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Tiberius Arms Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs Reviews

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Tiberius Arms Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs
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Number of Reviews: 7
Average Rating: 8.9 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $6

Manufacturer DescriptionSubscribe to Reviews on this Product - Edit this Product Listing
Manufactured by Perfect Circle and distributed by Tiberius Arms, First Strike paintballs offer a new option for paintball projectiles.

Utilizing a combination of aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology, First Strike projectiles maintain their velocity longer. The result is 50% greater range and unrivaled accuracy. Finally players have an alternative to accuracy by volume or backspin gimmicks that simply change trajectory. Become one of the first true paintball snipers with First Strike. First Strike conversion kits will be available for all Tiberius Arms markers. If you want to shoot these out of any other gun you can muzzle load them into your barrel one at a time.


* Fin Stabilized: Self rifling provides superior range and accuracy
* .68 caliber: compliant with ASTM safety requirements.
* Brittle polystyrene shell: Allows breakage on targets at extended range. Withstands extreme temperatures, moisture and humidity. Photo degradable and environmentally friendly.
* Ultra Thick Fill: Superior marking and visibility.

Initial Testing shows 6" x 6" groupings for First Strike rounds at 100 feet, versus 30" by 30" groupings for standard paintballs. Effective range was shown to be essentially doubled in the same tests.
Product Availability 
The Tiberius Arms Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintballs are newer, so they should be commonly available.
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stevore Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Tiberius T9.1 Ranger
Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID
HPA Tank
Tiberius Dot Sight (Stock) / Tiberius Tiberius 4 x 32 Scope
Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID by Lapco. Nothing else compares with these rounds.
Strengths: -Accurate
-"Effective" Range increase.
Weaknesses: -Price
-Marker Specific.
-Magazine Fed
Review: It is hard to write a review specific to this product since it is really designed to go hand in hand with a Tiberius Marker and the "Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID".

Key Srenghts: Accuracy and improved effective range.

If you are like me, then the first time you played painball you were all excited to fire your first marker and wehn you pulled the trigger that first time you might have been dissapointed. I know I was. Paintballs just were not as accurate as i had envisioned and teh most effective way to hit players always seems to come down to throwing 4 or 5 shots at a time to hit them. For my last 6 years of playing i found this frustrating and always wanted more.
Enter the first strike round: These things are accurate. As an experienced player these balls blew my mind when i first shot them and in fact i sailed the first few rounds over players heads expecting them to drop off like a normal paintball but they did not.

They tent to fly in a straight trajectory and only slowly begin to fall. This greatly increases accuracy at your effective range. The effective range itself is also increased by at least 50% but i my experience these balls do NOT have twice the range as a normal paintball. It is true that you can effectively engage players from farther than with a normal paintball but it is NOT double.

Using these paintballs in a traditional smooth bore barrel produces results that are quite astounding and i found myself able to easily take headshots from 100 meters with NO MISSES. Beyond this distance i tended to miss my targets on occasion.

That beign said I acheived the same level of accuracy within 150-200 meters using the Tiberius "T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID". With this barrel and even a simple dot sight zeroed in I am able to hit a target the size of a quarter very consistently from distances of 100 meters or less. And as mentioned above if I accurately asses the distance of a player I can still acheive very consistent headshots from even 200 meters assuming there are no major wind gusts. I know many readers are probably skeptical of this but I have been using the product for over 3 months and the shots i can pull off with this marker setup always draws attention. No one beleives that you can hit a quarter from 100 meters away, and i have won many bets so far from skeptics. Hell i'll bet you right now and post it on Youtube!

From distances 100-200 meters you must know the range of the player or at least have some idea since you are required to arch your shot. All paintball players are accustomed to doing this already and i do not consider this a weakeness of the round especially since even at 200 plus meters I have found that all of my shots are still confined to an area of about 4-5 CM left to right. The height of the shot depends completely on my ability to guage the distance but the First Strike rounds fly outrageously straight keeping in a tight line of no more than 5 CM wide. Every time i missed a shot with these rounds it was 100% my fault. (aside from one windy day when it seemed that every gust of mother nature was against me. though i must note that the wind affects these paintballs far less especually ar ranges of 100 M or less)

As far as having 2 times the range, I think it is more like a 50% increase in effective range since i consider the effective range the range at which I can hit my target consistently with only one shot fired.

