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ANS X2 Super Reviews

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ANS X2 Super
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Number of Reviews: 3
Average Rating: 9.0 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $825

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The ANS GenX2 Supercocker is arguably the most advanced Autococker produced to date. It is not only uniquely milled and anodized, it has silky-smooth operation, hand matched parts, the shortest trigger pull of any cocker made, and a truly awesome rate of fire!
Product Availability 
The ANS X2 Super is older, so while it may be available used and in a few cases new, it is not commonly available anymore.
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Unregistered User Saturday, May 11th, 2002
Period of
Product Use:
3 months2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
STO'98; STO'99; STO'01; 2001 Black Magic; Kapp Cocker; 2000 MiniCocker; 2001 AutoCocker; Meteor Cocker 98; Evolution'97; Bob Long AutoCockers... and of course, i tried top end Electros like Angel SE; Angel LCD; IR3; Shocker 4*4 Sport; Shocker VF "Tonton" Edition; Impulse; Impulse Vision; BM2K; Meteor BM2K; Tribal BBT; BL's Intimidator
Marker Setup: ANS GenX2 SuperCocker Vertical Feed - red
ANS GenX2 Reg - red
Full Freak Deluxe with Stainless Steel Back and 16" Tear Drop Front - red
CAMP Craddle
Ricochet-2K hopper
Mac-Dev Max Attack 4500PSI Air System with 114ci 3000PSI tank and red tank cover
Freak Barrel System or equal.
Hi-Flow Air system like Mac-Dev (Max Attack / Conquest) or Center Flag.
Ricochet Hopper for a consistant ball feeding.
Good Craddle.
Strengths: Extremely High Accurancy (especially witht the Freak 16" i use with good paint at the right bore size)... maybe better that with my ex STO'99 with Dye Boomy 16" Barrel.
Very consistant at the chrony... with good paint at the good size: less that +/-2 fps; you can play at 295fps with being axious of hot gun when you go to the chrony after the game.
Extremely short, light and fast trigger (for a cocker)... the quick trigger is very excellent. It give this cocker a very fast ROF (close to the one of Shockers & Impulse).
Low pressure operating close to 250-300PSI (with good paint at the good bore size, of course).
Pnematics are very well made: the JackHammer is very consistant and precise; the 3-way don't leak and his extremly short; the MiniRam is extremely short and light... so it gives this cocker a very smooth and fast cocking cycle.
Weaknesses: The JackHammer is puting out of order sometime, so the solution is to place 3-4 turns of teflon tape on the adjuster knob and it won't move anymore.
You have to re-time it a little bit to have a better efficiency but with the original timing, it is quite ok.
The cocking rod can be blocked sometime if you don't clean it well (but this is the same for each paintgun: clean it well to have the best efficiency).
The "sound" of this cocker is very strange at first because it sound very metalic... more than stock cocker... but this is not a problem because this cocker rocks.
The hard black anodizing of the body is not very well made... the cosmetics isn't important for a performing paintgun but it is better to have a good looking paintgun. Anyway, the anodizing of the other parts (pneumatics, bold, beavertail and reg) is really great.
The stock barrel sucks (like most of stock barrels)
Conclusion: In conclusion,
This Cocker rocks but you have to do some little stuffs on it to transform it in the heaven of every cocker lovers.
Go to take one, you won't regret it.
When you see cockers like this one, you can understand why cockers are always present as High Competition markers.
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Thursday, June 28th, 2001
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.
Strengths: The trigger! It simply rules, no up/down or side to side slack. They have put set screws every where to prevent anything but back. They put set screws in the front reg, and in the jackhammer, no problem there. It has an awesome barrel when used with slamballs and marbs. The quick pulI boolt has 18 holes now! I live down the street from ans, and i talk to dave a lot there who is the main man. And ivy was wrong it isn't a rolling line, i wantwed to get one 6 weeks ago and it took 4 just to make it!! Well worth it.
Weaknesses: Drop forward kind of sucks. Needs a better valve. The rest is good for 850-$$
Conclusion: I love it stock only thing needed is a revvie(if you don't have one yet you WILL need it) And possibly a boomer (boomstick).
It one of the better guns in my opinion. I give it a 9.5, take care of that stupid drop forward and install an knock off kapp dropzone at it would rule! My aim is autocockerman017, im me if you have any questions.
9 out of 10
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s67cobra Thursday, April 19th, 2001
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.
Strengths: Good upgraded cocker with some of the best parts used. 45 frame allows a lot of tuning to get it to exactly where you want.
Performance is outstanding. Good accuracy and range.
ROF is wonderful for a cocker. The sear used really takes away the "cocker" feel to the trigger.
Can actually use the stock barrel if you choose.
Weaknesses: Biggest complaint....This gun always breaks!!!! It helps to ensure the legacy of the "broken cocker." For the $$, I would like to see a little more time spent on each one. The ANS store is near me, so I see how they are put together and it is like a rolling factory line. No real time spent to ensure quality. Good business though!
Milling is a little plain
Considering the gun, an upgraded ball detent would be appreciated.
Stock barrel is good, but not top of the line like you find on STO's, Evolutions, or Shocktech's
Needs a better low pressure valve. Would greatly help this guns trajectory.
While the trigger is short, it almost feels plasticy with side to side movement.
I felt disconnected with the gun. Something about the feel just put me away from the gun
A little heavy so it takes away from snapshooting! I hate that!
Conclusion: Good gun, but breaks way too much.
A good overall deal for the $$. ANS uses some parts that are in the same class as Evolutions and BBT's Shocktech's.
For the money I would get an STO or spend a few more $$ and get a Shoctech.

I am giving this gun an 8 because it performs well but ANS needs to get its act together and spend a little more time making sure everything works right on every gun like Shocktech and Belsales do.

ANS= Always Needs just fits!
8 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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