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Real Action Paintball T68 Gen 4 Reviews

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Real Action Paintball T68 Gen 4
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Number of Reviews: 4
Average Rating: 7.8 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $550

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
The new T68 Gen4 works with an 18 round detachable magazine, though an optional 200 rounds hopper adaptor is available for those who need more ammo capacity. The T68 Gen4 is built with an internal flexi-air system that empowers you to use an air tank within the stock, or to use a full size air tank as a stock.

The T68 Gen4 is best for individuals who believe in tactical precision - where every shot counts, and every ball eliminates an opponent. With an advanced hammer and power spring, this marker will deliver head shots at 150 feet, with a max range of 300 feet. They use standard .68 caliber paintballs and can be used at any paintball field.

The T68 Gen4 has a removable carry handle with standard iron sights that are adjustable for elevation and windage. With the carry handle removed, the T68 Gen4 can take any standard scope, sight, or mount on the flattop rail. They have endless configurations, and are fully compatible with standard military specification attachments. The T68 Gen4 has an authentic charging handle just like a real assault rifle.

The T68 Gen4 is built for reliability and durability. It features all-metal construction, while the bolt is made out of Delrin to prevent metal-to-metal wear and tear. The T68 Gen4 is the last paintball gun you will buy.

Military and law enforcement groups can use the T68 Gen4 for tactical training. It is perfect for room clearing and building entry training, teaching CQB marksmanship and firearm safety. The T68 Gen4 is fabricated with weight, width and length comparable to authentic M16/M4 style assault rifles, and the pistol grip is identical to that on an M4. This gives officers a true-to-life feel, as if they were training with their duty gear. The T68 Gen4 will change the face of paintball and give military and law enforcement agencies new training gear...and your scenario gaming will never be the same again.
Product Availability 
The Real Action Paintball T68 Gen 4 is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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skwid Monday, March 9th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 8 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Autococker. This is the first Milsim marker for me.
Marker Setup: Bone Stock T68 Gen6
Strengths: Metal, Durable, Reliable, very upgradable.
Weaknesses: None Really
Review: I am going to make this short. Basically yes, the T68 is based on a spyder. I have never used a spyder before but this gun is very reliable and has tons of options for it. Never chopped a ball yet. The reason for this is that when loading the magazines, you have to physically handle each ball so you can filter out the soft or bad ones. Yes it is limited to 18 rounds per magazine but if you want the most realistic game, then this is your marker.

Gun has alot of upgrades and custom configs to chose from. Based on the spyder so there are some good internal upgrades. The gun is also easy on air.

Conclusion: You should only consider this marker if you want a touch of the real experience. Magazine fed, 9 different air options.
9 out of 10
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theeraserhead Saturday, February 14th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

3 months
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Red Dot Scope
14" Rifled Barrel
Dual Risers
Rap4 RIS Shroud
Custom made ammo box
Strengths: Accurate
Feels and looks like a real gun.
Weaknesses: Gen4 had alot of issues but most were addressed by the Gen6 upgrade.
Review: When I first bought the T68 Gen4 (upgraded to T68 Gen6), I had a dozen issues which were all resolved:

1. The hammer O-rings were breaking.
2. There was air leaking in the air chamber.
3. The gun stutters.
4. Balls were breaking.
5. Magazine well was not fitted perpendicular to the barrel.
6. Low velocity issue.
7. Two of the magazines mulfunctioned. One was not holding in its paintballs and the other magazine fed its spring into my gun.
8. The design of the standard M4 handguard and sight for the T68 Gen4 or Gen6 is faulty. The handguard will secure itself to the body of the gun but not to the barrel. This means the barrel can be easily unscrewed or loosened. The sight relies on one screw that tightens into the barrel, but not strong enough. The iron rod that runs between the sight and handguard still allows for some twisting of the sight and barrel.
9. The trigger sometimes will not release the hammer.
10. This isn't an issue I really experienced, but I noticed the newer T68s have crooked carry handles since the base rail was wider than the carry handle.
11. The top rail+charging handle is wobbly after rap4 replaced it for unknown reasons. I had a hard time convincing rap4 that the rail+charing handle on top of the gun was wobbly. Rap4 finally took the gun back and later returned it to me claiming the wobbling was gone - it wasn't.
12. The magazine release button on the magazine well sometimes lock up.