Key Weaknesses: Pricey and Marker Specific, Magazine Fed

I have listed the fact that the Paintballs are marker specific as a weakness but I think that this is up for debate. This product is designed specifically to function with Tiberius Arms Markers. And it performs that job admirably. I dont think this should be taken into consideration really when reviewing the product. Think about it; would you rate Evil Paintballs lower because they are the only manufacturer of the product? Is an Angel Marker not as good because Tippman doesnt' make their own version? Or becuase the Angel Barrles will not fit in my AutoCocker does that make the barrel not as good? Obviously that would be silly and I see no difference.

The next weakness is the price. At 0.60$CAD per round (if you buy the 100 count) these rounds are much more expensive than any competitor. (59.99$CAD per case)

As a direct comparison Evil paintballs at 80.00$CAD per case each ball is only 0.04$.

In my experience using conventional paintballs i would shoot on average 2-4 balls to take out a player. I'm sure some of you out there are saying "I only need one shot man." and others are probably thinking "I hit em' with 15 or more if i can!" well i can only draw from my won experiences and play style. Anyway on average it takes me 2-4 shots to take out a player. Meaning I spend about 16 cents canadian to take out a player with conventional balls. With First Strike I spend 60 cents per elimination. Meaning I pay 73.4% more per elimination while using first strike rounds. Ouch. But if you ask me it's worth it when every time you pull the trigger you eliminate someone.

This leads directly into the next weakness. These rounds must be magazine fed/Breach loaded if you don't have a Tiberius. This means they are definetely not for everyone. And using these rounds requires you to greatly modify your playing style. You must consider the fact that you either have 7 or 14 rounds per magazine depending on your model of Tiberius so you can't exactly lay down cover fire. You effectively become a ranger or a sniper depending on your setup. This also means that if you are using FSR you probably require a side arm as backup if you run out. Also it does warrant mentioning that magazines compatible with the FSRs are very pricy at about 39.99CAD for the 7 round mag, though they are durable and constructed from aircraft aluminum.

I have one more observation which might be best reserved for a review of the Tiberius Marker system but I will include it anyway;

If you wish to switch from FSRs to traditional paint on the fly with the T9.1 ranger and other Tiberius riffles you can. Swaping is very fast, all you do is pop the magazine out slightly, depress the barrel and twist it 45 degrees, push the magazine back in and you are firing regular paint. You can switch back just as easily in about 1-2 seconds. NOTE: when switching from FSR back to regular paint it is easy to chop a ball unless you invert the marker while you twist the barrel. Also in order to swap on the fly like this you have can choose to either run the stock barrel which will mean that your FSR are not as accurate and to be perfectly honest i found the stock barrel is absolute 100% garbage at shooting traditional paint. I was slinging shots left and right and ended up using my Tippmann instead. If you go the other route and use the Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel you will find that most traditional paint chops farely easilty. Meaning if you really want to get the greatest performance out of the marker you either need to pick what you will be playing with. I found that if you try to swap between on the fly, you don't get top performance out of either ball type.
Conclusion: Do they have twice the range? Not quite but they are definetely 25 times more accurate. I woudl say that is a conservative estimate based on my play time. In fact within 50 Meters i can pick which finger i want to hit on a players exposed hand. Enough said.

This paintball is designed to work in conjunction with the Tiberius brand of and markers and is bred to be the most accurate paintball round on the market. I woudl say they nailed it. Especially if you are using the 13" Riffled barrel by Lapco.

These rounds are not for everyone and they definetely require adjusting to a new play style.
If you are interested in the first strike rounds maybe you are like me and get the biggest thrill from one shot take-outs. If that is what you are after then this is the round for you. And if this is the round for you then sorry to say but you need to buy yourself a Tiberius marker. If you already have one then what the hell are you waiting for?! Go out and get the Tiberius T9.1 13" Rifled Barrel and start your one shot kill streak.

