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Planet Eclipse Planet Eclipse GEO Reviews

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Planet Eclipse Planet Eclipse GEO
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Number of Reviews: 7
Average Rating: 9.9 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $1250

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
When Planet Eclipse manufactured the first Ego it created an overnight revolution in the world of tournament-level Poppet-Valve based markers. By combining reliability, efficiency, performance, ease of maintenance, light weight, balanced design and compact dimensions in a package that was as easy to tech and service as it was to shoot high-speed strings on the field, it became an instant success with players, techs, and dealers alike.

4 years on, and with 3 years of development and testing behind it, Eclipse are ready to do to the Spool-Valve market what they did to the Poppet-Valve market back in late 2004.

The Eclipse Geo has been designed and developed to neutralise all the traditional negative aspects of spool-valve based markers. It offers exceptional air efficiency. It has the fewest possible number of dynamic seals. Yet it still has a Gas Supply Isolation mechanism built into the firing cycle. It is as easy to tech as any other Eclipse marker. It is incredibly reliable. It is compact, balanced and amazingly lightweight. It is everything that Eclipse stands for.

Yet there would be no point in the development of this product if it eschewed the core values of what people like and demand from a spool-valve marker. Smooth operation with a low reciprocating mass (the bolt is the only moving part and weighs less than 18grams). Low operating pressure between 110-135psi. And a quiet sound signature.

What the Eclipse Geo now offers is all of the benefits of a spool-valve marker, with none of the drawbacks.

Add to that the features that have become synonymous with Recent Eclipse markers such as Def-Tek feed technology, Heads-Up LCD module, Opto and Micro trigger operation, Break Beam Sensor System, Dual magnetic and Spring Trigger Return System, light weight and ergonomic design, simple maintenance and bullet-proof reliability, and the result is a marker that draws on all the key Eclipse traits and principles to add an exciting new shooting platform to the range.
Eclipse Geo-Specific Features

• Spool Valve Design
• Low Reciprocating Mass – Bolt 18g
• Low Pressure operation – 110-135psi
• Air Efficient – 1500+ shots from 68/45
• 1 Moving Internal Part
• Minimum Number of Dynamic Seals - 3
• ISCIS (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Mechanism
• VVC – Variable Volume Chamber adjustment
• SC (Spool-Cure) Bolt – helps eliminate 2nd ball clipping in the feed stack.
• 6-Second Strip Down – To remove and separate all internal Bolt components
• Tool-less Bolt removal – all internal bolt components removed without tools
• Very Low Weight – 860g inc. barrel, battery, OOPS etc

Eclipse Family Features

• BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
• Black-On-White Transflective LCD Module
• Def-Tek Offset Feed
• C-Lever Clamping Feedneck
• Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches
• Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return
• Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
• Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
• All Major Tournament Presets
• 9 Preset Debounce Modes
• 5-Point Adjustable Trigger
• T-Rail Mounting System
• OOPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System
• S3 Self-Purging In-Line Regulator
• 14” Shaft3 2-Piece 0.693” Barrel
Product Availability 
The Planet Eclipse Planet Eclipse GEO is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
Allstar77 Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
6 months0 of 2 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
DLX Luxe
Macdev Clone/Droid
Dye Dm7, Dm8, Dm9, Dye NT
Dangerous Power G3 (Only because it too is a dump valve spool), Rev-i

Marker Setup: 1/25 Coffee/Red Vicious Geo
68/4500 Crossfire HP
Dye Ultralite or .689 Stiffi
Dye Rotor w/ Virtue Crown and board or Empire Prophecy with Speed feed and LTD kit
Geo Soft Touch (GST) Kit
Board (more settings)
Laser Eyes (just because your cool like that)
Planet Eclipse Tooless feedneck knob
Barrel (I'll get to that later...)
Strengths: -Light
-Efficient (on a good day)
Weaknesses: -Loud
-Leaky solenoids
Review: Well, I've been paintballing for a little more than 2 years now in Ontario, Canada. My first gun was a Shocker NXT which brought me into the love for spool valves. Unfortunately, for the time I wanted a better gun, PE only had the Ego line, so I purchased an Ego8. My magnificent love for PE had begun with that marker and brought me into a whole new range of markers. With the release of the Geo - PE's first spool valve marker - I found myself staring at the incredible gun with only one thought in my mine: I'VE GOT TO GET THAT GUN.

