable, make it more robust and of course make it look better too. Not only has it accomplish all these things, but also managed to do it in a package that weighs 4.5oz less than the marker it replaces, hitting the scales, ready to go, at exactly 1kg.

24+ BPS capability
1700+ shot efficiency
New lighter body
New frame with improved ergonomics and sngtch Grip
New flatter blade trigger
New modular electronics
New interchangeable micro switch
New 2008 on/off/purge with t-rail mounting (over 1" of lateral adjustment)
New 2008 inline regulator with aluminium piston and coil spring operation
New LPR assembly
New Shaft II two-piece barrel
User-definable settings for Ball-in-Place, Eyes Off ROF, Cap ROF (uncapped in Semi 1), Debounce, and firing modes
Uncapped Semi, Capped Semi as well as current CFOA, Millennium and PSP modes
Triple Tru-Color LED display
Micro-switch trigger operation
Five adjustable firing modes
Trigger-pull programming
Tourney lock
Deftek offset feed tube
Clamping feed
Nexus eye covers
Break beam eyes (BBSS)
Dual ball detents
Fully adjustable trigger
Pull-pin bolt release
Integrated valve and rammer housing
Full tool set
Spares pack
Eclipse gun oil
Physical dimensions
Length: 543mm
eight: 223mm
Width: 29.4mm
Weight: 1.00Kg/2.2lb/35.5oz
Product Availability 
The Planet Eclipse E-tek 2 is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Ultraraptor Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month5 of 9 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
DM6/7-worse on paint, smoother shooting, quieter, more accurate stock barrel, less efficient
Ego7/8-ligher, thinner, slightly more efficient, quieter
Marker Setup: Etek2, Pulse loader, Ignition 68/4500
cure bolt (when available again)
zick kit
possible barrel
Strengths: Efficient
Easy to set up
Ready to go out of the box
Weaknesses: Loudness
stock barrel
Review: So I the reason I decided to go to the Ego family instead of buying a new Matrix after selling my DM6 was several reasons in favor of Egos: efficiency, weight, ability to shoot fragile paint, and to try something new. These are the main points of the review.

First off, I want to congratulate PE on their attention to packaging and manuals. The gun is shipped in a metallic case with tons of padding containing the marker, manual, spare parts, allen wrenches, and gun oil. Absolutely great. Also, the manual is very detailed, colorful, and informative. The gun comes with every replacement part you might need. The gun itself is gorgeous. The anno is flawless, and the body lines are very fluid.

I immediately went through the manual and opened up the gun to adjust the settings. The process is very easy and quick. I really like how you can set each increment and use the E G O lights on the grip frame to do so. E represents tens, G represents ones, and O represents tenths. I will say that it is slightly annoying to know when the tournament lock is on or off at first because the the E G O lights flash green every second or so, and to notify the user that the tournament lock is on, the E G O lights flash green also. A little annoying but you can tell because the regular blinking is just the G light, whereas the tournament lock is all 3, E G O.

The trigger is easy to adjust. The stock trigger setting is actually quite nice IMO but I like a slightly sloppy trigger.

Next I aired up the gun and threw on a hopper to do some shooting. The OOPS is nice because the on/off is easy to twist even with a full air tank. I really appreciated this because the on/off on my DM6's ASA adapter was a royal pain to turn when there was a full tank attached. The feedneck is also well designed. Some people complain about the Etek2 not having the C-clamp but I don't mind. I prefer the single allen screw to the C-clamp.

So, for paint I used Evil from World Cup '07. This stuff has been sitting in my house since then. Knowing that this paint was super brittle and thick, I knew that if the Etek2 could shoot this, it would shoot anything. So out to my back yard, I shot off about two hoppers worth using PSP ramping set at 13.1 bps. The marker ramped easily, and shot the paint like a dream. So far PE has really impressed me with this marker.

The stock barrel is nice, being a .693 bore, so it will shoot a lot of different sized paint. However, I just used this marker in CFOA Xball2 and the marker was not very accurate at over 75 feet because the paint was about .685. The paint still hit within a foot diameter, but I was used to the accuracy my DM6 gave me of ball on ball at almost 100 feet. So a little dissapointing, plus it made shooting people a little harder.

I will say that this marker is extremely well balanced. Holding just the marker, it is slightly front heavy. But as soon as you add the hopper and tank and put it to your shoulder, the marker is very even and feels very light.