I've fired over 1000 of these rounds over the course of this summer and i have actually switched over 100% to these paintballs (except in my pistol) and I will never look back.
10 out of 10
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Mach1Muscle351 Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
6 months1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Arms T8.1 with a pressure sensitive green laser attached
Strengths: Accurate, maintains velocity throught flight path, adds a whole new type of gameplay.
Weaknesses: Expensive, specific markers, most markers FS Compat are to tall,doesnt break down.
Review: Ahh the bulk of the review. So I must start out by saying I would have provided pictures and/or videos of this product if I wasnít deployed in Afghanistan for 5 more months. But I miss paintball and this product so much that I feel the need to rate it. I bought the T8.1 because it wasnít much more expensive than the T8 when I bought it. I really didnít see a need to use (sniper paintballs) on a pistol. And in some respects I still agree with that last statement. However, when I first got these puppies I decided to test them out in a woods like environment so I can accurately gauge what distance most shots are taken at. And then take it a step further and take some typically unrealistically long paintball shots. Pistols are not ideal for this setup because when you use a paintball this accurate, using a stable platform to shoot from significantly increases or reduces accuracy. And pistols arent that stable. First, I tested its biodegradability by putting it in a cup of water on top of a roof in the summertime in Texas... Lol the results were horrible, after 3 weeks I went up to the roof to check it out and it didnít even open up the shelling (the liquid paint was still in it lol) I gave up and crushed it in my fingers to see if it was soft. It was still hard but I could tell that it was a lot easier to just break in my fingers by squeezing it. I have no idea how long this will take to fully degrade.(from what I read these are photodegradeable) Also, I tested by shooting standing, and supported at two targets. One target at 40m and another at 90m approx**. The 40m target was getting hit consistently both standing and supported which can be done with regular paintballs as well. When I moved to the 90m target (It was a computer chair turned over on its side) I wasnít able to one shot standing but twice out of 8 shots lol and one of those bounced in front of it and hit the chair. Then I took two mags kneeling and supported which is when I zeroed my green laser. I was hitting it more than 75% and was extremely happy with my results. I wasnít shooting for capability testing. More so, a test to see if this really worth it or not? And I say yes to the hardcore paintballer. And especially yes to those who choose to use a pistol as a main marker in the field. Carrying 40-60 balls on a field with 20 people is a pretty big handicap to begin with so First Strike Paintballs help bring the edge back in your favor. It kind of hurts to use these now because I am kind of cheap when it comes to paintball and usually before a round starts it feels a little good to shoot at random things before the whistle is blown. But nope, cant do that with these lol.. Also, my marker is a realllll head turner and a lot of people ask for me to shoot it, how accurate is it, and can I try it out? The few chrono shots prior to going out in the field? Yeah it is a little frustrating at times lol. But fielding this bad boy has been some of the best paintball days of my life. Before this I would def say the Q-bow and especially the Longbow system with the tac one was my fav. My goal is to convert my PMI Trracer to shoot these and then throw one of my many red dot sights on it. Because this is an accurate system and to have people come up to you in curiosity in the middle of firefights after I pop someone in the head from ridiculous distances and just watch me play says more about this paintball then I can even describe lol. With a PISTOL nonethelessÖ (FYI if your wondering how my green laser system works with it.. Green lasers while are a lot more visible in daylight than typical red lasers.. It still isnt practical to use in open fields with no cloud coverage. Especially with the distances this paintball can reach. Cloud coverage/foliage coverage aka trees, it does work accurately) I cannot wait to get home and mod many of my 22 markers to shoot this system lol.. Also, I forgot to touch on something that shouldnít be overlooked. These are a different kind of paintballs but they are paintballs. Which means you will probably be shooting them at 300FPS.. That being said, at distances you will still need to compensate for trajectory. First strike paintballs maintain their velocity a lot longer than most paintballs which gives them that little bit of extra distance. Their strong point is staying true to that trajectory (extremely accurate arc) So donít expect to aim directly at someone 300 feet away and the paintball magically flying directly to them. Learn the drop correlated with this paintball and the FPS you shoot it at (or sight it in at different distances) and you will be the most accurate pber on the field.
Conclusion: This paintball requires a different kind of gameplay if you rely solely on First Strike paintballs because they are so damn expensive. If you think that because you can eliminate players with one shot and it will be more cost effective. Youíre probably wrong lol. Just buy marbs and get an accurate setup if your aiming for minimal paintballs/minimal cash. They are that expensive but it opens up a whole new perspective of paintball and is extremely fun. In addition, these paintballs are absolutly positiviely quality. If you donít have a First Strike compatible marker whether modded or purchased rdy for use. Donít bother using this as a primary. It is to difficult to single load paintballs in the middle of situations. Now using these as a supplementalÖ weapon? IE:putting a single first strike in your chamber for first shots and maybe doing this occasionally while playing as required is an idea. Practice with it though and you will see awesome results. Yes this product is expensive as hell, but it is quality and if you donít want to cough up money, buy something cheaper and get not quiet to standard results. I donít feel the need to retract points for price because there is nothing to compare it to pricewise. This is the mclarin F1 of paintballs, if you cant afford a supercar dont buy it. But please dont take rating away from it. Thats silly unless you could compare it to something else. 10 out of 10
10 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at 4:46 am PST
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sftczazie Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
A lot of different paint balls
Marker Setup: Tippmann X7 Phenom with a 16 Inch J&J ceramic fult tilt and a nitrogen tank
Mine seemed to work fine
Strengths: Very Accurate , Longer range than normal paint balls
Weaknesses: Expensive! Hard to load in most guns * See below
Review: I bought these thinking that I'd try them out to see if the all of the hype about them was true . And I must say it's all true! They go further and are much more accurate than normal balls . I noticed about a 50 foot gain over normal ones when firing level . And the accuracy was amazing !