First Impressions:
As soon as you open that blue box up you realize how high quality markers these are (already having this experience from the Ego8). Once the box is open, you notice a beautiful white case that has a distinct shape, one that Apple computers would've come up with. Once the white case is open, you notice how organized everything is, barrels on the top (manuals underneath, and too my surprise an Emmortals DVD), the lube and allen keys on the side, and finally the gun in the center.

Once the gun is in your hands, you notice how much room you are given between the trigger and the trigger guard, and the room between the trigger guard and the regulator. I love this feature and I'm sure that many other players will like this feature as well, especially those with the large sausage fingers.

The Engine:
Inside this puppy is a simple engine only consisting of 3 parts: the prop shaft, can and the bolt. The bolt - only moving part in the gun, besides the regulator and small parts in the solenoid (thanks again PE for the exaggeration) - is, to my surprise, 18 grams. It seems that such a high quality bolt has some weight to it, as Techt paintball and various other companies have created bolts of equal size with less weight has caused the gun to not shoot as fast as it could, or efficient however the dwell can operate at 8.0 MS which is very impressive.

The rest of the gun consists of the board (the brains) the regulator (which is still as simple as the Ego8), and the solenoid. That's right, there are no hoses in the gun. The air goes directly from the tank to the regulator to the solenoid and finally the engine. Very simple.

I have heard many problems with efficiency but remember, if your running at 50ci your not going to have the efficiency of a 88ci. For an average tank (68) PE claims 1500 shots. I believe that is fair considering I can probably get a little more and others get a little less. Now remember, this is a SPOOL valve gun, everything comes into consideration. The temperature to the type of lube your using will effect your efficiency. For the most part, I am impressed, and with a 45 fill, your not going to have to worry about filling it up anytime soon. And for those more "handicapped" players, not it is not a Vice so don't expect the gun to never run out of air.

Very impressive. Never has a gun (to my knowledge) controlled so many tasks with this valve. The solenoid cuts off any air that wants to add onto the shot, making the gun very, very consistent. It also is easy to clean which i like :)

How the thing shoots:
Well, like the Dye NT its audible. My team is all rolling Macdev Spool valve guns making me the only one on the field shot a hand cannon. But whose to speak? I can say my gun won't scratch my mask when I switch hands and my gun makes a cool noise when I turn it on :P. The gun does have some kick to it, as like the Ego did to poppits. The Geo to spool is the exact as Ego to poppit. Not the quietest, not the most efficient and not the smoothest. But hell, these guns are quality and will not go down on you.

*****GST Kit*****
Now who is laughing? The gun is not quieter, has less kick and more efficiency. With this upgrade, the gun changes the way it shoots, to the way you would expect it to shot but at a cost: raise your dwell by 2.0 MS and the bloody thing costs $80 or so.
Conclusion: Now with my knowledge (which I hope is good enough to write a gun review) I believe the Geo is the best spool you can buy with your money. Parts are available, very simple and easy to use. If you were to ask me, Geo is hands down the best on the market. However, I'm rating the gun a 9, as it has room for improvement, but no gun should be rated a perfect 10, because if there was a perfect 10 on the market, EVERYONE WOULD SHOOT THE GUN.
9 out of 10
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jon_doe48 Sunday, May 9th, 2010
Period of
Product Use:
6 months3 of 4 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Planet Eclipse GEO
MacDev 07 Cyborg
2 Tiberius 8 Pistols
68/4500 pmi tank
C9 dye rhino cover
14" Stiffi switch kit
DeadlyWind Carbon Fiber Barrel w Freak Inserts
-Planet Eclipse GTS Soft Touch Kit (works for some. worked for me)
-Extra parts kit
Strengths: -Air Consistantcy
-Weight- super light
-Stock Board
-Stock Barrel
Weaknesses: -In-line reg needs a little break-in, but so do all new regs
Review: I’ve had this marker for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. First day I got it, I took it out and ran a case through it. Straight outta the box, it was shooting 275, 270, 278 fps, which isn’t bad at all for a factory reg setting. After I broke it in, now its +/-1 on the chrono.

