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Ricochet 2K Ricochet-2k Hopper Reviews

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Ricochet 2K Ricochet-2k Hopper
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Number of Reviews: 219
Average Rating: 8.4 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $109

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The Ricochet-2k agitates with each ball fired, never leaving you without a ball to shoot! The Ricochet-2k operates on one 9 volt battery, and averages about 5000 shots for the battery life. This makes the Ricochet-2k one of the most economical paintball hopper's on the market today.
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The Ricochet 2K Ricochet-2k Hopper is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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Dman Tuesday, June 26th, 2001
Strengths: It looks cool...I think it lowers your radar signature to that of a swallow. It only needs one 9v battery instead of 2. It is easier to replace the batteries in and our of. Feeds about as fast as a 12v revy when it isn't jammed.
Weaknesses: since it only agitates when balls are feeding I have had to shake it a few times when the agitating didn't feed a ball. I also have had it jam and was reboot it to get it to agitate again and feed a ball. Sometimes it doesn't agitate, I think that the sensor lever, might not be set right on mine. The sides don't deflect far as I have noticed.
Conclusion: I think that you are better off with a revy all things considered.
A 12v Revy is cheaper
I have never had a jam in my revy.
12v revy keeps agitating when there isn't a ball being fed.
A 12v isn't anywhere near as loud as the R2K.

If you don't want a revy because they are owned by BE. Wait for the Halo hoppers in Sept. They are supposed to be much better than anything out there.

7 out of 10
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Unregistered User Tuesday, June 19th, 2001
Strengths: -looks cool
-deflects balls once in a while or makes them spray instead of a direct hit
-loads almost 11 balls/sec (i tested it)
-the ball counter is cool and it beeps so u know when to conserve your shots
-game timer is cool
-get more shots then revy with battery
Weaknesses: it is alot noiser then the 9v revy and it gets annoying but at least its not BE!!!!!
Conclusion: its kinda expensive but if u have a full auto its a must- its better then the revy's cuz it loads better richochets balls and is alot better on batteries. buy it if u have the money
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Sunday, June 10th, 2001
Strengths: Again, agitates after every shot. Hiccups less frequent that with a Revolution. One battery. Has counter and timer. Deflection tech. Softer paddles. Balls can't pop back out of elbow into hopper, one way feed! Lid is on top, not top/side, so less likelyhood of a spill. Made out of very high quality material. Rev plastic is so thin by comparison. Looks cool.
Weaknesses: The fact that you might need to sand the bottom so it'll fit is not a disadvantage... how many times have Revs been to small? This way you have a perfect fit!

One disadvantage.. holds approx. 15 less balls than a Rev. Uh-oh..
Conclusion: Bought mine for 125 Can, where as a 12v Rev is 130.
Ricochet is cheaper, has deflection tech, softer paddles, counter, timer, and is lighter. Made out of much better material. New Revs crack way too easily.

This is the best loader out there, no matter how you look at it.. unless you have a "brand" pref.