Okay , now to the more practical side of things , They're horribly expensive, about $40 for a case of 100 rounds . You have to load them down the end of your barrel unless you have one of the select few guns which either has a breach for these or a special magazine for them . which renders them kind of useless since even 1 really accurate ball is rarely enough to hit someone at range
Conclusion: Better range and accuracy than other range increasing products ( Flatline, Apex ) . And it's cool that these things are innovations . I would love to buy these for all my games but the price for them is just too high right now to justify me using them 10 for an awesome product , -2 for the price
8 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 2:55 pm PST
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TiberiusMan Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month17 of 17 people found this review helpful.

4 years
Products Used:
Don't exist man.
Marker Setup: Tiberius t9 elite equipped first strike conversion kit
Tiberius t9 ranger
Tiberius t8
Strengths: Accuracy, Distance, significantly less wind
Weaknesses: Price, Marker specific, Too accurate for some sights
Review: I shot the first strike rounds out of a t9 elite, equipped with the conversion kit. Now, the first thing I noticed is the distance at which the stay at height is uncomparable. It takes getting used to because we are all use to aiming up the barrel to compensate for drop, although i shot a couple over my opponent's head because they keep their height so well.

Relief valves set, velocity at 280.

- 80 yards, left to right wind 10 - 20 km/h. 8 inch target.
10/16 hit target, 3/16 within 3 inches of target, 3/16 within 6 inches of target

Take into consideration it's an 8 inch target, a person is a MUCH bigger target and its easy to say 16/16 would have hit a person.

The shots taken from 80 yards, and the results given, couldn't even be dreamed of from 40 yards with a standard ball.

One thing to take into consideration is the sight. If equipping it on a rifle styled marker, be sure it is a crosshair magnification sight. I had trouble at first with a stadard red dot (older t9 model) because at the distance, the margin of error is much much greater than a crosshair.

The fact that it's only tiberius conversion kit and the new t4 compatible for magazing and clip loading is limited to some.

The price - Here in Canadam the price of these things are stupid, about a buck a ball. This is equal to about 18 RPS Premiums that i currently use. So I buy them from the states and save about 50 bucks for a case (192 rounds).

Conclusion: I recommend getting it in a heart beat. Before first strike's release, i was a one shot one kill mentallity player. The Tiberius relief valves help with velocity consistancy = consistant accuracy.

If you're going to muzzle load them, i wouldn't recommend it, its costly, and that'S a lot of work for the price. With the t9's you have the ability to switch from standard to first strike, making it more practical.

Oh! and for those wondering....they hurt the same as a standard ball.