I used a couple of different barrels with it, the stock pe shaft, my 14” stiffi (Bow-Chica-Wow-Wow), my 16” Deadly Wind with .689 insert, and a 14” redz with a .688 back. All of them shot great on the marker. Even the shaft, which I’m not too sure if you can consider it stock or not, considering it comes stock on the gun but you can also buy it separate as an upgrade to any gun? Hhhmmm, your call. Either way, I love that barrel on that gun out of any of my other ones. I didn’t break a single ball and shot on target one after another.

After about 5 months of use, I saw a new upgrade for it, the Planet Eclipse GST Geo Soft Touch Kit. Its pretty much a drop in kit that allows the gun to improve in a couple of ways, air efficiency and noise. I got this kit for about $80 and love everything about it. It drops the noise level down dramatically and gave me about 300 more shots per tank. I have a friend that bought the same upgrade for the same gun and saw no difference between the stock setup and the new one. So I’m assuming that it varies from marker to marker.

As many spool valves that I’ve shot, this is still my favorite. I have always been a poppet guy, ever since I got my Cyborg, but this gun really changed the way I look at spools. I even favored my borg over all of my Dye and Proto guns combined. But now, I’m a spool lover thanks to the GEO.
Conclusion: Great gun. If you can afford it, get it!!!!!! You won't be dissatisfied.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 at 11:28 pm PST
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kingjesse Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
6 months2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Dye Matrix
Marker Setup: Ego-08...Stiffi 16" Rotor Loader
Nothing Really
Strengths: Light Weight-Fast
Weaknesses: Need to break in the in line reg
Review: I have to say I am very happy when I received my Geo. The case holds everything together and the Manual keeps you well informed....Great Job! I did read the manual a few times before I took it out to the field (that's because I had to wait for the weekend to use, but I'm glad I waited). Anyway, she shot great! Over the crono, I can see it needed a little adjustment, but not much.

6 Months Later....Holy smokes! Once the reg broke in, it shoots amazing...almost ball for ball. Before, it was 10+ or the Geo is 1+ or 1-. I really love this marker. Great Job PE!
Conclusion: The only recommendation is to break in the reg. It might take a few cases but you will see the difference. That's it....great marker!
10 out of 10
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benjyloewen Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
3 months
4 years
Products Used:
macdev droid
DLX Luxe
Marker Setup: lagoon geo
empire prophecy
dxs 48/45
The only thing you need is a spare parts kit of the exact size that planet eclipse recomends. if you use the wrong o rings, it will probably leak.
Strengths: -LOOKS
-Great with any paint
Weaknesses: -None
Review: Well i got the marker a few months ago used from a techie who only used it once for a grand price of 900 canadian dollars. I got it the day of my tournament and it sure warmed up to me really fast. Using an 07 ego for 2 years I was sick of the lpr and the small trigger frame always cutting into my comfort zone. Gun is 5/5 in the comfort category.

The Geo comes with a full tube of eclipse grease and all the allan keys you will ever need for it which is a nice touch on PE's part.5/5

the barrel is a pretty typical .693 2 piece that is basically standard for all markers in this range. it shoots any paint i put through it very accurately. what more could anyone want?5/5

the reg is the best i have ever seen. no washers to fall out like the 07 ego. its just a simple piston and spring. its a very consistent reg too. i like to shoot my guns a little low because the refs at my field flip if a gun is shooting over 300 feet per second so I could shoot at 280-290 and not worry about any accidental jumps in velocity rather than 260-270. adjusting the velocity is easy too because the reg is marked with arrows on which way to turn.5/5

The feed neck is pretty much perfect although a thumb adjuster like on the sl94 would be a nice touch 4/5

the eyes and detents are good except the detents can ware out pretty fast. 4/5

The board is a bit to get used to coming from the 07 ego but i ended up liking it more. I also averaged 30 balls per second with the empire prophecy at a dwell of 8.5.
the board has all the good features. 5/5

the bolt is super easy to maintain and has very few o rings. it shoots any paint perfectly with no chops and very little kick. 5/5

The asa is perfect but using planet eclipse asa's before they have been quite touchy. I have not had any problems with the geo's yet though. 4/5

the gun has so few parts that you can strip the whole gun down, ready to anodize in just over 2 minuets. 5/5

The manual is also a very clear, easy to understand, and has pictures for dummies such as myself. If you have any problems with the marker there are plenty of trouble shooting guides which will guarantee fix your problem if you have the right stuff. 5/5