I would recommend this to everyone, except B.E. diehards :P
10 out of 10
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Bizkit2250 Monday, May 28th, 2001
Strengths: -Gets around 5000 shots for one 9vlt
-As fast as the 12vlt Revolution, using one battery
-Timer and ball counter built in
-Deflects some balls
-You don't have to hold hopper on angle
-Padles paint gentaly
Weaknesses: -May have to sand down bottem of hopper
-A little expensive
-Doesn't count balls very well-5/100 off
Conclusion: Buy this, the 12vlt revy uses 2 batteries and loads fewer balls
It is really worth it
10 out of 10
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kingpaint Thursday, May 24th, 2001
Strengths: This product is awsome, it agitates with every shot so it never jams up.
the game timer and ball counter is great to have on the back of the gun.
The reload alarm it a great new feature.
The look is cool, and I have had at least 7 ricochet since I have had it.
Fits snug with no need for tape.
This hopper RULES!!
Weaknesses: Not a thing is wrong with it.
Conclusion: In conclusion the hopper is great and it is worth the price for everything you get , and it sounds like "PIG's" review is a little off, because the ricochet 2K is great I think he needs to try one before he talks bad about it. GREAT PRODUCT RICOCHET!!!!!!!!!
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Monday, May 14th, 2001
Strengths: this is great
very cool and diffrent design, will trun heads
feeds consitenly
ball counter is sweet
the beep is awsome, telling u when to add paint
Weaknesses: a little pricey, but not really when u think on the lcd parts
Conclusion: this is worth the 90 i paid at my local store
i like to try and be diffrent and this helps me stand out
better than the vl
10 out of 10
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Wizardry Sunday, May 13th, 2001
Strengths: The agitation works after each shoot instead of waiting for an empty spot in the neck of the feed tube like the VL. It did not miss feeding a ball in over 1500 shots. The build in timer is a nice feature and easy to get at. I like the design and it can deflect balls. Not always but one is enough for me. Out of three hopper hits in a tourney it deflected one. I liked the way the lid stays in the up position when I loaded the hopper. I also used the shot counter to tell me when to reload. It does beep when you are low on balls but I liked to use the shot counter instead. Its feed rate is excellent, I could not outshoot by Excalibur. Wish my team mate had one at the last tourney. He has a BM2k and was chopping balls because he was out shooting the hopper.
Weaknesses: It is pricey. The constant agitation in a room is noticable but in a game I did not notice it at all due to the gun blasts. The timer is preset for 10 minutes which is fine except there is no way to set this into memory. There is a memory but it is determined by your last setting if you leave the Ricochet 2k turned on. I like to turn it off between games which means it resets to 10 minutes. On my Ricochet I had to sand down the neck to fit my marker. No big problem, took 5 minutes.
Conclusion: If it gets one deflection in a tourney it is worth its price compared to the VL. I recommend it to the serious player who fires at a high rate of speed. There is nothing worse than out shooting your hopper and chopping a ball. The build in shot counter and on the board timer makes it a full featured hopper. Over time the price will come down but it sure beats the heck out of the Evolution and the VL!!! I would buy it again!
9 out of 10
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Unregistered User Wednesday, May 9th, 2001
Strengths: It looks different than whats out there
The feed tube is now the correct size, yeah!!!
The paddles are gentle with paint
Only one battery needed
Digital Paint ball counter
no need for an eye sensor, don't trust them much, too sensitive to conditions
The lid works better than the other agitating Hoppers <VL>
Battery compartment is a great design
Weaknesses: Expensive, but saw it online a week after I got mine for $25 less ~80.00
Way too complicated to adjust the timer and other settings on the field
It does'nt deflect balls any better than other feeders, I was getting the Hopper hits there, usually on top
A clear or Transparent Colour Shell would be better than opaque blk Skin
Very noisy, but in a game situation it's harder to notice, but in a room it's LOUD
Feeds inconsistently, on occasion it would not feed the ball?
Beeping can give your position away when you least expect it, Game Timer
Conclusion: Recommended only if they want a new look to their hopper choices
Feeding can be spotty, agitation always occurs after each shot, so why does it feed so irregularly

8 out of 10
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Bocasean Thursday, April 26th, 2001
Strengths: Well, I previously had a 9 volt Revy, but after I got my GT Commando 2, I wanted some more feeding power. When I saw the Ricochet, I was a little taken aback by the price. However, when I received it, I was more than pleased. The design is pretty cool looking, but more importantly, it is very functional. The display on the back of the hopper lets me know exactly how many shots I've fired. I also like the fact that I get thousands of shots on a single 9 volt battery. And finally, the agitating paddles are flexible and are gentler on the paintballs, so I haven't had any problems with "paint soup" like with my Revolution.
Weaknesses: Ummm...the price! My first gun and tank setup cost less than this hopper. But I guess you get what you pay for, and I can't complain about the performance. Also, since the paddles are constantly turning, there is a small concern about noise. The Ricochet is much quieter than my Revolution, but if you are a sniper, then you can sometimes find yourself 2 feet away from someone and still be unseen. It can suck to have them hear your hopper. However, the only way that someone will hear your hopper is if you start shooting, and by that time, they will have heard your gun blast (or felt the paint bounce off their forehead) anyway. The only time it becomes an issue is in that first instant when you stop firing and the hopper is still agitating.
Conclusion: Well, the thing about the agitating hopper market is that you only have 2 choices...the Revolution and the Ricochet. I think the Ricochet is much better than a Revolution, but is it two-times better? I don't really know for certain, but I would probably say yes, especially if you have an electronic gun or a problem chopping paint. The Ricochet never jams and never misfeeds. My hopper cover fits on it, and it has yet to disrupt my sniping. And It has definitely enhanced my gunbattling abilities and rate of fire, since I don't worry about chopping paint. All in all, it is a welcome addition to the agitating hopper market that Brass Eagle once monopolized.

I am giving it an 8. If anyone is wondering why, it's because I've only had it for a week. On sheer performance, I'd give it a 9 plus, but I have to wait and see how it holds up to abuse.
8 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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