The price is a set back, but if one of these is worth 18 standard balls...well how many guys do you know who shoot a hopper before getting a hit? With first strike, the only way you miss, is if he hears your shot and takes cover at the last second, or else it's a hit.
10 out of 10
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wolftune Sunday, July 19th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Only tested6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

1 year
Products Used:
Mid to high grade paintballs (DXS Bronze and Gold, Evil, Triumph, etc.). None are close in accuracy or consistency.
Marker Setup: Palmers Pursuit Shop Cherry Pyre with Apex tip
Armson Max Duty sight
Lapco shoulder stock/drop forward
.689 bore or slightly bigger for my batch of first strike
Strengths: Accurate (no curving)
Maintains velocity
Adds effective range
Weaknesses: Can only load one at a time
Bore size too big?
Review: First off, I have only tested 8 of these first strike paintballs. I will do further testing next week but thought I'd get my first impressions up since so few people have reviewed these.

In my opinion, the first strike rounds are a great addition to paintball even if it remains somewhat of a fringe item. It has the potential to add a real "sniper-like" player to the game (please notice that I said sniper-like; I'm not suggesting these will hit someone at 300 yards). Read on to see why:

When you pull them out of their tubes, these rounds seem very high quality. The fins are uniform and the rounded portion with the paint is very sleek.

Accuracy at distance:
This is the most important distinction that these paintballs have over regular paintballs. With good regular paint, such as DXS Gold, and my Pyre pump, made by Palmers, I can hit a mask very consistently at 75 feet with one shot, using my red dot site. At 125 feet, I'm much less likely to be successful but will get on the mask at least 25% of the time.

With the first strike dialed in with a red dot sight, it is very easy to see hitting a mask at 125 feet 80% of the time. Maybe every time with practice. This is no joke. This is mostly due to the paint flying VERY straight with MUCH less drop than a regular paintball. In fact, those crossbow, 3 dot sights with 3 horizontal dots actually would make sense with this paintball. You could adjust for yardage and actually be effective. Once I was dialed in with the first strike, I could hit an old paintball bag hanging in a tree at about 125 feet 3 out of 4 times. The miss was very close and was more likely due to my error.

While the advertising says these go 500 feet or something like that, it's unlikely you would ever shoot them over 250 feet IMO. At 75 cents a pop, why bother. It's really about an increased EFFECTIVE RANGE as another reviewer said. Someone standing in the open at 200 feet away would be a real target with these paintballs. Someone leaning out of a bunker or behind a tree is a real target at 125 or 150 feet. Those kind of shots are just about impossible with regular paintballs. Even if you're on target, most good players hear the shot and move in time.

Velocity at Distance:
This is another substantial benefit to these rounds. Because of the aerodynamics of the first strike, they maintain their velocity more (slow down less). So while a regular paintball will slow from 280 feet per second to 160 fps after 100 feet, a first strike will be going 225 fps (these numbers are hypothetical). Not only does this improve accuracy, but it lessons the chance that a player can duck your paintball. Good players will get out of the way if they can. This is much less likely with the first strike round.

All mine broke on the target. With a blow forward, it seems highly unlikely that these would ever break in the barrel or marker. With blowback, it seems possible but less likely than regular paint.

Bore size:
I was kind of bummed to see that these rounds are .689 or thereabouts. The truth is, the trend for quality paintballs seem to be getting smaller. This will inevitably cause problems with players shooting tighter bored barrels for their regular paint who then want to use the first strike intermittently. It will be too big for the barrel. Also, they didn't fit in my PPS brass barrel because of the wedgits on those barrels. I will have to set up a different marker to play these rounds and use different regular paint for that marker. Kind of annoying.

***EDIT*** I realized that I could muzzle load the fs. Basically, I push the round into the front end of the barrel and push it back with a soft squeegie. Because the round does not go all the way back the barrel (about 1.5 inches in front of a normal paintball because the 'widgets' stop it), it has about the same velocity as my DXS bronze does, making it a perfect way to load. ***END OF EDIT***

Also, since much of the paint is smaller than .689, you might chrono your .686 paint at 285, pop in a first strike, and chrono that at 310. Same thing happens with any other bigger paint.

They're expensive. Yep. But if you're using good paint, it's the equivalent of shooting about 20 regular paintballs. Depending on how you use them, you may just save yourself that many by taking a guy out at 150 feet with one shot.