How they were resolved:

1. This was the biggest pain. The hammer o-ring kept breaking and took me several trips to rap4 until it was truely resolved. Rap4 resolved the issue
by installing a better quality o-ring which is now being installed on the Gen6 version. The newer o-ring is hard and clear, whereas the old faulty o-
ring is black.

2. I am one of the unlucky few to have a small (not significant) air leak in the air chamber located inside the magazine well. This was easily resolved by rap4 who replaced the seals.

3. The stutter was resolved after I upgraded to Gen6 internals and had the new hammer o-ring installed. The Gen6 upgrade kit costs about $20.00.

4. Rap4 couldn't figure out what was really causing the ball breakages, so they replaced all the internals in my T68 Gen6 marker, and replaced the ball detents on the magazine adapter. After the replacements, I'm no longer experiencing ball breakages.

5. The magazine well was not aligned on the T68 perfectly since the screw holes were slightly off. I had to enlarge the screw holes on the magazine well, using a file, to allow perfect alignment. Not all T68's have this alignment issue.

6. OK, the low velocity issue was due to the fact that I had the wrong springs installed after rap4 upgraded my marker to Gen6. I went back to rap4 a couple of times before the issue was resolved.

7. I simply had the magazines exchanged. Rap4 now sell a more reliable version which is made of metal instead of plastic, and is a bit more expensive.

8. I had to upgrade to the RIS handguard for $99.00 which secures the handguard to both the body of the gun and the barrel. I bought a new $30.00 two piece iron sight from rap4 that uses four screws to clamp the iron sight around the barrel. This prevents the sight from twisting. I also bought a separate $25.00 sling mount which I installed under the iron sight.

9. The faulty trigger was replaced by rap4.

10. I've notifed rap4 about this issue, and I was given back my old handle which is not crooked. If you do get a crooked handle for your T68, I suggest you RMA or buy a better M4 carry handle on-line.

11. You'll notice that if you remove the rail+charging handle and place it on a flat table that the rail is curved. I fixed this by filing the insides at the bottom of the rail, and tightening the screws at both ends of the rail to the gun. The tightened screws bends the rail flat on top of the gun.

12. The lock up occurs when the magazine release button is pressed too deep making the release bracket to exit too far on the other side of the magazine well that one end of the bracket drops down preventing it from re-entering. I fixed this by pressing the button deep enough so I can grab the release bracket and turn it one cycle clockwise. This tightens/secures the bracket and prevents it from exiting the magazine well.

After all of the above issues were resolved, the gun performed pretty well (above average) with its stock barrel. I was making tight groupings at what I think to be 75 feet, but Some of the players at the Los Gatos paintball field believe that I tested it at 100 feet, not 75 feet. Alot of the kids tried to compete with mine using their Tippmans and Spyders (some with Apex barrels) but with lesser accuracy.

Ammo box:

I realized that the magazines are not enough for me, so I read a couple of posts on the internet on how to build an ammo box for the T68 marker. I tested the ammo box at the Los Gatos Persuit (Bear Creek) paintball field and it worked flawlessly on semi-automatic. I can load about 140 paintballs into the ammo box.
Conclusion: The T68 is a great milsim marker once you've put enough time and effort to fix some of the issues you may experience when you first buy the gun. As you may have realized above, rap4 has already implemented upgrades to their marker to resolve the major issues due to my feedback, and have upgraded their warranty to five years. This means that you should not experience most of the issues that I had if you buy a T68 marker now. I give Gen 4 a 7/10 but the Gen6 a 9/10.
9 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, February 14th, 2009 at 7:41 pm PST
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Greaser Saturday, June 14th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month3 of 32 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A-5
T68 Gen 4
Marker Setup: A-5 RT with M4 setup
Strengths: The T68 is a very realistic looking marker
clip fed
Weaknesses: Clips
Flexi air system
Review: I wont say the T68 is horable marker but clips dont work properly i was lucky to get 3 shots off before i had slam the clip up, to get it feed again.

