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Number of Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 1.0 / 10
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Suggested Retail Price: $1

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Introducing the all new MILSIG M-Series PARADIGM, the very first limited edition marker from MILSIG with unprecedented quality and performance designed specifically for the hardcore milsim enthusiast. The PARADIGM is based on the all new M-Series platform which features a completely newly designed receiver constructed from CNC Machined 6-Series Aircraft Grade Aluminum. The new receiver not only strengthens the overall rigidity of the marker but also introduces a new standard of precision, fit and finish never seen before in the paintball industry.

The PARADIGM comes standard with our 13CI HPA Stock System out of the box, this system houses a refillable 13CI HPA Cylinder (3000psi) which has enough air capacity for ~120 shots and can be quickly and easily refilled at any standard HPA refill station or scuba tank without having to remove anything from the marker. In addition the stock has been lowered with an offset in such a way that you can still aim using the sights or a scope even with your paintball mask on.

The new M-Series CNC machined receiver seals air better and the newly designed barrel block and tighter tolerances make the marker more efficient and consistent as ever, resulting in a marker that is more accurate, rugged and dependable. The PARADIGM's exclusive Rail Interface System is unique and constructed with CNC Machined 7-Series Aircraft Grade aluminum, it is made with extreme precision resulting in a perfectly straight top rail that ensures a perfectly level mounting platform for scopes and optics. The entire RIS is mil-spec and compatible with all standard picatinny rail mounted accessories.

The MILSIG MARKSMAN Barrel System is unlike any other barrel system available on the market today. Built from the ground up as a barrel system for the Elite woodsball player, this barrel will make further, accurate, and more consistent shots. Every barrel system claims to do this, but what makes the Marksman barrel different? The MARKSMAN’s 3 piece design allows the user to have the right barrel for every woodsball scenario. We understand that woodsball players are often forced to use field paint, which may not be the paint of choice for the user. Field paint can range in quality, consistency, and size but the bottom line is that the user doesn’t get to choose the paint they end up shooting.

With this in mind, MILSIG designed the MARKSMAN Barrel System to give the user the right barrel combination for every possible situation. When the paint is larger or inconsistent, the user can use the .693 Cal. rifled front section on its own. The rifled and ported front is large enough to accept any sized paint you happen to run into. The rifling puts an artificial spin on the ball, which makes shots more consistent, and aids in accuracy.


* Limited Edition marker with unique laser engraved serial number and Paradigm trademark
* New M-Series CNC Machined 6-Series Aluminum Receiver w/ Steel Frame Reinforcement Brackets
* MIL-SPEC CNC Machined 7-Series Aluminum Rail Interface System compatible with all standard picatinny rail mounts and accessories
* 13CI HPA Air-In Stock System w/ Refillable 13CI HPA Cylinder included (no remote line or external air tank required)
* MARKSMAN 3-Piece Rifled Barrel System providing extreme accuracy and consistent groupings
* Convertible length barrel system for increased flexibility adaptable for CQB or Sniper role (18" Full Length / 12" Without Extension)
* MILSIG Heavy Duty Hard Gun Case included
* Zinc Alloy Open Style Front & Rear Sights ideal for close to medium range
* PDW Style Vertical Grip for increased maneuverability
* Metal Cocking Handle and Trigger Guard
* Extended Metal Quick Magazine Release
* Convertible Magazine-Fed and Hopper-Fed loading systems
* Powered by HPA (recommended), Nitrogen or CO2


* Caliber: 0.68 Cal.
* Weight: 3.150kg (without Mag & 13CI HPA Cylinder)
* Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto or 3 Shot Burst (w/ Optional I-Grip Upgrade)
* Length: 39" Full Length / 33" Without Extension
* Power Source: HPA, Nitrogen, CO2
* Operating Pressure: 800psi
* Barrel Length: 18" Full Length / 12" Without Extension
* Velocity: 250-350 fps
* Stock: 13CI HPA Stock
* Construction: 7-Series Aluminum, 6-Series Aluminum, Polyethylene Plastic, ABS Plastic, Steel Nuts and Bolts

Marker Includes

* CNC Machined 6-Series Aluminum M-Series Receiver
* CNC Machined 7-Series Aluminum Rail Interface System
* MARKSMAN 3-Piece Rifled Barrel System
* 13CI HPA Carbine Air-In Stock
* Guerrilla Air 13CI 3000PSI HPA Cylinder w/ Myth Regulator
* MILSIG Heavy Duty Hard Gun Casee
* Zinc Alloy Open Style Front & Rear Sights
* PDW Style Vertical Grip
* RIS Sling Mount
* 19 Round Magazine (Smoke)
* Magazine Feed Kit
* Hopper Feed Kit
* Camouflage Barrel Cover
* Mini Toolkit
* User Manual