Now for the real test. As I stated before I used this marker in Xball2 at CFOA. The weather stunk. It was light rain and very humid all day saturday, and sunday was humid and overcast as well. In other words, a nightmare when it comes to paint. The Etek2 handled it with ease. I only had about 15 chops the entire event which is considerably low, as we played 6 matches (scoring 7th place). We used top of the line cyclone and it was very brittle. The Etek2 worked great. I never had a problem with it the entire tournament, minus the 15 or so chops. The efficiency was very good. I only dropped about three pods per point and had about 3,000 psi left over each time. My estimate is that the Etek2 can shoot about 10 pods and a hopper on a single 68/4500 fill. Absolutely awesome compared to my DM6's 6 pods and a hopper. My biggest issue however was how loud this marker was. I was playing mid-insert on snake side and I couldn't hear my coach at all, and he's loud. I could only hear my fellow teammates closest to me when I wasn't firing. For tournament players in the Xball format, this is a huge limitation and a major issue.
Conclusion: Overall, I was very pleased with this marker. It's well balanced when set up, shoots fragile paint, is very efficient, and is easy to maintain.

My only complaints are the loudness of this marker and the limited accuracy of the stock barrel.
8 out of 10
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vic414 Sunday, March 16th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month10 of 10 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
02 Angel
Marker Setup: Zick Kit Upgrade
45/4500 Pure Energy Tank
Came with the Zick kit so I am not sure what stock is like
Strengths: Very Fast
Very Light
Very Efficient on air
Low kick
Price is cheap
Weaknesses: I am now using 1 3/4 case of paint instead of 1.
Review: I have been researching for a new gun since my Angel broke for about 2 months. Went to CC paintball and they recommended the DM7 and Vice over the Etek2. They told me that it is a gas hog and that I would get only 600 shots on a 4500/68. I was discouraged, but talked to a few more stores and they all mentioned that it is gas efficient. At $675, free tank, and zick kit, I decided to give it a shot.

The kit comes with a nice aluminum/sponge casing, allen wrenchs, barrel condom, extra bolts and O-rings, and gun oil. The first time I picked up the gun I was shocked at how light it was compared to my Angel. I could only pull 7-10 bps on my Angel, I know it is slow, but with the ramp set at 15.4bps I can rip at 15.4 bps with ease on the Etek. Like I said in weakness is that I go through too much paint because I can shoot so much faster now!!! At the chorno I was shooting between 254-260. By the way to CC paintball dude, you were wrong about the air efficiency buddy! I got from a 3000psi/45ci tank 900 shots!!! With a full 4500psi I estimated that I would get 1350. A 4500 psi/68ci tank would probably give close to 1800 shots!!! The etek2 actually shoots the same as the EGO I shot for a game IMO, but is not as noisy and less kick. The accuracy seemed to be ok at 15.4bps, but it was windy so I am not sure how accurate the gun is. At that rate of fire, I do not think any gun can be very accurate. It was my first time playing with the gun so I will need a few more outings and no wind to judge whether or not this marker is accurate at high rates of fire. Anyways, for the money I do not think there is a better gun. The only question I have is if the marker is reliable after a years worth of use. Will post again in year to let you know.

By the way Dye and Planet Eclipse returned my emails on performance questions, Bob Long did not even return my email, what poor service and the reason I did not get the Vice!
Conclusion: For $675, this is a screaming buy. Two other guys on my team want to get one after they watched me rip through paint.
10 out of 10
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englypb4 Saturday, March 15th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months12 of 12 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Sp epiphany (not close)
Marker Setup: Etek2 cobalt/white w/Star frame and cure2 bolt
Vlocity Jr. w/virtue
DXS 68/4500
none completely neede but,
Zik kit
Cure bolt
Star frame - it helps program things easier because you can see it all in words
Strengths: Very air efficeint
Not loud
bolts easy to remove
Very nice looking
Weaknesses: Trigger is a little weird (opinion)
Not enough money to buy another one
Review: I haven't got out to play a game yet but shooting a lot and i havn't had any breaks. i have got about 1000-1200 shots off 2000psi. from around 75 ft. almost ball on ball every shot. i have shot this thing with a magna and a vlocity jr the magna keeps it more consistant but they both are good. the etek2 is so light and nice looking also very easy to maintain, i woud say the stock settings are good enough for most feilds.

BOLT - the bolt on the Eclipse guns make life so much easier. being able to take your bolt out jusst like that helps when your out there and need to take care of something and not get shot in the process.

FEEDNECK - The stock feedneck on the etek2 is great but the C-lever would be nice so you dont need a allen wrench but not really that bad that you need to go buy one.

REGULATOR - the stock etek2 reg is the best most consistent reg out of my hyper2 and it. i was chronoing in at 285 +- 1-3fps each time.

BARREL - tis barrel is very light and crazy accurate with the paint i have been using (DXS silver) i have had nothing but ball on ball since day one and all have hit their target nicely.

April 12, i got to play with this thing for the first time and let me just say WOW. even though i put a star frame on it the gun shot fastand shot dead on and not a single chop and not even a barrel break. i had to fill up my tank after about four rounds of play and each game i had a hopper full (Vlocity jr.) and three pods (140 round) and the station wasn't filling all the way to 4500 psi. for the first time i didnt know what to expect but now i wanna stay with nothing less than the etek2. i got the gun to fire at a peak of 17bps and a consistant 15-16.