Final thoughts:
These are a great product. They are well built and actually yield a dramatic increase in accuracy, especially at distances at and over 100 feet. This round has the ability to add another dimension to the game. For example, traditional back players fire lots of rounds mostly to bunker the opposite team. Now, there can be another back player who takes careful shots and makes eliminations from behind the front line. Definitely a great product, especially when it comes down in price.
Conclusion: I highly recommend that you at least try these. For $6, the price of a super-burrito, you can give them a shot. They may or may not fit into your game, but chances are others will be using them more and more, so it won't hurt to learn about them. These are not a gimmick and do work. If you factor in price, it's an 7. If you just look at the product, a 10. I rounded to a 9.
9 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 at 9:17 pm PST
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jammer94 Monday, July 13th, 2009
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion on the comments page.
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month9 of 68 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
No similar products used
Marker Setup: A-5 with response trigger
Strengths: Cool concept
Weaknesses: Marker specific
Review: This si a very cool concept and a really innovative idea that has one apparent flaw that I can think of. Aside from being very gun specific the main problem I see is that it does not comply with FPO rules. If "Bob's Paintball Emporium and Field" only allows Bob's paint how do you use the First Strike paintball? As a ref looking for yellow or orange breaks I'll disqualify a white break and boot the shooter as per field policy.
Conclusion: If the field doesn't sell this special paintball it may not be allowed. Paintball fields make their greatest profit selling paint, why would an owner allow someone else's paint on the field? If Tiberius shooters can bring their own paint why can't I bring my special Tippmann A-5 paint?

I think it is a great idea and I'd like to see it in action but I've only seen one T-9 in play this year so I'll probably have to wait. Knowing the owner of the field where I work he won't let the player use outside paint regardless that it's just a few rounds in a backup weapon.
6 out of 10
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Bocasean Sunday, May 24th, 2009
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month40 of 43 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
I'm aware of the old Sniperball gimmick that was around when I first started playing paintball in the mid-90s, but I never used them. I'm also aware of the less-than-lethal FN-303 round that Perfect Circle based this recreational First Strike round off of, but I've never used them either.

Otherwise, there is nothing to compare this paintball with on the market today. I have fired an Apex and a Flatline with many varieties of traditional paintballs, and while those do provide increased range and variable trajectory, they aren't comparable when it comes to accuracy and consistency.
Marker Setup: I've got several markers that I use, depending on the event or my mood. I've tested the FS rounds in the following markers:

Proto Rail with 45/4500 and Ultralite Frame
ATS AT-85 with 45/4500
Tippmann 98C with Response Trigger
Tippmann Pro-Lite with CO2
Brass Eagle Stingray II with CO2

In the one game I played with these paintballs, I went with the Pro-Lite because of need to breech-load or muzzle load these rounds and the accessibility of the breech on the Tippmann.

As a side note, I plan on experimenting with the AT-85's magazine in the future, to see if I can load multiple rounds of First Strike. I haven't tried it yet.
I have a J&J Edge Elite on my Rail, and I went with .688

The AT-85 has a stock barrel that's .690 and comes with a bore unisizer.

I have a Winforce on the Pro-Lite, a 32 Degrees Nyte Stik on the 98C, and a 12" Eagleworks on the Stingray. People laugh when they see the Stingray, but that barrel is bullseye with proper paint match.

I only put 2 rounds through the Rail, as it just doesn't seem to be the right "demographic" for these paintballs. The .688 bore was fine, though I wouldn't be surprised if they would've fed through the smaller bores, too. These paintballs seem to be on the smaller side of .689

The old Nyte Stik did great with these, too, and the 98C would make a great option for this round.

I had the highest hopes for the Winforce, as it's a small bore barrel, but I honestly wish it was a 14" instead of a 12. I've traditionally been a bigger fan of shorter barrels, but for this type of "one-shot, one-hit" round, the ease of aiming and sight lines can be increased with a longer barrel.

