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Pro-Team Products Collapsible Stock Reviews

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Pro-Team Products Collapsible Stock
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Number of Reviews: 56
Average Rating: 7.9 / 10
Manufacturer Website: Click here
Suggested Retail Price: $85

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The three position stock mounts to your model 98 by replacing the existing end cap. The stock adds a unique look and excellent support for a sniper. Kit includes; Three position collapsible stock
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The Pro-Team Products Collapsible Stock is newer, so it should be commonly available, both new and used.
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dakota5k Monday, August 6th, 2001
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Strengths: I bought this mainly because I ran remote a while ago. Only because I found I was actually bending the remote cord tryin to stabilize it. Once I got the stock, I was stabilized perfectly. But, a few months ago, my remote actually broke, froze, and cracked, so I took the stock off, finding it made the gun too heavy with a 20 oz on it. Mainly because I have this gun decked out.
Weaknesses: I never realy used it while firing. 70-80 bucks is WAY too much money for this thing. It made my setup a little too heavy once my remote cracked. Not comfortable in my opinion.
Conclusion: It's definetly not worth all that cash. Buy a double trigger and an expansion chamber instead. Or a gauge, raised sight rail, and double trigger, or some other combination. I also didn't find it very comfortable.
4 out of 10
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Unregistered User Thursday, July 26th, 2001
Strengths: Looks awesome! It's one of the coolest looking upgrades you cna put on a 98

it does provide a comfortable platform with which to brace your gun against your shoulder
Weaknesses: can't you do the same thing for $2 with a co2 tank buttplate???

It's harder to aim down the barrel, because it's as someone else put it, "Inline with the reciever" so you can't use the sights on the gun very easily.

Conclusion: I tried it out, it looked great, and was a good stock.
But I prefer to hold the gun higher, so I can aim more easily, so I like bracing my tank against my shoulder a little more than using this stock.

But, if you buy a rasied sight rail, and put a sight on it, you can overcome the problem of having the stock inline with the gun's body.
also, a Big Drop forward, or the Intruder foregrip (an X xhamber you screw your tank directly into) that puts your tank directly under the gun, makes the M98 with a CAR stock, and tank far under gun, an extremely well balanced piece of equipment!

Try one out if you can before you buy it! It's a great product, but some people (like me) may not like the position you end of aiming from.
8 out of 10
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Unregistered User Wednesday, July 25th, 2001
Strengths: -good feel when shooting(not from cheek)
-comfortable while carrying and is a joy to fire
-comes from M4 carbine rifle, makes it look military like, not like these fruity colorful rainbow guns that people like
-looks sweet as he** with or without flatline(i don't have it!)
-takes 2 seconds to install
- i recommend it
Weaknesses: -dumb people keep sayin it comes loose and slides, ALL U HAVE TO DO IS WRAP ELECTRICAL TAPE AROUND THE FRONT OF THE STOCK THAT FITS INTO THE GUN, the store employee where i got it told me to do that and IT SOLVES ALL THE PROBLEMS LIKE RATTLING AND SLIDING. ALL IN ALL NO PROBLEMS...............
Conclusion: -Great add on to the M98
-easy to install
-makes it LOOK and FEEL cool
-cheep(got mine for $60)
-great with or without flatline
-GET IT!!!
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Sunday, June 17th, 2001
Strengths: 1) Steadies aim.
2) Works with my flatline to give the gun the perfect feel
3) Solid construction - won't break unless you hit it with a sledgehammer in 20 degree weather.
4) Looks PHAT!!!!
Weaknesses: 1) Price - $75
2) Can unscrew and spin around, but if you notice it it tkaes about .1 of a second to fix
3) If you really like the stock sights, don't get this. Your mask prevents you from getting right up against the stock to sight down teh gun.
Conclusion: I personally love this stock. When I play, I keep the stock on my shoulder pretty much the entire time, and my aim is incredibly steady. I'm pretty tall (6'2"), and my arms are long, but the last setting on the stock is perfect. I have a flatline as aforementioned, and I made a sight rail out of some spare parts I had lying around that works perfectly. The added ego boost of my friends shocked look when I first pulled it out of my bag, combined with their whispers of "Phsyco!" and "Wheres the bathroom?" make it easily the coolest thing you can do to your gun.

Sometime if you're crawling or something, the stock will loosen enough to spin. This is very noticeable, and as it takes no time to fix ( simply twist it tight again ) very non - annoying. It rtatle a little when your run, but the noise your hopper make drowns it out.

9 out of 10
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Unregistered User Wednesday, June 13th, 2001
Strengths: it really gives it a true Military look beings it is the same stock on the M-16 C. I am in to war games so i like it and if u like war games i think u will like it too. It is also great if u have a vertical kit so u can run off a 3.5 ounce tank in that. Add a 16in terminator and thus, u have an M-16 look-a-like.
Weaknesses: EXPENSIVE
Conclusion: Get one if u have $80
10 out of 10
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Unregistered User Monday, May 21st, 2001
Strengths: 1. This is one of the best asthetic add ons you can get for the model 98.

2. Much easier to hold the gun on target with this stock.

3. 3-position adjustment for length.

4. Can mount sling to, very sturdy and easy to install, and easy to remove once it's installed, if you wanted to play a game without it, only remove 1 screw.

5. Cool as hell.
Weaknesses: 1. Expensive. I don't know the metrics for manufacturing something like this, but I wouldn't think this thing should go for more than about $30.

2. Difficult to line your eye up with gun/barrel because of the fact that the stock is actually in line with reciever, and the rear sight is only about an inch high on the 98. I just got the raised M-16 style sight rail, and the problem ( and the look!) was remedied.

3. Rocket cocker requires that the stock be in the center position to cock, but you only cock it once anyhow.

4. Rear velocity adjustment is impossible without modification ( to the endcap using a drill press and tapping tool.
Conclusion: I have one on my model 98, and I also have one on my VM-68. I do enjoy the feel of a rifle when playing rec-ball which led me to the 98 in the first place, so any drawbacks you might think of, might be put in perspective with that thought. Not for the speedballer. I like the different lengths, I like the fact that I can put a sling on this thing now, and I like the look and feel of it when I play. I think that it is an effective add-on if you prefer the rifle feel while playing, and is well made and durable. The cost is the only drawback that I can think of that might cause pause for a buyer who would enjoy this type of accessory as I do. The 7 score is only for the cost-to-product relationship.
7 out of 10
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.
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