Conclusion: Me being an idiot when it comes to taking apart stuff and adjusting it wrong, this thing is extremely idiot proof. this is basically the same as all guns in its range but it has NO flaws whatsoever. yes i prefer it more than the luxe.
10 out of 10
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geo lover Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month0 of 5 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
planet eclipse 2009 vicious ego original etek ego ion fully uped (not even the frame is stock you could order all the parts and just build this thing) pmr 09 DLX LUXE ( never owned only shot for two games when i guy let me see his it hated it) dm8 or 9 (couldn't tell they are so similar hated it anyways)
Marker Setup: geo all stock internals
deadly wind barrel
dye rotor
crossfire 45/45
maybe laser eyes cause it might eat batteries havent had it long enough to decided
Strengths: Most air efficient spool valve, quite, easy to tare downr, no barrel rise, really light
Weaknesses: Price
Review: this is a amazing gun. i shoot a 45/45 tank and i can get three pods and a hopper out of it and still have half a tank full. i never have shot all the way down to 0 with cause I'm not gonna waste paint or have to leave a game cause I'm out of air. This gun is silent. i have played every where with this gun and it works great wether you are behind a can in a corner, under a bush in the woods or diving into the snake. It so quite i don't no if my barrel effects that though cause I DO NOT USE THE STOCK BARREL AND I HAVENT YET. I will soon but i like my deadlywind so much. You will never have to take this gun a part at a field. I no this for a fact cause in a game i turned the eyes off and i chopped. i get back to the pits and expect to miss the next game cause i will have to clean no the case the eyes were clean so all i did was pull the propshaft can and bolt out pushed a swab through and i was good to go!!! the board is awesome just watch the youtube vid with jack wood or read the manual on there website it has every feature imaginable. the trigger feed neck and asa are what u would expect from planet eclipse. S3 reg is super easy to a just beast even the custom products in my opinion. Now the only bad thing is the price i never have owned an ego cause i didnt understand why i should spend this kind of money on a paint ball gun the ego and ion are my brothers the pmr is my freinds i own a used first generation etek o got for 500 with the orange spitfire bolt and laser eyes. this gun is worth way more than what i payed for it. its a phenomenal gun i would just like to see the G-TEK or something similar to what they are doing at pe with etek for the geo so more people can get a similar gun to this one. i almost for got to mention the reliablity u can beat this gun up and it will keep shooting i dove into puddle or so i though it was more like a small pond i found out and there was mud an water all inside of every inch. the gun shot till the end of the day straight and true i was surprised no other gun has done that for me. def an amazing gun.
Conclusion: This gun is great beats all the dms and the luxe ( have shot and seen internal on both to many orings and seals just asking to break down) totally wroth the price i was hesitant to go with it over an ego ( i hated spools till this gun) but took the risk and boy did it pay off
10 out of 10
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ANDY-501 Monday, November 10th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested11 of 13 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
shot and teched just about every marker .
Marker Setup: Currently shooting an 08 Ego.
Geo was set up with a 1.1 dxs bottle with cp reg and loaders swapped between a vlocity and relader b
None seem to be needed
Strengths: Accuracy, Quiteness, minimal kick,
Weaknesses: Did not find any
Review: I only had this marker for a few hours for testing so I can only go with what i found in this short time. The marker was not adjusted at all and all settings were as out of the box.

When I first shot the marker i was quite surprised as it was not as loud as i was expecting. I had only ever heard the sound signature on videos and they sound a lot louder than in real life. You can tell it is a spool valve by its distinct sound and in noise terms it is not as quite as a matrix but maybe slightly less sound than a sft shocker.

This was impressive. Considering the only paint I had with me was cheap training paint that was very badly shaped and had been giving accuracy problems in training with other markers for the past few weeks. The Geo threw this out in a lovely straight line I did not think was possible with this quality of paint. In fact one of the other testers on the day said it reminded him of his old nyx matrix which, for those that remember them, is highly regarded as one of the best shooting guns of all time.

This was quite good giving about 1500 shots on a 68/45. This was with a high pressure reg but with out changing any settings. What was noticed was the Geo kept shooting paint till the reg showed empty on the bottle. Obviously bottle regs are not superbly accurate but it gives an idea of the low operating presssure required to operate the marker.