The Eagleworks barrel worked fine as well, and I was shocked at the increased range and accuracy. However, the bore was slightly larger than necessary and the FS paintballs would slide 1/4 way down the barrel if I tilted the gun. If I held the gun level it was fine, but this could be a hindrance in-game especially adding the fact that I had to remove the barrel each time to load the round. The same limitation held true with each shot from the AT-85, however, the Unisizer kept the round from sliding down the barrel.
Strengths: - Novel concept
- Noticeable range increase
- Drastic consistency/accuracy increase
- Adds another dimension to tactical gameplay
Weaknesses: - Price
- Need to load one at a time without a Tiberius setup
- Possible FPO limitations
Review: Let me first start by saying how excited I was when my package arrived from Discount Paintball. I have been anxious to see these rounds in action since I first heard about them months ago. However, that excited feeling was somewhat buzzkilled when I opened the package and saw a small Ziploc bag "filled" with 5 tiny 8-round tubes.

It really hits you when you see how little you get for $35 when it's staring back at you.

However, in context, I still don't feel that these are a blatant rip-off by any measure. They are a definite value in my opinion. So much so, in fact, that I am going to purchase a T9 from Tiberius and use it as my "sniper" setup. This round has actually made that terminology viable after years of the concept of "sniping" being laughed at in paintball.


Well, because we've always been limited by the inconsistency of liquid-filled spheres and their inherent trajectories. The effective engagement range of a traditional paintball just doesn't compare to the First Strike. Now it's possible to actually sight in a red dot or similar scope, and have EVERY shot drop on target from OUTSIDE the range of return fire from standard paintballs.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen many players using scopes and utilizing a "sniper" style of play, but we all know how limited it's been in practical usage. There is only so much any of us can do with a traditional paintball and, more importantly, ANYONE can return fire with the SAME accuracy and range, therefore nullifying the "sniper" advantage once he's been spotted.

With these FS paintballs, I could honestly hit people from outside of their effective range (and often far enough to not even be seen before relocating), and remain confident that what I had lined up in my sights was well within accurate range of what I was shooting. I could shoot in a straight line without having to arch my barrel, allowing me to shoot under and between low-hanging trees, etc, etc

Keep in mind, the need to breech load these rounds makes them a horrible choice for fire fights. That's why I liked using them with my Pro-Lite because I could use traditional paintballs in my hopper, but then slide it forward to expose the breech for single-shot loading. The same holds true for Tippmann 98, except the hopper falls to the side. This actually might even be better for players who wish to use a scope, since the hopper can be completely removed and provide a full sight picture.

Either way, it's nice to be able to carry standard paint until you get into position to use your FS rounds.

This is another reason I'm going purchase the FS-ready T9 marker from Tiberius: It allows for 8 continuous rounds of FS, which enables a marksman-type player to engage more targets in rapid succession. I can also permanently mount my 2X red dot scope to the T9 since it has no hopper to get in the way AND the ammunition actually justifies using a scope and playing like a "sniper" without hearing chuckles from other players.

Besides, even if they do chuckle, nothing feels better than goggling a smug punk from nearly a football field away.
Conclusion: Definitely worth investing in if you're interested in one-shot, one-hit eliminations and if you've ever wanted to actually be able to rely on a scope.

These paintballs don't really fire any longer than a Flatline can, but the difference is in the reliability. Once you're sighted in, they have a consistent accuracy that I can only compare to a high-quality pellet rifle as opposed to traditional paintballs. Granted, I've only fired 40 rounds so far, but every single one of the 40 went exactly where I was aiming at a range I wouldn't try with standard paint. Again, the key benefit of these rounds comes from drastically increased accuracy at slightly increased range. You're still limited by firing under 300fps, so don't fantasize about shooting someone in the dome from a quarter mile out.

Oh, and as for the cost involved, the WORST part is actually sighting in your gun and hitting the chrono. It takes a few shots, and it tends to hurt when you know that each pull of the trigger is costing you 75 cents. Once you're sighted in, you're ready to rock, but that's one more reason to designate one gun as your FS shooter. Don't get me wrong: The joy of sighting someone in at 2x magnification and shooting them right between the shoulder blades with one shot, without them EVER seeing where the shot came from is well worth 75 cents to me. Just get your scope sighted in as quickly as possible.

I'll give them a 9 due to cost and limited usage. I was optimistically (maybe even daydreaming) hoping for an engagement range of 300 feet, but elevation and drop off come into play at that distance. I didn't notice much drop-off up to 150 feet, however, which is very comfortable range for one-shot hits with a red dot.

Highly recommended.
9 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, May 24th, 2009 at 12:40 pm PST
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