Now Flexi Air system... well everyone knows those have been Recalled and ive personaly seen mine explode in my friends face so yea that answers it self.

But gun it self with hopper on it works fine a bit slow but it works.

The gun looks real which is nice but i bought it for magazine feeding system not the hopper
Conclusion: Clips are crap or the clip feeding system is crap

If you want the flexi air system to blow up in face i recommended not geting it plus it has been recalled.

The gun it self works but to me seems like im shooting a low end gun when hopper fed.

my review with my experience with this paintball gun i say dont buy it, its not worth it, i had it for a month at most and i was very disappointed with it.
4 out of 10
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Zieg Monday, March 10th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month30 of 30 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
Tippmann A-5
Tippmann Custom 98
Genesis Surge 2
Marker Setup: T68 Gen 4
Flexi Air System
Kingman Remote Coil w/ Slide Check
Hurricane M4 Tactical Mount
ADCO E-Dot Red Dot Sight
Strengths: Very Durable
Very Realistic
Very Accurate
Weaknesses: Not Automatic
Review: (Long but detailed review)

If you are looking for a marker that is maintenance-free, works without having to mess with it, and a light, automatic, small speedball gun, you are in the wrong place. The T68 is hard, heavy, and rugged. It looks almost exactly like an M4. It requires more maintenance than your standard Tippmann, but as an interesting quote in an earlier review I read went; "If you treat her like a Princess, she will treat you like a King."

Stripping this sucker isn't a walk in the park. You need a good 3-4 allan keys and there are a lot of very, very tiny screws. Not easily field strippable either, so if something goes wrong with your T68 in the field you had better have a backup. However, it is somewhat satisfying to take it apart. I suppose it is the realistic look of an M4. The bolt is also made out of Delrin, a high-durability polymer to reduce metal-to-metal wear and tear. The only downside about the internal workings is the magazine-fed loader.

The mags have given me a couple problems. They've jammed a couple times, you have to look for them after the game if you get in the habit of dropping them (like I do), and it takes awhile to reload. That's 4-5 seconds if you drop your mags, about 7-8 if you try to put them back in your vest or pocket. That's not counting if the mag release jams on you. And if your opponent knows you are reloading, and you aren't quick enough, you're screwed. If you want to go with mags, make sure you are a 1-shot-1-kill kind of guy. I tend to go through all 5 of my mags in one game and spend the next two reloading, it can get annoying.

If you want automatic, wait for the E-grip they are supposed to be coming out with around April or May, and get an electronic hopper. That's my plan, and seeing how this gun does NOT chop or break balls that I've seen yet, it'll be a monster.

The accuracy on the T68 with a stock 14" barrel is pretty damn good. I was hitting a 1" target at 75 feet easy with my E-dot on and zeroed. I went through a good 1000 balls in a game and I haven't had a single chop or barrel break. I'm considering upgrading to a 14" tactical rifled barrel to see how much more accurate it is. Other than having some

Knowing that the Gen 4 can take both magazines and hopper-fed loading types, it's a nice feature if you want to go pure tactical and stock up with a bunch of mags like in the movies. Or change right over to a hopper for the bigger, longer games. Trust me when I say that by itself, the T68 is very, very intimidating. Adding rails, dot sights, grenade launchers, just makes it pee-your-pants-on-sight intimidating. It will get attention on a field. RAP4 does supply a ton of customizable barrels, muzzles, stocks, rails, scopes, grips and more for the T68, so there are a ton of customizations available for it.

On a side note, dealing with RAP4 on the phoen is always very helpful and pleasant, one of the best customer service phone services out there when it comes to questions about their products.
Conclusion: OVERALL RATING: 9/10
I'm personally very happy with my T68, and I would urge anyone thinking of getting themselves one to really take a step back and decide what they want in a marker and do some serious research before considering purchasing a T68. I dropped $620 with shipping and the flexi-air system built in, and I'm not dissappointed with it, but that doesn't mean you won't be. Make sure it's what you really, really want.
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 10:58 am PST
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