The Geo is a light weight marker which feels solid in the hand due to the fact it is single tube design and you can hold it right at the top of the reg. Wrapping your thumb over the barrel (if this is your style) is absolutley no problem as there is no lpr. The marker was tried with a light weight vlocity loader and also a heavier reloader b and although you can feel the weight difference it did not have the top heavy / loader heavy effect you can have with taller markers when snap shooting. Running and gunning with the Geo was also accurate as seems to be an advantage of single tube design guns. Overall very good.

I will try to update this review when i have put another 50 or 60 cases through the gun and had a chance to tweak settings and let the gun fully bed in.
Conclusion: During the test firing of this marker I noticed something strange. Everyone I handed the marker to shot it and turned round with the same big stupid grin on their faces and said the same thing......They wanted one NOW !
Overall from the limited period I have been able to test it I like it very much, and if the reliability is anything like the Ego this will be a very impressive package.
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, November 10th, 2008 at 5:51 am PST
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outkastmike Friday, October 24th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month24 of 24 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Sft shocker
Nxt shocker
Marker Setup: Redz peppersticks
DXS 1.1 bottle
Magna hopper
None,its fully loaded from stock
Strengths: lightweight
Good product support
Ease of use
easily removable bolt
Weaknesses: Slightly louder than other spoolvalve guns
Review: Presentation.....
The Geo comes in a very impressive solid hard white and bronze plastic case that locks securely,inside you will find a very well illustrated manual that goes into almost compulsive detail of the marker covering every detail of the Geo's operation this has to be said,it is one of the most detailed manuals i have ever read in the last few years,there is a 7 piece Allen key set,20ml tube of eclipse grease and a very well made barrel sock and also a set of o-rings and detents that should keep you running for a very long time and there is also included a complimentary e-star sticker .

First impressions...
The first impression you get when you take the Geo out of its hard case is of a high quality and superbly well put together paintball gun,the anodising is first class as you would expect coming from planet eclipse and the Geo has smooth lines with chrome Geo jewls on either side and the balance is first rate it also fits nicely into your hands feeling comfortable and solid.They even put sticker tabs on the macro line to let you know who assembled the marker and general safety info.

Bolt assembly.....
The Geo's strengh lies in it's quick dissemble feature,removing the bolt assembly is a breeze simply turn the Prop shaft a few turns anti clockwise and remove the prop shaft and put your finger inside and remove the can and bolt,clean re grease and replace and that's the maintainace done in less than a minute and with only three internal parts there is very little to loose in the rush on gameday.There is also a small adjuster nut on the rear of the prop shaft to allow you to adjust the internal pressure inside the Geo this is a nice feature for all the techy's amongst us who love to fine tune the Geo to it's limit.

Board functions....
Anybody who has used the planet eclipse ego line of markers will know how adjustable there stock boards are and it's no different with the Geo not only does it have the 2008 board defaults for all the current tournaments it also allows you to customise the Geo's settings for your own personal use,and new for 08 is the use of a sound beeper to allow you to hear when it turns on and off again a first class board with no need to buy a aftermarket board,and there is all the usual board parameter settings you know and love from planet eclipse.Dwell,debounce,filter etc.etc.etc. you name it it's there.

Trigger & ASA etc..........
Once again planet have used the trustworthy oops Asa which vents the whole marker and macro line when turned off so no blasts of air when you remove the bolt assembly.
The Geo feels crisp when fired due to the 5 point trigger which uses both magnetic and spring for pull and return just like Ego's before it,there is also the choice of either a optical sensor or micro switch for firing the Geo,yet again have played safe and given the user an option to how they want to fire the Geo.
Also is the impressive Deftec feed neck with lever clamp and soft gell style grips which stick to your hands nicely

Shooting the Geo is good with no discernable kick that the user can feel when firing the Geo,one thing you will pick up on is it has a slightly louder firing signature than other spool valve markers like Luxe's,Droids or the DM range,but is not as loud as a stacked or inline poppet designed marker,and is not really noticable after a few uses of the Geo and is to be honest of no great concern for myself,especially coming from using a droid.
Accuracy is excellent with the 14inch .693 bore shaft 2 piece barrel giving ball on ball groupings at 40 yards and with the 5 point trigger it's very easy to shoot fast continuous streams of paint.

Conclusion: I have to say Planet Eclipse is on to a winner with the Geo,not only is it a great product that offers the user unlimited board adjustiblity its also a accurate marker that comes well packaged with first class product support

10 out of 10Last edited on Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at 6:14 am PST
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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