ATTENTION: Please ensure that your HPA air source regulator is regulated to 800psi output (+ or - 100psi) for optimal performance.
Product Availability 
The MilSig M-SERIES PARADIGM is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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tarus Sunday, September 4th, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
2 years28 of 35 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Tippmann a5
Tippmann 98
Tib pistols
Strengths: Looks good... thats about all that can be said for it
Weaknesses: Poor Tolerances, Powertubes leaks, Breaks Balls, Maintenance takes up a lot of long time, Inaccurate
Review: I wanted a mag fed marker for the longest time, was tired of football sized hoppers and wanted to give mag fed a chance, the problem was that I decided to buy a milsig. I looked over all of their inventory for the best marker that would suit me and decided on the PARADIGM, only difference from a K-series is that the M-series is machined. When I ordered it I was $1500+ shorter and relatively ecstatic. A few weeks later I see a package on my door step and was ticked off, milsig had just left an expensive piece of gear out in the open for anybody to take WITHOUT getting me to sign for it. I reluctantly brushed that off even though it was a clear warning of what to expect.

I opened the package and was shocked to see that some items where missing and they sent me the wrong hand guard. Emailed and phoned them for weeks and when they finally answered they said they would send me the missing items but they expected me to pay for shipping to send the hand guard I got back to them for the one I wanted originally.

I took it for its first game, as soon as I screwed the tank in a steady stream of air started pumping out of the marker. The problem, my BRAND NEW PARADIGM was leaking out of the power tube. I phoned milsig, got it repaired by a milsig certified technician. It worked for a couple of months before the same problem occurred. I bought a new powertube, 5 months later it started leaking not as badly as before but noticeable enough when it was quite. Every game after it just kept getting louder and louder, until it finally failed. Apparently almost everyone that buys one of these things has some sorta problem with their powertubes leaking, sucks for me that I had it in spades.

There were also some problems with low velocity and burping issues. Everything from extra springs to extra orings, additional hammers and finally the line of 'improved' items such as hammers, front bolts and cocking rods were suggested by milsig. I bought it all and those problems were solved but added more cost to it and many of the suggested parts didn't solve anything.

When it was working it wasn't as good as the hype lead me to believe. For one the mags always putting pressure on the ball stack which means you are shooting DENTED PAINT, bore sizing is pointless when the paint is so dented, balls curve all over the place. This makes the marker inaccurate and in many cases it BRAKES paint inside your marker, your marker will not work right until you perform maintenance, even with the "5-6 shot clearing shots" milsig recommends when breaks occur without the mag in to clear out all of the broken paint and gunk inside the marker, it still ends up breaking more paint. Maintenance on a milsig marker is painful, it takes forever to open, there are tight crevices to clean up, and then reassemble. Mag maintenance isn't as bad as marker maintenance but it still is time consuming. The thing is even if it wasn't painful, you are doing this every single time a ball breaks on order to produce "peak efficiency", if you decide to wait just do it after the day is done cause your fed up with it your going to have to deal with even more inaccurate shots and alot more breakage. Also the mag winder is so small in height that you have to use your fingertips to turn it in most cases which leaves your fingers sore after a while, they could have easily made them a couple of mm taller to resolve this. Air efficiency is bad, the 13cu tank only lasts 100 balls a far cry from 120, makes me wondering why I bought extra mags if I have to go fill it up after 5 mags anyways.

It doesn't work when its Hot out cause balls get bigger, making your mag jam, the balls get caught underneath the mags collar and you have to hit your mag fairly hard to get the expanded paint out or in some cases physically puncture the blocking ball and clean it up after. When its Cold your balls are brittle and usually get crushed inside your mags leaving a mess. Only has decent performance when its not at either weather “extreme”. I only brought my pistols out on occasion but ever since I started using the PARADIGM I brought my 'backups' (tib pistols) all the time as they would quickly shift to being my primary markers for the day. Another problem was the mags themselves, pins by the winder kept breaking, almost every mag I had had a broken pin making them useless.

Mag fed was a little fun when it did work (IF it worked at all) but it just isn't worth it. This has to be one of the most over-hyped and under-performing markers I have ever had the displeasure of owning and using.
Conclusion: I gave up on milsig its just too much trouble, between lengthy maintenance, constant powertube leaks, extremely poor customer service and continuous spending on "UPGRADE PARTS" that do nothing but add to the cost of the marker and the number of migraines I had. I finally decided that I wouldn't pump any more cash into this money pit. I hang my head in shame whenever Milsig is mentioned. Considering that this is suppose to be the cream of the crop from Milsig, I'd hate to think how bad a K-series marker would have been as compared to the M-series.

Whenever you hear someone mention that they want to buy a Milsig tell them to go buy a rental Tippmann 98, at least you’ll get more reliability and bang for your buck then you could EVER get from buying Milsig. You'll be doing them a huge favor,
believe me I wish someone told me before I bought this atrocity of a marker.
1 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 at 6:36 pm PST
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