April 27, alright got to play with this thing again and still no chops or breaks. the gun was still able go a long tim eto run down on air and i had a game that lasted maybe 10 minutes until it was ended in me getting bunkered. i was able to fling paint across dead accurate as usual but today i noticed i was only shooting 235 +- 2 fps insted of normal 275 fps but still made it to the target without much drop.again i will say it you must buy this gun if you want high performance for cheap.

May 10, ok so i got out there again today and still not a single chop, and no breaks either. im very pleased on how this gun is working and the accuracy. still everyone at the field complements it saying that its light sleek and very comfortable so thats gotta say something about it. all i gotta say is that the etek2 is wayyy worth it.

May 18, this thing is still never even chopping and hasnt had any barrel beaks. i had played for the second time on an outdoor field (my own) and performs perfectly in the dirt. i took a bad dive and went barrel first into the dirt and shot through it still dead on accurate.

June 8, i put in my cure2 bolt and it will help your accuracy a little but this gun has had ZERO problems and is still the best thing i have bought.
i also have used my etek2 in the rain now and if your worried about water/dirt getting in the back DONT because it didnt get in at all and still was great with accuracy nd consistent without hesitation.
Conclusion: I would recommend this thing to everyone, plus you get what you pay for and its eclipse so you know its great. so if you cant afford a ego then get the etek2. You wont be sorry. i give it a 10 because of all the advantages you get for the price and the amount of air it consumes. i have no choice but to give this sick gat a 10.
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, July 7th, 2008 at 9:05 am PST
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mada12589 Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
3 months32 of 33 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
PMR, Shocker, Timmys, marqs, 05 egos
Marker Setup: Etek 2
aim custom cocker
new barrel couldn't hurt
zick kit
star frame if you want LCD and qev's
none are really necessary, it works great out of box.
Strengths: Speed, accuracy, weight, ease of maintenance, looks, efficiency.
Weaknesses: none... some might prefer magnetic trigger, qev's and LCD
Review: This gun performs amazingly well. Its only 1 kg. This is heavier than new ego's, but not by much. The gun is very effortless to shoot, never chops, and im getting about 1600 shots out of a 68/45 right out of the box. First crono shot at about 250, turned it up to 270. (field limit is 280) The chrono read 272, 270, 270, 272, 271, 274. I fired about 10 more, the highest spike was at 275, lowest of 270. This is fresh out of the box, never fired. After breaking it in its to +/-2, usually +/-1.
The body size brings the line of fire closer to your hands than alot of other markers which makes it more natural to aim. Personally i dont like the feel of shockers, which bring the line of fire to almost right on your hands, i like the stacked tube design.
The maintenance on this marker is amazingly easy, you only really need one hex wrench to get the rammer out, only takes about 5-10 minutes for a good cleaning including the rammer, bolt, eyes, lpr, and inline reg.
The trigger feel on this marker is perfect for me, the micro switch is not too stiff, and the spring tension is adjustable enough to make the pull surprisingly light. It could be a little better if it was on bearings and had a magnetic return, but it is still very smooth and snappy.
The stock board has adjustable debounce, dwell, max rof with eyes on and off, ball detection time, and tourney lock. Granted its not an LCD and it takes an extra 10 seconds to set your parameters it doesnt bother me at all. It has ramping modes that work with PSP and Mill rules as long as you set your max rof accordingly, but if you want more modes then there are other available boards out there.
The fastest ive gotten it to fire is 19bps on uncapped semi(with all factory settings). I'm sure it could cycle faster but my fingers just arent that fast, so its plenty fast for anyone but people who just want to show off how fast their marker can ramp.
It is a little loud, but as i break it in i can turn down the lpr and it gets quieter. The noise hasn't been a problem for me. Some say it has a bit of kick, and yeah there is some, but it isnt enough to cause any sort of problem, and if you really care there is the zick kit.
The stock barrel performs quite well. I prefer a bigger barrel because although its not as accurate as getting a great fit it tends to keep balls from breaking in the barrel better, so the .693 is great for me, and surprisingly accurate. I could easily hit a 10in target from about 100 feet, about 9/10 shots hit (using zap spank paint...) so i was impressed.
The last complaint i hear is the feedneck should be lever-clamping. Yeah i agree it is easier to have a lever clamp, but using a hex wrench isnt much of a problem, and if it bugs you you can always upgrade.
Conclusion: The gun is great, especially for the price. It performs extremely well in almost all situations, but there are some features that could be better, but thats why its not an ego 08. I see value as a function of both price and quality, and although this isnt the highest quality product i think its is fantastic for the price. If possible i would give this a 9.5 because of the non-lever feedneck and because it could be better, lighter, faster and so on, but not by much. For lack of 9.5 and because i really like the gun, despite the fact that its not the best one out there i say a 10. There isn't really anything i feel it should be marked off for based on my opinion, but some others might really want some small features it doesnt come with.
10 out of 10
I found this review  
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